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"Rising Sun is good but short"

I will tell you right now that this game was the reason I started an account here. I've been wanting to for a while, but no games really sparked my interest. But enough about me, on to the review!

OK simply put:

0100 hours: Went to (store of choice here), and forked over $50 of my sweat and blood for MOH: Rising Sun.

0200 hours: Got home and popped the sucker into my PS2.

Between 0200 and 0600 hours: Played a game that comlpletely fulfilled my longing for a new MOH with its crisp, and absolutely stunning audio effects, and somewhat primitive, yet still satisfying, visual graphics. Great gameplay, and awsome missions.

0600 hours: Got totally torn away from my ''happy place'' with the unexpected screeching halt of the game. Sat back and watched a mental picture of $45 flushing down the tiolet. Repeatedly. And was stuck without an internet adapter.

Why $45? Because I could have gotten that same ''high'' by renting it from (rental store of choice), for roughly $5. Now I'm sitting at home wondering what other useless crap I could have wasted my $45 on. Lets say Grand Turismo 3 and Final Fantasy X. Neither necessarily crap, but you get the point. When you look at the replay value of MOH:RS, there isn't much there. You have the multiplayer skins and medals to collect, but that involves going through the same levels over and over again until you manage to get a good enough rating to get them. I don't think this is much fun because there is no new experiences to be had. Enough with the bad, on to why this game got a ''7''.

The MOH series has, simply put, the greatest musical score ever. People would probably like to argue that point by saying ''so-and-so game has much better music'', even though I can't imagine what ''so-and-so'' would be. It also has very good audio detailing. If you were blind, you would know when you were, walking through grass, an indoor hall, or across steel catwalks on a ship. Also, I've always liked was the historical accuracy of MOH, and RS sure fits the bill. You've got the same historical lifeline. The graphics, as I said above, were somewhat primative, the PS2 was capable of more, but you could tell where you were going and where enemies were pretty well.

All in all, if you want to play the game, and have something like SOCOM, then rent the game and save your multiplayer experiences for the SEAL's. Otherwise, I still recommend renting it, because it's not worth the $50 price tag. If you really want the multiplayer, then rent it, beat it, and wait for when it turns to the Greatest Hits for $20.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/29/03

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