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"Great Idea but Just Wasn't Pushed"

This game is the fourth part of the .hack games and the last... .Hack Part 4:Quarantine fills all the gaps in the story that the other games didn't show you... So if you can survive 3 other repetitive games then give this one a try just to say you saw the end... This idea to create a fake online world was great... but if it was actually online it would be awesome...

Game play(8/10)
The game play in this game is that of a StarOcean, which is real-time... Meaning that it is like a turn-based game set on active except that the game play doesn't stop for you... This games battle system is not innovated, but it is rather cool that it is based on a online game, and has similar aspects an online game would be set up. From A.I. in towns that are somewhat smart and barter with you, to fake emails emailed to you in game... This game offers a fun game play through all of there games but it does get quite repetitive...

This game story was drug from the back of a truck for quite some time... If you picked up each of these games you were probably rather angry that you had to wait for the next to find out the rest of the story... This games story is rather interesting, rather confusing in parts, but if you have seen the show .hack//sign or Legend of the Twilight Bracelet you should have a heads up... They did stop the games in spots that you may feel they shouldn't have and they start the next game up in a even crazier spot...

This games graphics are like an upgraded cel-shade technique... It's been used in other games but they try to put the aspect of the show and the aspect of an online experience with it so it looks pretty good... The voice-over in this game is good... But music wise, music is music it's not great, but it's an RPG your supposed to level up... So for myself sound isn't a factor...

Play Time/Re-playability(7/10)
Wow this game... If you haven't attempted a .hack game and you have a life/girlfriend/boyfriend you might want to put the life on hold tell your girlfriend/boyfriend your grandpa just died and you have to go away for a while, and grab a ham sandwich cause this game is going to take a while... Though this game does span out with four different games don't let it fool you it's quite long, but the games itself will fly by like nothing... As for re-playability goes... If you can get though this game, you may just want to let it go because like many RPG games you might want to play it just cause you miss it...

Final Recommendation
This game should be played through fully (with all games) so if you haven't picked the other three up you may not want to do this one... One the story will be shot and you wouldn't get some of the extra characters, weapons, etc. Two the game might not be that fun for you... Three if you can't usually endure a long spanning game or RPG for that matter then you won't like it probably... My final recommendation though is pick it up if you have played the other since you probably want to see the end of the game you just wasted your life for... Again if this game was only online it would have got a better rep...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/06/05

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