Review by pokesmot240

Reviewed: 12/15/03

Should I slap EA for making it or myself for buying it

Let me start out by saying I'm a fan of the MoH series, or was, and though this review won't have much nice to say about Rising Sun, I gave it a chance when I bought it. I really did.
MoH fans will likely be upset, newcomers to the series will wonder how it got this far if they were all like this, the game does just about everything wrong. Things like the short length of the game and its 1998-ish graphics can be overlooked, but the important, backbone areas of the game are if anything worse than the aforementioned.
We'll start with the AI. The computer is numbingly stupid, and you should notice as early as the third mission that Japanese drones will come out, get on their stomach and set up to shoot you, will die, and the next four Japs who come out will set up in the same spot, get on their stomach, and so on. There was at least once a level for the most part a time I came across this, five or six bodies that appeared to be only one because the cookie-cutter AI was so pattern forming it hurt. Initially I found the MG turrets you occasionally get to take over one of the few fun sequences in the game, til I realized the Japs that come out to get slaughtered by the turret can be just as easily defeated by not getting behind it. Getting behind the turret triggers the enemies, who will come out of nowhere to their death after you cleaned out the entire level. Its just silly.
Your NPC ''partners'' you'll have in many missions are nothing short of a meat shield. They are immortal and will take bayonets to the face all day without being phased, but are completely useless in combat and only accidentally kill an enemy once every 15 minutes or so. That is, if they aren't hopelessly lost and nowhere near you at that point. Whenever you try to use a sniping rifle, one of your ''buddies'' will come up with his sten or whatever he's toting, scream out and open random fire towards the enemy that rarely ever hits him and completely screws you out of taking them out from a distance. Its beyond irritating.
To sum it up, the game is short, the AI is insultingly bad and theres little to no replay value with such anticlimactic unlockables as new skins for your deathmatch characters (which nobody will want to play with you more than once anyhow). Wow! After completing this game, I looked at my copies of Frontline and Allied Assault and wondered what happened that made it come to Rising Sun. After checking the replay value of the game out for around 20 minutes, I realized I don't care.

Buy or Rent: I got a better idea. Run like hell if you hear the very mention of this game. Maybe then EA will realize the AI and the graphics engine need some massive makeovers.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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