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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Patt3rson

    Version: Final | Updated: 01/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |  SWAT: GLOBAL STRIKE TEAM                                                  |
    |                                                                            |
    |  FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 - Written by Patt3rson                  |
    |                                                                            |
    |  Final version, since January 9 2006 – Copyright Patt3rson                 |
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    |  patt3rson(at)gmail(dot)com – www.gamechoice.nl                            |
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                                                               | ENGLISH VERSION |
    ===================                                        +-----------------+
    = C O N T E N T S =
    \ 1 / INTRODUCTION /
    1A – Copyright Notice
    1B – Additions
    1C – Preparations
    \ 2 / GAME /
    2A – Story
    2B – Characters
    2C - Controls
    \ 3 / WALKTHROUGH /
    3A – LA 2-11
    3B – Dead On Arrival
    3C – Underground Assault
    3D – Kingpin Takedown
    3E – The Paris Transmission
    3F – Rendezvous In Russia
    3G – Rendezvous In Russia 2
    3H – Rendezvous In Russia 3
    3I – Concrete Jungle
    3J – Vertical Strike
    3K – Beneath The City Of Angels
    3L – Asylum Siege
    3M – Battle Of Berth 201
    3N – Warehouse Showdown
    3O – Operation: Contraband
    3P – Hot Metal Jacket
    3Q – Tropical Storm
    3R – Tropical Storm 2
    3S – The Panama Affair
    3T – Ice Station Zemlya
    3U – Ice Station Zemlya 2
    \ 4 / CONCLUSION /
    4A – Final Word
    4B - Credits
    = 1 = I N T R O D U C T I O N =
    Writing FAQ’s and walkthroughs takes a lot of time and effort, so writers do a 
    lot of work. Stealing work from others is unthinkable and one of the worst 
    crimes you can commit in writing. It’s also punishable, because all files on 
    the web are protected by international copyright law and usage without 
    permission can be fought out in court.
    The newest version of this file can be found on http://www.gamefaqs.com. For 
    questions and remarks about this file, including the walkthrough, you can use 
    the e-mail address below. Only serious questions of which the answer can’t be 
    found in this file will be responded to.
    This document may not be distributed or copied in parts or as a whole. This 
    file may only be printed or saved for private use. For usage in other ways or 
    on other locations written permission from the author has to be acquired. 
    Permission can be asked using the below e-mail address, but is not guaranteed! 
    If you find this file on another location than GameFAQs or NeoSeeker, please 
    use the same address to let me know.
    \ B / ADDITIONS /
    I translated this document from my Dutch walkthrough after that one was 
    complete. Everything you see is new and the FAQ will not be updated anymore 
    unless the Dutch FAQ is also updated.
    This document is a translation of my other Dutch walkthrough. While 
    translating I did not play the game anymore, so it is possible that some 
    translations (Especially names for items, locations, etcetera!) are not 
    entirely correct. Read the tips below before you start the game and use this 
    walkthrough. These remarks contain valuable information about using this FAQ 
    or the game.
    This walkthrough is written while playing on the Normal difficulty setting. 
    The levels are the same on every difficulty setting, only the amount of 
    enemies and specific suspects will differ. On the Normal difficulty setting 
    and in this walkthrough are two of those suspects in each level. They can be 
    recognized by an icon with handcuffs above their head. The highest difficulty 
    level has one extra suspect that won’t be mentioned in this walkthrough, but 
    you do know that you have to arrest him instead of killing him.
    While writing this walkthrough I assumed you’re playing with the standard 
    settings. It’s fine if you want to play with another weapon, but it’s 
    especially about the Flashbangs. Make sure you take those with you, because 
    they are used quite often in each level. All the other settings had been left 
    at their default values as well. Every change you make is at your own risk, I 
    can’t guarantee that the walkthrough is still okay if you adjust something.
    Arresting enemies is an important part of the game. In the earlier levels it’s 
    often explained how to do that, but in the later levels I assumed you already 
    know how that works. There are some other things though that can make 
    arresting people more easy. That has everything to do with the Compliance 
    meter, the bar that will fill when you intimidate people by yelling and 
    shooting or surprising them. When this meter is still blue you should keep 
    intimidating until it turns red, then they’ll put their hands in the air. The 
    bar will also slowly empty itself, so arrest people before that happens. The 
    location of enemies is different every time you play a part of a level. Their 
    numbers are often the same, but they can be in different spots in a room as 
    before, even when using a Continue.
    So the Compliance meter tells you how much an enemy is intimidated, but it 
    also indicates other things. If you see an enemy without him seeing you, it’s 
    possible that your Compliance meter will blink between red and blue. If you 
    yell with the square button when that happens, the enemy will surrender 
    immediately so that you can arrest him. Killing enemies while the meter is 
    blinking or in other situations where they haven’t seen you are seen as 
    Unauthorized Force incidents and when you have to many of those you’ll fail 
    that mission’s parameter.
    Just like arresting enemies, cuffing hostages and other civilians is very 
    important. You don’t have to do that, but if they get killed by enemies it 
    will have a negative impact in your SWAT rating at the end of a mission. 
    Arresting them for their own safety will have a positive effect on your SWAT 
    rating though. In the beginning civilians will be mentioned, but later in the 
    walkthrough I won’t do that anymore. That doesn’t mean that they’re not there 
    and you don’t have to arrest them though! Choose whatever you want to do, but 
    my advice is just to restrain them.
    At the end of a mission you will earn medals and upgrade points. Medals can be 
    earned by doing or not doing specific things in each missions. To see how you 
    can get them you can go to your Profile. You’ll not only see there which 
    medals you already have, you can only see what the goal is to get them. There 
    are only five of them listed and seven can be earned. The sixth one seems to 
    be earnable by giving ten headshots in a mission and you’ll earn the seventh 
    medal by doing ten unauthorized kills. Every arrested suspect will earn you an 
    upgrade point which you can use to upgrade a weapon in Customize. It’s smart 
    to save up for the best upgrades and just skip the ones in between.
    = 2 = G A M E =
    \ A / STORY /
    SWAT: Global Strike Team tells the story of special agents Kincaid, Jackson 
    and Lee during a part of their career as a SWAT team member. It all starts 
    with an everyday task when a couple of terrorists rob a bank and take 
    hostages. The team is sent in to get everything under control.
    After a few more dangerous missions it turns out that there’s one organization 
    led by a guy that knows how to access the SWAT database and by that finds out 
    who all these special agents are. The three headed team must try to stop this 
    guy and his organization to save the lives of many colleagues.
    \ B / CHARACTERS /
    Kincaid is the leader of the team and also the character you play with. 
    Kincaid doesn’t have any special options, but he can order the others things.
    Jackson normally carries a shotgun and has special abilities like using panels 
    and defusing bombs.
    Lee is the female sharpshooter and can be ordered to shoot enemies from a 
    distance and pick locks.
    Ed Lincoln is the standard employer of the SWAT team and because of this he’s 
    usually the one that gives you information and guides you through a mission.
    Jeremy Thomas is a senior criminologist employed by MI5 and he’s Lincoln’s 
    substitute in certain missions.
    Jeff Costello is also your contact, during your stay in Paris. Later he will 
    become a victim of the terrorists.
    Rudi Novotny is also one of your contacts, this time when you’re un Russia. 
    Next to giving information he’ll also support several missions later.
    Another one of your contacts. Paola Hernandez is a member of the Navy Seals 
    and he’ll assist you in the later levels.
    The last contact you’ll get is colonel Nelson. He’ll take Lincoln’s place when 
    Carter kidnaps him.
    Pierce Carter is able to influence the Omega cartel and the Dragon clan and 
    eventually pulls the power and control towards himself.
    Wolfgang Schmidt stands at the head of the Omega cartel, the organization that 
    causes all the trouble together with the Dragons.
    Deepak Grey is the head of the Dragon clan and since he works together with 
    the Omega cartel SWAT’s troubles have grown substantially.
    Furious is already a known person at the police department and one of the 
    criminals that robs the bank in the first level together with Carter.
    Courtney Brady is the mayor’s daughter. She’s inside this hospital when she 
    gets kidnapped by terrorists.
    Andre Pascal is a pharmaceutical chemist and is captured by terrorists to 
    develop a new kind of drug.
    In one of the missions in Russia you have to go look for a scientist that can 
    give you more information, that’s Vasily.
    General Starkey is locked up in a hotel and you have to guide him out so that 
    he can pass on his valuable information.
    \ C / CONTROLS /
    Below are all the buttons for the PlayStation controller. It’s possible that 
    not all buttons have a function by default in the game! These are the default 
    settings, it’s a possibility that they can be adjusted to your own liking! 
    Check the manual or the menus to find out how.
