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"A good game, but some seirous prolbems"

Introduction: when this game came out I was so excited and got it the first day it came out. What I wanted was a game that improved on frontline by a vast amount. What I got was a game that only improved a little with some very serious problems.

The graphics in the game look very nice and polished when you are far away, but get close and you will see that they are in fact, very blocky. Apart from that though the background was very nice looking. It is tough to make a jungle setting but I think that EA games did a nice job.

Absolutely beautiful. The sound was so well done it makes up for the graphics. You here the footsteps, gunshots and the pain of some one when they get shot. This is the games most redeeming quality.Ea seems to have spent most of their time retooling the sound when they were making this game and not much else

Just and average okay story. Nothing special here. You are marine Joe griffin who goes about the pacific on various missions. Do everything from blowing up a carrier to killing hundreds of enemy soldiers. All in a day for a Marine.

As in the previous games you can set the controls to a number of setting allowing you to pick what feels best. Choose from about nine options so you can play the game as best as you can.What I would have liked to see however was a custom setting where you can make your own button settings so it could be that much easier for you.

Lasting value:2/10
Oh no! This is where it gets bad. Only 9 levels and not much else to do. You could go back and find all the extras, but they really needed some extra levels.Ea should not have waited till next year to make another game and should have included a second disk with more levels

Overall this is a fairly good game but lacking any replay value. EA really needed to make more levels because once you play through the game once chances are you will find yourself wanting so, so much more.

Rent or buy
Rent. You will play this game once, maybe go back to get some of the cheats but you most likely wont want to play it again any time soon. Plus with the money you save you can buy another game with more replay value

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/16/03

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