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"Thumbs to the side for this MOH game"

Introduction: Now, the first time I played a MOH game was at my friends house, multiplayer of course and on the PS, can't remember which version it was but we had a good laugh, Now come Christmas day 2003, I received to my surprise Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, I was going to try it out and come Lunch time, I did. Now, what I thought is explained below.

Gameplay: Yay, I remember killing Nazi’s down the streets or Berlin at my friends house, but no, Rising Sun is very much an American game, hence (Honor) and not Honour. Oh, I remember the film Pearl Harbour (which the games relevant around) and America in all fairness has tendencies to make films like Pearl Harbour seem a success and that what this game is all about. If your American, You will love this game, shooting people for your country but here in Britain, I felt a bit out of place with Sergeant Burt (as we called him) The levels are big and the realism and accuracy this game has gone for is all there but the first two levels really put me off.

Story/Game Time: 9 levels need I say more, some longer then the others, the best part about this game however, is you can play a shorter version of every level with two people in a co-op mode. Very Nice and that deserves thumbs up. The story is bad however unlike classic War games like “Hidden and Dangerous” and “Commando’s series” Really the game is very patriotic which is annoying unlike all the other MOH games. It makes a change however. I would imagine the people in Japan are not going to take too well over the Internet to this game.

Graphics/Sound: Graphics a bit pixelly in the movies, which are fair enough, but nothing pleasant, I didn’t get the feel of the game as shots whizzed pass like lasers. The sounds however is Numero 1 in the game as it is fully done up by THX and every bullet shot is different, great score of music and personally, this part of the game makes it stand out from others like “Red Faction” and “Unreal Tournament”

Replay Ability: Yeah, basically, you complete the game; you maybe do your favourite levels in front of guests and friends to show the power of the PS2, I wouldn’t really want to play through the levels again earning all the extras as there are not many and the levels get too tedious. It’s only been 2 days since I got the game and already I have completed it, because you can’t save until you have completed about 3 levels anyway so it drags on until you save. Multiplayer however is a great difference from “Bond” “Red Faction” as it requires a lot more skill and the maps are bigger.
Final Recommendation: If I seriously like MOH games I would definitely be disappointed, the same difference if they made Age of Empires with guns. However it’s a good play and you will certainly play for a long time each turn.

Rent it or Buy it: If your American: Buy it, If your anything else: Don’t bother with it, rent it for parties or a couple of weeks but not worth the hassle buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/28/03

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