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"The ending was worth buying four of the exact same game"

When it comes to the .hack series, you are either IN or OUT. If you are IN, chances are that you will probably buy this game regardless of what I have to say but this final installment is of .hack is all about just what happens at the end. All question you had about the plot are answered, FINALLY!

Graphics: 7/10
Still the same old .hack. Not one megabit has changed since INFECTION all the way to QUARANTINE. The good news is that it doesn't get any worse than what you have seen already. The CG's still look remarkable during a movie scene and at the climax of .hack, it just LOOKS awesome. Other than that, the dungeons still look the same and some monsters will look the same has in the previous installments. Characters still looks the same also but .hack in general has good character designs so it's good that they don't change that.

Sounds, Music and Voices: 6/10
There are very few tunes added to the last .hack. It's just mostly new boss fight beats really. The music is not bad in .hack but it's not great either. Sounds, well didn't change either. The biggest or addition to the voices is the new grunties; they just sound so darn funny. Other than that nothing much exciting to explain here.

The Story: 10/10
Alright, .hack offline game about an online game has proved to me and other people that it is one of the most complex story ever in a RPG. Spoilers here would defeat the purpose of buying this game. Let's just say that finally there is a reason that Kite is just so cool. He was just so dull until the end of part 3. All the plot and the rest of the 8 Phases are here really for you cleanse ''The World'' or really? Great rewards are there when you beat the game

There's nothing new to the gameplay here so that needs no explanation. The difficulty seems to get harder and harder has the series went on. I don't think part 4 is the hardest of the .hacks but the most annoying cause of those stupid virus cores. The DVD that comes with the game or .hack//Liminality part 4 finally comes to a close too. I recommend playing the game first then watch the anime. It will understand a lot better if you do.

So, after finally giving myself a sigh of relief that I now know all about .hack, I find that it was worth my 200 bucks. The DVDs, the cartoon series, and the 4 games has finally satisfied all the .hackers out there. You might want to play it all over again one more time but just thank God that it's all over, FOR NOW!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/06/04

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