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    Strategy Guide by drewster

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    Another "Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat" Unofficial Strategy Guide
    (For PlayStation(R)2)
    Version 2.2 (text only)
    Written by Drew Morgan, November 2002
    Revised November 9, 2004 11:13
    (c)2002-2004 Drew Morgan (whitefangco@yahoo.com/subject: Black Kat)
    * Copyright Info
    * Revisions
    * Overview
      - About This Walkthru
      - My Two Cents
      - Game Summary
     1. Gameplay Tips
     2. The Controller and Screen Setup
     3. Land Combat
     4. Sea Combat
     5. Fortress Strategies
     6. Boss Strategies
       a. Blackbeard
       b. Giant Crab
       c. Skeleton Pirate
       d. Ghost Ship
       e. Voodoo Master
       f. The Valkyrie
       g. Ice Demon
       h. Pirates With Yellow Sails
       i. Lava Beast
       j. Captain Hawke
     7. Item Locations
       a. Maps
       b. Chartstones
       c. Keys
       d. Figureheads
       e. Crystal Hearts
       f. Swords
     8. Quests
       a. The Mermaid
       b. The Ghost Captain
       c. The Witch Doctor
       d. Jack Frost
       e. King Neptune
     9. Ships
    10. Enemies
    11. Weapons
    12. Miscellaneous/Cheats
    13. FAQ's
    This document is copyrighted 2002-2004 by me, Drew Morgan.
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    "Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat" is (c)2001 by Electronic Arts. This 
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    clarity, spelling, and/or grammar. I use common sense though, chatting about 
    the game or this document won't go in the next revision ;)
    v1.0 -- November 24, 2002:
         started writing the thing, finished it a couple days later
    v1.1-1.4 -- November 2002/November 2004
         did MAJOR revision to the entire piece when I was able to rent the
         game between long stretches of Real Life (mine, not MTV's); scrunched
         or struck redundant info; added or clarified existing info; added handy
         links between the TOC and the Walkthru, along with cross-reference
         links so you could bounce between islands just like in the game only it
         wouldn't be as confusing; added TONS of useful formatting
    v2.0 -- November 7, 2004:
         redid the whole shebang as text-only since nobody takes .docs these
         days; major reformatting; major writing revision cuz frankly my writing
         kinda sucked back then; split the piece into two big chunks; added
         Copyright Info
    v2.1 -- November 10, 2004:
         ditto -- only this time after remembering that text thingies are
         supposed to be 79 characters, but 76 is what fits on my monitor >x-(
         Tweaked some of the overall writing too, and realized that HEY! I think
         Duncan later sails that ship you sunk him in. And added this section.
         And remembered I hated Duncan almost as much as I hated Yetis.
    Two years ago I started my own strategy guide-slash-walkthru, because I was 
    playing the heck outta this game and I wanted to offer something that was a 
    little more in-depth in the actual gameplay. Two years later, I'm seeing 
    that it's still on the shelves at Blockbuster, and folks are still playing 
    it -- so I came back and finished the durn thing. Been fun :D
    First of all: HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!
    If you haven't played the whole game yet, and/or you wanna figure things out 
    yourself, either don't read any further or cover your eyes...or just read 
    selectively. Don't matter to me, just as long as I don't gotta hear any 
    kvetching ;) I tell just about all here, so consider yourself warned.
    Versions 1.0 thru 1.4 were LONG. I had *everything* in them, all the 
    strategies I'd developed as well as the whole walkthru. But GameFAQS et al 
    don't take .docs anymore (don't blame 'em, don't remember if they ever did), 
    so there went all my nifty cross-referencing links. Meh, hopefully soon I'll 
    get my website up again and can post it there, maybe with a link to it 
    *here*. Time shall tell...I'd done a text-only version (2.0), but it was a 
    saga too. Whoops.
