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    FAQ/Walkthrough by drewster

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    Another "Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat" Unofficial Walkthru
    (For PlayStation(R) 2)
    Version 2.2 (text only)
    Written by Drew Morgan, November 2002
    Revised November 9, 2004 14:39
    (c)2002-2004 Drew Morgan (whitefangco@yahoo.com/subject: Black Kat)
    * Copyright Info
    * Revisions
    * Overview
      - About This Walkthru
      - My Two Cents
      - Game Summary
    * Detailed Walkthru
    1. Pirate Isles
      1.A. Buccaneer Bay
        1.A.1 The Lonely Tombs
      1.B. Ape Island
      1.C. Scoundrel's Pit
        1.C.1 Blackbeard's Lair
    2. Haunted Isles
      2.A. Forlorn Straits
        2.A.1 Ram's Rest
      2.B. Bay of Tears
      2.C. Buccaneer's Haunt
      2.D. Hero's Rest
        2.D.1 The Ghost Ship
    3. Voodoo Isles
      3.A. Dark Isle
      3.B. Raven's View
        3.B.1. southeastern island
        3.B.2. The Witch Doctor
      3.C. Isla de la Garra
      3.D. Gull Reef
      3.E. Vulcan's Belly
      3.F. Parrot Cove
      3.G. Crescent Isle
      3.H. Blue Shark Bay
    4. Winter Isles
      4.A. Glacial Gulf
      4.B. Winter Wolf Ridge
      4.C. Fjords of Frost
      4.D. Frigid Plateau
      4.E. Jack's Reward
    5. Volcanic Isles
      5.A. Hades' Pyre
        5.A.1. The Forgotten Forge
      5.B. The Molten Labyrinth
        5.B.2. Yellow Dog Anchorage
      5.C. Isle of Living Fire
    6. Skull Cove
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    the game or this document won't go in the next revision ;)
    v1.0 -- November 24, 2002:
         started writing the thing, finished it a couple days later
    v1.1-1.4 -- November 2002/November 2004
         did MAJOR revision to the entire piece when I was able to rent the
         game between long stretches of Real Life (mine, not MTV's); scrunched
         or struck redundant info; added or clarified existing info; added handy
         links between the TOC and the Walkthru, along with cross-reference
         links so you could bounce between islands just like in the game only it
         wouldn't be as confusing; added TONS of useful formatting
    v2.0 -- November 7, 2004:
         redid the whole shebang as text-only since nobody takes .docs these
         days; major reformatting; major writing revision cuz frankly my writing
         kinda sucked back then; split the piece into two big chunks; added
         Copyright Info
    v2.1 -- November 10, 2004:
         ditto -- only this time after remembering that text thingies are
         supposed to be 79 characters, but 76 is what fits on my monitor >x-(
         Tweaked some of the overall writing too, and realized that HEY! I think
         Duncan later sails that ship you sunk him in. And added this section. And
         remembered I hated Duncan almost as much as I hated Yetis.
    Two years ago I started my own strategy guide-slash-walkthru, because I was 
    playing the heck outta this game and I wanted to offer something that was a 
    little more in-depth in the actual gameplay. Two years later, I'm seeing 
    that it's still on the shelves at Blockbuster, and folks are still playing 
    it -- so I came back and finished the durn thing. Been fun :D
    First of all: HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!
    If you haven't played the whole game yet, and/or you wanna figure things out 
    yourself, either don't read any further or cover your eyes...or just read 
    selectively. Don't matter to me, just as long as I don't gotta hear 
    kvetching ;) I tell just about all here, so consider yourself warned.
    Versions 1.0 thru 1.4 were LONG. I had *everything* in them, all the 
    strategies I'd developed as well as the whole walkthru. But GameFAQS et al 
    don't take .docs anymore (don't blame 'em, don't remember if they ever did), 
    so there went all my nifty cross-referencing links. Meh, hopefully soon I'll 
    get my website up again and can post it there, maybe with a link to it 
    *here*. Time shall tell...I'd done a text-only version (2.0), but it was a 
    saga too. Whoops.
    So...this time around, I got two parts: this one's the actual walkthru. Skip 
    around all you want, or read it straight through. If you're stuck on a boss 
    or wondering where the heck that last Star-thingie for Neptune is, download 
    my Strategy Guide instead -- it'll be more detailed than this thing in that 
    respect. Here, I *might* say what you find where, might not...just how my 
    versions turned out ;)
    I *HIGHLY* recommend you try playing all the way through the game yourself 
    before using a guide or walkthru, or even most of the cheats. This is one 
    you just might play again -- Kat's a fun gal, and there's a lot of enjoyable 
    buckles to be swashed :D
    When writing these guides/walkthrus, I had this in mind:
         A) you expect to find spoilers,
         B) you're not using cheats (it's an easy game, and they can be saved
            for the second time through),
         C) you use common sense and think when you play,
         D) you don't mind a bit of humor and reading, and
         E) you play to have fun by experiencing what the game has to offer,
            rather than by mashing certain buttons at certain times.
      YAYS: *GORGEOUS* game, loved the music, wish I could get some trax to 
    listen to outside of the game. The camera movements really added to the 
    enjoyment value IMO, because not only can you get a better view of something 
    while playing, you can swing the camera around while you're smashing ships 
    or fighting baddies and play like you're in a movie :D Beaucoup fun points 
    there. Easy to pick up on the gameplay too, and the load times are pretty 
      BOOS: There are many tasks to accomplish, and you have to run ALL OVER the 
    frickin' place over and over to get anything done. Gets really old, really 
    quick. And some of these islands were not only barely worth visiting once, I 
    sometimes wondered what the design team was on when planning the plot 
    points. Lotta stuff didn't make much sense...which reminds me, they tried to 
    force a storyline in, but it didn't take all that well. Just pretend it's a 
    platformer game, and smash some more ships ;)
      ETC.: You either like this game, or you don't [shrug] I'd say it's around
    20-30 hours long -- once you know what you're doing, if you use cheats and 
    only hit the most vital islands, it's 10 hours or less. There's some nifty 
    extras besides running around playing as Katarina, and those are certainly 
    worth a look-see too :)
    You play as Katarina de Leon, daughter of the Governor of the Pirate Isles, 
    Marcus de Leon. Captain Hawke and his Crimson Guard control four of the five 
    main areas of this world, and upon discovering that he's killed your father, 
    you decide to seek revenge. However, you soon learn that much larger things 
    are in store for you, starting with the news that your late mother was a 
    pirate just like you. From then on, you must fulfill several quests and 
    goals, release the other island worlds from Hawke's control, seek the pieces 
    of the puzzle that is your destiny, and face the fact that your mother had 
    much better taste in men that you do.
    There are five island groups that you'll explore: the Pirate Isles, the 
    Haunted Isles, the Voodoo Isles, the Winter Isles, and the Volcanic Isles. 
    These will all lead you to the final island, Skull Cove. There are also two 
    locations in the open sea that you may end up in, but there are no maps to 
    obtain to reach them; they're an optional part of the storyline. Most of the 
    game is in fact optional...only a few islands are required to beat the game, 
    but that wouldn't make for much of a walkthru now, would it? ;)
    And a final warning:
        1. The Pirate Isles
    You begin here with a map to Buccaneer Bay. As you find new maps or enter 
    new areas, you'll be able to hit Select and view the area in your list of 
    maps. Always a good idea to do the instant you arrive, see what's coming up.
    Since you learn the basics while exploring the Pirate Isles, I'll go into 
    more detail in this section. The later sections will just be a quick 
    overview, with important details pointed out when necessary. And since the 
    gameplay is so straightforward, you shouldn't have much difficulty ;) I 
    don't say where the Scrapbook Shells are, since there's so many of them and 
    they're cool, but I'm not enough of an artist to be impressed...other 
    walkthru's describe their locations though. In general, this is basically 
    what's normal for the game, and what you can keep in mind as you play :) 
    I'll try to mention where important items are as well....
    1.A. Buccaneer Bay:
    The game begins with an introductory cinema, then you're pitted against two 
    dinky gunboats from the Crimson Guard -- but don't be misled, after you 
    defeat them the cinema resumes, and then you can start playing. I have no idea 
    why they put this in, doesn't really match the cinema that much, seems to only 
    give you a chance to get used to sailing or something...which you'll be 
    doing more of later anyway [shrug]
    Sinking these two ships isn't difficult, regardless of which difficulty 
    level you've chosen. You only have two guns (one on each side), but that's 
    still not a problem -- shoot the first ship, then the second one. If you 
    time it right, you can shoot as you sail between them, then fire off a power 
    shot when it's charged.
    Feel free to sail around all you want and get used to being on the water; 
    these guys are harmless, not very aggressive, and no other opponents will 
    ever arrive. After you sink them and the music ends, the cinema will pick back 
    up. Easy-peezy.
      ::Make Your Way to the Wind Dancer::
    When you gain control of Kat, your first goal is to get back to your ship -- 
    but don't rush off yet, because you have all the time you want to learn the 
    land controls since there aren't any enemies nearby (just don't wander too 
    far from the mansion). Try the tutorial from the Start button, and practice 
    as long as you need to; after you leave this area, you'll be getting right 
    into the action.
    Explore the area there to see how interactive the environment is, and where 
    you can make Katarina go. Don't bother trying to approach the mansion, that 
    hill can't be climbed -- but take notice of the way the graphics look, as 
    compared to the hills leading down to the shoreline, which ARE climbable. 
    There's a jewel downhill, on the bay side of the mansion (should be eastern, 
    according to the compass), then a bag of gold on the opposite (western) 
    coast; notice too that things will be laying around for you to pick up.
    When you're ready to go, follow the path until you reach a chest sitting out 
    in the open -- very few will be this obvious ;) Tapping L2 will open it when 
    you're close enough, and you'll automatically receive the contents (FYI for 
    later when you're running around like mad -- just hit L2 and keep running).
    Continue down the path and you'll be warned of killing all of the pirates in 
    the area. This just means the pirates you encounter on the way to the ship, 
    you don't have to stop and kill EVERY pirate you come across throughout the 
    game (eventually it'll just be a distraction). It's just a generic game 
    suggestion that these guys aren't your friends -- few MUST be beaten to 
    continue gameplay, and when that's the case, it's obvious (a gate won't 
    open, for example). Farther down the path you'll meet the first two in front 
    of a gate -- when you get close enough, they'll see you and come running 
    (get used to that). They're wimpy too, so you can practice some blocking and 
    jumping, and the gate will open when you've slain them. As in most games, 
    the baddies will drop goodies, so be sure to check around before moving on.
    Through the gate, you'll see three more pirates in the distance -- watch out 
    for the guy in the white shirt, he's a bit tougher and not as hesitant to 
    poke at you. When they're gone, head southwest to the beach and open the 
    chest down there. Two crabs will come at you, one usually produces a little 
    heart that you can use to restore a little health (and may need by this 
    point). If you want, you can run up the hill to the raised ground, then back 
    down and two more crabs will appear -- repeat as often as you want, good for 
    a little extra cash and practice with your sword :)
    FYI, the monkeys can't be hurt. But you *can* interact with them, just not 
    yet. For now, they're just there to be cute ;)
    Head for the next gate, but stick to the path to find your first hidden 
    chest, and the gate doesn't open until you open the chest. When you're close 
    enough to "X marks the spot," the "Dig" icon will appear with a sound. Tap 
    L2 to reveal the chest, then L2 again to open it, and continue forward.
       Naturally this chest is easy to find, since it's your first -- but later
       chests will be far more difficult. It seems the "hot spot" gets smaller
       with each island group too, so don't hesitate to use the cheat for
       revealing all hidden chests if you're just not in the mood for a LOT of
       extra walking. Most chest locations will be somewhat obvious though,
       which helps...after a while, when Kat says "I smell gold!" you'll be
       thinking the same thing -- look for areas that are just off the beaten
       path, and a little more bare than they should be, and check your map
       often. If you've opened all of the visible chests but the map still shows
       some unopened, chances are you didn't find all of the buried treasure.
       Don't stress over it however, since most hidden chests only contain booty 
      (but most of your booty comes from buried treasure, more important here at
       the beginning).
    On the other side of the gate you'll find an Iron Chest, but unless you've 
    used a cheat to have all chest keys, you won't be able to open it yet (I 
    often use the cheat because some islands are only worth visiting once, and 
    returning to islands AGAIN stops being fun the gazillionth time around). 
    Passing by a chest will mark its location on that island's map so it'll be 
    easier to find later, but this can also happen if you just see it on screen 
    (like if it's way off in the distance).
    Past the chest are several more crabs, so don't run right into them or 
    you'll be quickly surrounded and pinched lots. The path might look like it 
    runs out here, but it's just not as easy to see. If you keep to what you 
    think is the path, you'll soon find another hidden chest, and a nearby 
    Teleporter will become activated. The Teleporter is a little confusing at 
    first because you'll see a little video for it, and receive notice that it's 
    now active. Just keep walking and you'll reach it.
