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    Email Transcript by Marysia_Neko

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    .hack//QUARANTINE Complete Email Text
    By Marysia Yousoufian (Marysia_Neko)
    Contact: marysiachan[at]comcast[dot]net 
    Version 1.0 Submitted 4/1/05
    Introduction: Warning, this contains spoilers for some characters that email 
    you after you beat the game, so don't read it if you'd rather not know. 
    At the moment this only contains the text of email chain emails, since you're 
    pretty much guaranteed to get the others. I didn't include Kite's responses 
    to the emails, but if he was quoted in the other character's response,
    I left that in. If you just want to know which responses to choose without 
    reading the actual text of the emails, 
    there's already an Email FAQ here that works just fine for that. 
    This is my first FAQ, 
    so if there are any problems with it, I'll try to fix them ASAP.
    Credits: I pretty much just typed this up myself from the emails in the game. 
    I did double check Shadow47001's Email FAQ to make sure I was sending 
    the right responses, so he deserves some credit too.
    Nuke Usagimaru
    Terajima Ryoko
    Subject: A thought
    Everyone’s so good at the game. When I first started, I couldn’t even walk 
    straight, so I was pretty worried whether or not I could get through the game.
    Subject: Newbies
    >I felt lonely too.
    That’s right, you were still a newbie back then, weren’t you? 
    Orca was knocked out cold and…
    Subject: RE: But
    >Why did you ask me to come along?
    Hmm… I wonder why?
    I think…well…
    I dunno. It’s an amazing situation if you think about it… :)
    Subject: RE: The Incident
    >Tell me only if you feel like it, but were you watching when your 
    brother was in a coma?
    Yeah, I was watching from a distance. My brother told me to select some 
    words, so I chose “Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground” and the next thing 
    you know, all those things just started happening.
    Subject: Work at home
    I’m doing some admin work at home, but I get all these telemarketing 
    calls while I’m trying to work and it’s so annoying… :(
    Subject: RE: Well
    >it’s their job… :-)
    Yeah, but… :/
    Subject: RE: Pretend
    Well, if I think it’s a delivery or work related, I tend to answer it…
    but if it’s before a deadline, I’ll use the machine. Well, I guess it beats 
    commuting on the train every morning. It doesn’t matter how 
    you look… :D
    Subject: RE: Hair
    >Mistral with messed up hair… that’s kinda cute :-)
    Not as cute as the character, but I had it going on when I was a 
    little younger…
    Subject: RE: Age
    >How old are you? I’m in 8th grade. Oh, wait. I’m not supposed
    to ask a woman about her age right? :-)
    Hey YOU! :P
    That’s right: you’re not supposed to ask about age…! Haha, 
    let’s just say late twenties. ;)
    Subject: Lima Beans
    I hate lima beans but I love tofu and edamame. I wonder why I 
    only dislike lima beans…
    Subject: RE: That’s not good
    >If you don’t eat right, you’ll get sick later on in life. :-)
    I know that, but… you know…
    Subject: RE: My friend
    In addition to lima beans, I really don’t like carrots either. 
    But yesterday when I was eating curry, I accidentally ate some carrots… 
    But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… 
    I really don’t know why I hated them.
    Subject: RE: Food
    >I couldn’t eat mushrooms before, but when I actually tried, 
    it was pretty good.
    After that, I started craving carrots. It’s so weird.
    I hated them without even trying them. Now if I can only eat lima beans,
    I won’t have any problems with school lunch.
    Subject: RE: Corn
    >Why don’t you eat it with corn or apple sauce?
    We don’t get corn or apple sauce for lunch, but I’ll try it at home. 
    I’ll be able to eat it when I get used to it.
    Subject: Question
    Hypothetical question. Kite, if you were asked out by a girl you’ve 
    never even talked to, what would you do?
    Subject: RE: As a Friend
    >Isn’t that a good answer?
    True, but that doesn’t solve the underlying problem.
    Don’t you agree?
    Subject: RE: Honestly
    That’s how I feel too, but she’s younger than me.
    I really don’t understand women. Something like this happened before 
    and when I turned her down, she just started crying.
    Subject: RE: It’s hard
    >Even if you honestly say it, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s 
    going to be sad…
    But I don’t want to lie about it…
    Subject: RE: Understand
    >I’m sure she’ll understand if you honestly tell her your feelings.
    Kite, after talking with you I’ve decided to tell the truth. And if they’re 
    serious, then I have to respect that and act properly.
