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"A step in the wrong direction for MOH"

The pacific theater in WWII isn't a very popular genre for video games, I don't even know if there are any other WWII FPS set in the Pacific, so Rising Sun had serious potential. The Medal of Honor series wouldn't be one you call tactical, more of a run and gun type of game. You start out right at Pearl Harbor, no big introduction, your jsut there. The actual battle itself, is done well considerign this is a sensitive subject. There are actually two battles on Peral Harbor, both simple, and short. These first two missions weren't that impressive, nothing to right home about.

The other missions you will encounter include battles like the Phillipenes, Guadacanal, Destorying artillary, finding gold the Japs stole and scuttling a Carrier. The missions make it seem more like a James Bond movie then WWII. The whole story could have been better. I want to actualy fight the major battles of WWII like Iwo Jima, or Baton, or POW missions.The major downfall of this game is how short it is, there are 9 missions, 2 at Pearl Harbor alone. While they are pretty long I still beat the game on medium in 7 hours.

The Story behind the game makes it like I said more of a James Bond game. Your brother gets captured, and you try and find him, and stop a Jap General from stealing gold. While you take on the whole world by yourself.

The other main downfall in this game is the A.I. The enemys are the stupidest people you could imagine. They just come right out in the open and blast away, never take cover, just line up and wiat to die. Sometimes they don't even notice you, or get stuck in walls. You guys at that much better. You do sometimes get allies to fight with you, but mostly its you verse the Japanise Empire. Realistic right.

The graphics get the job done. The enemy looks generic, nothing that will make you jaw drop but they are good. The sound is wonderful the in game music is on the money, and the sound affects are well done. No complaints there.

Fourtantly there is multiplayer, this saves the game from being a total bust. You have the Co-op missin mode which is good in theory, but ends up leaving out a lot of the details you would find in the one player campiagn (including the last mission) They also have a deathmath mode with bots which is good, which also seems good. But then again the maps are small, and it seems your enemies are no deadly accuracte and it takes 2 shots to kill you (the exact oppisite of the Campaign)

So, this game coulda of been a 9/10 easy. It had a lot of potential. The game was just to short, and the A.I. was lacking. If you are a fan of MOH games then you might want to pick this up used for 15 bucks.

Great sound+
Good Graphics+
Mulitplayer w/bots+

Very Short -
A.I. is weak -
Story was poor -
Multplayer coudl use some work -

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/06/05

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