Review by XxZiomaxX

Reviewed: 01/03/04

The Blockiest RPG Ever

.hack // Outbreak Part 3

This is my third installment of the series and I must say, it’s got a good story but it’s a bit repetitive. The story is original and the game is easy to learn, but it’s nothing more than a hack and slash Role-Playing Game. (RPG) It is set inside an online game called ‘The World’ where you play the outlaw character named Kite trying to find a way to wake up his friend, Orca, from a coma induced by playing this very game. Kite has very special powers, which is why he is the outlaw character, as you will see when you play this game.

Your standard hack and slash, find and kill, seek and destroy RPG. It has the potential to be a very good game in a few areas but it lacks time and thought. Not to mention, it’s short. A good twenty (20) hours at the most, and that’s going through the game one hundred percent. (100%) You receive e-mail from different characters you happen to explore ‘The World’ with and dungeon names are added to your list. That is the repetitive part. You warp yourself into an area and look for the dungeon entrance and then fight all the monsters on a range of floors. There could be as many as one to five (1-5) floors in a dungeon. Redundant…

The only controls you basically have are to open your menu, pick up items, attack enemies, and change camera angles. But that is all you need to kick major butt in this game. It’s not hard to learn these controls at all, so that is a plus side.

This is a MAJOR downcast. Most games are great just from stunning graphics. This game doesn’t have that; it relies on its story only. This has got to be the blockiest RPG ever. The character models look rough and unfinished and the area you are warped into looks bumpy and sketchy. The monsters look great, however your own party of characters look plain and simple, not a characteristic in a good game.

The score is so low because doing nothing but dungeons gets boring… fast. But luckily for the game most RPG’s don’t have high replay value anyways. There are a few side quests such as Data-Draining rare items from monsters and killing an optional boss. You can import your game data from Part 2 to Part 3 and when Part 4 comes out transfer your Part 3 flagged clear data to Part 4.

This game is nothing but average. If you have a lot of time on your hands you might as well rent this game, nothing to brag about having on your shelf though.

Rent. Rent before you buy this game or you will be hugely disappointed. Sorry, but this game didn’t live up to the hype.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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