    Subject: Fair eyes
    As we get closer to our deadline, I keep thinking how great it would be to 
    have a time machine. How do you define life, my boy?
    Subject: RE: Time Machine
    >I don’t know about the meaning of life, but I’ve thought about a
    time machine.
    Oooooh, fair eyes! My friend!
    I’ve always given this thought. If a time machine were to be 
    created, then this moment, right now, should exist right here! Right? 
    Do you follow?
    Subject: RE: Maybe
    >It already exsists (sic).
    You are really optimistic! As long as the young ones continue to dream, 
    there’s hope for the future. The time machine might not be too far away…
    Subject: Curious…
    My apologies! It’s starting to get really busy to the point where it’s not 
    funny anymore…
    Bugs, bugs, and more bugs! They’re EVERYWHERE!
    It’s all because of the bugs! Fair eyes, listen to me: I must vanquish them!
    Subject: Red Beard
    Wanna hear about a movie called “Red Beard”?
    Subject: RE: Yeah
    >Let me hear about it!
    Well, Mr. Mifune makes an appearance in this film as well. It’s a period 
    piece, but he isn’t a samurai in this one: he’s a doctor named Red Beard. 
    I love samurai movies, so I was disappointed at first, but he was oh so 
    Subject: RE: What kind?
    >It’s not a samurai period piece, right? What kind of a story is it?
    Hmm… it’s hard to describe it in a few words.
    There’s this poor doctor named Red Beard who treats patients with his 
    young residents. Actually, it’s too difficult to explain, I really recommend 
    watching the movie.
    Subject: Red beard 2
    It’s a movie that celebrates human spirit.
    It’s a bit long, but the ending’s a real tear jerker.
    Subject: No Subject
    Kite, you like flowers?
    Subject: RE: Yeah
    >I like them.
    I see.
    I went to see the flower fields, but they’ve become greenhouses. 
    The flowers were all so beautiful, but seemed to be suffocating… 
    It was a sad sight to see.
    Subject: RE: I see
    >That’s kind of sad.
    Those flowers won’t live outside the greenhouse. How ironic…
    A hymn of the fields…
    Subject: RE: I get it
    >Do the names of the areas you take me to have flower names
    because you like flowers?
    Yes, that’s basically why. BTW, I’m the silent type and usually don’t 
    have much to say, but it’s strange… For some reason, I seem to talk
     a lot more when you are around.
    Subject: Flexed Arm Hang
    I was supposed to be doing some arm hangs in gym, but I forgot to 
    hang on and I fell… It was so embarrassing…
    Subject: RE: Beforehand
    >You’re pretty clumsy. :-) Just take a deep breath before you 
    hold the bar.
    I see… well now, I feel like I’ll be able to hang on next time. I actually 
    suck at sports. I can rationalize in my head, but my body just won’t follow. 
    The day before track & field meets I’d always get sick…
    I’m so bad… :(
    Subject: RE: Good
    >Everyone’s good at different things so you shouldn’t worry too much.
    Any advice?
    Subject: RE: Flexed Arm Hang
    >Grip the bar tight and take a deep breath. I’m sure you can do it. 
    Just don’t give up.
    Dear Kite,
    You are so sweet. I… I think you’re the best.
    Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be able to do it now.
    Subject: The pup
    Subject: RE: What is it?
    >Did something happen to the puppy?
    It’s sprinkling. 
    I took a jog in the park.
    Didn’t see the pup today.
    Wonder where he is…
    Subject: RE: Raining
    >It’s raining so it must be taking shelter somewhere, but yeah,
    I’m worried too.
    Maybe giving him the fish sausage wasn’t a good idea… 
    I tried it, but it didn’t do anything to me.
    Subject: RE: Don’t worry
    >Tomorrow, I’m sure it’ll come out to see you.
    I hope so.
    Subject: Weirdness
    The infection is continuing, but the servers are opening up. 
    Don’t you think it’s weird?
    Subject: RE: That’s true
    >But I’m just trying to do the best I can from the options that I have.
    Still the optimistic fella…
    A bit moody… but it ain’t bad.
    Subject: RE: I know.
    >I can tell by looking at you. Or else, I wouldn’t ask you to come along.
    Hey, I ain’t the type of person you think I am.
    And I hate being labeled by someone who thinks they know everything about me.
    Subject: RE: Sorry
    >I didn’t mean it like that.
    Hey, you’re throwing me off. That’s OK. Don’t worry about it. 
