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"A bit dissapointing."

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, was released in November of 2003 by EA Games. It is a WWII based First-Person Shooter game that focuses on the Pacific campaign of the war. I was greatly anticipating this game’s release because I had played the PC versions of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and expected the same caliber from the PlayStation 2 version. Sadly I was greatly disappointed by this game and had to force myself to complete it so that I hadn’t completely wasted my money.

One of the main gripes I have with this game is the enemy AI. Quite frankly… it sucks. It is somewhat of a throwback to the Battlefield: 1942 AI. Whenever you are engaged in a “firefight” you will be the only person with a somewhat reliable aim, taking cover (although it really isn’t necessary since the AI couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn), or trying to accomplish anything related to the mission. That is probably the most frustrating aspect of the game.

The game starts out pretty slow once you have passed the Pearl Harbor mission. There isn’t much action and it can get pretty boring at times. Later in the game though it picks up a little bit. There are some intense battle scenes in the game but once again they are somewhat limited by the AI problems I explained above.

The graphics are average, the textures aren’t exactly too well rendered and it is kind of blurry most of the time. The blurriness makes it difficult to aim at long distances, which makes the gameplay suffer. Rising Sun features tropical islands, oceanic vistas, jungles, and old decrepit villages, which would have been beautiful had they been done with better graphics; but they weren’t so it is a bit disappointing.

The music in this game is on par with most of the other music from the Medal of Honor series. I would expect no less since Medal of Honor is renowned for its music. I have only one complaint however; it does get very irritating after a while. It is fitting for the game yet it is quite irritating.

My favorite part of this game is the control setup of the game. It is very well laid out and there is a button devoted to throwing grenades so you don’t have to toggle through your weapons when you have to blow something up in a hurry.

What is probably the biggest problems in this game is the length of the game. There are only 9 short missions in it, this will allow you to beat the game in far less time than you had initially expected. This definitely decreases the replayability of the game and adds a metaphorical layer of mold over the game itself.

Once you have completed the game the first time you will probably never pick the game up again, unless you are bored out of your mind. I haven’t touched the game in the 5 weeks since I beat it. The only thing that you may consider playing after you have completed the game is the new Co-op mode. It allows you to play with a friend in one of five levels in the game. Once its novelty wears off though you will discard the game onto your shelf.

I was mainly disappointed with this game because this was the first First-Person Shooter game that I had been disappointed with, and the first in the Medal of Honor series to let me down one bit (many bits in this case). I am a big FPS fan too so that made it even more of a letdown.

I would recommend this game only if you can find it for a price lower than $40, if you are a die-hard Medal of Honor fan, or a big first-person shooter fan. I am one myself and I was still disappointed with it. It has its good points but the negative aspects of the game overshadow them.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/07/04

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