    So...this time around, I got two parts: this one's the strategies. Skip 
    around all you want, if you're stuck on a boss or wondering where the heck 
    that last Star-thingie for Neptune is, you'll find that info here. If you'd 
    rather see what happens from start-to-finish, download my Walkthru instead -
    - but I don't always include the details of which thingies you'll find 
    where, or how to beat that annoying so-and-so. Just how my versions turned 
    out ;)
    I *HIGHLY* recommend you try playing all the way through the game yourself 
    before using a guide or walkthru, or even most of the cheats. This is one 
    you just might play again -- Kat's a fun gal, and there's a lot of enjoyable 
    buckles to be swashed :D
    When writing these guides/walkthrus, I had this in mind:
         A) you expect to find spoilers,
         B) you're not using cheats (it's an easy game, and they can be saved
            for the second time through),
         C) you use common sense and think when you play,
         D) you don't mind a bit of humor and reading, and
         E) you play to have fun by experiencing what the game has to offer,
            rather than by mashing certain buttons at certain times.
      YAYS: *GORGEOUS* game, loved the music, wish I could get some trax to 
    listen to outside of the game. The camera movements really added to the 
    enjoyment value IMO, because not only can you get a better view of something 
    while playing, you can swing the camera around while you're smashing ships 
    or fighting baddies and play like you're in a movie :D Beaucoup fun points 
    there. Easy to pick up on the gameplay too, and the load times are pretty 
      BOOS: There are many tasks to accomplish, and you have to run ALL OVER the 
    frickin' place over and over to get anything done. Gets really old, really 
    quick. And some of these islands were not only barely worth visiting once, I 
    sometimes wondered what the design team was on when planning the plot 
    points. Lotta stuff didn't make much sense...which reminds me, they tried to 
    force a storyline in, but it didn't take all that well. Just pretend it's a 
    platformer game, and smash some more ships ;)
      ETC.: You either like this game, or you don't [shrug] I'd say it's around
    20-30 hours long -- once you know what you're doing, if you use cheats and 
    only hit the most vital islands, it's 10 hours or less. There's some nifty 
    extras besides running around playing as Katarina, and those are certainly 
    worth a look-see too :)
    You play as Katarina de Leon, daughter of the Governor of the Pirate Isles, 
    Marcus de Leon. Captain Hawke and his Crimson Guard control four of the five 
    main areas of this world, and upon discovering that he's killed your father, 
    you decide to seek revenge. However, you soon learn that much larger things 
    are in store for you, starting with the news that your late mother was a 
    pirate just like you. From then on, you must fulfill several quests and 
    goals, release the other island worlds from Hawke's control, seek the pieces 
    of the puzzle that is your destiny, and face the fact that your mother had 
    much better taste in men that you do.
    This game's really basic, and you'll probably recognize many common game
    elements. Here are some helpful hints overall apart from the other strategy
     1. This isn't a linear game, which means you don't have to do things in a
    specific order all the time. It has a distinct storyline, and all that's
    *required* is to get the Chartstones and reach Skull Cove. Kat will have a 
    big To-Do List, and several of those things MUST be done in order to receive 
    the Chartstones -- but many are just optional, so go to whichever islands 
    you want to *when* you want to, kill the enemies or ignore them, complete 
    all the goals or skip the ones that don't get you a Chartstone. It's up to 
    you :)
     2. Don't worry about piling up experience or gold or smiting lots of 
    enemies -- there won't be a stats tally at the end (sometimes it feels like 
    that). Just play :)
     3. SAVE OFTEN, especially your first time through because it's a hassle to
    repeat some of this stuff. And if there's a Save Parrot near a gate or in 
    the middle of nowhere, it's there for a very good reason. You're usually 
    safe while saving, but not always, so be aware of your surroundings -- and 
    that's very important when you're returning to a saved game. Sucks to get 
    whooped right away ;)
     4. When you first arrive at a new location, CHECK YOUR MAP! If you're on 
    the Wind Dancer, check the locations of the fortress and the Crimson Guard 
    if they're present, and watch for other enemy ships appearing later. Whether
    you're on land or on sea, you'll find the going easier if you have an idea 
    of your surroundings. Before going ashore, have a sail around the area and 
    get an idea of what's coming up.