    Here, you can do one of two things: continue to the ship and come back for 
    the Iron Key, or get the key now and keep going to the ship. If you continue 
    past the Teleporter, slay the pirates down the hill if you want (not sure if 
    this gate opens if they're not slain), pass through the gate, and ta-da! 
    You've reached the Wind Dancer :) Go to the Save Parrot and tap L2 to save 
    the game.
    Otherwise, hop into the Teleporter and tap L2 to get the Iron Key from the 
    Lonely Tombs, *then* continue to the ship. You'll need that key, so might as 
    well stop now.
      1.A.1. The Lonely Tombs
    Upon arriving, turn around and run down the hill to the tombs -- this is 
    what the Haunted Isles look like (only creepier), and that ship's what the 
    Crimson Guard looks like later on. Open the chest to acquire the Iron Key 
    and a Fire Tiki, then turn around and defeat three skeletons. They're a 
    little harder than the pirates and tend to block more (you don't actually 
    see them block, they just do), and their aggressiveness will vary. Usually 
    only two attack you directly; the third will often wander off if you're not 
    close to the Teleporter ring. You can use the Fire Tiki on 'em, and as long 
    as you're at the ring you'll defeat them and activate the Teleporter (make 
    the swirly pink lights appear).
    Up the hill from the Teleporter is a wooden chest; straight down and on the 
    other side of the cobblestones is a buried one. Wander around a little if 
    you want to, then use the Fire Tiki to activate the Teleporter if you 
    haven't already, and tap L2 to return to Buccaneer Bay. It's a small area, 
    nothing much to see, dunno why we come here in the first place....
    When you return from the Lonely Tombs, don't forget to go back for the Iron 
    Chest (it's really easy to do since the chest isn't on your way out). Not 
    much loot in it, but every bit helps right now....
    After you've reached your ship your next goal will be to **Liberate Your 
    Father's Fortress** to the south. You can do that now or after you explore 
    the island a bit more, whichever you want.
    Not much to see though -- when you're ready to explore the main island some 
    more, follow the faint path past the dock and down the hill. There's a chest 
    and some crabs, then a gate. To the right of the gate is a small hill and 
    you'll have to do a bit of jumping to reach the top. There's a shell and I 
    think a jewel or something up there, should be worth the effort. This gate 
    opens when you approach it, nothing specific needs to be done. On the other 
    side you'll find another Iron Chest, a Stone Chest (can't be opened for a 
    while, without a cheat), more crabs and pirates, a regular chest, and some 
    gold that's just sitting out in the open. There's also another Teleporter 
    ring here that'll take you back to near the Save Parrot...the ship's not 
    that far away, and the crabs you killed on your way to this gate will 
    regenerate, so there's more sword-charging and cash to look for. Walk back 
    or warp back, your call ;)
      ::Liberate Your Father's Fortress::
    When you're ready to leave this part of the island, L2 again (when in doubt, 
    L2) to jump aboard the Wind Dancer and chase that little ship that's lurking 
    nearby. As you leave the bay you'll receive the goal to **Find the Map to 
    Ape Island**, just outta nowhere o_0 Sink the little gunboat and gather up 
    the lumber and sails floating in the water (plus anything the ship dropped), 
    then sink the larger ship creeping in from the east. When it's sunk or has 
    run off, head for the small island just south of the fortress (DON'T try to 
    take on the fortress yet). Don't get too close, and take out the gun turret 
    on the small island. You should be able to aim and blast it down from a safe 
    distance. Don't get used to that -- this is the sole gun turret that only 
    fires on you when you're right up close to it, the rest shoot when you're 
    within sight.
    Once the turret's gone, sail in and defeat the fortress. It could take a 
    couple attempts to defeat these first fortresses, but you'll catch on; just 
    keep moving and firing, and watch the Power Shot orb -- when it's full, fire 
    away! Once the white flag goes up you can safely dock with the fortress to 
    receive your reward money (if you don't secure fortresses along the way, you 
    won't always get a reward, and when you do get one it usually isn't much, 
    and you'll want the cash). You can buy some supplies now if you want, but I 
    wouldn't -- save your money for upgrading before you leave, *then* get 
    cannons and other stuff. Unless you've enabled cheats you probably can't 
    afford to upgrade your ship yet, but that's okay -- you will before you 
    leave here, promise :D
      ::Find the Map to Ape Island::
    Now it's time to do some exploring :) You'll find that every single dock has 
    a reason for being there. Whenever you see a dock, sail for it and look 
    around -- you'll find *something* there, even if it's one stupid little 
    thing that could've gone somewhere else.
    After you leave the fortress, dock at the small island where the gun turret 
    was, just south of you (you'll probably bump into it as you leave). You'll 
    find a few crabs here and an Iron Chest right off the dock (where the turret 
    stood -- sometimes destroying a turret will reveal stuff), a Stone Chest on 
    the eastern end, and a hidden chest near the southwestern coastline around 
    the little bush and just past the dock.
    Now to get the map: board your ship and sail due east...and yes, that's a 
    shipwreck you see underwater. Dock at the small island in the southeast 
    corner of your map, hit the Save Parrot if you want to (if it's your first 
    time playing I'd recommend saving often), then head for the side left of the 
    dock. There's a jewel on the coast, a hidden treasure a few paces in (before 
    you go uphill, but where it's still sandy among the trees), and several 
    crabs. Watch your back, and don't expect all of them to give up something. 
    Follow the path uphill and you'll see a large open area with a few pirates.
    As you jump down you can hit L2 to open the chest and receive LOTS of booty, 
    then slash away at the attacking pirates while being accompanied by some 
    cool background music :D Good time to try slashing while you're jumping -- 
    it's one of Kat's really effective sword swipes ;D As the music and coinage 
    fade, approach the gate ahead, search for a hidden chest at its base, annd 
    you'll find the map to Ape Island. Head through the gate and watch for crabs 
    in the seagrass bushes (where there's seagrass bushes, there'll usually be 
    crabs too). There's a Stone Chest there, and just south of it near the tree 
    and the coast you'll find another hidden chest (this one's a bugger to find 
    too for some reason). When you're bored with smashing crabs, save and board 
    your ship.
      ::The rest of the map::
    Heading north to Buccaneer Bay proper, along the outer coast you'll soon 
    reach the first eastern dock. When you land, be prepared for several crabs 
    to attack you -- and not one of them will have any goodies :( (I did get 
    some gold from one ONCE, but I'm pretty sure it was just a fluke.) Crack 'em 
    open or run away, regardless your goal is a nearby hill where you'll find 
    some pirates and some booty. When you return to the dock, get ready to fight 
    or flee crabs again -- and I say "flee" because after a while killing crabs 
    is pretty boring, so unless I need to charge my sword I avoid the ones I 
    know won't give up the bling-bling.
    Your next stop will be the dock north of here -- after docking you can head 
    south (left) if you want and collect some Magic Sand. On your way back some 
    crabs may appear from the seagrass if you wait long enough. Head north 
    (right, from off the dock) towards the Crystal Chest down the shoreline, and 
    just past it is a hidden chest. From there you can run up the hill you'll 
    see (the path goes around it) and fight a few pirates, then collect some 
    booty; to your right down in the gully you'll find the Smuggler. Charming 
    chap, ay? Can't get much yet, just some Throwing Knives (but you'll want 
    'em, so stock up) and grog (but only if you REALLY need it). On your way 
    back to the ship, watch out for two more pirates. Save, and you're done with 
    Buccaneer Bay!
    Before you leave, be sure to check by the fortress again and upgrade your 
    ship if you can afford it, which you should be able to. Unless you're using 
    cheats, you should barely be able to afford that and a bit more; I recommend 
    always loading up on your cannons, then getting Stink Bombs, then whatever 
    else you think you'll need the most. Lumber and sails are easiest to get at 
    first from defeated ships, so feel free to spend your cash on other goodies.
    When you're ready to leave, just sail away to the open water, and when the 
    Anchor Orb appears up in the corner of the screen, tap L2 to view the big 
    map and choose your next destination.
    1.B. Ape Island
    When you first enter a new area, there are typically four things to do 
       1. Destroy any ships of the Crimson Guard (there's usually three but no
          more than four, and they'll often regenerate after you've done some
          business onshore);
       2. If there's a fortress, defeat it;
       3. Sail around the area and check out the lay of the land(s), so you'll
          have an idea of what's coming up after you dock; and
       4. Check your map!
    These islands ALWAYS have a few ships sailing around, and while you don't 
    ALWAYS have to fight them, here at the beginning it'll be really good 
    practice for ya' -- later on you'll just run over `em and be on your way. 
    After you sink them, collect any cargo that's left (and keep your eyes open 
    for other cargo floating in the water), and watch for gun turrets on the 
    shores. When the ships and turrets are gone, check your map so you know 
    where the fortress and docks are, and get your bearings. The ships here will 
    also sail right for the fortress until you've secured it, so don't let them 
    lure you into a fatal battle.
      ::The Mermaid's Quest::
    This quest is optional (but recommended), and you can visit the mermaid at 
    any time during the game. If I'm not using the "everything" cheats I like to 
    get this one out of the way soon though, cuz she's pretty annoying ;) 
    Fortunately, it goes by quick -- dock at the small island in the northwest 
    corner and head for the shell. You'll receive a quest to find 5 Orchids 
    (only the first one will be in the open, the rest are in chests and found 
    much later). Also on the island is a Skeleton Chest, only available very 
    late in the game (without cheats) after you receive the Skeleton Key. That's 
    pretty much it, and you won't wanna talk to that uppity gal again unless 
    you're bearing 5 Orchids :) Yap yap yap.
      ::Why Ape Island?::
    As I said before, every dock is there for a reason -- but not every island 
    is part of the main plot (and by "island" I mean whatever's showing on the 
    local map -- some maps are for a single chunk of land, some are for a 
    group). Many will only contain treasure, power-ups, or both. That's mostly 
    what you'll find on Ape Island -- besides apes, ha ha -- but the main reason 
    for being here is defeating the fortress to get the map to Scoundrel's Pit. 
    Just dock with the fortress and the game will go from there. To my 
    knowledge, this is the only fortress that MUST be secured to beat the game.
      ::On Ape Island::
    First, make sure you've destroyed all gun turrets, especially the one by the 
    dock (it'll shoot at Kat whether she's on land or water). Once you're 
    ashore, stop at the Save Parrot if you feel you need to (it's the only one 
    on this map), then follow the path around the hill. To get on top of the 
    hill, run around it and off the path, and with some jumping you should 
    spiral up to the top very easily. Kill the pirates and open whatever chests 
    you can.
    Down the hill, you'll follow the path farther into the island -- check off 
    to the left near that little inlet for some buried treasure and another 
    chest (those etchings in the hillsides are only decoration). When you head 
    up the path, watch for a cannon in the distance -- you'll catch on to the 
    timing and learn when to jump to avoid the shots. Can't take it out yet, so 
    instead head to the left of it and run up the hill to the altar, and check 
    for more buried treasure.
    Down below are some gorillas; they're more difficult at first with that 
    dinky blade, so you'll do a good bit of dodging and blocking if you take 
    them on up close. Try hitting them with a Throwing Knife or two first (or a 
    Mini Keg after you get some *g*), and use plenty of special or powered 
    attacks...a jumping slash attack works particularly well :D I like to let 
    myself get surrounded, use the Magic Sand to knock 'em out, then hit them 
    with a power attack...makes 'em go away faster. Gorillas can drop jewels, 
    gold, and clumps of fruit that'll restore some health, and just like crabs 
    they tend to regenerate after you've turned your back. Watch out for their 
    slams though, if you don't block you'll be stunned and left defenseless.
    From in front of that altar, have a good look around. There's a sandy hill 
    to your left which leads to some chests (both visible and hidden), a gate 
    which leads to some goodies, and a hillside across the way. You should see 
    parts of the path going up both hills.
    Head for the small gate, then go left to find the chest containing a Crystal 
    Heart. Any lost health will be automatically refilled -- but you'll also 
    activate a horde of gorillas. Whoops. This is another good place to put them 
    to sleep, then slash away since they'll quickly surround you ;) Plan B would 
    be to jump a lot....
    The gate will remain closed until you defeat all of those gorillas, and 
    they'll return if you head for that little nook again. Up on the hill you'll 
    see a big stone monkey statue, and a chest...good luck getting up there. 
    It's possible, but VERY difficult -- if you go around to the right side 
    (just below the chest and a bit to the right, past the tree) and run up the 
    hill a time or two, you'll leave some tracks. The trick is to run straight 
    for the chest, and jump a couple times when you reach the tracks. The chest 
    contains a worthwhile chunk of change, and you'll get some Scrapbooks shells 
    too. You can return here at any time during the game and keep trying -- 
    you'll pick up some special boots later, but they don't seem to help much. 