    I just wanted to mess with ya. See, I’m a bit twisted… Anyway, 
    don’t ever forget to have a pure heart. I’ve never been one to 
    become attached to anyone: I just don’t like all that fake stuff. 
    So just be honest with me, OK? 
    It just makes everything easier and more comfortable.
    Subject: Savings
    I’ve always been the type who can’t continue anything for long, but 
    there’s just one thing I’ve managed to continue. 
    And that’s saving money. Savings is the way to go, man. 
    You’ll only keep using money if you don’t 
    put it away. Leave it in a bank and it’ll grow. 
    Maybe not much, but it’s a start.
    Well, I’m off to check my balance.
    Subject: RE: B-day Money
    >I save up the money I get from my grandparents for my birthday. 
    I wonder how much I have…
    No way! You’re not asking them to manage it are you?
    Subject: RE: No problem
    >I bought a bike the other day with the money that I saved.
    Kids use money if they have it. But me, I was different. 
    If I asked my parents for a bike, they just drew out my money 
    and bought it… And this one time, they asked me to run some 
    errands, but I was tired so I refused. Well, they said they bought me a 
    bike so that was the least I could do. I was so pissed, I told ‘em it was 
    my money, so leave me alone. Guess what they came back with?! 
    They had the nerve to say that it wasn’t all my money they used and that 
    they would take back the amount they pitched in. 
    So they took off one wheel and made it into a unicycle… 
    Well, needless to say I became a wheelie expert.
    This is all true, by the way…
    Subject: Re: Heh heh
    >That’s pretty funny.
    No, it ain’t funny! You don’t understand. But ya know, the first time I 
    started saving money was when my old man gave me a piggy bank. 
    I was gonna fill that thing up to buy some makeup, but I just 
    couldn’t break it… it’s still in my room. I never bought the makeup, 
    but every time I see that pig, it reminds me of my old man. 
    It’s not just full of money, but of memories as well. 
    Oh, hey, don’t get me wrong, my dad’s still in great condition. 
    He’s not dead yet.
    Nuke Usagimaru
    Subject: Canned Foods
    Checked out the canned food section. There’s so many of ‘em!
    Subject: RE: Yeah
    >It’s hard to pick the one you want.
    The packaging is awesome, too. With all those pictures on the labels, 
    you can immediately tell what’s inside.
    Subject: RE: You’re right
    >Canned peaches, canned oranges…
    Corned beef… There’s even yakitori too. But what surprised me the 
    most was canned cat! I dunno if they taste different depending 
    on their breed, but there was a large stock of Maine Coon cans…
    Subject: RE: Uh…
    >…that’s cat food…
    Forgive me…
    Now I am impressed!
    PLEASE be my partner! I mean I already have one, but she’d 
    rather be an editor than a stand up comic. 
    Terajima Ryoko
    Subject: I’m sure you know
    We only recently got a PC. In this age where each person has 
    their own PC, we are way behind… We also like to cook rice. 
    My father is a rice freak and he’s so stubborn when it comes to rice. 
    He likes it firm. Last time when the rice was cooked on the soft side, 
    he yelled, “Become one with the rice! Understand its 
    feelings!” to the cook on duty.
    My father just loves rice to death.
    But he’s a bit too sensitive.
    Subject: RE: Not bit
    >I think he is pretty neurotic… Feelings of rice…
    But he can be funny. During the school festival, there was a 
    young man who asked me out. While we were having coffee, 
    some men dressed from head to toe in black whisked the young 
    man away. When I told my father that, he said “Surprised ya, 
    huh?” like he was proud. :)
    Now how funny is that?
    He can be pretty sneaky.
    Subject: RE: Is he?
    >I wonder what happened to that poor guy…
    Isn’t it hilarious? I’m a little weird compared to other people, 
    you know. Sorry if I’m wrong… How embarrassing.
    Subject: RE: Don’t worry
    >You’re little off, but it’s very Ryoko-ish, so just stay the way you are.
    Yes, my friends tell me that as well. They say I’m strange, but funny. :) 
    But that’s the first time someone other than my father said anything 
    like that to me. 
    Thank you.
    Subject: I’m sorry
    I’ve just kept you worried all the time. I’m really sorry.
    Subject: RE: Don’t Apologize
    >We’re friends, so it’s fine. Don’t be sorry. :-)
    I’ve never had any friends, so I don’t know what to say…
    Subject: RE: Mia
    >I’m not the only one. Mia is your friend too, right?
    Mia… is more of my ideal self than a friend…
    Subject: RE: You
    >Did you want to be like Mia?