     5. Don't forget that you always have a compass and map handy in case you're
    lost or confused.
     6. Keep an eye out for goodies sitting out in the open.
     7. But you don't getta keep any of your treasure at the end of the game - 
    all you're gathering loot for is to buy stuff along the way. You'll need to 
    work harder for the cash at the beginning, but by the end of the game, 
    you'll be sick enough of your surroundings and the enemies -- and they'll be 
    dropping things left and right anyway -- to just ignore them and conduct 
    your onshore business.
     8. Every dock is supposed to be there; if there's a dock, there's a reason 
    to go ashore (even if it's for one stupid little thing). Doesn't mean you 
    always HAVE to go ashore though -- again, nonlinear game, so do whatever you 
    want. After you've been through the game once, you'll have a better idea of 
    where to go and where to avoid.
     9. This is one part of the game that really irked me -- whenever you get a 
    new key, remember to return at some time to the islands you've already 
    visited for the chests you couldn't open the last time you were there (and 
    yes, thankfully there's a working cheat to have all keys).
    10. Sometimes you'll see or hear something unusual, and it's often just part 
    of the game's environment. A good example of this is the crashing you'll 
    hear when dolphins are jumping in the surf. It's nothing to worry about, 
    just cool effects :)
    11. The path to an island's goal is usually obvious, whether it's marked or 
    not -- watch the terrain, but also watch for hills that can be climbed or 
    areas that aren't near the path. Might find something ;)
    12. Chests: Keep an eye out for the different kinds of chests, as they're 
    not always easy to spot. If you pass close to one, even if you don't have 
    the key for it yet, its location will be marked on your map -- this also 
    usually happens if it's just on screen within sight. Watch for booby-traps 
    too, like if a chest is sitting out in a wide open space where it has no 
    business being.
    13. Buried Treasure: Search *EVERYWHERE*. Most of the chests to find are in
    fact buried, and a major part of your riches will come from them (especially
    early in the game, when you really need it). After a while you'll know where 
    to look -- either near something significant (like a landmark or 
    Teleporter), or off the normal path in an area that's a little too sparse. 
    The amount of chests you can find on an island is specified on each map, and 
    that number includes buried chests.
    14. Gates: If you see a Save Parrot near a gate, expect something 
    significant to happen on the other side. If it won't open when you approach 
    it, you must do something else first (usually kill the enemies guarding it). 
    If there's nothing guarding the gate, and especially if it closes behind 
    you, there'll be something on the other side, so stay alert.
    15. Smugglers: Every group of islands will have at least one Smuggler, but 
    you won't always find him right away, and he won't always be easy to reach.
    Throughout the entire game you can visit any Smuggler you've already found, 
    as you're not limited to staying in only one group of islands. When you're 
    at the Smuggler's hut, you're safe from attack, and you can get any Special 
    Weapon item that's available for land use (no Magic Weapons though). You can 
    also purchase grog if you're even the slightest bit damaged, but unless you 
    really need it or you've got money to blow, don't waste your gold.
    16. Don't forget that this is a game! Run around and check things out. Throw
    different stuff at enemies and scenery. Play with the weapons and the camera
    movements, especially while fighting bosses and ships -- and try zooming in 
    to the deck while you're ramming or sinking a ship. On land, once you get 
    into a groove you'll be slashing and blocking, moving the camera angle, 
    jumping to dodge an attack, then slashing again. Don't just run around and 
    swing your sword, play with it, amuse yourself -- have fun! That's the whole 
    point ;)
    I found these controls worked well -- it's the only choice (so it'll have to 
    do), and there's plenty of time at the beginning to master them. You can 
    also get a quick recap by pressing any button during a loading screen to see 
    the controller setup. Might have to squint a little.
