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"It's been a long ride... pitty it's over :("

So finally the 4 part game is finally complete! It's been a hard long ride but it's finally here. And it doesn't disappoint me.

The game play in .hack is been pretty much exactly the same in all four games. If you played part 1 it's the same system here. It's basically controlled button mashing. You stand in one spot (although you can move but it's pointless) and mash the attack button. That's overly simplified but that's basically how you handle most battles. Since this game simulates an Online MMORPG you don't actually control your team mates, each member has their own personality and traits. You are the team leader and command them to heal or attack that sort of stuff. Doesn't mean they'll always do it, but that's part of online game life (in this case it's simulated) :) One part of the game play I kinda like is that the game plays as if you've been playing all along. Thus the game doesn't cater to the newb it just jumps right in so new players might have a problem here since the game won't really care weather or not they are new and just slaughter them relentlessly.

The story is pretty solid, basically you play the game as yourself, with your ''The World'' game character Kite. Part 4's continuation of the main story was pretty good considering the game been spanned 4 games.

The graphic's in all four .hack games has been exactly the same. Nothing really new here. The graphic's are not all that great or really all that bad. The same goes for the sound too. Sound is been the same since part 1. no really new improvements. All and all if you liked the looks of .hack 1 thru 3 then you know what to expect in part 4. It's nothing wrong with it. It's just don't be expecting a whole new game look cuz you'll be greatly let down if you do.

Play Time/Replayability
This is the big problem with .hack part 4. It's short way too short. It's less then 10 hours to from start to finish. The short game problem start in part 2 but meh, it's about the quality not the quantity. The extra quests after you beat the game will extend game play further if your into item collection or extremely hard dungeons. I'll be honest after 150 hours of playing .hack thru all 4 games I can't see myself picking up .hack part 4 and playing it from there again. Thus for any sense of completeness I'd have to play part 1, 2, and 3 again. So I'm not up for that gauntlet again, but that's just me personally.

Final Recommendation
Over all if you been keeping up on the .hack story from the other 3 games and have your save data from part 3 and you enjoyed those games... I'm going to have to say you will enjoy this game. Otherwise you prolly won't really appreciate what's going on or even understand it. If you watched the .hack//sign anime you'll appreciate other things in the game as well... it's not really all that important but it helps. So if you aren't a .hack fan... I'd say it's a renter. It won't last you that long specially if your a vet .hacker newb's might have a problem with this game. So keep that in mind.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/08/04

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