    Up                               - Follow command
    Down                             - Command menu
    Left                             - Command menu
    Right                            - Command menu
    Triangle                         - Switch weapon
    Cross                            - Interact/reload
    Square                           - Yell
    Circle                           - Physical attack
    L1                               - Throw item
    L2                               - Throw item
    R1                               - Fire
    R2                               - Special aids
    L3                               - Crawl
    Left Analog                      - Move character
    R3                               - Precision firing mode
    Right Analog                     - Move crosshair
    Start                            - Pause
    Select                           - Mission goals
    = 3 = W A L K T R O U G H =
    \ A / LA 2-11 /
    It’s important to know that you only need to arrest people that have an icon 
    with hand-cuffs above their heads. You can also arrest other enemies, but it 
    doesn’t matter if you kill them. Non threatening people can be arrested as 
    well for their own safety. Give your teammate the Follow Me order and walk 
    through the sewer until you can’t go any further. To your left is a whole in 
    the wall, step through it and follow the stairs to the double doors at the 
    end. Open the doors and shoot the enemy, watch out for the cop though. Order 
    your teammate to cuff the cop while you look to the right, next to the door is 
    another enemy you have to kill. Walk through the doors and look right to 
    notice an enemy you have to arrest. Yell at him by pressing the square button 
    many times until the meter is filled and he raises his hands, arrest him or 
    let your colleague do that. In front of the counter is another cop, cuff him 
    and follow the counter anti-clockwise. Aim at the double doors and tell your 
    colleague to Breach Door. Zigzag through the hallway to a gate and order your 
    teammate to use the panel to the left of it. If enemies appear on the other 
    side, shoot them. Run in when the gate is open, there are two enemies in the 
    room, one of them behind a table. A third enemy can be found in the hallway on 
    the left, you’re allowed to shoot them all. Behind this third guy is another 
    gate, let your teammate open it and kill the man to the right. To the left is 
    another enemy behind a table in the corner. Run towards him when he’s low and 
    shoot him when he stands up. On the floor is also a cop that you can cuff. On 
    the other side of this rectangular hallway with glass in the center is another 
    enemy. You have to arrest him, so gently walk up to him and yell at him until 
    he surrenders.
    Arrest him and notice that there are few double doors in this area. The 
    location is random, but behind one of these doors is a hostage with a bomb 
    next to him. After you’ve found it, order you colleague to defuse the bomb. 
    Stay away from it yourself or it will blow! Two men will come running, shoot 
    them before they can reach the bomb. Press the Select button to look at your 
    goals, especially the Restrain Suspects For Questioning goal is important now. 
    You’ve already arrested two terrorists, but you have to arrest two more 
    randomly. Return to the previous room before the gate and you’ll see a guy 
    standing in the opposite hallway. Yell at him with the square button or shoot 
    him at place you can’t kill him with. Arrest him if he goes down or 
    surrenders, after that you’ll only need to do this one more time. So just do 
    that with the next person you encounter, or maybe you’ll find someone on the 
    ground, to complete this first Rules Of Engagement goal. Follow the hallway to 
    reach a checkpoint. In the hall at the end is another bomb located in the 
    center. First open all the doors in the outer walls of the hall and take out 
    the terrorists. In one of these rooms is another bomb, defuse it. In another 
    room you’ll find a terrorist holding a hostage, yell at him and only shoot 
    when you won’t hit the hostage. Return to the bomb in the middle of the hall 
    and defuse it by ordering your teammate to do that. While he’s busy an 
    elevator will open, mow down the men that come out of it and get inside that 
    elevator to continue. At the floor you’ll arrive on will be around four 
    terrorists, shoot them and restrain the ones that survive your attack. After a 
    cut scene you completed the mission and hopefully also every goal.
    Open the doors in front of you yourself and shoot the enemy through the 
    window. Look out for a woman coming from the right though, or you’ll 
    accidentally shoot her. Follow the hallway and ignore the door on the left, so 
    go further to the door with Reception above it. Open the door and shoot the 
    enemies you can see from the spot you’re standing on. There is one person that 
    you need to arrest in this room, so don’t shoot him! When you enter the room 
    another person, next to the one you have to arrest alive, will appear from the 
    room on the left. Shoot him first and then scream at the guy with the cuffs 
    icon above his head, order your partner to arrest him. In this room are a few 
    doors that can be opened and one that can’t be opened directly. Open all the 
    doors that can be opened at this moment and make sure the area has been 
    checked, enemies are defeated and all civilians cuffed. Return to that one 
    closed door with Administration above it, aim at it and order your teammate to 
    Breach Door. Walk through the hallway and look around the corner, you’ll see 
    the second person that has to be arrested. He’ll run away if you start to 
    scream and enemies can appear from the sides. To complete your Restrain 
    Suspects For Questioning goal it’s best to arrest two additional enemies in 
    this room next to the obligated one by shooting them on non lethal places or 
    yelling at them until they surrender. When you’ve done this obligated arrests 
    you can move around the block to follow the hallway behind it. In the next 
    room a door will open right in front of you, but only shoot the enemy when the 
    hostage is away from him.
    The part of the room in the back where the guy came from is already secure, so 
    you can continue through the glass door after you’ve ordered your teammate to 
    open them. After a cut scene you’ll switch to madam Lee with who you’ll be 
    playing now. Open the doors at the end of the hallway and quickly shoot the 
    guy after he has turned around. You can look down from the balcony to the area 
    below where you have to take out two men. The first one is on the ground floor 
    in the right corner inside a little building and the other one is more to the 
    left and up on top of the construction. When you continue to the other part of 
    the balcony around the corner you can shoot someone close by on the platform 
    and another one all the way in the back. That’s all Lee needed to do, so 
    you’ll switch back to Kincaid and Jackson. Carefully enter the parking lot and 
    shoot two more enemies. Walk beneath the pipe construction through an alley 
    and you’ll encounter more enemies. There are quite a lot, so try to take a few 
    out by using the protection of the corner before you continue. They’re both on 
    the left and right sides. To the right is nothing to see, so continue to the 
    left when it’s safe and further down the hallway. A door will open on the 
    right, move towards it and shoot the guy in the room behind it and another guy 
    in the back of the same room. Return to the hallway and walk to the open area, 
    to the left is one guy you have to take care of. The doors on the right lead 
    to the morgue, hence the sign Morgue. Open those doors and shoot down the guy 
    that will come through the doors right in front of you. Follow the hallway 
    down and take cover behind the turned carrying bed. Order your partners to 
    open the doors and shoot your opponents behind it. Walk into the room if 
    necessary, you’re done when the screen turns black.
    Open the double doors in this room, there are no enemies behind it. Instead 
    there is a control panel and when you look at it you can order Jackson to use 
    it. By doing this a passage will open outside of this room, so make a half 
    circle to the right around the corner into the hallway. Follow this hallway to 
    a spiral staircase, there are no enemies along the way but you’ll hear some 
    voices when you get there. Go down carefully and shoot both enemies as soon as 
    they notice you. Don’t be surprised if another person will come up the stairs. 
    If not, you can shoot him when you continue. When you’re at the bottom ignore 
    the panel on the right next to the gate and go into the hallway on the left, 
    but do shoot the guy at the corner. Continue and you’ll encounter another guy 
    at another bend to the right around the corner. A little ahead are stairs, use 
    them to go up. The left side at the end is safe, so focus your attention on 
    the open gate on the right. You can walk through it safely, but around the 
    corner on the right is one enemy in the little space available. Take care of 
    him first and then walk to the left through the subway tunnel. Move slowly 
    across the platform and shoot the enemies that appear. Don’t forget that you 
    have to arrest three people, next to the two obligates ones! Pay attention so 
    that you won’t shoot civilians, both on the platform or through the fences on 
    the side. If there are enemies behind it you can shoot them. If not, you’ll 
    run into them later.
    In the hallway on the side almost at the end on the left is the first person 
    you have to arrest. He can surprise you with a shotgun, so try to look at the 
    situation first. You have to arrest him, so shooting him on non lethal places 
    is allowed by yelling always works as well. Keep moving left and right so that 
    the chance of being hit is reduced. Keep your gun pointed at him and send your 
    colleague in to cuff him. The bigger hall in which he stands will continue to 
    the left. There are only a few civilians to cuff over there, so after that you 
    can go to the other railway track opposite the one you came from. To the right 
    is nothing interesting to be found, so just continue to the left. The first 
    exit on the left will bring you back to the hall with civilians you’ve just 
    cuffed, so continue all the way to the end of the platform and follow the 
    hallway to some stairs that lead upwards. There’s nobody upstairs, so just go 
    right and down again using the other stairs. There are a few civilians in the 
    area ahead, so watch out where you shoot. The area is quite large and open, 
    send in your colleague to cuff civilians and run after her to shoot enemies 
    that attack her and you. The right back corner, near the escalators, is where 
    the second person you have to arrest can be found. Take him in by using the 
    now well known methods and go down the escalators after you’ve cuffed him. 
