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Reviewed: 01/22/04

Medal Of Honor Goes To The Pacific

Introduction- Ea games comes out with its newest addition to the Medal of Honor series with Rising Sun. This time around it goes to the Pacific theater of gameplay. Starting off with the bombing at pearl harbor as the first two missions and going on with the story from there.

Gameplay/8-10/ The gameplay is pretty good in this game except in some cases with the the computer. Like in some levels you will shoot the enemy three or four times directly in the head and they still won't die, but if you get a bit closer they will die right away.(This even happens with the sniper rifle and sometimes with a bazooka). Other than this little problem the computer acts normally throughout the rest of the game. The controls are very easy to get the hang of and are great with the quicker type of gameplay (especially in the multi player mode). The worst part of the gameplay is the difficulty settings. The game is VERY easy on the easy difficult setting and still quite easy on the medium and hard difficulty settings. The game is fun to play with its single player and co-op campaign modes, the multi player mode, and online with up to 10 levels on each. Most of the levels have different settings like the jungle, a temple, a town, etc. Overall the gameplay is good with enough levels and good controls, but the difficulty is way to easy.

Graphics/7-10/ The graphics in this game are alright but can't compare to Frontline's graphics. The enemies look ok and your allies also look ok, but not great. The best part of the graphics are probably the levels and how good the jungles look in the game. Your guns also look good and the shooting down of enemies also looks pretty realistic. I don't like the explosions of the grenade being so small at all. Overall the graphics are good but they could have been better.

Sound/7-10/ The sound of the shotgun is awesome and all of the other guns sound good also. The speaking of the characters in the game is ok but not that great. Overall the sound is alright but still not that good.

Playtime and Re playability/8-10/ Even though the game does not include many levels in the campaign mode and is very easy to beat. You can still play the multi player mode for a long time with up to four players and you can play the game online against other players. I'd say rent the game before you buy it just incase your expecting it to be better than Frontline. If you are a Medal Of Honor fan though I would buy the game.

Story- The story takes you to fight Japan in World War II. You first start off sleeping in a boat in Pearl Harbor when your boat is being attacked by Japanese zero's. You go out onto the deck to try to shoot down planes and continue from there. Some of the other parts of the story include a midnight raid on a jungle and a search for one of Japan's leaders gold supply. The campaign includes about 10 levels and most of the levels are different but it may become boring after a while (especially the jungle levels). There are also many good historical videos before each level you play and there are many hidden items you can get by beating levels with good accuracy and stuff. Some of the hidden stuff includes characters and videos. Overall Rising Sun has a good story line throughout the game.

Overall- The game is worth buying but I would think about renting it first. The gameplay is pretty good and the graphics are ok. An OK game overall.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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