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"Has the sun set on the moh series? Or just rose?"

The Medal of Honor series has proven to be a very popular franchise for EA, as since the beginning of the series some 3 million copies have been bought worldwide. The latest game in the continuing series is Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, in this particular version the focus has shifted from Europe to the Pacific war effort, in battling the Japan war machine.

The game starts off throwing you straight into the action, unlike past MOH series when you began through the main menu. The year is 1941..the date December 7th, your name is Joe Griffin, and you are stationed on the U.S.S. California. The Pearl Harbor level is simply amazing, tons better than last years D-Day level on frontline. Once you make your way through the chaos of the bowels of the ship, onto the top you see planes flying around, bombs dropping, people flying, EA did a very good job on the first level, but it falls flat after the Pearl Harbor level like many said Frontline did after D-Day,just never offering the same glitz and performance throughtout the rest of the game. The levels in Rising Sun are different than Frontlines, due in part to the new save-points throughout the levels of the game which now lets the user save at a certain point/part in the game. Another reason for the difference is obviously, being in the pacific with jungles and other different enviornments, another gripe with the game is the A.I. EA designed all new A.I. for the game, to deal with the Europe-Pacific change, the Japanese soldiers charge at you with bayonets, swords, etc which is probably the best part of the A.I. as it sometimes just stands there and lets you shoot it, other times charging at you for all its worth, another thing is the shortness of the levels..9 levels is a sad occurance in Rising Sun when Frontline had 19.

The graphics in MOH:Rising Sun are pretty much the same exact as Frontlines, but the only difference is the new enviornments, jungles, etc which i think look really good and very realistic, but what drags the score down is what was mentioned before, they are exactly the same, just a new ''shell'' if you would say, and the framerate can get a little choppy at times with alot of enemys/activites on the screen.

The MOH series has developed a reputation of having superb sound throught each game and as usual it continues to not disappoint, the music shifts towards an asian-esque theme, with variations of drums beating to flutes, etc. The guns and other ''action'' sounds of the game are superb too, it sounds like you're almost in Pearl Harbor.

Rent or Buy
Buy, if you're a fan of the MOH series or a WW2 buff, rent if you're bored and in need of a few hours or day thrill.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/16/03

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