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"Incredible gaming expirence, but too short single player"

EA are renowned for their suburb games and in my eyes have never slipped up and made a bad game, and the same applies here. The ‘Medal of Honor’ series are perhaps EA’s greatest accomplishment and Medal of Honor titles such as ‘Allied Assault’ have been number 1 on many PC charts, as has ‘Frontline’ on Gamecube, Playstation 2 and X-Box charts. Now EA releases their latest Medal of Honor game ‘Rising Sun’.

Story – Its World War 2 and Peal Harbour has just been surprise attacked by the Japanese. You are Joseph Griffin, a US Marine who has been thrown into the heart of battle and must now undertake many dangerous missions to help put an end to this war.

Gameplay – As soon as you start the game up you are thrown straight into the action giving you a excellent atmosphere of chaos as you are attacked at Peal Harbour. You get this atmosphere throughout the whole of the game. The controls are similar to Frontline’s and very easy to pick up and can be customised to whichever style you find most comfortable. Rising Sun has nine missions and all of them have a different ‘style’. For example the Peal Harbour mission has you defending yourself from hundreds of planes whilst the Jungle mission has you infiltrating outposts with stealth and careful sniping.

Graphics – The character models look pretty real and are not blocky or pointy which indicates good polygons, the character’s mouths move well when they speak but you don’t see a lot of facial expressions during in game. As this is World War 2 I would expect the soldiers to look a little more sad/angry/etc. The weapons models look fantastic, they are a very big improvement from Frontline, and this is especially noticeable in the Thompson and BAR. Lighting is good, there are shadows of pretty much everything and you also get light glare if you look at the sun hence making it harder to aim, which adds realism.

Sound – The music goes with the game perfectly, when things start to heat up the music starts to get tense and slows down on stealthier missions. The gun FX is apparently the actual sounds of that particular gun firing and I got to say that EA did a good job getting them. There is even FX for footsteps which changes depending on what terrain you are walking on, such as hearing the grass crunch beneath you. Voice acting is good, the voices are clear and do not sound fuzzy. There is also nice background FX such as gunshots, explosions and flak cannon shots, if you have surround sound this will give you an amazing experience and make you feel more into the game more than you ever have before

Play Time/Replayability – Completing all the missions can vary, on co-op mode it can take you three days of dedicated gameplay on easy mode and five days if it is by yourself. Also if you have played Frontline this can shorten the play time so it is rather hard to define a set play time for the missions but if it take three days to complete them on easy mode co-op and a fortnight on hard by yourself (bearing in mind this is dedicated gameplay eg: over three hours a day) it can be anywhere in between those two lengths. Once you have completed the game you won’t really get much out of it by doing the missions again but the Peal Harbour mission is worth play again as in my opinion it is the best mission in the game, it is the Omaha beach of Rising Sun.

Multiplayer - However once you have completed campaign mode there is still multiplayer. Rising Sun has three types of multiplayer. They are Co-op, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. In Co-op you play the campaign missions with a friend with a split screen, you have the option to share health and ammo which makes it more realistic and makes you work more as a team, the missions are designed for cooperative gameplay so it doesn’t get too crowded. The second is Deathmatch a free for all battle with up to eight player four friends and four bots or if you are playing by yourself you can have seven bots. Team Deathmatch is basically Deathmatch only with teams, you can have up to four teams. If you have PS2 online you can play Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch online with people from all over the world so technically Multiplayer has unlimited play time.

Overall – Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is an fantastic gaming experience if not a little short single player, epically if you played Frontline, any fan of EA or the Medal of Honor series should play this and if you have PS2 online you will be playing this for a very long time. Indeed another well put together game by EA.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/22/03

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