    I've always had the best luck with running straight for it after passing 
    through the gate, only pausing to make sure I'm a bit to the right of the 
    tree and aimed at the chest, then run up and do a lot of quick jumping. 
    Timing is definitely important, so again, good luck ;)
    Once you pass back through the gate, the gorillas will be back...take 'em 
    out if you want, they'll regenerate again later. To the left you'll see that 
    the path continues up the hillside -- and up there are two of my least 
    favorite enemies, the chicks who shoot at you (even when you jump) and the 
    guy who chucks Mini Kegs at you >:( You'll find the first Orchid up here, 
    but watch that you don't get hit by the cannon turret; search the area for 
    the chest that contains Mini Kegs, and you can take out that turret at last 
    (and some gorillas, might as well make it fun). When the turret's blown, the 
    Teleporter leading back to the dock will become activated. And about those 
    enemies: the chicks will smack you if you're in their face (WHACK! kinda 
    funny the first time), and the guys will always run away from you.
    Jump aboard the Wind Dancer when you've saved and/or you're ready to go, 
    take out any nearby ships if you want to (I always do,, cuz sea battles are 
    lots of fun -- especially when you zoom in real close to your ship), then 
    sail away from the islands to head for Scoundrel's Pit.
    1.C. Scoundrel's Pit
    Two things to do here: **Find and Defeat Blackbeard to Obtain the Haunted 
    Isles Chartstone**, and **Find the Lion Figurehead**. The figurehead is 
    optional, but Blackbeard isn't ;) (and it can be a REALLY fun match).
    After taking out the ships, defeating the fortress, and sailing around the 
    island to take out gun turrets, dock and save (and this is a recommended 
    Save point). Defeating this fortress isn't required, but might as well since 
    you're there -- taking out the gun turrets is *necessary* cuz they'll shoot 
    at you while you're running around onshore.
    Just to make things easier on yourself later, head left first and run along 
    the shoreline. As you approach a small grove of trees you'll find a hidden 
    chest nearby, a few paces in from the shore near some bushes -- but watch 
    for the enemies in the area and dispose of them. There's another chest 
    farther along that contains Throwing Knives and Mini Kegs in case you need 
    them, and there's grog near the chest. Taking care of these guys now will 
    make it much quieter later on, because this is where you'll reappear after 
    fighting Blackbeard. Head back to the Parrot and save again, then decide 
    which goal to take care of first.
      ::Find and Defeat Blackbeard::
    Follow the path up the hill, but watch for the small cannon to your right as 
    you reach the top (usually around where you saw the butterflies). Destroying 
    the cannon reveals a chest that contains gold and Mini Kegs. Ahead of you on 
    the path are two pirates, and as expected, killing them opens the gate. 
    Watch your step here. That next cannon can be tricky to get past, but you 
    can get up against the hill near it and toss some Kegs -- I ALWAYS get hit 
    at least once, no matter what I do. Slip past and toss some more Kegs down 
    below to thin the crowd. Clearing this area activates the Teleporter to 
    Blackbeard's Lair. Be sure you check both chests -- and get your Throwing 
    Knives ready -- before stepping into the Teleporter.
      1.C.1. Blackbeard's Lair
    All you'll find here is Blackbeard, the first boss, and four chests and some 
    grog. He can be tough the first time around, but remember to block and jump 
    often, and throw LOTS of Knives at him. He slashes and kicks, and if his 
    sword glows green, either move away fast or throw a knife. Save your power 
    shot for the last couple skulls, cuz it won't charge up in time if you use 
    it right away, and try playing with the camera angles here -- makes the 
    match funner ;D
    Defeating Blackbeard wins you the Haunted Isles Chartstone, which allows you 
    to explore a new group of islands (but not all islands will be unlocked 
    yet). Hop in the Teleporter to return; if you didn't clear the area left of 
    the dock prior to fighting the big guy, remember there'll be pirates and a 
    chest with goodies on the other side, but also some grog.
      ::Getting The Lion Figurehead::
    You can do either goal first, doesn't matter. This other goal will require 
    you to go almost completely around the whole island, and will be tedious and 
    time-consuming. If you need a potty break, take it now ;) There are mainly 
    gorillas here, but also a batch of crabs (a carefully timed Mini Keg will 
    take care of them) and a couple pirates. You'll find three cannons as well
    -- one you may have already destroyed on the way to Blackbeard, the other 
    two are near the end in front of altars.
    There's a few regular Wooden Chests out in the open, a Stone Chest up on a 
    hill (from there head downhill between two trees -- you'll see which ones -- 
    and you'll go almost right to the hidden chest that's along the shoreline), 
    and a Crystal Chest at the end of the run. I found it easiest to zigzag my 
    way  around, working up the hillside then back down, and covering the beach 
    in between starting and stopping points. But I'm neurotic ;)
    Near the end of the shore you'll see several gorillas and some monkeys...a 
    path picks up, and there's some grog between two trees. Save the grog unless 
    you absolutely need it, as that last gun turret and a nearby gorilla will 
    usually cause some damage. Destroy the turret to reveal the chest containing 
    the Lion Figurehead, then go grab that grog or practice whacking gorillas 
    for fruit.
    You can either return the way you came and get some more booty from 
    gorillas, or jump in the Teleporter and return to near the dock. Got another 
    ship upgrade coming up, so it's your call. Save, hop aboard the ship, take 
    out any nearby Crimson Guard, and set sail for the Haunted Isles :)
        2. The Haunted Isles
    This is where the dead are buried...but do they stay that way? Course not, 
    that'd be boring ;) Dunno why, but you'll meet those Gun Chicks and the Mini 
    Keg guys here; besides them and some crabs, all of the enemies are dead and 
    annoying. Gets pretty noisy too o_0 The fortresses are a little tougher and 
    they're surrounded by more large gun turrets, but the ships aren't much 
    harder and you'll soon be able to upgrade anyway.
    (FYI, after you get a new Chartstone, make a quick appearance on a new map, 
    then leave and sail to a secured fortress and the upgrade should be 
    available...makes fighting easier, if you can afford the upgrade AND 
    [and I'll be honest: the first time I came here, I didn't like it at ALL. 
    Creeped me out too much -- and I can write some vicious and twisted horror 
    fiction, go figure. Watch Jason hack away while I'm eating dinner. But 
    y'know what? After the first couple islands, this place was SO irritating, 
    it just didn't bother me anymore. The ambient terrain, sounds, and music
    create a really spooky atmosphere, but the Skeletons run like idiots so it's
    not so bad. If this place creeps YOU out too, don't worry about it, you'll 
    get over it ;) ]
    Anyway...there are two Smugglers here, but you'll encounter the least 
    convenient one first (but there's a Teleporter you can use to reach him) -- 
    feel free to return to Buccaneer Bay if you need to stock up at some point, 
    cuz you're not limited to staying ONLY in these islands.
    Your main goals here are to **Find Mara's Grave**, **Find the Stone Key**, 
    and **Find the Voodoo Isles Chartstone**. You can also receive one of the 
    other optional quests here.
    The only islands you have charts for right now are The Bay of Tears, The 
    Forlorn Straits, and Buccaneer's Haunt. You'll get the map to the final 
    island later. The Stone Key can be found in The Bay of Tears, but I suggest 
    heading for The Forlorn Straits first to pick up the Ram Figurehead (it's 
    not necessary, but will make sea battles easier, and you won't need the 
    Stone Key on the way to the figurehead). Pick an island:
    2.A. The Forlorn Straits
    When you arrive here, you're just north of the fortress - check your map and 
    you'll see an island that resembles a ram's head. Head there first. I 
    usually sail around from the backside and take out as many gun turrets as I 
    can, then hit the fortress from the side. After you've beaten the fortress, 
    watch your map (or the screen) for some ships to arrive. You don't have to 
    fight them, but you can -- the dock for Ram's Rest is past the fortress, so 
    you might return to find things floating in the water ;)
    Docking with the fortress will open a gate just east of the fortress.
      2.A.1. Ram's Rest
      ::Getting the Ram Figurehead::
    This is a long run, but worth it;)
    After docking, save, kill the enemies (a zombie pirate -- not too tough -- 
    and the [zombified] old sea captain -- and he'll ALWAYS be hard no matter 
    which islands you're in), then pass through the gate and into the Teleporter 
    to Ram's Rest.
    There are 11 chests to obtain here, and guess what: ten of them are buried. 
    Aside from the Volcanic Isles, I feel this is the best place to use the 
    cheat to reveal all buried treasure. It's mainly all cash, but after leaving 
    you should be able to upgrade the Wind Dancer right away...and that's a good 
    As you make your way around you'll be fighting mostly Skeletons, but first 
    up will also be some bouncing Skulls...you'll soon grow to hate 'em. They 
    can be blocked, but it's hard to tell when they're actually attacking you -- 
    you just see them coming and sometimes manage to whack 'em.
    Go forward from where you enter (the path's not always visible), then turn 
    right -- there's buried treasure on each side, on the small strips of land 
    (especially to your right), and don't worry about those little lights. 
    They're good spirits :) and kinda cool when you see one up close. Climb the 
    ridge to the next area; on the way you'll encounter a Blue Lady Spirit 
    (those things *always* freak me out a little). Jump at just the right time 
    to avoid her scream's shockwave, and if you kill her but lose the jewel she 
    drops (sometimes they'll both go over the edge), don't worry about it cuz 
    there'll be plenty more. You'll see more of those gals on other islands, and 
    eventually you'll know when to jump and can see them coming if you look 
    Pass through this area filled with Skeletons and Skulls, checking along the 
    outer edge for buried treasure (should be two chests). A pack of Skeletons 
    will soon climb outta the ground, so watch your back and don't forget about 
    the power attack if you're surrounded. You can hit Skeletons from afar with 
    Throwing Knives (three takes 'em down), and it'll help thin out the 
    clattering hordes. Works on the Skulls too, sometimes...but so do Kegs 
    (sometimes, they tend to bounce around too much to aim very well). After 
    this first crowd, head left and find another buried chest down the hillside, 
    then continue southwest.
    More Skulls and Skels ahead -- with some practice, you can keep your 
    distance and still lure the Skulls in your direction, then back up and throw 
    a keg, then lure them near it. Killing the baddies opens the next gate, on 
    the other side of which is an inactive Teleporter. If you found the buried 
    chest with a Fire Tiki on that narrow land strip from earlier (the one on 
    the right), this is where you'll use it -- stepping onto the Teleporter will 
    cause several more Skeletons to rise around you and attack. Killing them 
    activates the Teleporter, but I usually use my Fire Tiki (which also 
    activates it), jump outta the way, then run around and gather up loot -- 
    it's much faster ;)
       Did you hear a bunch of squeaking when you used the Fire Tiki? If so,
       that was the sound of little rats being blown up. Welcome to Critter
       Bowling! ;D I discovered this fun little distraction in the Winter Isles
       -- in each island group there are default critters that run around and
       can't be killed. Remember those cute little monkeys? [snort] Toss a Mini
       Keg into a group of monkeys, frogs, or penguins (the rats are hard to
       see), and it'll be raining critters. Best part is, they land, go on about
       their business, and let you send them skyward over and over :D It's
       twisted I know, but lots of fun when you're bored of the level. And they
       do catch on after a while ;)
    Anyways, you'll arrive on the small southwest island, where you'll find five 
    buried chests (which I recommend searching for, and keep trying cuz it's a 
    challenge). Killing all of the Skels here activates the next Teleporter, and 
    makes searching for the chests much easier.
    Here's where to find the chests, based on how things look when you first 
       Chest 1: Upon arriving, pass the first row of flat headstones and head
                left; it's in front of the next to the last flat headstone.
       Chest 2: Pass the next row of cross headstones, and head for the right of
                the Teleporter; it's near the tree, aligned with a cross
                headstone, the tree, and the central Teleporter (walk towards
                the center from the tree and you'll find it).
       Chest 3: From the first Teleporter it's on the left side of the central
                Teleporter (east); from the central Teleporter, pass between two
                bushes and search.
       Chest 4: On the far side of the island, it's near a tree and the broken
                column, between the rows of headstones.
       Chest 5: Straight up that same row of headstones, between the tree and a
                bush (the southwestern side of the island).
    When you're ready to go, jump in the Teleporter to arrive on the central 
    island where the blue lights are circling, and the chest ahead of you 
    contains the Ram Figurehead. This bad boy doesn't require charging, and 
    allows you to ram other ships and cause great damage (even sink them if you 
    do it right, even bigger ships!), but you'll barely feel it. This one's my 
    favorite, and makes sea battles ever so much fun and quick :D It takes a 
    little practice to gain enough speed to sink a ship, but eventually you can 
    zoom in behind the Wind Dancer and watch the wood and crewmen go flying up 
    close *EG*
    Use the other Teleporter to return, watch for the regenerated enemies, save, 
    and board your ship. All done!
