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"A MAJOR Disappointment"

First of all, I am a huge fan of the Medal Of Honor series. I have been playing them since the first one came out for the ps1. Frontline was and still is one of my favorite games. So, that being said, we can now move on to the newer addition to the series. I like it how EA wanted to make a game about the war in the pacific, I always thought that they should do that. However, this game does a poor job of capturing the realism, intensity and barbarism of jungle warfare.

First of all, I am very disappointed that they decided to remake the engine so to speak. By this, I am talking about how each gun looks and how it can be fired. The semi-automatic guns can be fired at a maximum rate set by the game. For example, I can press the R trigger very fast and fire the Colt pistol as fast as I can push the button. However, the game only allows for the pistol to be fired at a set rate, making every other one of my hits on the R trigger fire the gun. As far as realism goes, this game is a joke. I was bothered in Frontline that I couldn't kill my own men, but that wasn't really a big deal considering I only shoot at them when I'm messing around. Also, in Frontline, my men were easily killed by enemy melee attacks or fire. In this game, my fellow soldiers are Immortal weapons of warfare. Bayonet stabs, tank shells, and enemy fire aren't enough to even knock my allies down. This is ridiculous and only serves to draw away from the games realism making me feel as if it is just a lame simulation. Another thing that I didn't like was the fact that there is no blood at all in the game. I don't care about EA wanted people to distinguish between shooting CG people and real people. If you can't make that distinction on your own, then you shouldn't be playing the game. If you want to put someone in a realistic war setting, there needs to be blood. When someone is hit, it looks as if they were hit with a tranquilizer dart rather than a BULLET! Yet another thing that draws away from the realism is the historically inaccurate bugs. The Thompson SMG held 30 rounds, not 20. The BAR held 30 rounds, not 20. They either did this intentionally or they didn't research because the same thing was done in Frontline. Overall, the gameplay does a poor job of putting you in a realistic war setting.
One more thing that bothers me is that neither your allies (the ones who are immortal) or you are ever wearing helmets.

Frontline had terrific graphics. MOH and MOH Underground had great graphics for a 32 bit system. This games graphics are... well, bad. You are kidding yourself if you think that the jungle environments look real. Yes, the Pearl Harbor sequence looks great, but some of these jungles just look terrible. There are a lot of 2D grass and trees. The jungle level on Goldeneye for N64 looked better than some of the jungles on this. Character models are pretty good but are a joke when compared to those of Ghost Recon.

AI: 3/10
The enemy and friendly AI in this game is equally terrible. As if the game was already unrealistic, this just makes it 10x worse. Your enemy will do the same thing over and over again, run to a spot, shoot, you kill them (because your immortal allies never seem to be able to hit them) and then more come out. Some will bayonet charge, but that is all they do, and no matter how far away you manage to run from them, they will never just try to shoot you. You can't take them by surprise because they always know that you are coming. They do not use any kind of tactics at all.

When they announced that this game would feature Online multiplayer, I was very excited. However, this too turned out to be a joke. For some reason, the max player limit is 8. When I host matches in other games, I can hold up 10. Not too big of a deal, but still there are people out there with t1's that could probably hold 16 on this game, no lag. It also takes an incredibly long time to actually get online with this game. It has to load the loading screen (no joke) and from there test your connection and then perform DNAS authentication. Testing your connection usually takes around five seconds, but the DNAS thing can take over 30 seconds sometimes. And every single time, you must accept the TOS. From there, you are finally in. You can then pick from the list of servers all around the world, however, the MatchMaker will display the full rooms along with the open ones. For example, the screen tells you that US East has 17 games going on. When you get in there you find that about 11 of these games say 8/8 on them, therefore making only six of them open.
There are only two game types in here. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. This is a major disappointment considering that other online FPS's have multiple objective based game types. Some of the levels in this are really stupid and not fun to play. What they should have done was put some levels in from Frontline and allow you to play as Nazis or Americans when playing on these levels.

Overall, this game is a MAJOR disappointment and puts the series to shame. I sincerely hope that the next Rising Sun will be a lot better, but until then, I take Frontline any day.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/29/03

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