Review by Darkflare Omni

Reviewed: 09/28/03

A great continuation, to a great series.

Well, I have played all three .hack video games, and this one is the best in the saga. Outbreak is the third out of four. First off, there are several mini-quests to go on and two brand new characters! Also, the game comes with a limited edition DVD called Liminality. I personally enjoyed this game, so I'll explain my ratings:

Story: 9
The story of .hack never ceases to amaze me. You are an outlaw player, Kite, determined to find what is wrong with a game called, ''The World. The virus in The World is spreading rapidly, and its up to Kite and the power of the Twilight Bracelet to stop it and save the comotose victims. The game draws you in, more and more, as you learn the mysterious things going on, and as you learn more about each of the several party members.

Graphics: 8
I think the graphics were pretty well drawn. The main character's faces change when it goes into an FMV, which kind of makes you want to see their face like that all the time, but other than that they are pretty well done. The worlds are original and highly detailed. You go from a town, to a farm, to a city, to and airfield. All of the dungeons and fields you go to are very detailed as well.

Sound: 9
The music and voiceovers in .hack are well done as well. The music in my opinion is great, just like the last ones. Some of the voiceovers could have been a tad bit better, but it was decent. The characters grunt when they get hit, and actually say the spells or attacks they are using. Non Player Characters don't talk unless they are in an FMV, but all of the playable characters can talk to you.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay deserves a ten. It is very original in its field. You play as a character, who is playing in an online game. You have many party members to pick from, but can bring two others with you at a time. There are mini-quests and hundreds of dungeons you can go to. You can even play after you beat the game. As I said, gameplay well deserves a ten.

Challenge: 10
This game is a little bit more challenging than the other two. The dungeons are at higher levels, and so are the monsters. You need to train a lot in order to stay on top.

Total Score: 10
Outbreak is fun, action filled, and makes you keep coming back for more. I wouldn't play it if you haven't played the other two though.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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