    Now that you have the Ram Figurehead, mount it if you wish and either A) 
    finish The Forlorn Straits, or B) find the Stone Key in the Bay of 
    Tears...your choice (but you WILL need the Stone Key on other islands here). 
    Here's what awaits in the Forlorn Straits, doo-da, doo-da:
    The southwestern island will require LOTS of Mini Kegs (which you'll receive 
    there, but possibly not enough so you'll need to ration them). Follow the 
    path to the Save Parrot (watch out for a mess of Skulls nearby -- things 
    usually leave you alone when you're saving, but not always), then while 
    facing the Parrot, choose what's behind the gate on the left or the gate on 
    the right. The left one leads you to a Skeleton Chest with a buried chest 
    just behind it, and lots of Skeletons; the right has a Stone Chest which 
    contains Vampire Skulls -- they send out vampiric spirits which attack 
    nearby enemies and return bits of health to you. Really handy, especially 
    now because the amount of health they restore doesn't change, and you'll 
    really notice at this point in the game. There's another Wooden Chest back 
    here too, and it's all guarded by more Skels, some cannons (hence the need 
    for Mini Kegs or LOTS of dodging), and some Blue Ladies. There's grog here 
    if you need it, and you'll gain a lot of gold. The Teleporters you'll find 
    behind the gates will return you to the dock (save you some running).
    If you sail around each island before landing, you'll see that there's what 
    appears to be a shipwreck on the southeastern island. That's where you 
    definitely want to go. Follow the path to the other end of the island -- 
    just before you reach the shipwreck though, check all over the area for 
    hidden chests (one's not buried, just far off the beaten path and I'm pretty 
    sure worth the effort to find). There are mainly just Skeletons and Blue 
    Ladies here, and they'll gang up on you. I remember one chest is hard to 
    find, up on the hill overlooking the area...somewhere near that tree, I 
    think. Acts like it moves around or something o_0
       See those tall crypts? As you get near them, if the sound's turned up a
       bit and everything else is quiet, you'll hear moaning coming from them.
       If you've never heard it before and you're playing at 3 a.m., it can be
       kinda spooky....
      ::Getting The Ghost Captain's Quest::
    Approach the wreck when the fog appears, and press L2 to speak with the 
    Ghost Captain. He'll tell of some pirates with yellow sails who done him 
    wrong; your quest is to search them out and sink them. Don't bother watching 
    for them, because they'll show up MUCH later in the game, and it'll be VERY 
    obvious ;)
    Check around one last time for chests, then hit the Teleporter, save, and 
    board ship. Play with your new Figurehead if you want and restock at the 
    fortress, then sail on to the next island.
    2.B. The Bay of Tears
    Your goal here is to **Find the Stone Key**. After dealing with the fortress 
    and Crimson Guard and getting your bearings, sail to the large eastern 
      ::Getting the Stone Key::
    You'll be attacked by crabs when you land, and there are several more along 
    the path. Only the first batch will produce gold or health though. Past them 
    is a chest guarded by Skulls and Skeletons, then a Save Parrot. Past the 
    Parrot (not to the right) you'll find some grog and at the end of the 
    accessible beach, some buried treasure. On your way back you'll meet a 
    couple Blue Ladies -- watch out for these two, cuz they'll stick to that 
    hillside and it's irritating.
    MAKE SURE YOU SAVE before entering the gate here! You'll have to defeat a 
    giant crab -- it only has four skulls, but this can be a difficult boss the 
    first few times. Don't be afraid to get in its face -- being good at 
    blocking and jumping is vital, or it's back to the Parrot for you. Run up, 
    jump, whack it twice, block the claws, whack twice more, back up, and toss a 
    Keg to flip it, one to crack it (or run up and wail on it some more). Don't 
    bother with anything but your Mini Kegs, everything else bounces right off. 
    There are three regenerating Mini Keg deposits, some grog by the inactive 
    Teleporter, and a safe zone down by the shore where he'll leave you alone.
    Stock up on Mini Kegs before you leave, because once you beat the crab you 
    can't get back into this area, and what the hey -- the Kegs are free ;) 
    Don't forget to hit the Pirate Isles when you leave and get the Stone 
    Chests. Use the Teleporter to return to the dock, but remember to get that 
    Stone Chest nearby before boarding.
      ::The rest::
    After that crab, the other two islands are a cinch: the southeastern island 
    (the small one) has a Save Parrot, a few Skeletons and Blue Ladies, a buried 
    chest in the middle, and a Stone chest containing your first Headhunter Mask 
    (you'll see what it is later, and opening the chest activates a Teleporter 
    that'll return you to the dock). The northwestern island only has some Blue 
    Ladies, a Crystal Chest, and a couple regular chests. If you don't have them 
    yet, the last Wooden Chest on this island contains Spirit Bottles, which are 
    restless spirits that you can release to frighten most enemies away (some 
    will just look at you and keep hitting) -- useful in certain times like when 
    you're surrounded and in need of grog or weapons.
    2.C. Buccaneer's Haunt
    I don't recommend visiting this place first, cuz there's lots of pirates and 
    such here, and they can overwhelm you if you don't already know what to 
    expect (speaking from experience here). You still have two goals in the 
    Haunted Isles: **Find Mara's Grave** and **Find the Voodoo Isles 
    Chartstone**. You won't find either one here, but you'll get close -- and 
    remember, all islands have a point...just keep repeating that.
    The western island is pretty involved -- you'll need plenty of Mini Kegs 
    too. Follow the path towards the center of the island, and amid a bunch of 
    graves you'll find the first (less convenient) Smuggler in the Haunted 
    Isles. Why you find him so late, I have no idea, but by this time he's 
    pretty convenient. There's a good bit of buried treasure to find here, LOTS 
    of Skels to defeat, and past the Smuggler you'll find a gully which leads to 
    a Stone Chest containing another Headhunter Mask. There are several 
    Skeletons and Skulls in here, and after I've opened the chest I like to run 
    around and lure them to surround me, then try out the new Tiki on 'em. 
    You'll find a Teleporter near the Smuggler that'll return you to the dock. 
    Don't skip that other little gully past the gravestones and Smuggler (I 
    think there's like four buried chests over around the tall crypt and on the 
    way to that gully, and they can be tricky -- watch for the Skels sneaking up 
    on you).
    The eastern island is where you want to go. It's kinda long, more busy than 
    anything, and there are lots of chests to pick up here so keep your eyes 
    open. Watch out for enemies attacking in groups, because that's what they'll 
    do here -- and you'll encounter pretty much everything, and LOTS of them. 
    When you finally reach the end, you'll be following the path up a hill past 
    a couple pirates. On the other side of the hill is a Wooden Chest next to a 
    tall crypt. Open it to activate a cinema and take a little break ;)
    Only nice thing I can say about Duncan the Blankety-blank is that I like his 
    butt, because it means he's going away. Least you have the map to Hero's 
    Rest -- now what in the world do you suppose could be there? Use the 
    Teleporter to return to your ship and get going :) If you think you need to 
    stop at the Smuggler's first, don't bother...you'll see why in a minute.
    2.D. Hero's Rest
    After securing the fortress and smashing the ships, sail to the small 
    southwestern island and dock. Hop off the ship and say howdy to the most 
    convenient smuggler in the game (there's one that's even more convenient, 
    but you won't find him until the last island, and by then you won't care so 
    he doesn't count). No baddies, no long treks, just dock and you're there. 
    And what a cool moon :) Nothing hidden on the island either, I already 
    looked ;)
    Once you're back on the ship, you can visit the island to the north for a 
    sword, or the one to the east for a Crystal Heart...since I'm a pirate, I go 
    north first. Arr.
      ::Finding Mara's Grave::
    After sailing around the island you should spot a gated area in the middle 
    of the island, then a nice clear plateau on the north side of the dock. 
    Looks a bit different, don't you think? Dock at the island and follow the 
    path -- Skeletons, Blue Ladies, and Skulls, hoo-boy, and they're in packs. 
    There's a hidden treasure along the way: after all those Skulls and Blue 
    Ladies, go left around a bend and uphill, then veer off the path to the 
    clear base of the hillside. There'll be at least one Wooden Chest out in the 
    open, maybe two (I forget exactly, but you'll see 'em).
    You'll soon reach a Save Parrot, so grab the nearby grog if necessary and 
    get your Tiki's handy, then save. Pass through the gate and you'll meet the 
    second of three bosses in these islands, the Skeleton Pirate: and talk about 
    *easy* -- he's just like Blackbeard, only he's bigger and he's a dork. You 
    can block the helicopter blade-swinging, and your Tiki's will make quick 
    work of this big boner.
    Beating him will allow you to continue, nothing more; use your compass and 
    map if you're lost (and it doesn't hurt to run back to the Save Parrot, 
    might as well since it's close).
    Now that you've found your mother's grave and know what your main objective 
    is, open the Wooden Chest in front of you to receive some loot and the 
    Boneshank Sword. I have NO idea what this sword's special attack is, never 
    noticed anything unusual when I used it. However, it does more damage, which 
    is what we're after...too bad you receive it after it'd be most handy.
    Run around the area if you're collecting Scrapbook Shells, then head for the 
    southern edge of the plateau (toward the dock). See that Teleporter down 
    there? Slide down to it (both of these Teleporters return you to the ship, 
    but if you use the first one, you'll have to run ALL the way around the 
    island again), collect some more gold and some Earth Tiki's from the chest, 
    then hop in the Teleporter and return to the ship.
      ::Finding the Next Crystal Heart::
    The other island starts off with a Save Parrot -- and by now you should know
    that means trouble...as you may already be thinking when you've seen all 
    those cannons up ahead. Ha ha.
    You should find some Crystal Tiki's nearby, and I'd suggest using one and 
    saving your Mini Kegs for later. One should get you through the valley of 
    cannons (and these cannons aren't hiding anything, so don't bother 
    destroying them, and no you can't go around the other way), and a couple 
    more would be handy while finishing this island. At the end there's a buried 
    chest down off the right of the path, then another one up on the hill to the 
    left along with a Wooden Chest and some obnoxious mates. Past the next 
    cannon there'll be a tall crypt surrounded by gravestones -- while dodging 
    the Skulls, Blue Ladies, and Skeletons (got Tiki?), search between the small 
    hill and the crypt for buried treasure, then left (northwest?) and downhill 
    for another. Two more cannons await -- the second reveals some grog I think 
    and takes a couple extra Mini Kegs. Good time for it ;) There's some buried 
    treasure near the second cannon as well.
    Guess what? We're almost done! Head down to the stone square and pick up the 
    second Crystal Heart, then fight off a slew of Skeletons -- but watch out, 
    as these guys are pretty aggressive for a change. They WILL chase you, and 
    there's a lot of 'em. Check the chest on the square, then search on top of 
    the nearby hill for buried treasure. When the last of the bones drops, 
    that's it, you're through. No more Skulls, no more shrieking spirits, no 
    more zombies...and later Skels will be a cinch. There's more fun to be had 
    elsewhere ;D Hit the Save Parrot, stop by the Smuggler and the fortress, and 
    get the heck outta Dodge. Upgrade to the Privateer, if you haven't already. 
    Very important.
    But wait! What about the Voodoo Isles Chartstone? You still don't have it!
      2.D.1. The Ghost Ship:
    As your mother suggested, you'll need to find the old Ghost Ship that sails 
    the Haunted Isles in order to find the next Chartstone. Don't worry about it 
    -- it'll find YOU. When you're all stocked up and ready to go, just pick any 
    ol' island to sail to and you'll meet the Ghost Ship the instant you leave 
    Hero's Rest. After the battle, you can head where you meant to go ;)
    It won't be that hard either -- use lots of Stink Bombs so they can't fire 
    back and you'll see 'em when they rematerialize, and move the camera around 
    a LOT when they vanish. Even though they'll sometimes be floating, your 
    cannons will still hit 'em...so hit 'em with everything and keep moving. 
    Watch the lumber and sails, because they CAN sink you. Stick to the Dolphin 
    Figurehead too, unless you're really good at aiming that Lion.
       You should stop by Buccaneer Bay now, or go back to any other fortress -
       there won't be another one to dock with for a while, so you'll have to
       make repairs and stock up at surrendered fortresses for the time being. I
       recommend Buccaneer Bay because A) the fortress is quick to get to, B)
       it's one of three islands that NEVER has Crimson Guard sailing around 
      (only one with a fortress though), and C) there's a Smuggler and Save
       Parrot there too. Plus it's home :) Hero's Rest is another good place,
       but you could run into enemy ships and get distracted (like me).
