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"An ending finally worth remembering.."

It has been a long run, but the .hack// games for the playstation 2 have come to an end. This is the conclusion of the series, and a great one at that. If you haven't played the others, do so now before you even consider playing this one.

Graphics 7/10
Not the best graphics, but still pretty good. There are much better graphics out there, but I don't play the game just to see beautiful things. I hope that you don't either, but maybe you do. All the root towns still look beautiful, but one thing that gets me down is the fact that you never really get to see the original Omega Server. From the few seconds that you see it, you can tell it really is a beautiful place. The dungeons still look great, and so do all the bosses.

Sound 8/10
Always the nice spooky dungeon sound, and the calming, relazing music in the servers. Also the choice of tons of pieces of music for your desktop really helps out as well. The nice special effects are still here, I mean why would they take them out? Though they could be a bit better in some cases. And you can't forget the english or japanese voiceovers! You choose!

Controls 10/10
Easy to learn controls, if you haven't played the last ones, they are very simple in many ways, and won't take you maybe 5 minutes to learn what to do. The camera is simple, and fighting is simple and easy to learn. Don't worry, be happy.

Gameplay 6/10
Yes, at this point in the series the gameplay does get repetitive. But that is what the excellent storyline is for. I know dungeon crawling can get boring really easy, but it is well worth it. If you don't like the gameplay, then you might want to buy it still, but keep the receipt. It depends, I am perfectly fine with the gameplay, but it is up to you, the buyer.

Storyline 10/10
This is really where .hack//Quarantine shines. A great ending to a great series. I strongly suggest you get the game for a great and shocking storyline. Just get all four of the games at the same time, or you will be in big trouble like me. I got .hack//quarantine about a month after I beat all the others, and I was bouncing off the walls the whole time I was waiting. If you liked what happened in the last ones, you are going to love this storyline, and the huge twist that is contained in this one, if you haven't found out about it yet, which I hope you haven't!

Extras 10/10
This is something new I would like to incorporate, the extras are just plain great and this game, and I can't see why they should not be rated and reviewed. The big new thing that there is is called the "Item Completion Event". You have to find every item in the game, excluding rare items and books, to finish it. There is also some very excellent goblin tags, new grunties, and of course more grunty races. Also there is a huge 15 level dungeon! But I don't want to spoil anything about the dungeon, buy this game and find out for yourself...:)

Overall 9/10
A great game overall. Anybody looking for a great rpg that can stand a little repetitiveness should go out and buy the whole series right now. You can easily find it now for under $100, so why not get and and have a great time? The sound and graphics are good, but not great, and the gampeplay become a bit boring. But the story and the extras make up for that by blowing you away. It may not be Final Fantasy, but in my opinion it is just as good.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/07/05

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