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"Just Another Damn FPS...WWII Style"

I personally never liked any of the Medal of Honor games. They always suffered from bland graphics, touchy controls and generic missions that don't even make you feel apart of some war going on around you. Well, ever since some of the staff moved on to work on the spectacular Call of Duty all of the problems have got even worse. Yes, the graphics got worse, the missions got worse, and overall the whole game just goes to hell after the first level.

Like past Medal of Honor games the games take place in World War II which gives the developers a chance to make an interesting story and they did, but the thing that is different than past Medal of Honor games is that you actually have a family that mails you letters and it gives you a chance to experience the war from one person's perspective and you get to know how the war is effecting his family and the people in his life. I like this touch, but this doesn't save this game.

The graphics SUCK! This is what happens when a game is multiplatform. The PS2 is inferior and that drags down the graphics quality a lot. The game suffers from very muddy textures, blocky character models, pop-up, slowdown, and horrible environments. That names just about every problem that there could be. On one level, well actually on many, I am shooting at an airplane and it will just vanish and other planes will just pop up out of nowhere. I could go on and on, but that won't change the fact that the graphics are bad. If you flashed back to the year 2000 you could have probably passed this off as a dreamcast game.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun might have downgraded a lot of things that the series has had going for it, but the sound was not a victim of this. As in past Medal of Honor games the game has a very epic score in it. The music is brilliant. It helps make the dull gun fights a little more excited. The voice acting is also done well. The sound effects are also great. In the first level, hearing planes whizz past you and explosions and bullets going past you is just amazing. I can't even begin to imagine how dull this game would be with the sound downgraded.

I was really excited when I first started playing the game. The first level is a lot like the first level of Halo actually. You wake up and find that you are being invaded and you have to grab your gear and go help in the fight. It is too bad the rest of the game isn't as good as this level. The rest of the game is nothing you haven't seen before. It is just your standard shooter. But there is also NO attention to detail. You are never with a group of soldiers. Now do you honestly think that you would be sent all by yourself to take on a huge army? No you wouldn't. The game lacks any sense of realism. There is also one level where you are riding in the back of a truck and shooting guys behind you. The thing is is that the driver stops to let you shoot the enemies. Would you be doing that?! No you wouldn't. You would be hauling major @$$. The AI also is terrible. This is a horrible game.

The controls are even touchier than before. I can't believe the developers actually have the nerve to actually grade your aiming when it is impossible to aim because the controls are so touchy. One reason they are this way is because of the PS2's analog sticks. They just whip around way too quickly. You can never aim well because of them. Lets say you want to aim a little to the right, but because of the PS2's crappy analog sticks you end up going way way right instead. The ergonomics of the PS2 controller sucks and so does the rest of the game. The game is actually playable on the other systems though. Other than that the controls are pretty good. The controls are very easy. There are also different controller configurations to choose from along with a bunch of advanced options. You know like aiming sensitivity, inverted aim, and etc.

This game really isn't that good. The game doesn't make you feel like apart of WWII. The graphics are bad, the gameplay is bad, and the controls are bad. If you want a great WWII game that doesn't have these problems, go get Call of Duty for PC. But if you don't have a good PC wait for the next Medal of Honor. But don't hold your breath if you expect it to be good.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/14/04

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