         3. The Voodoo Isles
    Ah, finally, back in daylight :)
    Well, sunset, but at least it's not so dreary anymore. These islands are 
    just a bit harder, and there are more of them. There are also new enemies of 
    course, along with the standard pirates and a few crabs and gorillas -- 
    bigger ships too (but nothing you can't handle). Most of what you'll 
    encounter will be jungle-themed...it's an odd amalgamation of several 
    different worlds, so expect some unpleasant surprises. If you haven't 
    already, collect the contents of Stone Chests from the islands you've 
    visited. Now's a good time to pop into the first map, then scoot back to 
    Buccaneer Bay to get that ship upgrade, if you can afford it. You'll like 
    the next ship, she's purty :D From now on in fact, when you upgrade the ship 
    have a sail around smaller secured islands to get used to the larger size 
    and fire power. Helps bunches.
    3.A. Dark Isle
    You only have a map to this one dinky island right now, but that's okay. 
    No fortresses for a while, but there ARE gun turrets. They pack a nasty 
    surprise too, this is where you'll first experience Stink Bombs being shot 
    back at you. Keep moving to avoid them, and don't bother firing back in 
    kind, as your special ship weapons are only useful against other ships (at 
    least, I've never gotten the pots to work on anything else yet).
    Take out the four turrets on the eastern side of the island, and one around 
    on the southwestern shore of the island if you wind up over there and keep 
    getting shot by something (it's hard to see). There'll be four ships to deal 
    with too -- and if you don't sink them fast enough, they're liable to drop 
    some mines behind them, so watch out for things floating in the water as not 
    all can be cargo ;)
    When the water's clear, head for the dock. See the yellow flag on that sixth 
    gun turret? That means it can't be taken down by ship, you'll have to go 
    ashore to destroy it (and this is one you'll want to destroy). Good thing 
    there's only a couple of them, and if I remember right they're only in these 
    When you dock and go ashore, be ready to block right away because you'll be 
    ambushed. Check the area for chests, then go blow up that big gun turret. It 
    should take four or five Mini Kegs minimum, twice as many if this is your 
    first time or you don't aim so well (like me). This bit of coast can be 
    tricky to pass, but a few jumps should do the trick. There's a Wooden Chest 
    behind a tree, and a Stone Chest farther on -- and yep, there's that dang 
    Pirate Captain again, and he's not any easier even with a bigger sword. 
    Throw out a couple Mini Kegs and you won't have to bother. In the Stone 
    Chest you'll find some Voodoo Daggers -- these things will bounce from enemy 
    to enemy, and while they don't cause much damage they can be very useful 
    when facing a group in the distance. Just don't stand too close to the 
    enemies (or if there's only one or two) or it might confuse the daggers into 
    flying back to hit YOU. These are also useful for when you're not sure if 
    there's an enemy ahead -- throw one and it'll find them for you ;)
    Go back to the dock and follow the "new" path -- those carved Tiki heads. 
    They'll mark the way in most places, although there's usually only one way 
    to go anyway, since everything else is way uphill from you. Also, these guys 
    are harmless, but you'll come across some later on that aren't...and two 
    places specifically that'll be cause of great concern ;)
    Make your way through the valley, taking out enemies as you go. You'll find 
    two chests right away, the first contains the map to Isla de la Garra, the 
    second just has goodies. Watch your back with the Headhunters, as they'll 
    warp somewhere else and poke you in the butt, and they take several more 
    hits than you'd expect. And yes, the Tarantulas here fly o_0 Don't let them 
    bite or spitthat green cloud too much, as it'll poison you for a few brief 
    moments and cause damage; don't forget to block .
      ::Find the Voodoo Master::
    I forget how exactly, but Kat's positive that the fugly Voodoo Master has 
    the next Chartstone. Problem is, you can't fight him yet because he puts a 
    curse on you that makes it impossible to attack him...but really, what fun 
    would there be in defeating him and moving on this soon? You just got here, 
    and there's so many groovy things to do!
    As soon as you speak with the Voodoo Master, turn your controller upside 
    down so you can leave, or just think upside down. When the gate closes the 
    curse will be lifted and you can head back to the ship. Save, then jump 
    aboard -- and if this is your first time here, sail away from any nearby 
    ships so you can hear Old Salty suggest visiting a Witch Doctor who lives 
    somewhere around here...and hey! The mere mention of him unlocks the map to 
    his hangout! How convenient....
    3.B. Raven's View
    You can now visit either Raven's View or Isla de la Garra at this point -- I 
    usually hit Raven's View and get the Witch Doctor's quest out of the way, 
    since it's required -- but you do whichever island you want to (and 
    incidentally, this island won't be available if you didn't visit the Voodoo 
    Master). Also, this is a VERY long island, so if you need a 
    bathroom/kitchen/run-to-the-store/go-to-work/whoops-it's-4-AM break, take it 
    now ;)
    When you first arrive, you'll see that there are three islands, but only one 
    dock. Hm, how odd. Still no fortress yet -- got a few without 'em for a 
    while -- but there'll be Crimson Guard regardless. Take them out if you 
    want, then dock.
    First, run along the shoreline and search for some buried treasure -- a ways 
    past it there'll be a Skeleton Chest, and up on that hill above the chest 
    are some Mini Kegs if you need them. When you head back towards the dock and 
    into the island, you'll encounter your first Tiki Statue -- we'll call him 
    the Spinning Tiki. Sounds like he's saying, "better stay away from my 
    Volkswagen" o_0 You can take him on directly and block his attacks, but it's 
    safer for now to blow him up from a distance.
       You'll notice that Throwing Knives and Voodoo Daggers bounce right off
       these guys -- BUT when you're near several of them, the weapon will
       usually auto-aim for the Statues that are a threat (i.e., not just
       scenery), so you'll at least know which ones to throw Kegs at. Also, in
       these islands and the Winter Isles, it'll be a lot more common to see
       the regenerating enemies pop up out of the ground from a distance -- so
       keep your eyes on the terrain ahead.
    There's a lower section here, which rises uphill to raised ground. On one 
    side you'll see a small ravine with a cannon and some Headhunters -- behind 
    the cannon is a chest with another Crystal Heart -- and on the other side 
    search for some buried treasure (might hafta dodge cannon fire). There's no 
    need for a path here as it's obvious where you can go. At the end of the 
    island you'll find three Teleporters, and there's a buried chest right 
    before the first one.
    The Teleporter nearest you will return you to the dock. The one at a 
    distance that's marked with spears will take you to the largest island here, 
    where the Witch Doctor can be found (so it's obviously marked)...and just 
    past it is some buried treasure that's worth finding. The other (unmarked) 
    Teleporter on the shore will send you to the southeastern island. Let's get 
    that one outta the way.
      3.B.1. The southeastern island:
    This one's pretty basic -- head left from the Teleporter and up into the 
    trees, then follow the valley through the island to a gully. Along the way 
    you'll find LOTS of Mini Keg Guys and Gun Chicks, and they're usually hard 
    to spot through the thick trees. The guys are pretty obnoxious in this world 
    and regenerate quickly, so watch out. There's a Stone Chest here that you 
    can easily pass if you're not paying attention, plus a Crystal Chest, and at 
    the end of the run you'll come to a ledge. Check the left side for buried 
    Now then -- look down and you should see several Flying Tarantulas. If 
    you're low on health, throw out a couple Vampire Skulls, then get a Tiki 
    ready (the Storm Tiki is good here), jump or slide down right into the 
    middle of them and take 'em out. Mini Kegs work well too -- you have a lot 
    to work with by now, and should experiment with the options you have; the 
    Mini Keg guys should be all gone, so now can be a good time to practice a 
    little. One of the Wooden Chests here has a Headhunter Mask inside, the 
    other two just have goodies.
    Pass through the gate and fend off several Headhunters if you feel like it 
    (I often pass these guys, cuz it's usually more of a hassle to stop until I 
    have a larger sword), then grab the next chest you see and return via the 
    Teleporter. Remember there's Tiki Statues on the other side ;)
      3.B.2. The Witch Doctor:
    This is the super-duper long part....
    After teleporting, to one side is a Save Parrot, to the other is a chest. 
    Check past the Parrot for some buried treasure (roughly northwest, up the 
    hill a bit...it's hard to find), then Save cuz this is the only Parrot 
    around here -- you might wanna come back here a couple times while you're 
    running around on this island. If you spot any jewels on the hillside, 
    ignore 'em, you'll see why in a minute.  Straight ahead you'll see three 
    Teleporters; the one on the right, by the shore, leads to the Witch Doctor. 
    The other two lead to the island's interior, and eventually up to his hut. 
    Wave to Flipper, then pick your route (I recommend one of the closer 
    Teleporters, since they all lead up to the Witch Doctor, and you can get the 
    interior area out of the way).
      **Visiting the Witch Doctor: Simply hop in the Teleporter by the shore and 
    you'll go straight up to him. Speak with him, he'll give you the quest to 
    find the masks of his ancestors so he can help you beat the Voodoo Master, 
    then leave through the same Teleporter. In the next chest yoou'll find a few 
    more maps -- and honestly, why you have to jump through so many hoops to get 
    maps in this world is beyond me....
    Anyhoo, go to the edge here and look down as best as you can -- you'll see 
    lots of jewels along the hillside. Slide down and ski over them to pick up a 
    good chunk of change. You can try to get all of them by Teleporting back up 
    via the Teleporter on the shore, then again in front of the Witch Doctor's 
    hut, and ski down the hillside again... you can easily spend a LONG time 
    doing this ;)
    [Um...anybody remember where that Teleporter goes to, the one on that little 
    ledge after leaving the Doc's hut? I'm pretty sure it's still active...think 
    it leads to the interior of the island...which is okay, just dodge the 
    cannon and pick a gate, then whack baddies and pick up goodies until you get 
    to the next Teleporter, then back up to the Doc and back to the ledge, then 
    ski down...or teleport back in and run through the other gate, and THEN 
    (eventually) ski down...whatever, there's only a couple locations here and a 
    gazillion Teleporters, so it'll get kinda confuzzling...anyhoos...]
      **The rest: When you're ready to move on, up the shore from the 
    Teleporters you'll find some pirates and chests, including a couple buried 
    chests. Take either of the other two Teleporters to the island's interior, 
    and watch out for a cannon. The Teleporters here only go between each other, 
    so you're stuck in this valley -- go through either gate in this section and 
    defeat the enemies along the way, and you'll reach another Teleporter that 
    takes you up to the Witch Doctor. Watch carefully for jewels and chests, as 
    you'll haul in the loot on this island :D
    When you're ready to go, pass the trio of Teleporters and the Parrot to 
    return to the solo Teleporter that'll take you back to the dock. Don't 
    forget that there are Spinning Tiki's; the Teleporter that's not by the 
    shore returns you to the dock.
    3.C. Isla de la Garra
    This one's kinda peaceful, especially after you've defeated all the enemies 
    :) It's also the last island you can get to if you haven't met the Voodoo 
    There are no ships to worry about here, but when you go ashore there'll be 
    some crabs to the left. Check your map and get the lay of the land -- I 
    usually run around the coastline first, then head for the interior...but 
    that's just me. Like I said, I'm neurotic ;)
    Along the beaches you'll find one buried chest (oh, and eek, Skeletons), 
    LOTS of crabs, several stray jewels, and a Wooden Chest. Watch out for 
    Spinning Tiki's near the gate on the island's interior, and take out the 
    ones in front of it to open the gate. Keep your eyes open, cuz some of them 
    are hard to spot.
    Inside the gate, watch each side of the path for Tiki's and Headhunters. 
    When you've reached the end, open the Wooden Chests to activate the 
    Teleporter, then take it to the ridge above this area. If you head forward 
    you'll reach a chest beside a rock that looks like a crab (hmmm...) and on 
    the other side of the rock you'll slide down to another ledge with several 
    trees -- and you'll be ambushed by some Spinning Tiki's. Just don't go back 
    there, it's totally pointless. The Tiki's drop a couple jewels, big whoop, 
    ya gotta run ALL the way around to get back up here and it's just a big 
    waste of time. And you'll see what that Star is later in the game ;)
    From the stone crab, if you turn around and look out to sea, a few paces up 
    and to the right you can slide down the hillside and find a very small ledge 
    that contains hidden treasure. And if you run all the way around this ridge 
    you'll find more buried treasure on the other side, in a pretty patch of 
    flowers and butterflies. How nice. As you're making your way around though, 
    watch the thin rocky part and keep to the highest part of the ridge or 
    you'll easily slide down either side and have to go ALL the way around yet 
    3.D. Gull Reef
    Reaching this island will activate a cinema pitting you against two of Hawke's 
    ships. They're no different than the usual Crimson Guard, more of which will 
    arrive afterwards on cue. Be sure to take out the gun turrets along the 
    small islands before going ashore.
      ::Find the Rest of the Voodoo Isles Maps::
    Dock at the small southern island, and pay attention when you hit the shore. 