    I’m not very good at telling people how I feel…
    And I always worried about how other people perceived me…
    I didn’t like that, and wanted to change and came to “The World”, 
    but I was unable to change.
    That’s why Mia is my ideal self that I wanted to become, but couldn’t.
    Subject: RE: No Reason
    >There’s no reason to pursue your ideals any more. You’ve changed from
    the old Elk.
    Really…? Was I able to change?
    Subject: RE: You’ve Changed
    >You said you didn’t know how to express yourself, but I understood 
    your feelings. And you were the one that sacrificed yourself to protect me!
    Thanks! I’ll try to believe in myself again!
    In both the net and the real world!
    Subject: Past
    I met you for the first time in the dungeon, but I feel as though I’ve 
    known you for a long time…
    Subject: RE: So
    >Did you remember something?
    It’s still vague, but I remembered seeing you in Mac Anu.
    When I first saw your bracelet, I knew that someone who would 
    change my fate had appeared.
    Subject: RE: Fate
    >Was I able to change your fate in a good direction?
    There’s no standards like good or bad in fate. It’s just whether or 
    not that person enjoys that fate.
    Subject: RE: Then…
    >Are you enjoying your current life?
    I guess… Elk comes every day and takes me to different places, 
    so I’m not bored.
    Oh, I get it… maybe little things like that is what enjoying is about?
    Subject: RE: You two
    >You guys really like each other, don’t you?
    Yeah, ever since the first time I met Elk, it didn’t feel like we were two 
    separate people. It felt really nostalgic, like we’ve known each 
    other before.
    Subject: RE: You
    >I think you have changed. Before, you never talked about other people.
    Probably there was nothing of true interest to me in the past.
    But it’s different now.
    I want to know a lot more about myself, Elk, and you.
    Invite me again!
    Subject: About the Past
    Everything had begun before you started playing.
    Maybe you should know the story that happened in “The World” in the past.
    Subject: RE: I want to know
    >Please tell me.
    Before you came here, a Wavemaster named Tsukasa appeared in this 
    world. Although Tsukasa was a regular player, Morganna forbade him 
    from logging out.
    Subject: RE: Why?
    >Why did Morganna do that to Tsukasa?
    She wanted to hold on to Tsukasa as a factor that formed Aura.
    The negative soul that Tsukasa possessed was necessary as an 
    element to achieve the results that Morganna desired.
    Subject: RE: So?
    >So what happened to Tsukasa? Was he able to log out?
    Tsukasa broke Morganna’s binds and gave birth to Aura. 
    However, it was the pure existence that Morganna did not desire.
    And then… Tsukasa returned.
    Subject: RE: Maybe…
    >The Tsukasa in “The World” right now isn’t the Tsukasa that 
    logged out…? Is he even a player?
    Keen insight.
    The current Tsukasa, Subaru and Sora may be wandering AI’s 
    created by the player’s memory in a trashed character data.
    But like I said… It is your job to find out the truth.
    Subject: RE: The World
    >What’s going to happen to it now?
    More time is needed to see and see and understand what 
    the death and birth of Aura has brought to this world.
    However… I believe that your actions had made this world a better place.
    …or is that very unlike me?
    Subject: Hey
    How are things? I think I’ve got my instincts back.
    Subject: RE: Don’t try too hard
    >You’ve been lying on the bed for a while, so it may take time for your body 
    to adjust. :-)
    Don’t treat me like an invalid! I’m Orca of the Azure Sea, the Descendent 
    of Fianna! :-) But I guess you’re more famous these days…
    Subject: RE: I am not!
    >It’s over already, so I don’t really get it.
    You’re so humble. :-)
    People talk about you, you know. The legendary party that saved 
    “The World”. The “.hackers”!
    Subject: RE: Really?
    >That’s pretty embarrassing…
    Yeah, and the player in red, that’s the leader. He is like the ultimate 
    player!  He’s smart and got guts! His decisiveness when it 
    counts is great! And I told them that you’ll never abandon 
    anyone in need.
    Subject: RE: Um…
    >What do you mean by “I told them”?
    Huh? Oh… don’t be so picky about the details! :-)
    Anyway, the Twin Blade type that you have has become really popular! 
    Your character’s colors are special, though, so no one else has
    exactly the same character. Maybe they’ll come out with a limited
    character model that they’ll call “.hackers” or something! :-)
    Subject: RE: It’ll pass
    >It’s probably like a fad. I’m sure everyone will forget about it soon.
