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"This game is just too much of a repeat from the first two."

Bandai had split up a possible one game into four short $50 games. Each one not much different from another. But yet the majority of gamer who have played the first part still stick with the series until how. How is Bandai pulling this off? Because .hack is one of the most unique RPG out there.

Graphic 7/10. The character design are great. From Kite's distinctive orange clothe to Nuke's clown like appearance. But other than that, there is nothing amazing.The dungeon are un detailed and so much the same as other dungeon. Sometimes the character seem to be so blocky. The cut scene seems impressive, but pale in comparison to some other high profile RPG out there right now.

Sound 9/10. Every sound in this game fit perfectly with the situation. If you're in a dark dungeon, then the music will play that creepy theme that sometimes get you a little nervous. The only reason that it don't deserve a 10 is that the music and sound effects are used over so many times. And the majority are from the first two game.

Story 10/10. There is no doubt that the strongest point about .hack is it's story. Start from Infection, Kite is invited by his friend Orca to play a MMORPG called ''The World''. His friend fell into a coma and Kite received a bracelet from the girl Aura. The bracelet make it possible for him to defeat monsters that are supposedly undefeatable. On the way, Kite meet comrades that help him. And the mystery of the .hack world is continuing to be revealed on this volume.

Gameplay 6/10. The bad thing about this game is that the gameplay remain virtually unchanged from the first two volume. They added a grunty search ability that let grunty search for magic portal, food, and dungeon entrance. But that was so minor it barely even count. So the basic concept of this game is to find keywords from email and the message board, use the keywords to warp to the dungeon, and go through the dungeon. The battle system is also unchanged. You use the X button the attack regularly. The menu pop up and pause the action while you choose to use item or skill. You can command your party member to do lots of different things like first aid, skill, or just stop. But overall the battle system get too repetitive, not that it's very exciting from the start. You can also trade items with people you meet in town and your party members. The trade system is a plus, but it too can get overly repetitive.

Replayability 8/10. There are many things to do after you finish the game. A number of different side quests, including getting rare item for you party member to get higher affection rating, and completely max out your Ryu books. But all these side quests give little if at all feeling of accomplishment. At least they try to do something to add replayability to this series.

Buy or rent? If you are a .hack fanatic, then I suggest you buy the game. But if you are not so crazy about the world of.hack, just rent because this game is very short( about 25 hours already including the side quests)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/07/03

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