    Straight ahead you'll see a cannon and two Spinning Tiki's -- line yourself 
    up with the cannon so that each Tiki is between you and it, and you won't 
    have to deal with them (timing with a Mini Keg can be tricky, this is easier 
    and saves on ammo -- don't forget to jump). Kill the Tiki's and crabs to 
    activate the Teleporter, which will take you to the small island with the 
    cannon and a chest containing the last two Voodoo Isles maps. Return to the 
    other island and you can now search in peace for buried treasure on the 
    northwestern and southernmost ends (the second is roughly between the 
    trees). You'll find grog here, and a Crystal Chest.
    The other two islands are real simple. The northeastern island is a bit 
    long, and contains the Smuggler for these parts. Watch for Spinning Tiki's 
    and Headhunters (this is where you can often see them pop up from a 
    distance), and run around both the shorelines and the hilltops for goodies. 
    When you reach the southwestern tip, up on the hill is a Stone Chest with a 
    hidden chest very close by (I believe it's in front and to the right of the 
    Stone Chest, as you look at it) -- that's another hard chest to find, too. 
    Look carefully, as there are a few jewels and bags of gold out in the open 
    that are easy to pass by.
    The western island is my absolute favorite :) There's just pirates here, no 
    critters, no chicks, nothing dead or explosive. Just pirates. Run around 
    here and search for either three or four buried chests (I always forget). 
    Don't pass up the thick grove of trees either, but be careful you're not 
    surrounded. What I often do is jump down the final ledge and run around the 
    island again -- this is where I learned to block and parry, in fact. Must've 
    gone around it at least a dozen times ;) This is also one of those islands 
    that don't seem to have a point because I don't think you really get 
    anything of value here...but it's a nice change, and really good for the 
    practice :) Call me Mr. Pitiful -- I once rented the game just to play this 
    island o_0
    3.E. Vulcan's Belly
    This is definitely the next destination -- for a nice change of pace, you 
    can receive a new sword before you're finished with the island maps ;)
    This fortress isn't as tough to beat as you'd expect -- if you haven't 
    already, sail back to Buccaneer Bay or wherever and get the big pretty 
    brigantine. That'll help...take out the gun turrets across the bay from the 
    fortress, and dock when you've taken back the fortress and done your 
    business. There'll be ships to battle here too, but they don't show up until 
    later and, due to the island's layout, usually either avoid entering the bay 
    or are promptly sunk by the fortress. Yay.
    After docking, head for the Save Parrot and search very close to it for some 
    buried treasure. Save, then head for the path that leads uphill. There's 
    nothing but a Scrapbook Shell off to the right of the dock (that big open 
    stretch of beach). You'll only encounter pirates here too (no critters), but 
    they're joined by the guys with Mini Kegs and Gun Chicks. They'll be 
    clustered here, and although you'll be throwing a lot of weapons, you'll 
    pick up replacements along the way :)
    As you work your way up, you'll soon reach a smaller hill to the right of 
    the pathway, and it appears climbable. It is -- so head uphill and take out 
    the enemies from afar. See that lone pirate off to the side? There's buried 
    treasure there near a small tree close to the ledge -- and in the middle of 
    this area, near where the land rises a bit and the pathway doubles back 
    you'll find some more (save you some searching time).
    Continue past here and you should soon reach two more hills on the right of 
    the path, with a break between them. Slide down between the two hills to a 
    little beach and search for goodies here, then take the Teleporter back up. 
    Farther on are some pirates guarding a gate -- good place to use a couple 
    Voodoo Daggers ;) The Teleporter behind the gate will take you to the next 
    part of the island.
    More Mini Kegs goons and Gun Chicks ahead, along with some loot. There are 
    two places here to slide over the edge: the first is near the bay entrance, 
    and you'll see a tree down below. The other is a good ways away, almost to 
    the far edge of this area (but still looking out to sea).
    Back to the path and defeat more pirates; the next Teleporter takes you to a 
    large area where you'll only find one stinking Scrapbook Shell. After the 
    next gate get a Tiki ready, then head for the Wooden Chest that's just 
    sitting there not looking suspicious. Use the Tiki, then get the Sword of 
    the Loa. This is a cool one -- it's more powerful of course, but also has a 
    power attack that drains the life of nearby enemies and offers it to you :) 
    Not real filling, but still very useful.
    Hit the Teleporter to return to the dock, don't forget to save after all 
    that, then look both ways before leaving this bay as not all ships will 
    appear on your map (but I think that's probably just a bug).
    3.F. Parrot Cove
    This is the next recommended stop, but MAKE SURE you've stocked up on 
    supplies before coming here -- it's a long run, and you'll probably have to 
    ration a few things along the way (another good time for a break first). 
    There'll be several gun turrets to destroy, so you may not be able to dock 
    at the fortress right away after defeating it. If you sail around this 
    island you'll see that the interior is just a very long valley -- and there 
    are more gun turrets tucked away inside. If you sail through the winding 
    strait towards the dock then wiggle around at that break in the hillside, 
    you should be able to take out two of the three turrets there (never been 
    able to reach the third one, but if you do let me know how you did).
    After docking, run to the Parrot and get some throwing weapons handy. After 
    you pick up the Crystal Tiki, be prepared for some guys with Mini Kegs 
    who'll regenerate almost immediately, and several pirates. There's some 
    buried treasure in this first section, and this is another island where the 
    cheat to reveal buried treasure is VERY useful (probably THE island to use 
    it for). Take out the big gun turret and defeat the enemies to open the next 
    gate. Once you reach a wide open area with lots of trees ahead, go to the 
    right first and at the end of this wooded area you'll find two buried 
    chests...gotta look carefully though, it's easy to get turned around here. I 
    think they were worth digging up too.
    Return to the open area and this time, head left into the trees. ZOINKS! And 
    yippee, some of them shoot poison darts. Joy. If you're not using the buried 
    treasure cheat and you feel like finding all the chests, just crisscross 
    your way through here, check your compass and map now and then, and watch 
    out for the Tiki's that attack. Fortunately, the Poison Dart ones usually 
    drop a heart. Stay ready to block with the sword, or use up some Crystal 
    After this field you're pretty much in the clear -- up ahead are some 
    cannons and a few Headhunters, and there are at least three buried chests 
    that can be VERY easy to pass over. Past the cannons you'll eventually come 
    to the strip of land on the other end of the island. Look for two buried 
    chests here and two Wooden Chests -- one of which contains the Neptune 
    Figurehead (should be a buried chest). When mounted on the Wind Dancer, this 
    figurehead will channel lightning through your guns for a very cool power 
    shot ;) Use the Teleporter to return to the dock if you don't want to run
    back the way you came for cash; if you need more Crystal Tiki's, they should
    pop back up here as long as you get them before leaving -- if you leave the 
    island and come back, they're usually not there. Watch out for the enemies 
    nearby. Save and exit.
    3.G. Crescent Isle
    Know what? If you don't have the Crystal Key, don't even bother coming here 
    yet, and even then only if you're gathering Orchids for the Mermaid's Quest. 
    Seriously, unless you want to secure the fort (and it's a tough one, later 
    ships might be more effective IF they'll fit in there), it's just not worth 
    the effort. An Orchid and a little loot. Nada mas.
    When you do tackle the fortress here, watch for mines at the entrances to 
    the inlet -- and you'll have lots of gun turrets surrounding you while 
    you're crammed inside there getting pounded. Make sure you have plenty of 
    lumber, and use your Wind Boost to get out quick if necessary.
    When you're ashore, to the right of the dock are some pirates and crabs, and 
    a buried chest and Wooden Chest. Use the Teleporter near the Save Parrot to 
    visit the island's interior, and head forward immediately upon arriving, 
    because some Spinning Tiki's will be right behind you o_0 This is probably a 
    bug, but the one on the left will usually split into two Tiki's, so expect 
    three total.
    Down below amid the trees, you'll find four Pirate Captains, the Crystal 
    Chest you're after, a buried chest to the left of it near the valley wall, 
    and another buried chest to the side of the Teleporter opposite of where you 
    An Orchid and a little loot. That's ALL :-/
    3.H. Blue Shark Bay
    I kinda like this one...it's sorta busy though, and longer than it looks. 
    Sail around and take out ALL those gun turrets, plus any stray ships, before 
    you take on the fort. This one's easier, and can even be done from the 
    backside. This is one of the islands where you can have some fun with the 
    music and camera angles while you're blasting away from the Wind Dancer :)
    Across the bay and a bit west is the only island with a dock...I'd argue 
    that most of this one and Crescent Isle are mainly just scenery...but hey, I 
    wasn't part of the game's design team. They had their reasons I'm sure, and 
    probably crack wasn't involved.
    Anyhoo, when you land be prepared to run FAR to either side of the dock, as 
    several pirates and a cannon will attack you. Around the shoreline you'll 
    find more of the same (cannons and pirates all at once), a few buried chests 
    by the shore, and some Poison Dart Tiki's behind some trees, before you get 
    around to the dock again...that's if you head west (left) first. You'll 
    encounter the Dart Tiki's first if you go east (right) from the dock. Seemed 
    easier to go left instead of right....
    Defeating the enemies and cannon by the dock allows you to pass through the 
    gate -- but then the stupid thing closes behind you, leaving you with MORE 
    pirates to fend off. Better be good at swashing and buckling...when the 
    area's clear, there'll be two more gates to go through. The northern one 
    leads to a small area with really bad footing and the fifth Headhunter Mask 
    (don't get bitten). The western one leads to some Tiki's (!), gorillas
    -- yawn -- and more Spinning Tiki's and Headhunters. Seems like there was 
    something significant in the chest here....
    You'll finally find your way out and be on the shore again -- double-check 
    that you got all the chests, and you're all done. On your way out, collect 
    any cargo floating in the bay, and flash the boys in the fort ;D
     ::Defeat the Voodoo Master/Find the Winter Isles Chartstone::
    You can now return to the Witch Doctor in Raven's View and receive the 
    little Devil Doll. This will cause your enemies to become confused and 
    attack each other, and takes a while to recharge after it's used. Get all 
    stocked up and head for Dark Isle (don't forget you'll be attacked when 
    going ashore).
    The Voodoo Master is obnoxious and aggravating and BUSY -- he floats around, 
    curses you (you'll probably curse back a lot), and warps between 
    Teleporters. He'll drop spears around you (stand still if you need to), hit 
    you with energy blasts that suck out your health to restore his own, and 
    smack you with that confusion curse deal. Hit that Crystal Tiki deposit over 
    by the tree, stay invisible, and throw *everything* at him. Spirit Bottles 
    and Vampire Bottles will keep the Skeletons off of you. Just stay after him, 
    and he'll eventually go away. The Voodoo Doll seems to help, and you might 
    getta use it twice.
    After you get the Winter Isles Chartstone, stock up on goodies, tend to the 
    stray Skels, and run back to the ship. The Teleporters here won't return 
    you, in case you forget ;)
    Before you leave the Voodoo Isles you might be wondering about that last 
    little island -- don't. You can receive the map for it in the Winter Isles.
        4. The Winter Isles
    Lots of snow and ice, big surprise. Not much variety in the enemies though, 
    mainly Viking-flavored pirates, big cranky HATE 'EM Yeti, packs of wolves,
    and cold frosty gusts. Oh, and penguins. Yay! Penguin Bowling! No more Gun 
    Chicks or Mini Keg Guys though, so double-yay.
    Your goals here are to **Find the Crystal Key** and **Find the Volcanic 
    Isles Chartstone**. You'll also be required to **Find the Spiked Boots** 
    eventually, and this is a great example of how nonlinear this game can be. 
    Each island contains something important, and while you can't clear the 
    islands without cheats, you can visit the islands in any order and as often 
    as necessary.
    The ships here are challenging, and the fortresses are MUCH harder, so as 
    soon as you can you should upgrade your ship, then get used to sailing that 
    monster -- careful bumping into the icebergs and glacier walls up here cuz 
    you'll chip the paint. The fortresses are actually pretty cool when they're 
    fighting on your side -- their shots consist of a big nasty "whoomp!" and 
    can literally blast you outta the water. There aren't that many gun turrets 
    though, and the ones you do find are easy to spot...so at least there's 
    that. And technically these aren't islands, they're icebergs and glacier 
    tips...but we'll keep saying islands ;)
    On land, the first trick to learn is to keep moving, even if the trees look 
    too thick. Second trick is to watch those blue Ice Gusts -- they're harmless 
    and can't be attacked or blocked; all they do when they hit is freeze you 
    for a couple seconds. Sometimes you can avoid them, sometimes you can't... 
    they're mainly just inconvenient. Third trick is that from now on, grog will 
    be plentiful, so keep your eyes open. I'll also mention that once you've 
    upgraded the Wind Dancer to the Carrack (the highest upgrade you can 
    purchase, and possible here), you don't have to worry so much about 
    gathering up loot except to get supplies at the Smuggler's. Means you can 
    pass up the Yeti more often ;)
    4.A. Glacial Gulf
    Before you head off to complete the main goals, you should be able to get 
    another goal that'll make the going easier in these islands. You don't have 
    to go anywhere or do anything specific, simply sail to any island and go 
    ashore -- the first dock you see will work just fine. Hop off and back on, 
    and a cinema should be activated in which Duncan makes off with your 
    Chartstones (if not, visit another island real quick and come back). You'll 
    then have to find and defeat him -- just check your map and head east.