    There is a hallway opposite the escalators, follow it and watch the alcoves 
    for enemies. Take them out or restrain them if you still need people for that 
    specific goal and continue around the corner to the right. Walk onto the 
    platform and follow it while it turns into another hallway at the end.
    The hallway will go around a corner to the right twice, with a bit of luck the 
    man in the middle of the next room will surrender if you yell at him. There is 
    another guy, just shoot him when you can. Follow the hallway through the 
    passage at the other side to the doors at the end. Tell Lee to Pick Lock so 
    that you can open the doors. Just throw them open and go to the left to the 
    platform to see a cut scene. After that you will have completed all the goals, 
    but you’re not done yet. A timer will start and the alarm will sound, you have 
    to defuse a bomb before the time expires. Go down the stairs you’re close to 
    after the cut scene and follow the obvious route back to the spiral staircase. 
    You won’t encounter any enemies and at the end Jackson will open the gate for 
    you. Follow him until he stops and opens another gate, then run after him 
    again until he stands still and says there are heavily armed men ahead. Strafe 
    along the dark wall on the left wall while looking right and shoot all the 
    enemies you see. Move towards the escalators on the other side of the room and 
    turn around to find the bomb. Tell Jackson to Use it and he’ll start to defuse 
    the bomb. Meanwhile a few bad guys will drop in, so keep them away from 
    Jackson while he’s busy and you’ll complete the mission.
    Order your team to follow you and go around the corner to the left. The doors 
    are locked, so order Lee to pick the lock. Throw open the doors and shoot 
    someone on the next floor as soon as you see him. Follow the stairs up and 
    look to the left into the hallway. There are quite a few enemies here, so stay 
    where you are and shoot everything hostile that appears. After that check the 
    room to the left, take care of two enemies. In this mission you need to arrest 
    a total of seven people, so five more next to the obligated suspects. Leave 
    the room through the other exit and head right to get to an intersection. Go 
    left there, but be careful for remaining enemies. At the next intersection you 
    have to go right. Ignore the little room and head left at the next 
    intersection. Follow the hallways until you end up behind a half wall and a 
    gate, take out the guy on the other side. Order Jackson to Use the panel on 
    the wall and shoot the enemies that show up because of this. Head down the 
    stairs on the right immediately after the gate and follow the obvious route 
    down another stairs to a room with multiple floors. Take out the enemies that 
    appear with the help of your team while you descend the first stairs. There’s 
    nothing on the ground floor, so head across the room to the other side and 
    through the passage into the next hallway. Go right at the intersection and 
    keep going until you reach a gate. Shoot the enemies in the room on the right 
    and then enter the room on the left. In the bathroom in the right corner is 
    the first guy you have to arrest, if you surprise him you can cuff him right 
    Let Jackson use the panel on the wall and wait until he’s done before you 
    leave the room. There’s nothing interesting in the opposite room, so follow 
    the hallway back to the intersection and go straight to check out the 
    remaining direction. Descend the stairs and shoot the man behind the crates at 
    the bottom. Keep on going to the platform and follow it to the right. Shoot 
    enemies but watch out for civilians. Enter the next passage on the right and 
    step onto the opposite platform that you need to follow to the left. At the 
    end is another passage, follow the hallway behind it and head down two more 
    stairs. Walk through the hallway to the right and also through the first 
    opening on the right. Next to a civilian there will be an enemy, take care of 
    him and order Jackson to use the panel in the next room. Return to the hallway 
    and to the stairs that brought you here. A gate has opened there so that you 
    can go down even more. There you’ll find the drug laboratory in a part of a 
    train. Walk through it and go left on the other side. In the next room is the 
    second man you have to arrest, you can also surprise him by quickly aiming 
    your gun at him and cuff him. Let your teammate do the cuffing, because you 
    have to shoot other enemies that appear. Leave these rooms through the opening 
    on the other side and you’ll end up at a corner of the drug laboratory. To 
    your left are some stairs that lead down to another part of a train. Approach 
    the person inside it for a short cut scene, after that you need to defeat a 
    high number of enemies coming from all sides. Count on your teammates to help, 
    so choose a direction that isn’t covered yet. When everything is safe again 
    you will have completed the mission.
    You’ll start out with Lee on the roof of a building. Move towards the edge and 
    you’ll see two men on top of another building, an enemy and a hostage. Shoot 
    the enemy by zooming in, a lot more enemies will appear because of this. Try 
    to take cover and shoot all the men on the other roof, but beware of the 
    hostage. When this goal is completed you’ll see a cut scene in which Jackson 
    and Kincaid will land on the roof, you’ll play with them from now on. There 
    are some open doors you have to go through to end up in the hallway behind it. 
    After a turn to the left there’s also a little room to the left, take out two 
    enemies there and wait for a third and fourth one to come down the hallway. 
    Continue to the room with the stairs and descend it to the floor below. There 
    seems to be an elevator to the left, but there is a path heading left and 
    there are some hard to see enemies. It’s best to send in Jackson first by 
    aiming at the alcove and saying Proceed. Turn on your night vision with R2 and 
    go around the corner after all enemies are defeated. There’s nothing in the 
    rooms on the right, so continue forward carefully. Shoot some remaining 
    enemies in the round hallway and then follow it clockwise to enter the first 
    rooms on the left. Continue to the end and you’ll reach a bomb. Give Jackson 
    the Use order and cover him while he defuses it.
    On your way back to the hallway you’ll encounter at least two or three more 
    enemies. Don’t forget to restrain enemies, seven in total and two of those are 
    obligated. If the round hallway is checked and secure up until the barricade, 
    follow the hallway anticlockwise to the double doors on the right in the wall. 
    Let Jackson open the doors with Breach Door and follow the offices to the 
    bomb, tell Jackson to Use it and he’ll deactivate this one as well. On you’re 
    way back to the hallway are some more enemies, take them out or restrain them 
    and continue anticlockwise through the hallway. Ignore the doors and continue 
    to the small hallway on the right. At the end is a hatch, Jackson can open it 
    by using the panel so order him to do so. Pay attention though, because an 
    enemy will appear and try to shoot him. Do that to the enemy and wait until 
    the hatch is open. Continue through the hallway and a timer will start after 
    loading the next part of the level. Descend to a lower floor and follow the 
    hallway back to the center part with the offices. Enemies will show up both 
    from the left and the right, but on the right is also the first man with the 
    cuffs icon above his head. He’ll go through the doors in the wall on the 
    right, so follow him and take care of the enemies you encounter before you 
    reach him. Arrest him and return to the round hallway.
    A little ahead is a hallway with toilets on the side. There’s an enemy inside, 
    but you can’t continue there so just keep following the main round hallway 
    anticlockwise. Let Jackson blow up the next doors and wade through the enemies 
    to reach another bomb. Defuse is and return to the round hallway. Also return 
    to the small hallway with the toilets on the side, but walk past it and the 
    hatch ahead is now open so that you can reach the stairway again. Walk along 
    the left so that a second hatch will open and you can descend another stairs. 
    On that floor you have to enter another hallway, follow it to a hatch with a 
    panel next to it and order Jackson to open it. There’s an enemy right behind 
    it and the next obligated arrest has to be made using the man behind the 
    counter on the right. Follow the hallway to another panel, order Jackson to 
    open the hatch with it. There are two enemies right behind it and another one 
    behind the counter on the right. You’ll come across another stairs when you 
    continue and to another round room. There are four doors here with panels and 
    signs saying Data Node above them. You have to open every door and secure the 
    enemy behind it. Take care of enemies and find a singe bomb in of the four 
    rooms. Let Jackson defuse it when you’ve found it. You’ll have completed the 
    mission after watching a cut scene.
    Order your team to follow you and follow the route through the snow towards 
    the first barricade. On you way you’ll come across enemies located up high 
    around the path, so look around and take them down. You can’t continue through 
    the barricade itself, but you can take out all the men around it and also a 
    few on the other side below and inside the tower. To continue you need to pass 
    between the rocks to the right of the barricade and use a tunnel that lead 
    upwards. The first obligated arrest has to take place there, because that man 
    is in this tunnel. Don’t get too close because he has a powerful weapon. 
    Arrest him after a bit of shooting and screaming and continue through the 
    tunnel. At the intersection there’s an enemy both left and right, take both of 
    them out. First look through the window on the left to see whether there’s 
    still someone you can shoot, then follow the right path to end up at the 
    bottom of the bunker. Walk along the wall towards the cliff and head right and 
    up using the ramps towards the shooting opening. Open the doors and follow the 
    path over the walkway into a tunnel on the lift and downstairs. At the 
    intersection you can look left around the corner into a small room with two 
    enemies inside. In this level you have to arrest seven people in total, two of 
    those are obligated, so make sure you restrain an enemy every now and then, 
    like one of these guys. When it’s safe, follow the tunnel on the right and 
    take care of two more guys a little ahead. Further along the tunnel there’s an 
    easy victim to arrest. The man has his back turned towards you, so approach 
    him from behind and yell at him so that he surrenders immediately and you’re 
    able to arrest him.