    …but I won’t forget that you worked so hard for the comatose victims.
    Even if everyone else in “The World” has forgotten, 
    I’m not gonna forget about it! OK… that was way too cheesy. :-)
    Subject: Why?
    Why do you try to involve me? I just want to be somewhere quiet alone, 
    so that no one can bother me…
    Subject: RE: Because…
    >I want to know more about you… and because I want to.
    Huh…? I think… I think someone said that to me before…
    My memories are full of holes, and very ambiguous.
    Subject: RE: Um…
    >Can’t you remember anything? Like about people you know and stuff…?
    People… I think there were people I knew…
    Mimiru… Bear… BT… Crim… Sora… and Subaru…
    And there was a girl that was asleep…
    Subject: RE: Girl
    >You mean Aura?
    That might have been her name…
    She was floating on top of the bed and was asleep. I couldn’t talk to her, 
    but she was important to me. And then, I thought to wake her up…
     I wonder what happened to her…?
    Subject: RE: She is awake!
    >Aura woke up!
    She opened her eyes in front of me and smiled.
    …I remember now… I was the one who woke Aura…
    Subject: RE: Thanks
    >Then I better thank you! This world was saved because you woke Aura!
    Don’t thank me because… I was the one who was saved the most. 
    Yeah. I was able to find a place for myself.
    Subject: Please Tell Me
    When I woke up, I was walking in Net Slum.
    My memories are very fragmented.
    Who am I?
    Subject: RE: Don’t worry
    >Just take it slowly. There’s no rush to remember things.
    Thank you for your concern. But why do I feel so anxious about not 
    remembering any of this? The only thing I remember is the name 
    of Subaru of the Crimson Knights.
    Subject: RE: Crimson Knights
    >Is it the name of a team that you were a part of?
    Yes, I think I was in a position to lead them.
    But every time I think of the name, I feel pain…
    Subject: RE: For you
    >Was the Crimson Knights a burden?
    Maybe… it was… I may have lost myself by being imprisoned by the 
    title of “Subaru of the Crimson Knights.” Is my powerlessness the reason 
    why there is no longer the Crimson Knights in the current “The World”?
    Subject: RE: You shouldn’t
    >Don’t think that everything is because of you. I was scolded for that too, 
    like “What the hell am I supposed to do, if you’re like that?!” :-)
    You have very good friends.
    I remember now that I had met great people in “The World”.
    I was saved by the various encounters with other people.
    Subject: RE: Important Thing
    >What is it that you want to do the most now? If you know what that is,
    then you don’t need to be worried.
    I just wish to be free.
    I think I can find what is important by being true to myself and not 
    be bound to anything.
    But… maybe I have already found it…
    Thank you for letting me remember something very important to me.
    Subject: Fri3nd5
    y0uR Ch4R4C73R iZ in73R357in9! 137’5 83 fRi3ndZ!
    Subject: RE: Huh?
    >What do you like about me?
    u kn0w! 7h3 8R4C3137! 7h47’5 7h3 pR00f 0f 4 baaaAAAaaaaad p14Y3R!
    i’M s00000 J3410u5!
    Subject: RE: You knew?
    >I forgot to explain it…
    D0n’7 p14Y wi7h M3! 
    0f C0uR53 I kn3w! i’M n07 1ik3 7h47 57upid H34vY 4x3M4n.
    4nYw4Y, 7311 M3 wh0 Y0u 907 7h47 8R4C3137 fR0M!
    Subject: RE: Aura
    >I got it from a girl name (sic) Aura.
    m4n, u 907 n0 5uRviv41 5ki11Z!
    R u Ju57 h0n357, 0R R u Ju57 4n idi07?
    Subject: RE: Idiot
    >Yeah, I might be. People say that I miss the point a lot. :-)
    I 9u355 i7’5 fin3. 83773R 2 83 4n in73R357in9 idi07 7h4n 4 80Rin9 h0n357 9uY.
    H3Y, wi11 U 9iv3 M3 7h47 8R4C3137?
    Subject: RE: Sorry…
    >I can’t give this to someone else.
    I’m just kidding.
    4f73R 7h47 01d 14dY m0R94n4 puni5h3d M3, I d0n’7 w4n7 2 d0 7h053 7hin9Z 
    8u7 I’M 4 8i7 in73R3573d in h0w U R 90in9 2 u53 7h47 8R4C3137.
    the end. Thanks to Gamefaqs for having an awesome site and hosting this, and to 
    CyberConnect2 and Bandai for making this great game series.

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