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"Resrvoir Dogs: The Generic Brand!!!"

In the summer, I was interested in seeing Quentin Taratino's 1992 hit Reservoir Dogs. I bought the game with the movie. The movie was good and the game was good, too. But, in my opinion the game could be much better.



The game's music has a lot of hip 70s music. Some of the good songs include the ear-cutting song Stuck in the Middle with You and the opening song Little Green Bag. Nice music. The sounds are just okay. The explosions and gunshots are good. But here's what hurts the score: the voice acting. A lot of the characters aren't played by their original actors with the exception of Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde. As good as he is, even he couldn't raise the score. The other characters sound dopey. Mr. Pink sounds goofy. The guy playing Mr. Orange sounds like he's starting to reach puberty. And for the others, the voice acting is okay.



The graphics are good. The levels are fine and the characters and vehicles are good too. But for the character models, they should have used the movie actors faces. Of course they did use Michael Madsen and I'm proud of that. And Mr. Pink, in a small way, looks like Steve Buscemi.



The gameplay does offer a good challenge. You can either play as a psycho and kill everybody, play as a professional and make hostages with very little death or do it in between. If you play as a professional, it is a challenge. Let's say you get a cop on his knees. But there's another behind you. You gotta get him on his knees. But when you turn around, the other cop will grab his gun. See, there's a reason why it's called professional mode. The driving missions are good. Like racing Mr. Blue or hoping the cop doesn't escape while Mr. Blonde was driving, and of course, who could forget Mr. Brown's driving mission. He gets shot in the head. You gotta get to your destination at a time limit while the screen is getting redder and redder. Plus you gotta unlock endings. That's kind of frustrating because in my opinion, getting the psycho rating in the driving missions are tough.

Reservoir Dogs was a good movie and the game could have been better, but it might get you by. I recommend you rent it a few time and if you love it, buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/20/07

Game Release: Reservoir Dogs (US, 10/24/06)

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