    Where the trail in the snow ends you can go left or right. To the right you 
    will only find a shooting enemy behind an obstacle, to the left is a path that 
    goes further with also a few enemies. First take care of the guy on the right 
    and then look to the left. Here you can also find the second man that you have 
    to arrest and with a little luck you can surprise him and cuff him right away. 
    Follow the tunnel in the rocks and it will change into a concrete passages 
    with a stairway. Carefully climb the stairs and you’ll see two people with 
    their backs towards you. Surprise them so that they surrender with a fight and 
    take them in. Walk further to end up outside and quickly go down the ramp on 
    the right to start a cut scene. Now you’re only playing with Lee and your goal 
    is to take out all the snipers in the towers ahead. Make sure you take cover 
    and can’t be seen by all the snipers except one and take out that one. Repeat 
    this until they’re all defeated and you’ll automatically return to the rest of 
    the team. Run to the corner on the right and reach a panel at the top of the 
    ramps. Let Jackson use it and then order him to use the panel on a small pole 
    inside the control room. At the end on the right is another door with an enemy 
    behind it, if he throws poison gas you have to wait for it to clear before you 
    can take him out. There can also be more opponents in the courtyard below, 
    take care of them before you leave the control room through the same door you 
    used to enter it. Walk down the ramps and turn right. A gate has opened on the 
    other side of the courtyard, so cross it using the bridge. Take cover to take 
    care of enemies if they’re still there before you run towards the gate and 
    enter it. This will also complete the mission.
    You’ll start this level with Lee and that will be only character you’ll play 
    with this level. Climb the stairs and turn the handle on the left to open the 
    door. Continue and take out the first man at the top of the first stairs after 
    he has noticed you. A civilian and an enemy will respond, take care of the 
    enemy and walk further to a more open place to take out another enemy. Walk 
    around to the left to a large pipe with ramps on both sides. Cross over to the 
    left and go up carefully. A little ahead is the first suspect you have to 
    arrest, so carefully approach him and shoot and yell until he surrenders. Walk 
    towards him and arrest him. Cross back over to the right side and in the back 
    of the alcove ahead is another enemy. Take him out and walk all the way up, 
    there’s one more enemy to shoot up there. In the right back corner is a handle 
    that will open the door and allow you to continue. Follow the hallway behind 
    it to a room with two floors, there’s an enemy both above you and on your 
    level. You have to arrest a total of seven people again, so start restraining 
    normal enemies now and then. Shoot the man above you for example and cuff the 
    guy on your level. Walk to the door in the back right and open it with the 
    round red handle. Also open the one behind it and you’ll end up in a room with 
    about three enemies of which one has a cuffs icon above his head. So be 
    careful who you shoot, the suspect you need to arrest will probably seek 
    shelter in the back of the room behind some crates. After taking care of him 
    you can continue to the back right corner and open a door with a handle twice.
    There’s nothing on the left, an enemy will run away on the right. There are 
    several enemies on multiple in this room and it’s good to find a safe spot as 
    soon as possible by shooting a few enemies and checking where other fire is 
    coming from. Make sure you won’t keep standing next to pipes that got hot, 
    because the gas that comes out of it will bother you. When the first wave of 
    enemies had been killed you can climb the first stairs. Constantly keep moving 
    because you can be shot at from all sides, enemies will stand in multiple 
    alcoves on your way to the next stairs. This area can be hard to cross. Just 
    make sure you keep moving when under fore, seek shelter in alcoves if possible 
    and shoot with precision. Throwing a Flashbang every now and then can also 
    help. Eventually you’ll reach the top floor where you can dive into a hallway 
    on the right. On exit you can look right and see an enemy on both stairs. 
    Maybe you still need to make some arrests if you need people for that 
    corresponding goal, if so you can make use of Flashbangs and a quick yell at 
    them. You can only go up using the left stairs and then enter a hallway at the 
    top of the other stairs. There are three enemies in the next room, all on the 
    top floor. Try running around on the ground floor to find and shoot them, then 
    you can make an attempt at going up to take out remaining enemies. At the end 
    of the walkway you’ll reach another door with a handle, turn it and go through 
    the door and also through the one behind it. Zigzag through the crates and 
    lure two men out, then take cover behind the crates to take them out safely 
    from there. A Flashbang will be very effective here. On the right in the 
    corner you’ll find the scientist you were looking for and you’ll end the 
    mission there.
    In this level you have to arrest at least ten people to complete the now well 
    known goal. There are only two suspects that have to be arrested like always, 
    so that means that you have to arrest eight random other enemies. When you 
    exit the elevator, turn right around the corner and look into the hallway. 
    There’s an easy to arrest enemy here, aim at him and yell so that he 
    surrenders. Walk straight and open the doors if they aren’t opened by enemies 
    behind it and shoot those two enemies. Descend the stairs and shoot the man in 
    the booth and the right. There are two panels located on the back wall, let 
    Jackson use the on that still says Inactive and then go back using both small 
    stairs. A door has now opened in the alcove on the left and of course there’s 
    an enemy behind it. After taking care of him you continue to the next room. 
    Both upstairs and downstairs are enemies. Shoot them or make them surrender 
    and go left to turn left again into a small room. Turn around when it’s safe 
    there and leave the room the same way you entered, cross the room to the other 
    side. To the left are stairs with an incline at the bottom, an enemy could be 
    hiding in there. When he’s gone, go up the stairs and shoot any possible 
    remaining enemies on this floor. Head to the other side and follow the hallway 
    to the scientist ahead for a cut scene. Then you have to follow the same route 
    back, so down the stairs and back through the hallway that got you here. When 
    you reach the hallway you started this level in, some doors will have opened 
    on the left and the first guy you have to arrest is walking around there. One 
    enemy will come from both sides of the hallway as well so watch out when 
    making the arrest.
    Follow the route through the now open doors. Cross the first room and shoot an 
    opponent in the next hallway before you continue through it. When you reach 
    the stairs you’ll encounter another enemy between them. Continue and take 
    cover behind a crate after turning right. Look into the next room and try to 
    take out as many enemies as possible before you enter the room. It’s an 
    intersection of a few paths, so enemies can show up from all sides. There 
    might even be a total of ten enemies, so try to shoot while taking cover and 
    also to cuff a few of them afterwards. Both the left and right passage will 
    only lead to empty rooms, so the real route continues through the passage 
    opposite the one you came from. Follow the hallway to some stairs and ascend 
    them. On the right at the top of the stairs is nothing, but if you go left 
    there’s an intersection with a hallway to the left and some computers in a 
    room in front of you. Throw a Flashbang in the right part of the computer room 
    and run in when it goes off to arrest the person with the cuffs icon above his 
    head after yelling at him. There is another enemy in this room, so take care 
    of him quickly. Leave the room and follow the hallway in the direction you 
    haven’t been before. You’ll reach a passage with a few crates and when you 
    reach the one on the left a guy will jump out so outsmart him. Continue and 
    you’ll come to a big room with a lowered area.
    Descend the stairs and order Jackson to open the hatch using the panel on the 
    right of it. Inside there are a few enemies and there’s also one in the above 
    back left corner. When it’s safe, head to the above right back corner to find 
    a computer that can be used by Jackson. Order him to do so and you’ll see a 
    cut scene. Then you’ll be bothered with quite a lot of enemies that need to go 
    through the opened hatch, so shoot them when they come through are when they 
    keep standing in the area behind it. There are also a few enemies already in 
    the area, so pay attention where you stand still! When the coast is clear you 
    can enter the hallway beneath the spot where the computer is that you just 
    used. Let Jackson use the panel at the end and head back to the room where the 
    firefights took place just now. Walk through the opened hatch and up the 
    stairs and follow the hallway on your left. You’ll eventually reach an 
    elevator, make sure Jackson enters it as well and you’ll go up after the next 
    part of the level is loaded. On your way up you’ll pass multiple floors with 
    enemies, take out the ones that form a threat. Eventually the elevator will 
    stop so you can get out. In front of you is a tower with a satellite dish on 
    it and two enemies on the left behind it. Take them out first before you enter 
    the tower on the other side. Turn on your night vision to see an enemy that 
    won’t he able to surprise you now. Ascend the stairs, on your way up there’s 
    one more enemy to take out. There’s also one on the roof, you can surprise and 
    arrest him right away. Order Jackson to Use the satellite’s panel and stand in 
    the doorway yourself. Look down and shoot anybody who dares to come up. When 
    Jackson is done he’ll join you for a moment and then blow up the satellite so 
    stay away from it!