    Other guides spell out the buttons, but here's some useful advice otherwise:
         A) The camera is your friend :D Move it around to see things better
           (like pulling back at fortresses), and try pressing "Up" and moving
            the camera angle to head in that direction -- makes for very fluid
         B) Pushing a button repeatedly will have different effects, and
            eventually you can even time your button presses to have the same
            effect, only better -- double-jumps that get you farther, etc.
         C) From the Start button you can access the Controller options: one
            cool option is the Ship Quick View. The D-pad changes the view to
            the deck of your ship, and the helm (steering) tranfers to the left
            analog stick. Takes LOTS of practice, but makes for cool battles :)
         D) Don't forget that Kat can walk too, not just run. Comes in handy
            sometimes, and I'm sure more than one player will enjoy the view ;D
        THE SCREEN
    Ya got three Power-Ups to watch, one on land, the other two at sea:
         On Land: As Kat attacks enemies, the orb in the lower left corner of
                  the screen will gradually fill up. There are three levels to
                  her weapon power-charge, each marked by a change in color and
                  number of swords appearing. The first two levels are the same
                  for all five swords (just some slashing that's more
                  effective), but the third level is a Power Attack that's
                  unique for each sword.
         At Sea: The blue orb is for a Wind Boost (Turbo), the other charges a
                 Power Attack for the Wind Dancer's figurehead. Both will fill
                 up gradually on their own, but the Wind Boost is affected by
                 sail damage (too much damage, and the orb won't fill at all).
    Kat's health is shown by Red Hearts next to the Power Attack orb; the Wind 
    Dancer's health is shown by smaller light blue orbs. The lower right corner 
    contains the compass, but will also display selected items from your 
    inventory (one set for Kat on land, the other for the Wind Dancer at sea; 
    two items can be used in either environment). Black skulls will appear at 
    the top of the screen to signify a boss' health. Kat's health is increased 
    by finding more Crystal Hearts, while the ship's health is increased by 
    upgrading to a larger ship.
      3. LAND COMBAT
    You'll be ashore most of the time, and it won't take long to run into the 
    baddies -- but don't just stand there slashing until the other guy goes 
    away. To prevent getting bored and extra continues, make the most of Kat's 
         A. Stay on the move: run and jump out of the way. As in boxing, you
            don't want to stand there just exchanging blows. And this isn't
            Atari; you have a 3D environment to work with. Use it.
         B. Block often: nearly every attack on Kat can be blocked, even when a
            conventional weapon (like a sword) isn't being used. Try it and see
            how much damage you can avoid. You'll also auto-aim at opponents if
            you're surrounded, or someone sneaks up behind you ;)
         C. Use the special items: they can make the baddies go away a lot
            faster. I often use the Throwing Knives while I'm fighting, because
            they'll make an enemy stop attacking long enough for me to get in a
            hit. Some opponents can only be defeated with special weapons.
         D. Use your head: attack from a distance, or use a Tiki when you're
            surrounded. Jump to avoid cannon fire. Run to a safe distance, and
            plan your attack. Be smarter than the game's AI ;)
         E. Know your enemies: knowing which enemy does what will help you be
            prepared in fighting your way through the game, especially when more
            than one kind gangs up on you.
       4. SEA COMBAT
    Although most of your sailing will be simply to get to the next port, you 
    can easily spend a LOT of time on the water dodging cannon fire -- 
    especially if you find it more fun than fighting on land (which is quite 
    possible). There are only three opponents to battle from the Wind Dancer's 
    deck: ships, gun turrets, and fortresses. The ships will range in size, but 
    they all do the same thing you do (sail around and fire their cannons, only 
    you have more nifty toys to work with). Your cannons will auto-aim too, 
    which is *really* handy (unless you've been hit by Stink Bombs).
