Review by chickmcjr

Reviewed: 07/31/06

Blackrose is annoying.

With three games down the series is sprinting, SPRINTING I say, towards its conclusion. The first game was okay, the second game was mediocre and the third game was much better. The fourth and last one finishes the series the way that all series should be finished. Properly.

Story 10/10

Seeing how all the games are basically stories that make up a big story it should be no surprise that this gets a high score. Awesome concept of a net game that goes out of control and you have to hack it to unlock the secrets behind why it was made and etc. The most awesome concept for ANYTHING I've ever heard. Seeing how it is basically a video game INSIDE of a video game. Totally rad stuff.

Graphics 10/10

YAY!!! Graphics that don't make my eyes bleed!!! The graphics are awesome and really bring out the reason why this game is so good. The towns (in a manner of speaking) are the most awesome towns I've ever seen. One is set in the sky, one on a river, one in a broken up data stream thingy...The people who designed this game have one HELL of an imagination.

Sound 9/10

The sound is good as the characters yell out the spells their casting and the abilities they use. Also the voice acting is really good too. Not excellent but really good. The music for the servers (towns) really suit them and the only thing I found annoying was the dungeon music.

Gameplay 10/10

The game is extremely simple. Go to one area and find out part of the story, explore a dungeon and reach the bottom floor, defeat a boss using data drain and then head back to a town where you get to do the same thing ALL OVER AGAIN. Now look at the score I gave gameplay again. See it? Do you know why it is so high? I'll tell you. Because it is so gosh darn awesome. It is simply GREAT not having to explore for sixteen hours to find that one dungeon you were looking for that was hidden somewhere in the middle of the mountains or whatever.

Aside from the simplistic gameplay the battle system is well balanced and wonderful. You can only do two attacks with your blades before you stop attacking for about a second and then star again. This sounds stupid but if you think about it you realise how balanced it is. For instance, where would be the point of using your other attacks if you could pull off huge combos using your swords? And the bosses and monsters are designed so you can defeat them using careful planning anyway.

Since this is based on an 'online game' you get to form your own party but messaging them. When you call for them in a town (the only place you can) they warp to your side and you can talk, trade or give them gifts. It is a sick system and a brilliant example of how much work went into making this game as realistic as possible. Understandably sometimes a character or two won't be available for summoning as they aren't at their computer 24/7. That's okay though as even if you can't summon your magic caster there is almost sure to be another one floating around somewhere in your message bank.

Oh, and you can't summon just ANY character to your side. Only the special ones that the designers pick out for you. A notable thing too is that you can receive e-mails from your desktop as well as send e-mails, change your wallpaper and save. Just like a real online game! You also receive a newspaper like thing that gets delivered to your inbox that basically fleshes out the story for you. There are also message boards that act as a tutorial. How awesome is that?

Replayability 10/10

There are these books that you receive from using data drain a lot on monsters. They record basically all your exploits. From monsters seen to jars smashed. If you play for long enough, smash enough pots and see enough monsters you will get things such as new wallpaper and movies. A very awesome system.

Final Recommendation

Buy it. If you have the other three I don't understand why you WOULD NOT buy it. Don't you want closure? And for those who haven't played the last three...well...start collecting! It's an awesome series and my review has barely even scratched the surface of how deep these games are.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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