    Order Jackson to follow you and cross the parking lot to the back left corner 
    to end up at some doors behind a parked truck. Stand with your back towards 
    that door to see the rear of the track. Make some noise, by shooting for 
    example, and the truck will open. Two enemies will emerge, shoot or arrest 
    them if you can. This time you only need to arrest six people, but as always 
    also two specific suspects. Tell Jackson to Breach Door when aiming at the 
    doors behind the truck and walk in after they blow up. Follow the hallway to 
    the right and about three men will be waiting you in the open room ahead. Take 
    care of them and ascend the stairs on the right. You’ll end up back at the 
    parking lot, but this time on the walkways above it. Both at the end of the 
    walkway and behind the windows on the left of it are enemies, three in total. 
    Try to shoot them from here and cross over to the other side. You don’t have 
    to go left if all the enemies there are dead, so go right and up another 
    stairs. Turn on your night vision if it’s hard to see and take care of an 
    enemy on your level and one on the floor above. Walk straight and then to the 
    back left corner, aim at the door and tell Jackson to Breach Door. Walk up the 
    stairs after it has opened and you’ll be blocked by some barrels. Turn around 
    and order your colleague to Breach Door again. The space behind it is big and 
    dangerous, so stay in the stairway as long as possible to take out two or 
    three guys from there.
    On this floor is also the first suspect you need to arrest, on the left side 
    pretty far away actually. To get to him you have to turn left right after the 
    doors and follow the walls to a car that’s leaning over the railing. The 
    suspect is behind it, so surprise and arrest him. Check whether the area is 
    cleared of enemies and follow the path past the just mentioned car. On the 
    next floor there are some hostages and enemies. Try to take out the hostiles 
    from a distance and watch out for the civilians. Walk straight to the other 
    side and follow the bending hallway to yet another floor. The second suspect 
    with cuffs above his head will be there, he’s standing behind a car on the 
    right side. First take out an enemy on the left and then surprise the suspect 
    by jumping from behind the car. Cuff him and follow the hallway opposite this 
    car to go up again. The next situation can be pretty tough. There are two 
    bombs located at the spots where two guys are standing. Sneak up on one of 
    them and surprise him with a yell, arrest him and shoot the other one. More 
    enemies will come, when it’s calm you have to order Jackson to defuse on of 
    the bombs. Protect him from appearing opponents while he’s busy by shooting 
    them. When he’s done with the first bomb, order him to start on the next one. 
    When a bomb gets hit by a bullet it’s all over, so make sure Jackson is not 
    shot at if you can. The mission is completed when both bombs are defused.
    This is another level in which you’ll only play with Lee. Climb on of the two 
    stairs and enter the building through the open doors, go down some stairs 
    ahead. You should hear some voices and around the corner on the right are the 
    people they come from. It’s best to first let them spread out by showing 
    yourself or shouting at one to surprise him, but you should take cover again 
    behind the corner. Check the area ahead every now and then and shoot down 
    enemies you can see. There are four men in total, one of them is a suspect 
    with a cuffs icon above his head. He had fled to the left, so throw a 
    Flashbang near him and arrest him after some yelling. After that you still 
    need to arrest five people, one of which is a specific suspect like always. 
    When you’re done here, enter the passage opposite the one you came from and 
    continue to a decorated hallway. There’s nothing of interest on the left, so 
    go right and follow the corner around to the left. There’s an explosion that 
    will blow open some doors on the right, two enemies emerge so just shoot them. 
    There might be another enemy further down the hallway behind a window, take 
    care of him before you continue through the blown open doors. Cross the room 
    and exit through other doors in the back left, continue straight through the 
    hallway. Behind the couch are two men, so lure them out and take them out from 
    a distance.
    In the hallway around the corner on the left are at least two more enemies, 
    you can take cover behind the turned wooden table to take them out. There are 
    doors both on the left in the wall and on the right in an alcove. Ignore them 
    both and go straight. The next doors on the left aren’t interesting as well, 
    so keep walking straight towards the closed doors in front of you. Enter the 
    alcove on the right and open the doors to enter the restrooms. Here you’ll 
    meet your contact and after a cut scene you have to follow and protect him. 
    Look into the hallway he walks into and try to shoot enemies before they can 
    hurt him or you. It’s only a short walk, you’ll complete this goal when you 
    reach Meeting Room 2. Then turn around and go into the first hallway on the 
    right, follow the sign Elevators. When you go around the corner to the left 
    the elevator is also immediately on the left, so get in and a new part of the 
    level will be loaded. When you get out there will be two guys standing next to 
    each other in the hallway on the left. Throw a Flashbang near them and arrest 
    them both. Then return to the elevator and cross the room opposite the 
    entrance of it. You’ll run into the second suspect and he’ll run away, so 
    follow him through the hallways. Take care of a few enemies to reach him and 
    use a Flashbang to easily arrest him after some screaming. Walk to the alcove 
    ahead on the right and turn around so you can see the doors in this alcove. 
    Open them and descend the stairs. At the bottom are more doors, open them a 
    little and throw in a Flashbang.
    Push open the doors when it blows and scream at all three enemies so that they 
    surrender and then cuff them all. In this room are two ventilation shafts on 
    the ground and you can enter them by pressing L3. Choose the one opposite the 
    doors you used to enter and follow it until you can’t go any further. You’ll 
    get some information on what to do. If you look into the raised shaft you’ll 
    see some kind of light behind a ventilator, you have to shoot this and you’ll 
    get a confirmation when you did that. Follow the whole shaft back to the 
    previous room and enter the one on the other side after taking out some 
    enemies. At the end of this shaft you have to do the same, shoot the light. 
    When both lights are broken you can return to the previous room and walk up 
    the stairs to eventually end up back at the elevator. In the previous part of 
    the level, exit the elevator to the left and keep following the path until you 
    come to closed doors in front of you. Open them or wait for the enemy to do so 
    and take him out. A little ahead is the kitchen on the left, behind the coach 
    and in the kitchen is an enemy. Open the brown doors in the back left corner 
    and walk inside for another cut scene. When it’s over, gas grenades will be 
    thrown into the room and several enemies will enter. Stay away from the 
    grenades and take out the enemies from a distance before they can hit you or 
    the woman you just spoke to. The mission is over when you’ve killed all the 
    There’s a downed helicopters ahead on the right and you can shoot two men 
    behind it by standing next to the tail. Walk past it on the left and follow 
    the stream of water to a pillar in the middle with a guy behind it. There’s 
    also a door behind it, order Lee to Pick Lock and then go through it. In front 
    of you is a dead end, so use the stairs on the left and follow the hallway to 
    another room with water and two exits. Take the one on the left and try to 
    shoot some enemies on the left and right from the opening. You’ll have to 
    arrest a total of ten people again, two of which are specific suspects again. 
    You can walk into the direction where the water is coming from to see whether 
    there are enemies there, but eventually you have to follow the stream to the 
    other side. Always look out for suddenly appearing enemies, ahead are open 
    pipes on both sides. The right one isn’t interesting, the one of the left 
    isn’t either but there could be an enemy in there. Walk between the pipes 
    towards the one in the back right and enter it. In the next room you walk up 
    the stairs on the left and follow the path to the small stairs, on your way 
    you’ll encounter enemies and there’s an intersection just after the stairs. 
    The first exit on the left won’t bring you anywhere important, but there is an 
    enemy in the room where it ends. The second exit on the left is an immediate 
    dead end, the first one on the right isn’t immediately but soon it is so it’s 
    not interesting to go there either. So go straight to the gate and order Lee 
    to Pick Lock.
    Men will show up from the right on the other side of the gate, so take care of 
    them before you open the doors and follow the route into the tunnel with even 
    more intersections. The first exit on the right is pretty dangerous, because 
    when you enter it three men will come running at you. Mow them down and return 
    to the hallway with the intersections. There’s an alcove on the left with 
    possibly an enemy in it and ahead on the right are doors that Lee has to open 
    with Pick Lock. Go through them when they’re open and into the alcove on the 
    right. Using a small hole you can safely shoot two enemies up high above the 
    bridge before you cross it. Pick another lock using Lee and follow the hallway 
    behind that gate. Don’t just walk into the next room. There’s nothing on the 
    left, but on the right there are enemies on both the left and right side of 
    the sluice. You can take them out pretty safely by staying in the doorway. 
    When it’s safe, descend the stairs on the left of the sluice and let Jackson 
    turn the red handle. Turn left and let Lee pick the lock of the gate. Go 
    through it, take out a guy and pick another lock so that you can continue. 
    Shoot enemies that appear on the other side when Lee is busy and walk further 
    when she’s done. The first suspect will retreat into the hallway at the end to 
    the left. Throw a Flashbang near him and run at him screaming so that you can 
    cuff him. Enter the sewer tunnel when you’re done and walk to an intersection.
    You don’t have to go right, but there is an enemy there. Shoot him and head 
    the other way, enemies are there as well. Walk through the open sluice door 
    and approach the next one to load the next part of the level. Order Jackson to 
    order this sluice door with the mechanism to the left of it and follow the 
    hallway. Both in the hallway and in the room where you end up are enemies. 