    As on land, you can either approach an enemy and start attacking, or you can 
    outwit the game's AI. Here's how to do the latter:
         A. Keep moving: there's no one right way to sail and fight, and I
            usually kept a couple sails lowered to control the speed better. Use
            the Wind Boost for a fast getaway (drivers, think "turbo &
            handbrake"). Circle a ship as you fire on it, to keep it pinned in
            one spot.
         B. Use the special items: they're there to help. Learn what each one's
            for, and use them to your advantage. This goes for the Figureheads
            as well -- and YOU have those, the Crimson Guard doesn't ;)
         C. Fire from a distance: the bigger your ship, the farther away you can
            effectively fire. Think Geometry 101: if you're farther from your
            target, they're farther from you -- and so are their cannonballs.
            This means it's easier to dodge fire when you're further away.
         D. Use your head: don't get surrounded, and don't get lured too close
            to a gun turret or fortress.
         E. Learn your ship: after you upgrade, visit an island with weaker
            ships and lots of room so you can see how she handles. That's
            important when ramming with a larger ship ;)
       5. FORTRESSES
    After checking your map and sinking any ships in the area, it's always in 
    your best interest to secure the island's fortress before going ashore. This 
    is simply to A) get it out of the way, B) gain an ally to fight off the 
    Crimson Guard while you're ashore (most useful with the last two island 
    groups), and C) repair and restock your ship so you're ready for battle 
    after running around on land. I'm not positive, but I think if you don't 
    secure each fortress as you progress through the game, you don't get a 
    reward whenever you DO secure one, and if you do, it ain't very much. A good 
    chunk of change will come from those rewards, so might as well get all you 
    All fortresses will attack in the same way -- as you get close enough, 
    they'll shoot from along the upper level. However, the farther along you are 
    in the game, the more damage they'll do (the first big "whoomp!" you hear 
    should clue you in ;) ). Your special items won't be of much use, so ready a 
    Figurehead and some lumber and leave it at that.
    The Dolphin, Neptune, and Dragon Figureheads can be used -- just make sure 
    you equip it before engaging the fortress and you've allowed time for it to 
    charge up, because by the time you get the latter two in the game, you can 
    easily get your swashbuckling butt kicked.
    Watch for Gun Turrets and enemy ships nearby -- try to destroy as many 
    Turrets as you can first, and keep an eye on the presence and location of 
    other ships arriving. The less things shooting at you, the better ;) The 
    Crimson Guard will often try to lure you closer to the fortress too, and you 
    can be overwhelmed very easily. Don't be a sucker.
    Sometimes you can attack from the side or from behind. This will make it 
    much easier on later levels, especially if the Gun Turrets fire Stink Bombs 
    at you or you're sailing a dinky or damaged ship.
    Finally, keep moving! It might take longer, and some fortresses are very 
    well sheltered, but sitting in front of a fortress pounding away will only 
    get you sunk. Whenever possible, a back-and-forth sweeping attack from a 
    distance is usually the most effective, especially since your cannons always 
    auto-aim (unless you've been hit by Stink Bombs). Try to wait until your 
    Wind Boost is almost or completely charged so you'll have that extra gust to 
    get you out of harm's way (that seems to help clear away the green smoke 
    faster too). The enemy fire can be easier to see if you back the camera out 
    a bit; when you see a batch of their cannonballs headed your way, fire back 
    and scram!
        6. BOSSES
    A "boss" is supposed to be the more difficult opponents -- in this game, 
    some are, but many just seem that way ;) There are two opponents you'll have 
    to beat that technically aren't "bosses," but since you must fight them to 
    continue the full story I've included their strategies here too.
