Review by Spurius

Reviewed: 12/06/03

Not as good as the others....

While I appreciate the Medal of Honor franchise and what it's done for first-person gaming, I don't like the latest version being disappointed, Obviously, the PS2 can't keep up with the Xbox and modern PCs as far as graphics go. But they did all they could.

The largest problem I have with Rising Sun is the shooting-gallery feel of the levels. Enemy AI is extremely unrealistic, My enemy would always take 3-5 seconds between shots with a pistol when I was standing right next to them. I simply can't understand that a soldier, who is fighting for his life, would wait for his enemy to get his bearing before shooting him. It seems really fake and takes away from the sense of frantically struggling for survival that was so obvious in previous titles.


First of all, I don't like the way the game starts. It just assumes you know all the controls. And when it tells you how to do something, all it says it, press the Jump button to jump... Well how the heck do we know what the ''Jump'' Button is? I played this game on GC a while ago and that's why I didn't know the controls. So when I got it for PS2, the beginning wasn't too cool. But eventually I figured out how to do everything and got past the first level. Everything was great including the...


The graphics in this game are obviously inferior to the other versions. Overall they were not terrible. The animations were great. And I don't think they could have been much better.


The sound on previous MOH games have been great. And it's no different on this game either. The gun sounds are great. You can even hear the shells drop to the ground. You can hear yours and everyone else's foot steps as you are walking. But one thing that I liked about this, was the tank noises. The cannon on it, the sound of its engine, everything about it was done perfectly. And the sounds of the voices were great. You could really hear what other people were saying.


I don't like the analog controls as much on this. It takes you a while to find the correct analog sensitivity. Or at least it did for me. But of course, one you do, it's real easy.


If you are a huge fan of MOH, then you'll love it, otherwise, this game is nothing special. It's good fun for a little while, but after about four or five levels, you start to lose interest.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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