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"Rising Sun : Falls short, behind Frontline."

Gameplay : 9/10
This was not much different than in Frontline. The default controls were altered a little bit. You can only scroll through weapons in one direction, which did cause a problem or two. One great control addition was that grenades could be instantly thrown without scrolling to them - this really came in handy. Aiming was made easier, as it seems that you don't have to have the cross-hairs exactly on the enemy to get a hit. The game did slow down quite a bit during some sequences, particularly when navigating through areas with a lot of fire (happens a lot in the first level).

There are a lot of opportunities to man machine guns, stationary and dynamic, and you can use them to shoot more than just people, boxes, and explosive barrels (I won't give it away, but you can probably guess what I mean). These are without question the most fun and exciting sequences in the game.

There is a multiplayer, but I have not had an opportunity to utilize this feature.

Graphics : 9/10
I thought the graphics actually were a little worse than in Frontline (but still very good). EA Games has awed me yet again with its people. Facial expressions are top notch, and they have even included war-paint and camouflage in this one. The cut-scenes are excellent, some the best I have ever seen in a game for the PS2. The resolution was disappointing, with a grainy quality at times, and angles (such as on buildings) are not a sharp as they were in Frontline.

Story : 10/10
This might be the area where the game improved most over Frontline. In Frontline, we learn very little about the main character, whereas in Rising Sun we get a great insight into the main character. We also meet his brother in one mission. A new feature is called ''Letters from home'', and these are letters sent from his sister back from the states. From these we learn about the character, but even more so, they provide great historical insight into what the nation was going through back home while the soldiers were off at war. They really are a nice addition to the game.

Difficulty : 5/10
This game was incredibly easy compared to Frontline. Enemies do not require the many body shots or single head-shot to be killed, and you can sneak up on them rather easily. Health-refills are almost too abundant. Mid-missions saves make dying not that big of a deal, and are really quite convenient. Contrary to Frontline, there is no real climactic progression in difficulty. Something that makes the game somewhat challenging, however, is the Banzai Charge that the enemy soldiers employee, when they run right at your and stab you with their bayonets. In jungle missions, enemies hide in covered holes in the ground and jump out when you are standing right next to them, and these can catch you off guard.

Overall : 7/10
I guess the reason that I give it a 7 is because the game is very short. I beat it in about 8 hours of play. There are only 9 missions compared to Frontline's 18, and although they are longer and more involved than Frontline's, they add up to much less time. While I continue to play to earn medals and unlock bonuses, no game which costs in excess of $50 should take just 8 hours to beat.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/24/03

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