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"If we followed the hype then every ugly face would have to be considered stupid..."

Yeah I know that the title doesn't appear to have anything to do with this game. I'll explain it in the graphics review. Anyway, .hack Outbreak is a fun game. A good game even, let me share with you why this is so.

Story 10/10

Seeing how the game pretty much IS the story they had to make it good. And they succeeded! YAY. Anyway, the story is about a hero named Kite who teams up with some players who all play this online game called 'The World'. In The World of late strange stuff has been happening and it has been having repercussions in the real world so Kite and his band of heroes decide to help out. (Or they'll probably die)

Graphics 8/10

Yes, some people consider the graphics to be chunky. I don't think they are. You see, this game doesn't NEED to be good looking to rake in the buyers, the whole point of this game is the STORY. Graphics are nice to look at yes, but they are ultimately useless if you have no need to go on.

What my title means is that if we judged every game by how it looks then we would have to assume that it is a game not worth buying. I have to disagree. I found the graphics in the game rather nice to look at. The amount of detail that went into the characters is pretty amazing and you even HAVE ART TO LOOK AT. So some of it has to be good right? Right.

Some people say that the dungeons and fields look a little rusty after the hundredth time they had seen them. Well guess what? There are OVER a hundred dungeons, of COURSE not all of them will be works of art. Can you imagine even TRYING to make over one hundred beautiful looking dungeons? No, of course not. That would be stupid. And besides, the towns look absolutely stunning so what are we complaining about?

Sound/ Music 8/10

The music is pretty good and the voice acting is okay so we get a sort of higher then average score here.

Gameplay 10/10

Ah...What a great game. Basically you go to a town, choose some keywords for a dungeon, complete the dungeon, collect a treasure and then do the whole thing all over again. But as I say time and time again to all those silly people who say the dungeons suck. "It's not about the dungeons. It's about what happens IN them." Which is true. A lot of the story sequences will happen inside of a dungeon as well as boss fights. And Hot Damn are they fun to watch.

The dungeons are really only there so you can level up to proceed with the story and gain some awesome stuff like weapons to make the next dungeons easier. And I LIKE not having to solve puzzles to continue on, it makes a nice change for once.

Replayablity 4/10

You'll probably come back after a long time to experience this great game again.

Overall Rating 10/10

It's a very good game and you should go and buy it as you will probably come back to play it after a while and besides, it takes a fair amount of time to finish anyway just for all the dungeons you have to go through.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/01/06

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