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"Gaming Interruptus?"

I knew I was getting a couple of new games for Christmas, and I knew that Medal of Honor: Rising Sun would be one of them (because that was only one of two I told my wife I wanted!) I was not disappointed when I watched the opening sequences and started the first mission. I especially liked the slow motion sequence after Griffin comes up on deck - that was a really nice touch, even if it it not all that inventive (since The Matrix started that ball rolling).

I remained impressed through the Pearl Harbor mission, and cannot imagine how anyone can shoot down 75 - my best is only 50 so far. The following missions settled into the expected routine for MOH.

But when I finished the Sabotage mission and saw the credits, I thought, huh! I figured I must have not done well enough to unlock some levels or something. I thought the opening two missions were incredible, quite a step up from Medal of Honor: Frontline. Since I had missed one thing (out of 3) on the Sabotage mission I went back and did it again, and was more successful, BUT when the game ended again, I was absolutely stunned. I came to GameFAQs to check to see what I was missing, and I was missing NOTHING!

The scene set up is about what I expected with the marine Patterson changing to Griffin. The AI was predictable, but I did enjoy the banzai charges and a couple were unexpected. The guys buried in the holes popping up everywhere were a nice touch. I was not all that impressed with the weaponry, but it was okay. I did think that EA went overboard with the health credits in the normal level.

Basically, this was a $50 rip-off. Well, I did see it advertised over the weekend for $38, and I now understand why the price was reduced so quickly, because you will lose interest in this game as quickly. After buying Frontline and then spending weeks playing it, I was expecting great things. But man-oh-man did EA Games drop the ball on this.

Look, I'm no gaming wizard - quite honestly, I'm an older guy who is a kid at heart and loves gaming, but I am not one who can zip through these games quickly, but this one took me all of 3 days of playing just a relatively small amount of time each day - I got it on Christmas, started the next day, finished on the 29th.

The only reason I gave it a 4 rating is because I did thoroughly enjoy playing Day of Infamy and Pearl Harbor; fact is, I played these several times before moving on, so problably would have finished in a day or so. I will still go back and see if I can knock down some more planes to reach that rather incredible 75 for the second bonus objective.

Compare the $40-$50 spent on this game with spending the same on Grand Theft Auto it's sequel - no comparison! The depth is just not there for MOH: Rising Sun. In another review, several wrote that this is a good rental game, and that sums it up nicely.

Go back to the drawing board EA Games and create something worth the money. I don't know if you were trying to rush this thing in time for Christmas or what, but please, do not get into the Microsoft mindset of pushing programs out the door before their time. I have played enough games to know that there are games you expect to be lightweight, and those you expect to be the heavyweights, the trend setters. Medal of Honor has that potential, but you have definitely taken a wrong turn with this one. Find your direction and try again.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/30/03

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