    Keep standing at the exit of the hallway to take out some enemies from there. 
    There are quite a lot and they’re well hidden, so move slowly through the 
    room. Go left up the stairs and up again using the one to your right. You have 
    a good view of the room from up here, so shoot everything you see. On the 
    highest part, opposite the hallway you came from, is a door. Behind it is the 
    second suspect you have to restrain, it’s possible that he’ll come outside 
    together with another enemy. If not, throw a Flashbang inside and take them in 
    both. Return to the big room, you can see another sluice door to the left of 
    the tunnel you came from. You can open it with the mechanism next to it. Let 
    Jackson use this and descent into the ditch so that you can continue through 
    the tunnel. At the end you’ll get to see a cut scene, after that you have to 
    order Jackson to use both red handles on this level. Meanwhile enemies will 
    fire at him, so take them out using Lee’s help as well. When both mechanisms 
    on this floor are used, go down using the stairs in the back and use two more 
    of them. Again you have to protect Jackson, the mission is accomplished when 
    Jackson is able to use all four mechanisms successfully.
    \ L / ASYLUM SIEGE /
    Open the doors where your teammates are already standing and walk through it. 
    At the intersection is only an enemy on the right, so take care of that and 
    head the other way. Follow the hallway to a new set of doors, but watch out 
    for an enemy along the way. When you reach the doors, open them a little and 
    throw a Flashbang inside. There are three people here. A hostage, a normal 
    enemy and one of the two specific suspects. You can arrest both enemies easily 
    because of the Flashbang, in total you have to arrest nine people. Leave the 
    room and go through the passage diagonal across it. Shoot down enemies and 
    leave this room on the other side to reach an interaction. When you go right 
    you have to follow a long hallway, but the only thing you’ll find is an enemy 
    at the end. So return to the intersection and go the other way. Ignore the 
    first hallway on the left, just go left around the corner at the end. Ahead on 
    the right is an elevator, so get your team inside and pull the lever to go up. 
    When the elevator reaches the next floor you can yell surprisingly to make an 
    enemy surrender right away. Take care of the enemy on the right and follow the 
    hallway to the left. Shoot another enemy and go right if you want to arrest 
    the guy you surprised just now. Follow the hallway further and you’ll come to 
    a more open room, the rooms on the left are not interesting.
    Move forward carefully and take care of enemies in the room on the right and 
    the hospital room behind it. Leave that room on the other side and continue to 
    a round and collapsed area. Try to take out a few people on this floor and the 
    one above it from the opening. Look out through, because the second suspect is 
    walking around here as well. With a little luck he’ll surrender all by 
    himself. If not, you know the procedure by now. After you’ve cuffed him you 
    have to go up the stairs opposite the big main entrance gate. Look carefully 
    into the hallway on the right and shoot down multiple enemies. One of them is 
    aiming at a hostage, so take him out quickly without hitting that civilian. 
    Check all the rooms on the side while walking through the hallway to the room 
    at the end, turn left there. Cross the bridge outside and go inside on the 
    other side. Take out an enemy in the room on the right and then head back to 
    descend the stairs near the door. Shoot the enemies in the hallway so that you 
    can continue to the drug laboratory in the first room on the right. Of course 
    there are enemies there, try to take them down from the safety of the door 
    opening. When this room is cleared of enemies, head back into the hallway and 
    go outside ahead on the left. There’s probably nobody on the square, so just 
    cross to the other side and follow the hallway. At the end is one last room 
    with one last enemy, the mission is completed after you take him out.
    \ M / BATTLE OF BERTH 201 /
    Jackson is with you, but lee is somewhere on the rooftops. Walk on a little 
    and you’ll see a guard booth on the left. Inside is a panel, order Jackson to 
    use it so that the bar will raise. You can go through the containers using one 
    of two options. The route entirely left is a dead end, but the route entirely 
    right will bring you to the same locations as the path in the middle with the 
    tire tracks. So just take the middle route and go left at the end, two times 
    right and left again to reach a crate. The square to the right at the 
    intersection is a dangerous place, at least five men will jump out and start 
    shooting heavily. Keep your distance and try to take them out one by one. When 
    you enter the area, beware of enemies on the overhead walkway on the left. Try 
    to arrest some surviving enemies, because you have to restrain a total of 
    seven men and two of them are specific suspects. Walk through the only passage 
    and take out another man before you reach the game. Order Jackson to use the 
    panel next to it so that you can continue. There’s probably nobody outside on 
    the square, so walk forward and then continue to the left. Take out the guy on 
    the small bridge and walk underneath it. Left is pretty safe, so look around 
    the corner to the right and take out enemies in the passage ahead and on the 
    stairs, it’s possible that more will arrive later. Scout the area before you 
    continue, there might be enemies on the walkway. Follow that walkway inside, 
    shoot possible remaining enemies from up here and then descend the stairs. 
    Walk past the two trains and then through a hallway until you get outside. 
    Walk into the hallway to the left of the booth and open the doors ahead.
    In the next room are quite a few enemies, so look around carefully and don’t 
    rush yourself. Exactly above the entrance is the first suspect on the walkway, 
    so make sure he doesn’t get hit and take him in by surprising or throwing a 
    Flashbang at him. After arresting him you can return to the previous outside 
    location, with the guard booth and the gate. Let Jackson Use the panel inside 
    the booth to open the gat and while he’s busy you have to look into the 
    hallway to the left of it to shoot possible enemies that appear. You just came 
    from that hallway, so now you have to go though the opened gate. Turn left 
    just before the track and go up the platform, follow it to the rear of the 
    track. In the back of it is an enemy with his back turned, so yell and arrest 
    him. Ahead are more enemies, one of them is the second suspect you have to 
    arrest. With a little luck Jackson will be able to take him out so that you 
    only have to restrain him, if nit you can use a Flashbang to make him 
    surrender. When he’s arrested, continue to the back and enter a small room, 
    open the door on the left an walk trough them. Follow the hallway to a bigger 
    room, but don’t go out using one of the passages. Just cross to the others 
    side, walk into the passage and ascent the stairs. Take out two enemies at the 
    top and walk up to complete a goal, then go down again using the same stairs. 
    Passages have opened on the left. Carefully check out the six alcoves in the 
    big room, three on each side, and take out enemies quickly. Then cross to the 
    other side and walk up the stairs. The door at the top is closed, so order 
    Jackson to Breach Door and continue through it to complete this level.
    Like you can see in the cut scene before this level, Lee is not available at 
    the start of this mission, you’ll start only with Jackson. Immediately to the 
    left is a hallway with a door ahead, open it and stay where you are. To the 
    left is a window and on the other side of it is a man with his back turned to 
    you. Yell to make him surrender. The door to this room is more to the right 
    and it’s closed, so order Jackson to open it and then to arrest the surprised 
    enemy. A gas grenade will probably fall inside, so call Jackson back if he 
    doesn’t come back himself. It’s possible that nearby enemies will get closer 
    while you’re doing all this. Ahead is a dead end, so you have to go right 
    through the passage into another hallway that you follow to the right. Of 
    course there’s an enemy to be found before you reach the doors. Shoot or 
    arrest him, you have to arrest seven people in total including the specific 
    suspects. Open the next door and restrain the man running away to the right 
    after yelling at him. The big area ahead might look dangerous, but there are 
    very few enemies. Just follow the walkway to the right and keep going 
    straight, that means into the hallway that leads away from the walkway. Turn 
    the corner and into the first room on the left. Lee is sitting on the left 
    together with two guards, so take them out quickly for a cut scene.
    Take out any remaining enemies through the window and leave the room the same 
    way you entered it, but follow the hallway to the left. When you reach the 
    walkway, follow it to the right and left right away. First check the alcoves 
    on the right side and make sure there aren’t any enemies there, then descend 
    the stairs on the left. At the bottom, walk around the containers to the right 
    and around the corner, shoot appearing enemies or try to arrest them. Go down 
    the big slope and order Lee to open the door at the bottom on the right. Walk 
    through it and follow the hallway to a machine room. All the way on the left 
    is a small room with two enemies and two hostages inside. One of them is a 
    suspect that you need to arrest, but you can take them in both by throwing a 
    Flashbang into the small room and restraining them after some yelling. After 
    that you can return to the big slope. Go left at the top and towards the 
    corner. Take care of an enemy in the hallway and let Lee open the lock of the 
    next door. Follow the hallway further and you’ll end up in a room with a 
    closed door on the right. Open it and take out any enemies, then turn around 
    and walk back through the doors and straight ahead.
