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"Not as bad as people say, but not perfect"

Graphics: The graphics on this game aren’t bad at all, however they do actually seem to be better on the last Medal Of Honor game; MOH: Frontline. The graphics are nice and the detail to some of the environments is truly immense!
The weapons have been beautifully constructed and are almost perfect replicas of the real-life models. The detail to the characters faces on MOH: Rising Sun don’t seem as good as in the previous instalment, but this is a very minor fault.
The only flaws with the graphics are some of the textures. Some of them seem a little ‘rough’. By that I mean that they aren’t as well detailed as they could be and they look rushed. Once again, this is hardly noticeable and isn’t really a huge problem. (8+/10)

Sound: As in any MOH game, the sound is spot on perfect. The developers used exactly the same method to get the sound as they did in the previous MOH games. They basically spend several days recording the real-life models being fired. From that you can probably imagine how good the sound is.
Whilst playing Rising Sun, you actually feel like you are in the middle of a war and if you have surround sound, you often dive out the way each time you hear an enemy gun being fired!
The sound is spot on and the fantastic orchestral scores from the previous MOH games still exist. (10/10)

Controls: The control system can be customised meaning that you really cannot complain at the layout.
There is a new feature to this game though. The developers have included a ‘grenade throw’ button. This basically means that the player simply presses this button every time they want to throw a grenade. In the previous MOH games, the player had to scroll through the weapons to get a grenade and this often resulted in them dying. Basically, this is a really good feature and it makes the player want to use grenades a lot more, as opposed to being made to use them. (10/10)

Game Play: The game play on Rising Sun is superb. It handles just the same as the other MOH games, which is a good thing.
The levels are now very big and long. They are action packed all the way and contain some very fun objectives. The enemy AI is now a lot more realistic although the enemy won’t pick up grenades that the player has thrown and throw them back. This can actually be a good point though!
The levels vary from California battling it out at Pearl Harbour, to the streets of the Philippines and midnight raids on the jungle. The levels are very well designed and now contain save points. In the other MOH games, if the player were to die, they would have to re-do the whole level. In this game, the player can now load from wherever they saved.
However, the game may contain superb levels, stunning sound and features but it takes all of 2 days to complete! There are features to unlock such as cheats or multiplayer skins but after that there’s nothing (except the multiplayer). (8/10)

Multiplayer: They finally decided to bring it back! They multiplayer has returned and it is still as fun and enjoyable as it used to be. There is an online multiplayer which is good but I don’t have online features so I can’t really review that.
The player can pit themselves up against just bots or they can pit up with or against a friend for an all-out terrific battle! There are two multiplayer modes:

Deathmatch: Every man for himself
Team Deathmatch: One team VS another team.

There is however a co-op mode. This is a very enjoyable mode but only if both of the players are good at the game. This mode does add re-play value, but you don’t always have a friend round when you fancy a go on co-op mode.

There are pre-set weapons which the player can choose but unfortunately, the player cannot customise the weapons to suite their needs. (8+/10)

Story: You play as Joe Griffin, a Marine. He and his fellow Marines must battle it out to beat the Japanese and save America. The story takes Griffin and his team-mates through many challenging battles and puts him in a quest to find his lost brother, Donny.
I won’t say much more as I really don’t want to spoil the story much more than I already have! (9/10)

Overall: A stunning game that fails to disappoint (much!) and lets the player have hour of fun. You really cannot buy another wartime FPS as good as this on PS2.

8/10 – great but short.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/01/04

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