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"The fun of ultimate control"

I havent played or even seen a screen shot from the original Prince of Persia games, I hold no bias in any direction and offer my fair opinion of the game.

Story 5/10
Now dont get me wrong I do ''like'' this story but its very rarely touched. Your a prince and you accidently unleash a great evil, and guess what trickery was involved! It had been done even if this is the best account of that plot ive seen.
Almost all the points given here is strictly on the ending which I wont spoil and the twist of adding in a conquest as well as the whole gift to the sultan.
Also the person (see not spoiling) you kill part way through the game...thats predictable.
...And it brings up the question why dont you get to kill the sultan of the kingdom you trashed?

Graphics 9.5/10
I generally hate games in 3d (im a cell shading guy) but I happen to love these graphics, theres very few flaws and a relativly interactive enviroment.

Camera 7/10
How many games have been ruined by a bad camera? A lot!! Thankfully Prince of Persia holds a fairly decent camera system that only really bugs out at a few key moments (the hall of infinite rooms that makes you want to commit suicide happens to be one of these.

Character design 12/10
This game deserves to be recongized highly on its character design! From the prince who has what four character sets (for his constant but unnecessary removal of clothing) Our female lead has a sexy middle eastern body and exotic clothes and at one moment even gives you a nice cleavage shot (Movie scene before the tomb) but thats not all. Im incredably happy with the boss of the game and his look as well as that of our enemies.
Our enemies are very zombie like but at the same time hold thier own originality with their glowing hollowed out sand filled chests, the only real problem is the repitition of the enemies. Since they were once human every monster should have defining features.

The boss 10/10
Hes old and power hungry, he has a deep plot being a double traitor and he dresses really snazzy. He controls magic for some unknown reason and he even can stand three rounds with the obscenely well skilled hero. His plotting his unending and he holds a strong air, I happen to love this boss.

The ending 15/10
I havent been so content with an ending of a game in a long long time!
Everything ties in perfectly!! Its so hard to describe how great this ending is without giving in and letting off a spoiler or two!
Its very original and satisfying and even has a nice humor bit at the end which I had been thinking about since the start of the game.
You must atleast RENT this game to play through the ending and see it!

Original features 10/10
I enjoyed this a lot too, the spoken inner dialog of the prince is hilarious and easy to enjoy. I also enjoyed the system for increasing your health (Especially when Ferrah was near)

Boss battle (7/10)
It was good but simple, despite his ability to make clones the old man has no techniques, all he does is thwack at you with his staff.
Mind you he blocks like a devil hes still hitable.

Overall 9/10
This game is incredably satisfying on many many levels, the platforming is near perfect (though a bit easy once you get a hang of it) and the battles though repeditive hold their place in suspense as well as with their cinema thrown in they give off a feeling that they're more intense then they are.

Rent or Buy?
This comes to you, if your the kind of person that plays an rpg 20x over and over then you should definitally buy Prince of Persia since you'll probably take 100 plays through before tiring of it.
If your the kind who bores of a game after enjoying it once or maybe twice this is definitally a rental, The game is short and even with mild playing youll be able to beat it within your rental stores 5 day policy (you should be ashamed of your self if you cant...especially if you have a solid week rental store)
The games replayability is purly off wether or not you could enjoy the same game twice (hence the comparison to rpgs) it doesnt have multiple endings or difficulty settings or the like so I really wouldn't bother going through it again despite how much I enjoyed it the first time.
So if your like me its a definite rent since a second play through would meerly bore you and lower your opinion of the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/24/03

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