    The health for the *actual* bosses is shown with black skulls at the top of 
    the screen. Don't let the amount fool you: one with several black skulls may 
    be easier to beat than one with only a few. You'll definitely notice the 
    chosen difficulty level while fighting bosses -- the more difficult the 
    setting, the more damage YOU take and the less THEY take. Don't be afraid to 
    hit Start and change it if you think you need to, unless you're trying to 
    impress someone in the room ;)
    All bosses will also have at least one special attack to avoid -- most have 
    two -- and it's usually very damaging and/or inconvenient. But DON'T FORGET 
    -- you have special attacks too. Many bosses will fall much faster (or 
    you'll last longer) if you use the special items and Tiki's you've picked 
    up; three can't be defeated without using them. Just remember to also 
    restock frequently.
    All bosses are preceded by a gate or Teleporter, and a Save Parrot along the 
    way. If you see a gate and recently passed a Parrot, and especially if a 
    Goal specifies that island map, don't go through the gate unless you've 
    saved and you're ready for a showdown. And if you happen to notice a Tiki 
    deposit nearby...won't take you long to figure out there's a reason you'll 
    be needing that kind of Tiki.
    In order of appearance:
      A. Blackbeard:
    He's my favorite (I happen to be partial to this guy though). He just 
    slashes and kicks you, and has a funky power attack -- he'll pause, and his 
    sword will glow greenish-blue, then he'll whack you and ram you with his 
    shoulder, and it does a LOT of damage.
    Throw lots of knives at him and he'll stop slashing at you (even the power 
    attack, but only while the sword's beginning to glow). Block the regular 
    hits, move away quickly if he comes at you with the flaming sword. He 
    usually delivers his power hit after his regular hit or right after you 
    deliver a four-slash combo.
    Got chests to open too, and some grog ONLY for when you need it, so take a 
    break to run around and tap L2, turn and hit him with a knife, then keep 
    going. Don't get cornered against the hillside (remember you can jump outta 
    the way), and save your Power Shot for when he's down to just a couple 
    skulls (it won't charge up fast enough otherwise). Don't bother throwing 
    kegs, cuz he tends to stay on your back the whole time.
    This is one where you can have LOADS of fun moving the camera around ;D
      B. Giant Crab:
    Used to drive me NUTS trying to make those black skulls go away. Everybody 
    says "hit him 'till he sees stars," but that doesn't explain much. If he's 
    frustrating you, hopefully this'll help:
    The basic strategy is to knock it out, then throw a Mini Keg to flip it over 
    (exposing the soft underside), and a second keg to cause damage. Sounds easy 
    enough. But it's HOW YOU KNOCK IT OUT that's the tricky part, and why it's 
    important to know how to block and jump while you're swinging that sword. 
    Gotta be good at swashbuckling ;) By this point you might still be figuring 
    things out, and might not know yet how to effectively avoid direct hits. 
    Right? Right. So here, your goal is to avoid those huge claws by *blocking* 
    rather than *running*
    Don't be afraid to run up to the big snappy thing and get in his face -- 
    just gotta jump to avoid the claws, and block often. Run up, jump, whack him 
    twice, block, then two more times (won't get in a whole combo, just to avoid 
    you a trip back from the Parrot). That oughta get him dazed, then you can 
    back up and toss a keg to flip him, then one to crack him (or run back and 
    whack on him again, I think you can get in lots of damage that way too). 
    Start the butter melting, take you a couple minutes, you can get the key, 
    you're on your way :D
    Special weapons and Tiki's bounce right off, and a power attack takes too 
    long and only works once, so just whack him. There's grog and regenerating 
    Mini Kegs (stock up before you leave, since it's free and the gate won't 
    open after you beat him), and opposite of where you enter there are two 
    bushes by the shore that mark a safe zone -- he'll leave you alone, give you 
    a chance to rest or whatever.
    He has two basic attacks: one begins with a sideways scuttle and ends in 
    lots of snapping -- this is what you'll encounter when running up to attack. 
    The other is when he comes at you with his claws covering his face, then 
    slams the ground and stuns you. Not fun, and can't be blocked.
      C. Skeleton Pirate:
    He's almost the same as Blackbeard, only not so fun. Swings his swords, does 
    some crisscrossing atchya, and his power attack is a helicopter 
    Everything can be blocked, he runs like an idiot, and he has that great big 
    strike zone ;) All ya need to know.