    Follow the hallway while it bends left and right to a bigger room with two 
    enemies, one on the left and one on the right. All the way on the left is a 
    panel, order Jackson to use it and he’ll open a passage on the right. There 
    are two men inside the hallway that you can surprise and arrest. Then go 
    around the corner to the left and walk to a bigger area. Take out the enemies 
    that are running away and watch out specifically for the one that will shoot 
    you in the back from between two stacks of crates. It’s a good plan to first 
    check out the ground floor and send Lee to the middle of the room so that she 
    can help taking down enemies. There are quite a lot and they can arrive from 
    every side, so carefully walk around the crates on the right towards the 
    stairs on the other side. Especially watch out fro enemies surrounding you on 
    the walkways. When you reach the top of the stairs, go right and throw a 
    Flashbang into the hallway right in front of you. The second suspect will come 
    running from it, so arrest him quickly and shoot remaining enemies unless you 
    still have a few arrests to make. This can turn into a big chaos, so don’t 
    rush yourself and be alert. Go into the hallway where the suspect came from, 
    it goes around the control booth in the middle. Let Lee open the lock of the 
    door and go inside, there you need to order Jackson to use the control panel 
    near the window to complete the last goal and the mission along with it.
    You’ll start with only Kincaid. After a few seconds you’re able to open the 
    door of the container and make half a circle to the right. The man on the 
    square is easy to surprise and arrest, so that’s the first one of a total of 
    eight arrests you have to make. While making the arrest, look out for another 
    guy on the left behind some crates. There’s only one hallway you can continue 
    through, so walk through it and wait when you reach an opening on the right. 
    In that little room is a man with his back turned to you, so you can surprise 
    and arrest him. Then you can either continue through the room or walk back to 
    the hallway and follow it, eventually you’ll end up at the same stairs. 
    Descent it and arrest the guy that’s also walking down the stairs. Go right at 
    the bottom of the stairs and take out about two people in the room ahead. 
    After the door you have to go left and let yourself fall down on the right at 
    the broken walkway. The upper walkways aren’t interesting, so walk on the 
    ground floor to the other side to reach two hallways. It doesn’t matter which 
    one you choose, they both end up in the same room. The left is closer to the 
    stairs though, so maybe that’s the best. Watch out when climbing the stairs, 
    because on the walkways is the first suspect you have to arrest. Make sure he 
    doesn’t see you and get behind him, so that you can cuff him after a yell. 
    Follow the walkway to the other side and make half a circle to the right into 
    the next hallway. In the room where you’ll end up are more enemies located in 
    between the pipes. Shoot them and descend to the bottom floor. On the other 
    side are two doors again, but only one of them is open so continue through 
    that hallway. Descend into the flooded hallway and arrest the guy that’s 
    walking away from you.
    Continue and take out an enemy at the next intersection. Go left at that 
    intersection to reach a room on the left with some enemies inside that you can 
    shoot or arrest. Then follow the hallway to the next intersection, the hallway 
    to the right leads back to the previous intersection to head left towards the 
    Crew Quarters. At the next intersection is a room to the left, but there’s 
    nothing of interest there so go right and to the stairs. Climb that one and 
    the ones after that until you reach a room on the left. There are about four 
    enemies inside, either close to the entrance or further into the room. Try to 
    take them out one by one and then follow the hallway outside the room again. 
    You’ll come to the restrooms on the right side and you’ll find the second 
    suspect there. If you’re lucky he’ll surrender if you yell when he’s running 
    away. If not, throwing a Flashbang before you do that should work. Follow the 
    hallway outside again and continue to two openings, one on the left and one on 
    the right. Enemies can be standing on both sides, so take care of them and 
    follow the hallway up a few stairs. To the left is the kitchen and next to two 
    hostages are two enemies inside. There’s nothing left of interest there, so 
    continue through the hallway yet again. The door at the top of the stairs on 
    the left is closed, so ignore it and go around the corner to the right. In the 
    next room on the left you’ll find a laptop on the bed, use it to get the 
    requested information and follow the hallway outside again. At the bottom of 
    the stairs is a bigger open area with two enemies, using your night vision 
    will make it easier to spot them. On the other side is a hallway to the right, 
    walk through it until you end up outside. There are two enemies here and 
    you’ll be picked up after they’re dead or arrested.
    Follow the hallway to an open area, there’s nobody there yet. Cross to the 
    other side and look into the hallway on the left. When you shoot the enemy 
    here, two men standing on the walkway above will also come into action so take 
    them out as well. In total you have to arrest ten people, that includes the 
    two specific suspects. Follow the hallway further and look around the corner 
    on the left in the next open area. Take out all the enemies and walk straight 
    this sideway to reach a stairs. Climb it and make a half circle to the right 
    around the wall. Climb the next stairs and take out the enemy you can see 
    behind you. At the top of the stairs is nothing on the left, so make a half 
    circle to the left and follow the path over the stairs. Ahead are of course 
    more enemies and you’ll run into more of them in your way to the stairs. In 
    the room with the moving objects are two more enemies, one of them is easy to 
    arrest. Follow the hallway in the rear corner to another production room. 
    There are a lot of enemies there, one of them is the first suspect you have to 
    arrest. He starts out at the higher control booth. Throw a Flashbang at him 
    and arrest him, then take out the remaining enemies. Walk past the control 
    booth and descend on the other side.
    To the left in the wall is a passage, on your way to a gate with a panel to 
    the right of it you’ll encounter more enemies. When they’re taken care of you 
    have to let Jackson use the panel so that the doors open and the next part of 
    the level will be loaded. At the end on the left is the passage that leads to 
    the next production room. Go left and up the stairs right away and to the 
    middle of the room, you won’t run into enemies until you’re there. Enemies 
    will appear both from the next stairs and to the right of the previous one, so 
    try to keep moving without walking further to much or you’ll attract even more 
    enemies. Eventually you have to use the next stairs to walk past the control 
    booth and head to the other side of the room. In the hallway you have to 
    follow from there are even more enemies on both sides, so wade through them 
    until you reach the next production room. Most enemies are in the back, so 
    walk past the control booth into the office. In one of the corners you can 
    find a guy, just a civilian, but don’t restrain him just yet! First enter the 
    hallway on the other side of the office, because that’s where the last suspect 
    is. Only after you arrested that suspect you’re allowed to restrain the guy I 
    mentioned just now, it’s the manager you have to secure. The mission is over 
    once you cuff him.
    You won’t be attacked if you don’t do anything, but enemies will come from the 
    square once you start shooting. Start with taking down the tower guards. 
    You’ll lure other enemies towards you by doing this, including the first 
    suspect you’re obligated to arrest. Make sure he surrenders quickly by 
    throwing a Flashbang at him, otherwise your team might kill him by accident. 
    When the coast is clear you can cross over to the other side of the square and 
    enter the building on the right through the open doors. Right in front of you 
    are two panels on the wall, let Jackson use them both. Then climb the stairs 
    to your left and open the doors at the top. To the left is nothing, so go 
    right and take out the enemies on the roof. In total you have to arrest seven 
    people and if you did it right you already restrained the first of the two 
    suspects. From here you can also take out one or two enemies through the roof 
    window, but after that you have to return down the stairs and outside to the 
    square. The main doors on the right are open now, so go inside and take out 
    enemies both on the left and right.
    If you walk around the cube anticlockwise you’ll see the second suspect 
    through a big window. Throw a Flashbang if necessary (Break the window first!) 
    to make him raise his hands. If you go around the other way you’ll come across 
    some other enemies as well, but eventually you’ll also reach the metal 
    detectors. Walk through them and into a room on the side to the left. There 
    might be some enemies here, but the main thing is you let Jackson use the 
    panel on the wall. This will open the doors near the metal detectors, so 
    return there, walk through the now open passage and to the right to restrain 
    the second suspect. Then return to the previous hallway and continue to the 
    left. Let Lee pick the lock of the door and order your team to enter while 
    aiming at the door. When it’s open, help your teammates shoot down opponents 
    while moving to the other stairs across the water to the main building. Open 
    the doors right at the top and walk straight in and anticlockwise down the 
    stairs. There aren’t many enemies in the big room, so just shoot them and 
    check both rooms on the sides by opening their doors. Then approach the 
    elevator right across the hallway you came from and take out the guy inside 
    when it opens. Step inside and the mission is complete.
    \ R / TROPICAL STORM 2 /
    The hallway on the right has a dead end, so you don’t have to go there unless 
    you want to get to some more enemies. In the left hallway are two guys talking 
    to each other. You can surprise at least one of them, two is hard so take out 
    the second and then arrest the first. Take out all the enemies in the big room 
    on the left and cross to the other side of it. You’ll end up in a dark room, 
    so turn on your night vision. In an alcove on the right ahead are two enemies, 
    one of them is a suspect. Throw a Flashbang in that direction and cuff them 
    both. In total you have to do that with nine people. On the other side of this 
    room is another door you can open by ordering Jackson to use the panel to the 
    left of it. As soon as he starts, two doors on the other side of the room will 
    open and a whole bunch of enemies will come running out. Shoot them all and 
    arrest the ones that survive. When Jackson is done with the door, go through 
    it and follow the hallway further, you’ll run into about four enemies on the 
    way. You’ll come to a round room with another round room on both sides 
    attached to it. Enter the room on the left, take out the enemies and climb the 
    stairs. Upstairs is a panel which Jackson must use to open the gate next to 
    After that he can reach a computer, so make him use it as well. Jackson will 
    stay behind now, so take Lee with you into the other round room. Here is the 
    other suspect you have to arrest, so throw a Flashbang at him and cuff him. 
