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"A great ending to a great series"

.Hack//Quarantine is the fourth and final part of the .Hack video game series. Starting right where //Outbreak (Part 3) leaves off, Quarantine brings the story to its long-awaited end.

Gameplay 6/10
Although it's harder than its predecessors, Quarantine is still very easy by the standards of other games. The parts that are most difficult have more to do with bad luck than lack of game-playing skill.

The tedious menu system from the previous games remains intact. The only controllable character is the hero, Kite, while everyone else is commanded through orders, such as “Magic!” and “First Aid!” The menus make battles choppy and repetitive, and sometimes, a bit dull.

The game is supposed to simulate a MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game). It excels at this by creating a virtually endless game to explore. However, exploring the almost endless amount of fields and dungeons would eventually get boring. Fortunately, a there is a story that directs the course of the game, preventing boredom.

Story 10/10
The strongest point of Quarantine, as well as .Hack in its entirety, is the storyline. The story is definitely one of the best I have seen in a video game. The story grabs the interest of the player, and compels them to reach the ending.

The diversity of the characters’ personalities adds a sense of individuality to everyone involved. You will either love a character, or not like them at all.

Since Quarantine is the last chapter in a long story, a suitable ending is necessary, and Quarantine ends it perfectly. Everything built up over the series is brought to a conclusion without any questions left over.

Graphics 7/10
Most of the graphics are average. The characters themselves looked rather plain, and could have been done better. The magic spell animations are quite detailed though, and make battles look better.

Sound 9/10
The sound quality is great. You can hear everything that is said, and enjoy the music and sound effects at the same time. The music itself is pleasant to listen to most of the time, and helps to accent particular places or scenarios.

Play time and Replayablitiy 6/10
Quarantine is short. Only around eighteen hours of playing is required in order to finish. It is much longer if all the optional quests are taken, but even then, it’s not very long.

There is very little replay value. Someone might try playing all fours games through again to experience to story to its fullest, but only if they were a dedicated fan.

Extras 10/10
With the game comes an anime DVD, .Hack//Liminality Episode 4. An episode of Liminality has been included with every .Hack game. The bonus DVD helps fill in details for the story that aren’t apparent in the game. Also on the DVD is .Hack//GIFT, which is a comedy episode involving .Hack characters.
*****WARNING: .Hack//GIFT contains some female nudity, both realistic and a comedic deformed style*****

Buy? Rent? Stay Away?
I have a hard time recommending .Hack//Quarantine to anyone who hasn’t played parts 1-3. Most things don’t make sense if you start watching at the end of the series. I recommend buying .Hack//Infection (Part 1), and playing it. Especially since it is very cheap now. If you play Infection, and like it, buying the entire series is a good idea.

Anyone that has played the other .Hack games should buy Quarantine right away.

Final Score: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/09/04

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