    Whack on him, block and jump LOTS, and speed things up with some Tiki's. Ice 
    Tiki's do damage and give you time to hack away up to two skull's worth. 
    Throw in an Earth or Fire Tiki, and he's a chewtoy ;)
    He's got a lame and melodramatic death scene (just DIE ALREADY! teehee), and 
    don't forget you have a compass & map if you're lost, and a Save Parrot 
    close by. Go see Mama :D
      D. The Ghost Ship:
    Technically this isn't a boss (no black skulls to monitor), but they got the 
    next Chartstone. So close enough.
    Here's the easy part: they'll find YOU. Hit the fortress, get all stocked 
    up, and MAKE SURE you've upgraded to the Privateer if you haven't already 
    and have full cannons -- then pick any ol' island and you'll meet the Ghost 
    Ship the instant you leave Hero's Rest. After the battle, you can go 
    wherever you want.
    The ship isn't that difficult. Sure, it's bigger than you, and it 
    disappears, and sometimes it floats above the water -- but you're not that 
    far along in the game ;)
    I suggest shooting off some Stink Bombs, then some Chain Shots and Firepots, 
    then fire away. You can ram it, but it doesn't seem to do much, and 
    sometimes the ship's floating above the water anyway so you'll pull a Coyote 
    and zoom right under it. The Stink Bombs let off that nice green smoke 
    y'see, so not only can they not return fire, you'll be able to see them the 
    instant they disappear and reappear :) Hee hee
    Keep the camera moving if it vanishes, and keep a finger on the Wind Boost 
    cuz it'll shoot as soon as it rematerializes. Keep that lumber real handy 
    too, because the ship's still a lot bigger than the Wind Dancer and very 
    capable of sinking her.
      E. Voodoo Master:
    Yeah, it's a while before the next boss. When you've finally completed the 
    Witch Doctor's Quest (finally!), make sure you're stocked up on Tiki's, then 
    return to Dark Isle. There are two regenerating Crystal Tiki's in this area, 
    and you'll probably use that one the most.
    This guy's BUSY! He floats around and warps between the two Teleporters, and 
    he's got Skeletons running around as well. A Spirit Bottle will keep them 
    off of your back for a while though.
    Honestly, there IS no strategy to beat him -- just stay invisible as much as 
    possible so you can keep up with him, keep the Skels off your back, and use 
    one Tiki after another -- save the Ice Tiki's for later, when he has too 
    many black skulls to refill off of you, and the Earth Tiki is really only 
    good for cracking Skeletons. Try to toss a lot of Poison Darts and Vampire 
    Skulls as well -- those and the Spirit Bottles can become standard in your 
    Boss Fighting Toolbelt. If you hit him, he'll scoot for the nearest 
    Teleporter, but if you're invisible he won't use it -- so you can catch up 
    and clobber him.
    I forget the details of his attacks: he'll drop spears around you, hit you 
    with an energy blast that sucks out your health for his benefit (and the 
    boy's a pig there, too), and he does that stupid curse thing that'll confuse 
    you, like when you first meet him. He'll still get you even if you're 
    invisible, so keep an eye on him the best you can, and sometimes it's good 
    to just stand still a moment. The Voodoo Doll takes forever to charge up, 
    but it seems like it wasn't totally useless here.
    BUSY busy busy busy, but when he's finally gone, grab whatever goodies are 
    left over and watch out for the remaining Skeletons. Those Teleporters don't 
    go back to the ship btw, in case you forget ;)
      F. The Valkyrie:
    I like this gal. Yeah, she's hard, but not so darn funky like everyone else, 
    and she has the coolest death scene IMO :D
    First timers should save, go thru the gate, listen to her yap, then just 
    stand there and let her wail on you -- you'll get to study her initial 
    attacks and learn what to block, and be highly amused for your lack of 
    effort ;D
    Exchange blows for a while, whack and block and jump, and run away now and 
    then so she's not always right on top of you. She'll eventually call in some 
    wolves for backup -- just use some Magic Sand or a Spirit Bottle so you can 
    keep after *her*, and don't forget all the nifty things you have now to 
    throw at her ;)
    Not sure what triggers it, but after a while she'll step back and scream. 
