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"This is the only Medal of Honor game that I have played, but I hope they are better then this."


I recently rented Medal of Honor Rising Sun from Blockbuster. I have always wanted to play but just never got around to it. When I picked it up I wanted to take it home and play it as soon as possible because everyone has been telling me that Medal of Honor was a great game.....but they must have been talking about Frontline.


Medal of Honor Rising Sun is based off of the Pearl Harbor attack and USA's envolvement in World War II.

GRAPHICS: (6/10)

The creators of the game tried to make it look as realistic as possible, but it just didn't come out like that. Some of the effects are very choppy at times. When I was playing two player, if you watch your partner run sometimes his legs will be moving forward in the right direction but his body will be facing somewhere else. There are some serious collision problems especially in muliplayer. You can turn around and run into the wall and your arm will go directly through it. During the PS1 days that really wasn't a problem because you saw it all the time....but with all of the technology that they have now days you never see that anymore....and when you do it tends to ruin the experience.

Besides the collision problems and the choppiness the character models them selves weren't that bad. The guns looked great, the environments were good. But, here is one huge problem, there were invisible walls ALL OVER THE PLACE!! And I hate that! When there is an open environment and nothing in the way you just assume you can go there but when you get over there there is a invisible barrier that won't let you through, it makes no sense at all and it drives me nuts. If you don't want somebody to go somewhere put something in the way! Like a wall or a tree! Besides that the graphics were ok for what they were going for.

SOUND: (9/10)

The sound was superb. It was not perfect, but it was close enough. The guns sounded excellent, each gun has a specific sound. When I heard a gun fight I could usually tell which gun it was compared to the others on that level. The voices were my problem. They sounded a bit akward. The music was great for what fitted the theme they were going for. Everything from the guns to the sound of how you walk was great.

GAMEPLAY: (5/10)

This is what lacks. The major problem with gameplay is that it was way too short. I calculated the time I played it and it only took me a little over 3 hours to beat that thing. Each mission is so short and easy its pathetic. The enimes are so stupid you could stand right behind them with a gun pointed at their head and they wouldn't move. Each mission takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. There is a good thing though...they have these secret missions that you can find throughout the level...but once you complete them you don't even get a reward, at least not that I know of.

They do have several types of guns. Some are good and some suck. Most of the bigger guns are powerful, but it takes so dang long to reload them you might as well surrender. I do like, on certain levels, you can find different types of turret guns or canons or gernade launchers mounted to the ground for when ever you need to use them against a wave of bad guys. Once inawhile you can drive vechiles, like tanks, and that enhances the experience of play. On one mission, you could ride an elephant with a gun mounted to his back. Although it is really funny, it is stupid and fake. This, again, goes against their realism theme that they want.

They do have two player co-op mode. And they do change the game a bit for the two-player mode. They have certain areas that one player can't get to with out the help of the other, etc. But it is just as short as the one player mode. Length is a big factor in my mind, if I get a game I want it to be a challenge and take awhile to beat. They do have a multiplayer online mode, but sadly didn't get to try it out. The regular multiplayer mode (not co-op) has two modes...and thats it. There is Free-for-all Deathmatch or a Team Deathmatch. And neither are that good. They get boring and repetitive after a few plays.


There isn't much left to do after you play the missions. You can go back through and find the bonus missions and complete them. Somehow, from what i've been told, you can unlock interviews from WWII survivors, but I don't know how to get them. Its not from the bonus objectives, because I did some of them and didn't get anything that I know of. The muliplayer modes are good once in awhile when you want to play with a friend or something but it tends to get tedious.


If you want to play a war type shooting game go pick up Medal of Honor Frontline, I heard that was good.


This game is not worth buying. And if you want to rent it you could get it in a day and be done with it. I just say stay away from this one and get one of the other ones.

SOUND: 9/10
AVERAGE: 6.25/10
GameFaqs Score: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/13/04

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