    It's a basic ship battle; since you're at the edge of the map Old Salty will 
    mumble something about not leaving yet...ignore him and sink the little 
    weasel. When the battle's won he'll give you the map to Winter Wolf Ridge, 
    and **Find the Spiked Boots** will be on your To-Do list. You can then head 
    there and get stuff, or just keep going here, or go blow up monkeys, or go 
    play some Halo. It's your thang, do whatchyer gonna do...
    You'll want the boots though to finish Glacial Gulf...I'll wait....
    After you have the Spiked Boots, return here and secure the fortress, then 
    pick an island...not much to do after putting Duncan in his place. One thing 
    to note before going ashore: many of the docks from now on will be at the 
    base of a hill, so don't just take off -- have a good look around first so 
    you won't be ambushed.
    The eastern island is a nice change of pace -- no baddies to fight off, 
    might wanna save it for last. The Teleporter will take you to the top of the 
    ridge; from there you can run around the top (easier with the boots, 
    especially one jump that'll probably take you a few times to eyeball just 
    right) or ski down to the island's interior and pick up stuff. There's a 
    buried chest on the way down the slope, to Kat's right (as you head down) 
    about halfway down. Good place to try the SSX music cheat X-D
    The northwestern island has a Save Parrot, and you'll run counter-clockwise 
    around the valley. First up are some Viking pirates, then a big ol' herd of 
    Yeti -- deal with them from a distance, as they're many times worse than 
    gorillas, but highly susceptible to Tiki's and fire. (the heck is THAT 
    thing? A thawing mastodon...cool). You CAN get in their face...okay, belly 
    button...and swing away, but be prepared to do a lotta dodging, and don't 
    take on more than one at a time with the sword. Just not fun. After the 
    forest of Yeti you'll find a Skeleton chest containing a Fallen Star; that's 
    pretty much it.
    The southwestern island doesn't have much more than a cannon pointed at the 
    dock and a bunch of pirates, and I'm pretty sure a chest containing a new 
    Special Item (should be Fire Flasks). Probably Yeti there as well, buggers 
    are everywhere.
    4.B. Winter Wolf Ridge
    Securing the fortress here should be a priority, since you'll have to pass 
    close to it often. However, this is one of the more difficult forts, so keep 
    that lumber handy and keep moving. If you haven't already, try out the 
    Neptune figurehead ;) Helps, dun'it?
     ::Find the Spiked Boots and FrostBane Sword::
    When you're ready to go ashore, head for the north central island first. 
    There are three docks: the eastern one leads to an Orchid in a Wooden chest 
    and the middle one to some regular stuff, but the western one is your main 
    goal. All three put you at the base of a hill, and wolves will meet you at 
    those first two docks (use a Spirit Bottle for the quickest effect, and I 
    think I've run in and out using only one -- those are shorter runs).
    Just east of the third (westernmost) dock you'll find some buried treasure 
    (not sure of the exact location, I always had trouble finding it). Watch out 
    for all the Yeti throwing snowballs, and run up through the trees until you 
    reach a Teleporter. This will take you to the opposite end of the island 
    where the fortress is located, and next to a Save Parrot (which you'll want 
    to use). Run down through the trees and past even more Yeti (for being a 
    myth, there sure are a lot of the damn things) until you reach a gate. Open 
    the Wooden Chest to receive the FrostBane sword, start charging it up on the 
    resulting wolves and activate the Teleporter, and jump in. You'll arrive at 
    a high plateau overlooking nearly all of the area (spitting contest anyone?) 
    -- that next Wooden chest has the boots you're after. BTW, the sword's power 
    attack is like using an Ice Tiki -- great fun and oh so handy :D
    Near the chest you should see two tall snowy columns; slide down between 
    them to reach another plateau containing another chest with goodies. 
    Teleport back up, and the next Teleporter will return you to the northern 
    island and more noisy Yeti. Good luck getting back to the ship unscathed....
     ::Getting Jack Frost's Quest::
    Sail to the southwestern island, and be ready for more Yeti. Ugh. Never get 
    used to 'em either...eventually you'll come out of the thick trees and see 
    that old coot Jack. Speak with him and he'll ask you to bring him something 
    warm -- and this is the easiest quest to do :D
    Use the nearby Teleporter to return to the dock, shutting the door on your 
    way out (ha ha), and head for a Smuggler's hut, any Smuggler will do. Buy 
    the Fire Crystal that's suddenly available o_0 stock up, and return to this 
    island. Give Jack the Fire Crystal and he'll give you a map to a new island 
    (guess which one).
    Nothing more to see here....
    4.C. Fjords of Frost
    This is where you'll Find the Crystal Key, and the next Crystal Heart. Until 
    you upgrade the Wind Dancer, this is the easiest fortress of the four; the 
    others can demolish your ship.
    This one's another good starting point...you can go to the northwestern 
    island to find the more convenient Smuggler for these islands and get used 
    to the environment, or head for the island just east of him to get the 
    Crystal Heart and then go to Glacial Gulf. Or don't, it's up to you. I 
    suggest starting here because these islands are still sunny and slightly 
    easier to manage, and the way to the Smuggler contains only those Ice Gusts 
    (so there'll be time to get used to them); however, that first island of 
    Glacial Gulf is harmless as well, and by going there instead you can get the 
    boots and sword faster...whichever, you pick. See? Nonlinear :D
    The island to the east of the Smuggler has a Save Parrot and lots of Viking 
    pirates, with a Teleporter that leads to all those small islands in the 
    northwest corner of the area. The island in the northeast corner has stuff 
    too, but if you dock there you'll find that the gate is closed, and can't be 
    opened. I'll get to that in a bit.
    BTW, I call the whale Humphrey. And I've played this game far too many 
     ::Getting the Next Crystal Heart::
    Sure would be nice to have another Heart, so that's what we'll do next.
    Dock at the island east of the Smuggler, save if you wanna, pass the angry 
    Viking pirates and check around just past the Teleporter for hidden 
    treasure. Hop into the Teleporter to find the easiest puzzle of the game. 
    Wanna figure it out yourself? Skip the next paragraph.
    Figure you've already read too many spoilers to care anymore? Then here you 
    go: when you arrive on the first small island, run to the next Teleporter 
    that you see and keep using it. Don't have to run to any other Teleporters, 
    just use the same one, like how you get to and from the Witch Doctor's hut. 
    Cool huh? You'll find a Wooden Chest, then reach the interior of the larger 
    northeastern island. You can either clear that island out now -- a couple 
    chests and LOTS of pirates and Yeti -- or run to the gate to open it and 
    clear the island later...but since you're running around, might as well get 
    something done ;) After using that same Teleporter to leave, keep using the 
    same Teleporter until you reach the first cannon (it'll provide some grog 
    for you), then the island with the next Crystal Heart and the second cannon, 
    then back to the ship. Wave to the Crimson Guard!
     ::Find the Crystal Key::
    When you're ready to go ashore, dock at the southern island (you should see 
    a Viking canoe next to the dock). What little path you see here will lead to 
    a large open area -- keep going forward to the other end and search near the 
    valley wall for buried treasure.
    North leads to a chest and some Yeti, while south leads to some Yeti and a 
    chest (somebody call Orkin). You'll find the beasts around the base of a 
    high hill, and three up on top throwing snowballs at you and covering a 
    Stone Chest. Once you pass them you'll reach a Save Parrot near a gated 
    wall. Enter the gate to fight the Valkyrie. And it'd be a good idea to not 
    use up your special goodies before now ;)
    Want the easy way to beat her and get rid of all the Yeti? Before you fight, 
    tell her they're out there telling fat jokes about her Mama. She'll just 
    toss you the key and go whoop on all of them instead ;D
    Wouldn't THAT be a cool cheat...
    Anyhoo, you'll DEFINITELY wanna save before fighting this gal. First timers 
    should just stand there and let her beat you, lets you see how she attacks 
    and it's worth not fighting back, trust me ;) Then, block and jump and throw 
    things at her, then use Magic Sand and/or Spirit Bottles to fend off the 
    wolves she'll call in, then watch out when she leans back and screams. I 
    don't remember if you can jump over these shockwaves like you can in the 
    Haunted Isles, but might as well try. Just keep after her, remember you have 
    Poison Darts and Vampire Skulls and junk like that now and you can run away 
    from her to catch your breath now and then...eventually you'll see the 
    coolest death scene in the game. There's grog up on the icy slope by the 
    chest, but it's slick without the Spiked Boots.
    Sending her to Valhalla earns you the Crystal Key, and after beating the 
    wolves the Teleporter will return you to the large open area, ideally facing 
    the dock -- remember there'll be regenerated Viking pirates here, and don't 
    forget you gotta lotta Crystal Chests to go back and open now...that "all 
    keys" cheat will sure be handy the next time around, ay?
    (and yes, for the humor-impaired, I was kidding -- btw, did you know 
    "gullible" isn't in the dictionary? weird...)
    4.D. Frigid Plateau
    Right off the bat you'll want to turn and shoot down that gun turret. Next, 
    might as well take on the fortress -- and it's hard, because the gun turrets 
    across from it will bombard you with Stink Bombs, and it's hard to take them 
    all out before you tackle the fortress. By this time the ships won't be so 
    easy either. But you can do it, you're the Black Kat ;D
    Northeast of the fortress is the island with the other Smuggler's hut -- but 
    don't even bother with this one, just look for buried treasure up on the 
    hill and be on your way...too many Yeti around. And if you don't feel like 
    finding this chest...well, there's not much there anyway.
    The island northwest of the fortress contains the final Orchid, and a 
    cobblestone square with a regenerating Fire Tiki. And Yeti, of course :( But 
    there's penguins too, and they're easy to aim for *EG* Head right (east) 
    from the dock to reach the Tiki, then run or wait around for the next one to 
    appear until you're stocked up (you'll be needing them). Head left (west) 
    and follow the shore until you find the Crystal Chest.
     ::Find the Volcanic Isles Chartstone::
    You can come here sooner if you want, but until you have the Spiked Boots it 
    won't do a lot of good...but you WILL activate a Teleporter that'll make it 
    easier to get to where you're going once you *do* have the boots.
    From the dock you'll head uphill past some wolves and snowball-packing Yeti. 
    It's a long run to the next area, but free of enemies (well, Ice Gusts, but 
    hey, least they ain't screaming atchya). When you see a hill to the right, 
    search the base past the path for the third chest (it's buried). Past the 
    Yeti you'll come to a Teleporter and an icy hill -- if you come here before 
    getting the Spiked Boots, use the Teleporter to return to the dock, which 
    activates another Teleporter that will bring you right back to this point. 
    And guess what -- no more Yeti! Woo-hoo!
    Climb the hill and pass some Ice Gusts to reach a gate. Use a Fire Tiki to 
    melt the ice block that contains the Ice Demon, then the other four to beat 
    him. He'll stay in the air most of the time, drops big icicles on ya, and 
    blows freezing air like the wolves do, only lots worse. Staying invisible is 
    useful, cuz he won't see you throw explodables when he touches down. Poison 
    Darts and Vampire Skulls and Storm Tiki's of course...and I do recall using 
    an Ice Tiki and whacking on him, but I could be quite mistaken. Slept since 
    then ;)
    Defeat him, grab your Chartstone, use the nearby Teleporter to return to the 
    dock, and you're done with the Winter Isles. Go warm your feet on Duncan's 
    back, make him useful for a change.
     ::Getting King Neptune's Quest::
    After you get the Chartstone, upon leaving the Winter Isles a cinema will be 
    activated in which the King of the Seas gets philosophical and asks Kat to 
    retrieve the Fallen Stars for him. You'll only have one for now (without 
    cheats), and if you haven't spoken with the Ghost Captain in the Forlorn 
    Straits yet, do it now because most of the Stars are found with the Skeleton 
    Key and you're getting close to being able to get it. I like Neptune too, 
    he's cool :D
    4.E. Jack's Reward
    Although this is part of the Voodoo Isles, I'm putting it here because you 
    receive the map in the Winter Isles...and you get a fun new goodie, so visit 
    as soon as you can ;D
    This island's a nice break after the snow and ice, and it's free of Crimson 
    Guard and Yeti. Always nice. The dock's hard to find on the map: sail up and 
    to the eastern inlet, and you'll see it. Zooming in the camera will help, 
    and you can follow the whale to that side too.
    After docking, head to the right for a buried chest by the far shoreline, 
    then return (if you want, seems like there wasn't much there). Just past the 
    dock is a stone pillar that contains the riddle to finding the island's 
    treasure. It's pretty easy to figure out though...and if you want to figure 
    it out on your own, skip to the Volcanic Isles section.
