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""A true work of art...""

Simply put, the story is what makes this game and the others in the series great. The tagline is a quote from this review that is very relevant to what I have just said.

Story 10/10 (though I would score it much higher if I could)
The story is unbelievably well put together. While some games may have a story that leaves you with questions that will never be answered, this one expertly avoided such a problem. Not only that, but breaks in the storyline push involved players forward and leaves them wanting to know, "What's next? What's going to happen now? What will he/she do?" instead of "Wait, what's going on? Where do I go? What am I supposed to do now?"
Not only is the story flawless in execution and direction, but it's also extremely Unique. This is a much different story than a normal RPG (as is the entire concept of .hack//). It will not likely have many copiers, because they would be noticed, and thereby be doomed to quick failure. Many would believe that, due to the unique storyline, the story is not that good, and I (among many, many others) say that these, fellow gamers, are the "nit-wits" who don't want to think and want to be able to predict everything. These, by my arguments, are not true RPG gamers, and are more suited to games like Mortal Combat and Soul Calibur that are, while fun, nothing truly more than senseless fighting.

Overall, the story is a true work of art, worthy of recognition by the truest RPG gamers.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics are not that good, but are much more advanced than some games I have played. However, the graphics have not impacted my overall score by much, and will never impact it much, as the graphics are only relevant if the gameplay is good enough to keep going. You'll hear a conversation like this in a few cases:
"The graphics on this game aren't very good..."
"I know, but the story is unbelievable. I started for a minute and I couldn't quit. It just dragged me in."
But you'll only hear THIS conversation between people who wouldn't know a video game from a poptart.
"This storyline sucks..."
"I know but look at the graphics!"

Again, the graphics aren't great, but it doesn't matter, because they're not bad enough to interfere with gameplay.

Sidequests/Side stories 10/10
While the sidequests are played the same way as the main story, it's more fun to follow with the side stories and meet some interesting bonus characters. The main character, Kite, is definitely a genuinely unique main character, though he does have some classic RPG main character's characteristics (i.e. being the object of more than one girl's affection). Although, you'll find that bringing out some of his more classic characteristics requires going through and doing side quests, and gaining the help of said bonus characters.

Overall, these are definitely worth doing.

Music/Audio 8/10
This one will be short and simple. The music is fun to listen to, but if you're like me and have a tendency to listen to the music as well as focus on the game, it can get a little repetitive. But like the graphics, it doesn't matter unless the rest is worth going through.

Gameplay 8/10
overall, not that great, but again, much like the graphics, the gameplay doesn't matter unless the rest is worth putting yourself through.

This leaves us with an overall 9/10. Congrats on getting the highest review I've given to any game thus far. .hack//infection/mutation/outbreak/quarantine, I salute you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/18/07

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