    Descend the stairs and return to the small round room between the two big 
    ones. The door here is open now so use it to reach a lowered room with two 
    stairs. There are also two small balconies, one on each side. Stay upstairs 
    until both balconies fill with enemies and mow them all down. Descend and 
    cross over to the door, it will open by itself so walk through it. After 
    activating the checkpoint the next door will also open, so continue through 
    that as well. You’ll get to see a cut scene in which a team is sent after you, 
    so you have to live through quite a battle when it ends. Just keep moving and 
    spinning to locate your enemies. Pay close attention to the door opposite the 
    stairs, because a whole army will arrive from there. Just keep shooting and 
    moving, it’s particularly easy to mow down enemies when they’re close 
    together. Leave this room through the open door where the enemies came from 
    and take out any remaining ones. Get into the elevator to successfully 
    complete this mission.
    There’s a door around the corner, open it with the handle next to it and walk 
    through it. The other doors in this room will open automatically, but two or 
    three enemies will come from both sides. When they’re taken care of, ascend 
    the little stairs on the other side and follow the hallway further to a room 
    with another thick door. Open it with the handle next to it and follow the 
    hallway behind it. Ahead is an alcove on the left with doors. Order Lee to 
    remove the lock from it and order your team to Enter. Walk inside yourself and 
    let them follow you while you descend to the lower part of the control room. 
    Walk between the computers and take out the enemies, eventually you’ll reach 
    another thick door with a handle next to it. Open the door with it and walk 
    into the next hallway. It’s pretty busy around the corner, so be careful and 
    slowly move through the hallway while taking cover in alcoves and behind 
    obstacles. None of the alcoves is of any interest to you, so just head to the 
    end and look right down the stairs. There are enemies down there, so shoot hem 
    and order Lee to remove the lock of the door you open after that.
    You’ll reach a quite complicated set of hallways with different enemies in it, 
    so always be on the lookout. Turn left at the intersection first and take out 
    one or two enemies in the room with the hostage. Return to the intersection 
    and head the other way. At the next crossing, first clear out the room on the 
    right, then the one on the left and then continue through the hallway in the 
    middle. In the hallway are two guys you can easily arrest after throwing a 
    Flashbang at them. You have to arrest twelve people in total. In the room 
    ahead on the left are more people at the bottom of the stairs, one of them is 
    the first suspect you have to arrest. Throw a Flashbang down the stairs and 
    run after it when it goes off to cuff this guy. Let Jackson use the panel next 
    to the door and walk into the new room to load the next part of the level. 
    First you need to order Jackson to use the panel again to open the next door. 
    Shoot the enemies you encounter while walking to the stairs in the hallway and 
    go left at the top of the stairs. Open the doors and clear the room, then 
    return to the hallway and follow it further to a door you can open with the 
    handle next to it.
    Take out a few guys in this launching chamber, then head across the room to 
    the other side and open another door with a handle. Follow the curling hallway 
    up the stairs and a timer will start. So make a little haste and just 
    exterminate the enemies you encounter on your way. Don’t take any exits in the 
    hallway and you’ll reach yet another door you have to open with the handle 
    next to it. Walk around the rocket and open another door, follow the hallway 
    behind it again and up the stairs while shooting enemies. You’ll come to 
    another door, so open it and walk to the computer next to the rocket. Let 
    Jackson use it, which will make the timer stop and then start again. Open the 
    next door and follow the hallway again and up some stairs while taking out 
    enemies. Eventually you’ll reach the rocket again, walk around it and open the 
    door to continue. Finally something will change now, because at the end of the 
    hallway you’ll get to a room with about five enemies inside including the 
    final suspect for this level. Throw a Flashbang at them and arrest the ones 
    that surrender when you yell, shoot down the others but not the suspect! Get 
    into the elevator to finish this mission.
    Turn on your night vision and descend into the hallway of the cave. Un your 
    way you’ll come to a guy walking away from you, so yell at him and cuff him. 
    In total there are two suspects again and next to them you have to arrest a 
    minimum of five other random enemies. At the end of the hallway is a pretty 
    large room. Try to take out as much enemies as possible from the opening of 
    the hallway, especially one guy in each bunker. There are two of those, one 
    right in front of you and one on the far left. Next to the left bunker is a 
    mining hallway through which you have to continue. Follow the tracks through 
    the tunnel and take cover behind the boxes. Shoot down the normal enemies and 
    throw a Flashbang next to the suspect with the icon above his head to arrest 
    him afterwards. There’s a small hole on the side for which you have to duck to 
    get in, but by doing this you can take a shortcut and surprise and restrain an 
    When you get to the tracks, follow it to the left and you’ll reach a bridge. 
    Take out the enemies here and on the other side and watch out for the one in 
    the water when you cross the bridge. On the other side is another hole you can 
    duck into to reach the water, but that’s probably not necessary. So just 
    follow the tracks to the bunker in which it stops. There’s an enemy 
    downstairs, but pay attention to possible enemies behind the higher railings. 
    You have to go left and up the ramp and follow it until you encounter the 
    second suspect. Retreat and throw a Flashbang, then yell and restrain him. At 
    the end you must follow the tracks to the right again, but not before you 
    shoot the enemy on the left behind the crates. In the next room are numerous 
    enemies and hostages, also inside the bunker. Shoot them and turn left right 
    after exiting the mining tunnel. Order Jackson to use the panel at the end to 
    complete this part of the mission, it will continue in the next level.
    Walk straight and to the right of the parked train cart. Believe it or not, 
    but the first suspect is standing to the left of the crate. He’ll run off if 
    you throw a Flashbang, so quickly move behind him and yell to make him 
    surrender and then cuff him. Enemies will come from other sides as well, so 
    take them out before you move to the rear left part of the room and enter the 
    tunnel. At the end you’ll reach some kind of base. The path through it is 
    pretty obvious, but the place is heavily guarded. First take out the enemies 
    you can see from the tunnel and then the guards in the towers. Move between 
    the walls through a tunnel ahead and follow it to the stairs. Climb them and 
    follow the next hallway to some other stairs. While climbing it you’ll 
    encounter multiple strong enemies, so proceed slowly and carefully. Also try 
    to restrain a couple of them, because you have to arrest ten people in total. 
    That’s a pretty high number for a short level like this, so take care of it as 
    soon as possible.
    On a higher floor is another enemy standing near two hostages, shoot the enemy 
    and cuff the hostages. Climb some more stairs and you’ll come to a couple of 
    poles with buttons on them. Press them all and also use the panel in the back. 
    This will open the cell doors downstairs, so descend the stairs and watch out 
    for new enemies. The doors in the alcove on the right have also opened and 
    you’ll see the second suspect you have to arrest when you look through them.  
    Throw a Flashbang at him and arrest him when it goes off. He’s standing near 
    an elevator, so get your whole team inside and pull the lever to go down. 
    There are no enemies around the elevator, so enter the hallway and open the 
    doors with the panel next to it. Scout the area and take out the enemies, 
    you’ll see a cut scene when you reach the center of the area. A timer will 
    start, so follow the room clockwise and up the stairs. At the top you’ll run 
    into a few enemies and you have to take care of them quickly. After that 
    you’ll see another cut scene and there’s little time left when it ends. So 
    quickly run into the alcove and follow the path to reach Carter to see another 
    cut scene, finish the mission and the game along with it.
    = 4 = C O N C L U S I O N =
    \ A / FINAL WORD /
    The first time I played this game was together with a friend in multi player. 
    I wasn’t really impressed then and the game quickly lost my attention. But 
    when I saw that there was a bounty for it on GameFAQs I thought I’d try it 
    again. In the end it’s a little better than I thought, but still too simple, 
    too fast to play and not very strategic. I prefer SOCOM.
    \ B / CREDITS /
    Quite a different game after Harry Potter on the PSX and I-Ninja on the PS2. 
    Not really a great game, but very accessible and easy to play through.
    I got this game thanks to him and was able to try my shot at the bounty that 
    was available for this game.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t help him with the question he asked at the message 
    board, but he was the one that told me how to get the sixth medal even though 
    the game doesn’t tell you how to get it.
    He sent me an e-mail telling me about how to get the seventh and final medal, 
    even though the FAQ was already done for a long time and I wasn’t playing the 
    game anymore.
    For hosting this document.
    For hosting this document.

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