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"A great ending to a great series."

I am and was always a huge fan of the .hack series. With its original concept, interesting story, and even more interesting execution, it is arguably one of the best ideas(and marketing ploys) of the 21st century thus far. The game .hack//QUARANTINE by itself is very challenging compared to the 1st three games, and has an extremely satisfying ending. Now onto the specifics.

Not the best graphics in a game(it's not FFX), but for good reason. You are playing in a simulated MMORPG. Since you are still technically in a videogame while the cinematics roll, the graphics can't really be that life-like. It still has to look and feel as if you are playing a game.

With a good battle system, I give gameplay an 8. While most of the time you're just button mashing the X button, the Skills and Magic system takes it to a higher level. The enemies are much harder in this game then the previous, making a more challenging fight-for-your-life, or die-by-Data-Draining-too-much experience.

This is why you bought the game, right? You have all of the .hack//SIGN DVDs, and you want the last enstallment of the story, along with the LIMINALITY DVD. Everything interconnects here and makes sense, in an almost Chrono Cross like fashion(Who ever played CC and wondered why it was a sequel to Chrono Trigger and played through the whole thing knows what I mean).

Even for a game, the music is pretty good. While most of the field music is the same, its the cinematic music that'll have you loving it. The voice-overs are also done to perfection, in my opinion. While we may not have Parody mode here in the USA, we can choose to replay the game in Japanese.

The main extra in this game is the Item Completion event. This thing is hard, espiacally if you are actually TRYING to complete it. Springs if Myst work wonders if you have the lowest level weapons, though. The Ryu Books also provide another, more realistic challenge. By the end of .hack//QUARANTINE, you should have a good amount of items unlocked, and its basically clean up work after that. The secret dungeon, however, is quite possibly the most annoying thing you'll ever go through(Minus Lufia II's 99 Level Dungeon). I still haven't finished it myself, though I plan to soon.

I stayed interested the whole way through the .hack games. With well developed characters, an extremely interesting story, and loads of extras, it is a very well developed set of games. This one, while it may look the same to most, is the best of the series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/22/04

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