Review by SSJ10Gohan

Reviewed: 07/19/04

Rising Sun is not as fun as expected..

'Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun' is not a good game, and to me, had many mistakes in the game. This game is rated 7/10 by me, for many purposes. So, read on below and see if you would agree with me. I will cover just about everything in the game that is important and that is what you would want to know about. If your new to this game, it is about pearl harbor and everything else connected to pearl harbor. I don't know which war it is, but it involves the japanese.

Gameplay: 7/10
The gameplay in 'Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun' is not so great. They had one player campaign, which I thought was good at first, but frontline is much better than rising sun in one player mode. Two player campaign I also thought was good at first, since frontline did not have the option, but later, I realized that two player campaign was not even worth playing that much. Multiplayer was also good, and is still good and worth playing. Overall they sum out to be a 7/10 rating.

One Player Campaign: 7/10
One player mode campaign is somewhat fun, but easily gets boring. The levels are too easy, and it takes only you, by yourself, to defeat the whole Japanese empire. I mean, only one person defeats a million soldiers. This is completely out of question, and if you have played this, you would definitely agree. You might get a couple of allies along the way, who are invincible, that provides no help to you. They run around while your killing all the soldiers, tanks, and planes. They don't even know what's going on. It just frustrates me when I play one player campaign. Also, the levels are short, and there are only nine levels total. This game can seriously be beaten within five hours at the most, and within the next week, you probably won't play it anymore.

Two Player Campaign: 6/10
If you thought what I said about one player campaign was bad, then hear about two player campaign, because it is even worse then one player mode. You get even less allies, most of the time not any at all, so it is just you two defeating the whole Japanese army. Another thing is that you only get eight levels instead on nine levels, which is even more frustrating. You have to be near each other or else you will teleport back to your companion, which I really do not like that at all. Even worse, some bonus objectives and all film canisters can't be found in two player campaign. This means there is basically no point in two player campaign besides the fact that it is two player.

Multiplayer: 8/10
The multiplayer mode was alright, but could of done better. There are a low amount of level terrains to choose from, and characters as well. The weapon choice was alright too, but custom weapon choice wasn't in there, so it is not as fun. The bots were a positive thing in multiplayer, but another downside is that free for all and team death match were the only game scenario choices in multiplayer. Other than that, multiplayer is much better than the one and two player campaign modes.

Graphic Quality: 7/10
The people looked pretty good, but in two player campaign you could see that you and your companion look weird running and jumping across the whole level. The tanks, planes, and enemies looked good as well, with no drawbacks to them. There is one thing that I did not like at all in this game for graphics, and that was the level terrain. It did not look 3D at all and most of it was just plain 2D instead. The trees, grass, dirt, buildings, whatever you can think of, looks more 2D than 3D. With 3D characters and a 2D level terrain, it just looks really messed up. Even the explosions didn't look so great.

Sound Quality: 8/10
The sounds in Rising Sun sounded good. That was just about the only good thing in this game. The people spoke clearly, the explosions sounded real, and the planes, water, your annoying sergeant, and everything else sounded real. There were no drawbacks, downsides, or any bad thing at all in the sound quality. Therefore, it deserves an 8/10 rating.

Overall: 7/10
So the outcome rating for the game overall is a 7/10 rating. 'Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun' should be rented before buying. You do not want to waste 30-50 bucks on a game that will most likely get bored of within the next week. Some people, including you, may find it very exciting and fun at first, but it will never be addicting and worth comparing to other medal of honor games.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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