    Past the Crystal Chest, baddies (kill 'em if you want), and the first 
    stretch of jungle you'll reach a valley of Tiki's and the "destroy the 
    guardians" part of the riddle; kill the ones that aren't just scenery to 
    activate the Teleporter. This will take you to another valley, only this 
    time you must destroy the Tiki's to be able to pass between three giant 
    stone pillars at the end of the valley. There's a lower valley separating 
    the two Tiki valleys, and if you end up down there the Teleporter will take 
    you back up to the first valley.
    A couple things: first, listen to the music. When the drums stop, you've 
    killed off the enemies and can continue safely. Second, passing through the 
    three pillars without destroying all the enemies warps you to the first 
    valley of Tiki statues, and all Tiki's will have regenerated. Throw some 
    knives to find the ones that aren't just scenery, then toss a Mini Keg at 
    When it's safe to continue, run through the jungle and dodge more 
    Headhunters. There are three buried chests among the trees, and it's easy to 
    get turned around here if you're searching for them -- use your compass and 
    keep heading for the southwest part of the island. You'll eventually come to 
    a path and some broken columns (there's some grog right before you reach the 
    path); watch out for gorillas, tarantulas, and Tiki's guarding a Teleporter. 
    These guys don't have to be killed to continue, just to get them off your 
    back, and you can take many out from a distance (but you've figured that out 
    by now, right?). The Teleporter will take you up the hill from this valley 
    and next to a volcano (the "leap of faith"). Play virgin and toss your tukus 
    in, and you'll arrive at the end of the island. Gee, that chest couldn't 
    POSSIBLY be booby-trapped...open it to obtain the "power of winter."
    From the chest, head downhill and to the right (it's pretty much south) and 
    dodge more Tiki's to reach the final Teleporter that will return you to the 
    dock so you can go try out your new toy ;)
       5. The Volcanic Isles
    Finally, we're near the end. This world is probably the most unpleasant 
    gaming environment I've ever played. At least it's short.
    Lava and fire, and everything's red. There aren't many docks because by this 
    point there isn't much to do. The only goal here is to **Find the Skull Cove 
    Chartstone**, but you'll also find another Crystal Heart, the Dragon 
    Figurehead, and the final Fallen Star. Oh, and the most convenient Smuggler 
    in the game (great timing guys, thanks :P ). There's more pirates, little 
    Fire Bats, huge Ground Snakes, and extremely annoying Fire Toads. 
    Everything's tough to beat, especially the fortresses...it'll make you glad 
    you put up with that prissy fishy to get that Harp ;)
    5.A. Hades' Pyre
    This is the first recommended stop, because you can upgrade the Wind Dancer 
    and get the last map here. If you're not using the "All Keys" cheat, then 
    pop into each of these first two islands and leave so you'll activate the 
    battle with the Pirates with the Yellow Sails (don't dock anywhere, just 
    make an appearance, but if you ARE using the cheat, clear the islands before 
    leaving to fight those pirates and save scads of time). You can then return 
    to the Ghost Captain in the Forlorn Straits and get the Skeleton Key (use 
    the Teleporters there for a faster visit), thereby only needing to dock at 
    this island once. That's the most you'll wanna visit, honest.
    Take out the gun turrets before fighting the fortress, but keep moving 
    because they'll POUND you with Stink Bombs and it'll take more shots to 
    bring 'em down. When ready to go ashore, for whatever reason there are three 
    islands but only two docks -- which means you must land on one island to 
    reach another o_0 (it honestly makes no sense to me, in this case)
    Dock at the northwestern island; as you run up the path, off to the right 
    you can find buried treasure near the base of the hill by the shore. Use the 
    Teleporter to reach the large southwestern island. Feel free to ignore the 
    Fire Bats, they're hard to hit anyway.
    This island and the next one are the most involved you'll get while ashore 
    in this world. Really. Here, you'll be at the bottom of an extinct volcano; 
    head for the giant anvil and hammer (just a landmark, FYI), then turn left 
    to reach a Skeleton Chest with the fifth Fallen Star. If you go back to the 
    anvil and turn left again, you'll reach another flat area with no visible 
    chest; search for buried treasure in about the same spot as the Skeleton 
    Chest is on the first flat area. Watch for Ground Snakes here -- you can 
    spot them coming by the dust clouds, and an Earth Tiki works best (or just 
    run away, by now, who cares).
    I forget which direction to go to get out, but I do know that it's past the 
    (inactive) Teleporter that brought you down here. You'll see it. Follow the 
    path up to the top, dodging enemies and cannons, and ignore the Teleporters 
    along the way because they'll just return you to the bottom, and you'll have 
    to start the climb all over. Ignore the cannons too, they're only good for 
    taking out pirates and Toad things in front of you -- they don't give up 
    anything, if I remember right. Save your ammo.
    When you see the Fire Bats, if you want to waste some time and get some 
    extra junk then head for the outer rim and slide down to a large flat 
    exterior area (like the areas you slid down to on Vulcan's Belly). Back up 
    top, keep going until you reach two cannons side-by-side; the next 
    Teleporter you see will take you back to the northwestern island. Slide over 
    this edge too to reach the other exterior area, and don't forget that last 
    chest there by the tree...or don't, seems like there wasn't much in the 
    chests, and by now, really, WHO CARES? ;P
     ::Getting the Isle of Living Fire Map::
    Take out the gun turrets covering the northeastern dock, then hit the Save 
    Parrot (SMACK! wouldn't that be fun, just once?). This is the other busy 
    island -- follow the path in and search for buried treasure near the 
    farthest valley wall ahead (where that second pair of pirates is). From this 
    large open area, head left (north) to the Teleporter to reach the Forgotten 
    Forge; head right (south) to reach a gated area. The Crystal Chest here 
    contains the map to the Isle of Living Fire; opening it activates a mob of 
    Fire Toads -- they're hard to kill, and you must kill them all to reopen the 
    gate, and I have no idea how many there are because they WON'T STAY STILL! 
    Grrr...anyway, when they run around with their butts on fire, they're about 
    to explode so try not to be too close. Fortunately, you'll find grog all 
    OVER the place in this world.
    No more disco here tonight, so boogie back to the ship.
      5.A.1 The Forgotten Forge:
    You start here at the top of another inactive volcano; run down to the 
    bottom and open the chests to receive the Dragon figurehead and some 
    goodies. There'll be lots of Fire Toads on the way down, and some jewels and 
    grog out in the open. Pretty basic....
    5.B. The Molten Labyrinth:
    I'll be honest: by now I'm pretty much over both the game *and* this world. 
    How 'bout you?
    There's ONE reason for putting up with this place: getting the next Crystal 
    Heart. But first:
    Like all these maps, this one's really simple, but horribly long. The 
    fortress is on the outside of the island maze, and again covered by lots of 
    gun turrets. The little island next to the fortress has a chest containing 
    MegaKegs, and you'll want to get them (if only for the entertainment 
    value)...and here there be more Fire Toads.
    When you're ready to, head into the labyrinth and take out or dodge all the 
    gun turrets -- some shoot Stink Bombs if I remember right, and possibly 
    Chains too. The first dock takes you to the next Smuggler, the second to the 
    Crystal Heart; head left from the dock and run uphill until you reach a 
    cobblestone square and really cool statue (the heart's kinda hard to see 
    here). There's buried treasure out in that open section and it's super hard 
    to find and didn't have hardly anything that I remember -- I think you'll 
    get more from the Ground Snakes there than you will from the chest. You'll 
    find some lumber floating in the lava out this way, and you'll probably need 
    it after all those gun turrets.
    That's it. And not even a crummy gift shop.
      5.B.1 Yellow Dog Anchorage:
    Ah, at last, those blasted pirates with yellow sails. If you spoke with the 
    Ghost Captain in the Forlorn Straits, you'll arrive here after visiting the 
    first two Volcanic Isles maps (and you might have to bounce between them to 
    activate this battle). If you don't speak with him, you'll never come here.
    Basic ship battle. Don't get surrounded, use your toys and your head, sink 
    the three ships, then go tell the Ghost Captain of your victory. Have a go 
    with the Dragon figurehead here if you got it ;D If you need practice, try 
    the Sea Battles feature outside of the game.
    5.C. The Isle of Living Fire:
    Here's THE most convenient Smuggler -- sail forward, dock, you're there. 
    Yippee. Methinks the team was over this game by now too ;)
    Anyhoo, sail ALL the way around to find the fortress and a couple of nasty 
    gun turrets guarding the other two docks. The first dock on the outer edge 
    leads to a couple chests with not much in 'em and LOTS of Fire Toads along 
    the way...it's really not worth the effort.
    The dock on the central island is where you're headed. Run uphill, pretty 
    much towards the Fire Bats because there's no path here and it's all so dang 
    dark, and you'll come to a gate. Pass through the gate to reach the Lava 
    He's a real pushover -- HA! -- and slow and STUPID, and this'll be one 
    aggravational fight. Hit him with Hurling Hammers and explosives to knock 
    him over each cliff until he lands in the lava. Gotta lead the big duffus 
    around though, and he'll breath fire on you and throw lava that turns into 
    those freakin' Fire Toad things, so throw LOTS of Darts and Skulls and use 
    LOTS of Spirit Bottles and Magic Sand, and if you think of it, try the Harp 
    and Dolly. Save the Tiki's, and don't try hurting this guy -- he's too 
    stupid to know you're hurting him (well, that, and he's made outta lava... 
    still stupid though). You'll find regenerating weapons and some grog on the 
    three levels, and a Teleporter to get up to the last one. The final 
    Teleporter returns to the dock. Ignore any ships sailing around, they'll be 
    gone in a minute.
      ::Movie Time::
    After receiving the final Chartstone and boarding the Wind Dancer, a cinema 
    will be activated in which Duncan informs Kat that she'll need Mara's 
    locket, and he knows where it's at.
    But does the little terdweasel say where? No.
    The next cinema is activated when you try to leave the Isle of Living Fire -- 
    and guess who has the stupid locket. A Castrate Duncan Tiki woulda been 
    When you can finally get back to the game, you'll be notified that once you 
    enter Skull Cove, you can't leave. So in other words, get stocked up and 
    ready (especially ship supplies), and finish up any of the game goals you 
    want to before you head for your mother's treasure. We've done everything 
    though, so (to my knowledge) you can successfully complete the game if 
    you've left fortresses or chests untouched. If you haven't gotten the 
    Galleon or the Mermaid's Harp yet, better go complete the required quests 
    now. You'll want both. Don't gotta, but you'll wanna.
          6. Skull Cove:
    Cool, we're almost done! Head into the bay, and Hawke will arrive, and you 
    get your chance to send him to the bottom. He's not too hard, especially 
    with the Harp and all your Fun Schtuff, just pay attention to your location 
    and that of any mines that end up in the water. Knock yourself out on the 
    Special Weapons, but be careful of the lumber and sails, try to save as much 
    as you can. Also remember that Hawke's the Bad Guy, so he's liable to cheat 
    when he can ;)
    Don't worry if you sink Duncan too, boy's gotta show up later anyway -- and 
    if he *doesn't* get sunk, well, you'll see him [patient sigh] Sure would 
    like to know what HE did for Neptune though...I think...remember that one 
    other time, when you sunk his ship...?
    Afterwards, there's just the one dock here, so let's get this over with. 
    There's a Save Parrot and a stone path leading left and right. Saving is a 
    good idea here. Head right to reach several chests guarded by Tiki's, and 
    stock up on stuff. Head left and look for another cobblestone square to find 
    the final Crystal Heart. Cover your eyes and pass up the gorillas, they're 
    totally useless to chase after. Just walk away....
    When you approach the big skull cave the next cinema will be activated -- 
    nothing on the other side of the skull's mouth btw, already looked -- then 
    Duncan shows up (and why doesn't she just smack him?), then Hawke, then 
    you'll get the Serpent's Tooth sword, finally. Least you get it.
    Then you getta fight that cheatin' so-and-so Hawke. Move, throw stuff, hit 
    him, try to block, throw more stuff -- LOTS. His power attack is vicious -- 
    yours is too though, and you'll probably getta use it at least twice -- and 
    he shoots at you and has a couple extra nasty attacks, I don't even remember 
    what, just they're nasty. One knocks you back and the other knocks you out. 
    Keep your distance, and throw lots of stuff, and he blocks a lot and ignores 
    the fact that *you're* blocking too. *OW!* HEY! *QUIT IT!*
    Then...guess what? Getta do it again from the Wind Dancer. Fire up the Harp, 
    mount the Neptune, and just watch your lumber and sails, everything else is 
    kinda pointless. Keep firing, keep an eye on him, keep firing, keep a finger 
    on the Wind Boost, keep the camera moving, and KEEP FIRING ;) He'll go down.
    When you finally beat him the game's over, and you can ogle Kat one last 
    time ;P

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