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    Sean O'Haire by kbusch22

    Updated: 11/09/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -------WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain-------
                     Sean O'Haire FAQ
    Game: WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain
    System: PlayStation 2
    Creators: THQ/Jakks Pacific/Yukes
    This FAQ Contains: Sean O'Haire Movelist/Strategies
    Created On: 11/9/03
    Creator of FAQ: kbusch22
    1. Version History
    2. Sean O'Haire's Stats
    3. Movelist
    4. Strategies
    5. FAQ
    6. How to Contact Me
    7. Legal Information
    8. Closing/Thank You
    Section 1: Version History
    -11/9/03: Version 1 - Stats Up, Movelist Complete, Strategy Put Up
    Section 2: Sean O'Haire's Stats
    Overall- 65 
    Strength- 7
    Submission- 6
    Endurance- 6.5
    Technique- 6
    Speed- 7
    Section 3: Sean O'Haire Movelist
    Ring In Move: Normal
    Ring Out Move: Normal
    Taunt 1: Cut Throat
    Taunt 2: Hold up
    Taunt 3: Cut Throat
    Taunt 4: Hold up
    Fighting Style: Wrestling 1
    Walking Style: Normal
    Running Style: Normal
    Winning Style: Sean O'Haire
    Entrance Movie: Sean O'Haire
    Entrance Moves: Sean O'Haire
    Entrance Music: Sean O'Haire
    ===READY MOVES===
    X + Down- Spinning Wheel Kick 4
    X + Diagonal Down- Toe Kick 1
    X + Left- Middle Kick 2
    X + Diagonal Up- Roundhouse Kick 3
    X + Up- Clothesline 3
    X + Right- Spinning Back Elbow
    -Submission Grapples-
    O + Down- Grapple 5
    O + Down- Leg Lock 5
    O + Left- Snapmare & Neck Lock
    O + Up- Armbar 5
    O + Right- Armbar 7
    -Signature Grapples-
    O + Left- Grapple 10
    O + Down- T-bone Suplex 2
    O + Left- Snuka Backhand Blow
    O + Up- Knee Strike 2
    O + Right- Big Knee Smack
    -Power Grapples-
    O + Up- Grapple 11
    O + Down- Flapjack 1
    O + Left- Shoulder Breaker
    O + Up- Gutbuster 1
    O + Right- Spinebuster 4
    -Quick Grapples-
    O + Right- Grapple 4 
    O + Down- DDT 20
    O + Left- Lesnar Knee Strike 1
    O + Up- Rico Spinning Kick
    O + Right- Lesnar Knee Strike 2
    -Grapple Attacks-
    First X- Grapple Body Attack 1
    Second X- Grapple Body Attack 1
    Third X- Grapple Elbow Strike 1
    -Back Grapple-
    O- Irish Whip
    O + Down- Inverted Suplex 1
    O + Left- Knee Clip
    O + Up- Forearm Smash
    O + Right- Back Suplex 5 
    -Groggy Back Grapple-
    O- Irish Whip
    O + Down- Pumphandle Slam 2
    O + Left- Backbreaker 9
    O + Up- Dragon Sleeper 1
    O + Right- Back Suplex 4
    -Edge Of The Cell-
    O- It Thrusts Down
    +O- It Thrusts Down
    O- It Thrusts Down
    +O- It Thrusts Down
    -Ground Attack-
    X- Angry Stomp
    Up or Down + X- Karate Punch
    Left or Right + X- Leg Drop
    -Ground Grapple-
    -Upper Body
    O- Raise
    O + Down- Pin Fall
    Left + O- Sleeper Hold 5
    Up + O- Fury Punch 10
    Right + O- Elbow & Sleeper Hold
    -Lower Body
    O- Raise
    O+ Down- Pin Fall
    O + Left- Kick To Leg 2
    O + Up- Running Kick
    O + Right- Leg Lock 9
    -Turnbuckle Attack-
    X- Shoulder Block 3
    X + Any Direction- Shoulder Block 3
    X- Turnbuckle Dropkick 3
    -Turnbuckle Grapple-
    O- Irish Whip
    O + Down- Mudhole Stomping 2 
    O + Left- Rico Karate Kick 2
    O + Up- Superplex 1
    O + Right- Shoulder Thrust
    O- Raise The Opponent Up
    Any Direction + O- Foot Choke 2
    ===Turnbuckle Back Grapple===
    O- Irish Whip
    O + Down- Illegal Pin
    O + Left- Turnbuckle Toe Kick
    O + Up- Turnbuckle Smash
    O + Right- Turnbuckle Toe Kick
    -Rope Down-
    Any Direction + O- Throw To The Rope
    -Rebound Attack-
    Triangle + X (Opponent Standing)- Spinning Wheel Kick 6
    Triangle + X (Opponent Grounded)- Running Leg Drop
    Triangle + X (Opponent Outside of Ring)- Vaulting Body Press 2
    -Jump Down Over-
    Square + X- Rope Flip 2
    ===AERIAL MOVES===
    Left + X- Flying Clothesline 1
    Right + X- Double Axe Handle 3
    X- Elbow Drop 3
    X + Down- Elbow Drop 3
    X + Up- Diving Leg Drop
    X- Flying Lariat 1
    Any Direction + X- Spinning Wheel Kick 6
    O (Non Dazed Opponent)- Irish Whip
    Any Direction + O (Non Dazed Opponent)- Turn Behind
    O (Dazed Opponent)- Neckbreaker 1
    Any Direction + O (Dazed Opponent)- Sunset Flip Pin 1
    -Back Attack-
    O- Bulldog 4
    Any Direction + O- Scoolboy Pin 2
    -Squatting Attack-
    Triangle + X- Elbow Drop 11
    Any Direction Triangle + X- Running Leg Drop
    O- Powerslam 1
    O + Down or Up- Hip Toss 1
    O + Left or Right- Flapjack 3
    O- Headbutt & Elbow Drop
    O + Down- Double DDT
    O + Left- Punches & Full Nelson
    O + Up- Double Clothesline
    O + Right- Double Beat Head
    O- Irish Whip
    O + Down- Whip & Lay Down
    O + Left- Mudhole Stomping 1
    O + Up- Spike Piledriver
    O + Right- Kick To Gut
    L1 (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Laying On Mat)- Seanton Bomb
    L1 (In Front of Groggy Opponent)- Widowmaker
    Knee Strike 2
    Spinning Kick
    Running Kick
    -Weapon Special-
    L1- DDT
    Any Direction + L1- DDT
    -Combination Moves-
    First- Snap Jab
    Second- Back Elbow Smash
    Third- Spinning Kick
    Section 4: Strategies
    Don't feel limited when playing as Sean O'Haire, he can lift everyone.
    Try to work the midsection/back because that's what his finishers affect.
    Section 5: FAQ
    Read following section on how to contact me and submit questions.
    They will be answered right here in the guide.
    Section 6: How to Contact Me
    E-mail me at busch_kevin@hotmail.com with questions or comments.
    Section 7: Legal Information
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Section 8: Closing/Thank You
    Thanks go out to the following:
    THQ/Jakks Pacific/Yukes for making the game.
    GameFaqs for putting this FAQ up.
    Mutated Spleen for providing me with the basic format.
    The readers for reading and hopefully using this FAQ.
    Copyright 2003, Kevin Busch

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