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"Pretty good, just too short."

I absolutely loved Medal Of Honor: Frontline, the only problem was that I beat the game the first day I got it, thank God for Rough Landing and Arnhem Knights, the levels that make me keep going back. The thing with Rising Sun is that it's even shorter than Frontline, I mean significantly shorter. It's a just a quickie when it comes to gaming. One thing that got on my nerves were how strong the enemies were, I found emptying an entire clip on one guy on several occasions, and no guy ca take more than one shot to head, that's just absurd. Also the enemies take a shot and go right back to shooting at you, sorry but if you shot in the chest you are not just going to shake it off and go right back to shooting, that gets old real fast.

You're in Pearl Harbor when it's attacked, you're brother was in the Philippines when it got invaded, he's been captured, you're out to find him. You go through the Guadalcanal, to drive out the Japanese, you take out ''Pistol Pete'', destroy an aircraft carrier and a bunch of other stuff to help win the war.

The graphics are nicely done, the jungles actually look like jungles, and the weapons have an authentic look to them, so you won't be disappointed. Pearl Harbor and the Japanese planes are nicely done as well.

A very nice touch. There is a nice variety, from the oh so classic Thompson to the Sten, very effective American and Japanese weapons. I think the Sten is a British weapon though. Fans of the first one will notice the Thompson to look and sound a little different from the one on Frontline, same with the Garand. The grenades are a little different, they're Japanese (I think that's what it said in the book).

Same for the most part, so if you're used to the Frontline controls then you'll be fine. There are two differences though, throwing the grenade is now L2, so you don't have to go through your weapons until you get to them, also to crouch you now press Square.

Here is where the game shines. The multiplayer is outstanding, unlike in Frontline where it was non existent (in the PS2 version). You can have teams and play against the computer, up to 8 people at once, and the levels you can play on are pretty sweet.

Rent or Buy?

Buy if you liked Frontline, you maybe a little disappointed in how short it is but it's worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/14/03

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