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"There's room for improvement"

Introduction - The Medal of Honor series was originally created for the Playstation 1, but as the times have changed the series successfully made it's transition to Playstation 2 with the release of Medal of Honor: Frontline. Frontline featured nearly 20 action-packed missions, which lead you from the beaches of Normandy to a European mansion. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun changed the atmosphere of the series, moving it from the dull gray city streets to the vast jungles of Pacific Islands. While the change of style was great, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun lacked some of the qualities we received in it's predecessor Frontline.

Gameplay - The gameplay of this game was as great as you could possibly expect from a first-person shooter. The combat was tense, and I found myself jumping back in my seat as the Japanese soldiers rushed at me with bayonets ready. My heart raced while staring down the scope to see an enemy soldier aiming his rifle right back at me. Throughout this entire game I was excited with the action that was going on. The game even features some special weapons that you can use, but I wouldn't want to spoil those for you. The intensity of the combat in this game is enough to excite any gamer.

Story - The story is simple. You are Joe Griffin, a U.S. soldier stationed at Pearl Harbor. As you lay in your bunk, dreaming of home, the sound of an explosion rocks the U.S.S. California. Within moments you find yourself fleeing the ship, your crew mates fighting to escape as fires rage and pieces of the ship fall apart. The story unfolds from there, if you can survive Pearl Harbor in the first place.

Graphics and Sound - The game features good graphics and even better sound. The graphics are quite impressive when you consider the amount of action going on. The levels of detail in the graphics are good, and I must say the fire and explosion details are very well done. Not a lot of effort was put into the water on the Pearl Harbor level, but it doesn't really subtract anything from the detail and intensity of that level. The sound has always been of high quality in Medal of Honor games, all the guns have their own distinct sounds and are pretty historically accurate to what the real weapons of the time sounded like. You can hear a lot of good detailed noises in all the levels, from hearing flies buzzing around in a sewer in the Philippines to elephants groaning in the jungles surrounding the River Kwai. Overall, the graphics and sound in this game are well done.

Play Time and Replay Value - This is where the game loses points. I found this game unbelievably short and it was disappointing to realize it. While the nine levels are generally longer than the ones you find in Frontline, they do not seem as challenging and can usually be finished in about a half an hour. When you add it all up, this is a relatively short game compared to frontline. I played it on the normal difficulty, and after 4 days of owning it, playing about 1-2 hours a day, I am almost finished it. It was very upsetting to see how short this game is. There also doesn't seem to be a lot of replay value in the levels, except looking for film canisters. The multiplayer mode is interesting to say the least,but a lack of customization and a variety of modes made it seem almost pointless.

Final Thoughts - If you are a diehard medal of honor fan, this game is certainly one to buy. If you hate games that won't last you a long time, this is a game to stay away from.If you've never played Medal of Honor but are into FPS's, I highly suggest you rent this game, or perhaps rent Frontline first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/17/03

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