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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

I am almost new to the Medal of Honor series. I have played the original game and Frontline, and to say the least, I am a extremely disappointed with the game. It brings nothing new to series and does not accomplish anything either either. It's basically Frontline in the jungle with no improvements and no new added features.

Gameplay 7/10
The game play is ok and isn't hard to understand. Its smooth, switching weapons is easy and shooting easier. I would recommend that you play Frontline first to get use to it. It will show the true Medal of Honor and not this game, as it is awful. While it is an above the average game, it has no variety when you play it. You are stuck to taking the same path over the whole game. Rising Sun doesn't even let you feel what the jungle is like. Who ever heard of finding a metal key to unlock a straw door? Most of the game doesn't even make sense, and you will be confused about some parts. You are always stuck being a single soldier against the entire Japanese Army, like most other games. You are rarely fighting with other soldiers.

Graphics 5/10
The graphics are poorly designed and the faces don't seem real at all. The jungle, even though there is a lot of it, isn't spectacular. The planes are probably the worst and aren't detailed either. The entire game seems like it lacks a decent graphics engine and has barely improved since Frontline. Guns are probably the best you're going to get, and even then they don't look real. The graphics are barely on par with other games.

Sound 6/10
The machine gun sounds aren't realistic because they are rough and don't go with the other sounds of the game. The music offers little variety. The only upside is the sound of the planes which are like you were a few feat away from it. It's truly an earful. Frontline sounded better.

Controls 8/10
The controls are laid out perfect and require very little time to understand. This is probably the best part of the game. You won't spend too much time learning which button is which. Also, the designers have made a sensitivity setting to help with the aiming process so you can adjust for the far away shots.

Replayability 5/10
You won't really need to replay the game, unless you try co-op mode. There are still some fun things when you go back and try different strategies. There is a multi-player that also a packed full of maps, guns, and bots. It brings a nice touch once your done so you can play against your friends.

Story 5/10
The story gives I will give a 5 because through the entire game it doesn't feel like the real jungle even if trees and water surround you. The story is about history and will be great learning experience if you want to pay attention and watch the video clips.

Value 7/10
As long as you get the game under $20, the game will be worth it. It won't redefine how the Medal of Honor series is, it will just give you the worst medal of honor game available. The game hasn't come far since Frontline and doesn't bring anything new to the table. It's short and offers little options.

Rent or Buy? Recommended?
Like I said, rent it, if you like it, consider getting more of the WWII first person shooting games (there's a dozen). But it if you're a true Medal of Honor fan, get it cheap and enjoy it. Hopefully, the game will be better next time. I suggest Frontline over this game. I recommend Frontline, Battlefield, and Call of Duty over this game because those games accomplish much more and you will be getting a lot more value out of those games than Rising Sun.

Strong Points
- Decent Multi-Player
- Good Setting
- Informative video clips.

Weak Points
- Sounds and graphics are terrible.
- Very short.
- Terrible value.

Overall 6/10< /b>

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/02/04, Updated 07/31/04

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