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"Playing Frontline is MUCH more satisfying."

Being a loyal Medal of Honor fan meant that when I head the new MOH was on it's way, I was pretty hyped about it and told all my friends to watch out for it. Man, did I stick my head in the sand for that one. Right from the start, this game is a HUGE disappointment.

The controls are the standard Medal of Honor (and console FPS) scheme. The one thing that I noticed was that the movement of the players seemed very stiff and robotic. which made for some frustrating fire-fights.
The fun factor is at a minimum for this title. I think EA was going for sales on the name MOH name than gameplay or substance.
The weapons in this game are few and the ones that you do get aren't much to boast about anyway. Nothing really new here. But I wasn't expecting anything that good after the first level.
And the one big draw for this game? The Pearl Harbor opening level.
Which was shallow, cheesy, and monotonous. I almost expected ben afleck or cuba gooding to pop up with a cameo.

Story? HaHaHa. There was so little attention to the story line in this game that I had no idea who was who, where was where, and what my objectives were aside from on the pause menu.
The story was cut into these short in-game scenes where some army dudes popped up out of a forest (right after a fire-fight in the middle of enemy territory) and give you your next assignment.
Not my cup 'o tea.

I'm still amazed at the graphics that the Playstation 1 can put out. So jagged and boxy. With colors all mashed into a green blob and enemy soldiers that look like nutcracker soldiers. Oh yea, this is the next generation of graphics baby! /end sarcasm
The sound on the other hand was maybe the best thing about this game.
Gun effects, voice acting, and ambient sounds were decent. But that is standard for the MOH series.
The soundtrack was movie-like but I found it, like the rest of the game, was hastily put together to ship the game out. The pacing just didn't seem to do much for me like in the previous MOH titles.

Play Time/Replayability:
It took me 2½ hours to beat the 9 levels the game put forth and I was pissed off that there was NO ending sequence or anything. Just the stats for the level and then the credits rolling. CONGRATS YOU BEAT THE GAME (not even that).
Replayability? None. Unless you like unlocking skins for use in the shabby multiplayer.

Final Recommendation:
This game is a definite RENTAL and only if you're a fan of the MOH series. DO NOT PLAY THIS IF IT'S GOING TO BE YOUR FIRST MEDAL OF HONOR!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/26/03

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