    Avoid it -- might can jump over it, I don't remember trying -- because it'll 
    stun you but good. It doesn't look like a shockwave though, it's more of a 
    dusty blast, sorta like a nuclear explosion o_0
    There's some grog on the hillside just past the Crystal Chest...but if you 
    don't have the Spiked Boots yet, it might be easier to leave if for after 
    the battle. After you send her to Valhalla, send her pups along too and the 
    Teleporter will be activated so you can leave -- but remember there'll be 
    regenerated Viking pirates on the other side ;)
      G. Ice Demon:
    I dunnae like this guy :( He can be tough too, mainly because he stays in 
    the air most of the time. Fire and Storm Tiki's will be quite effective -- 
    and the Crystal Tiki helps TONS. You should have Fire Flasks by now, which 
    along with the Mini Kegs are ONLY good while he's on the ground -- ditto 
    with the Ice and Earth Tiki's. But if you're invisible he can't see you 
    behind him, and won't know that you've just thrown something. And again, 
    don't forget about the Poison Darts and Vampire Skulls...try throwing one of 
    each when he's on the ground, then an Ice Tiki....
    He also has two attacks that I can remember (but it's vague, and I didn't 
    make notes on this fight). The first is similar to the Voodoo Master's, only 
    instead of dropping spears he drops big sharp icicles that'll freeze you in 
    place if you're standing in the wrong spot. The second is something like a 
    blast of freezing air that'll immobilizes you -- sorta like the wolves 
    blowing air, only bigger (I think).
      H. The Pirates with Yellow Sails:
    If you spoke with the Ghost Captain in the Forlorn Straits, you may have 
    been watching for yellow sails. Don't bother. These guys, like the Ghost 
    Ship, appear at a specific time. In their case it's after you've visited the 
    first two islands in the Volcanic Isles, and you may have to sail to other 
    islands to trigger this battle. If you haven't visited the Ghost Captain, 
    you won't run into them at all.
    It's a basic ship battle, and no black skulls to watch. Try some of the ship 
    battles outside of playing the game to get the hang of fighting, if you 
    still need practice at this point. By now you should have the largest ship 
    available to purchase, the Carrack. Before leaving each Volcanic island, 
    stock up the Wind Dancer and pick a Figurehead, and you should be fine. If 
    you have the Dragon now, be a good time to try it out ;)
    There'll be three ships, two larger ones and a smaller one (I forget which 
    kind they are, but they're about equal to you). Try to separate them and 
    disable them one at a time -- don't just sail in and get surrounded. It'll 
    also help a bit to check your map now and then because once you sink one 
    you'll probably be working on another one, and you'll lose track of where 
    the supplies are and where you are in the area...and it's possible to really 
    need something by the end of this battle if you're still new. The special 
    ship items will make things a lot easier. Stink up a big one, then ram the 
    little one and work on the other big one. Like that.
      I. Lava Beast:
    This guy is SO easy, it's not even funny. It took me at least an hour to 
    figure out how to beat him though, and it was purely by accident. Stock up 
    on MegaKegs, Throwing Hammers, and Spirit Bottles before you pass through 
    that gate. Don't bother with the Tiki's here, you'll really just waste your 
    time. Don't bother trying to hurt him either, cuz he'll just look at you 
    Simply find the cliff ledges, put him between you and the ledge, and keep 
    throwing things to knock him backwards and over the ledge. You'll have to 
    lure him around a lot cuz he's slow and STUPID, and it's REALLY time 
    consuming, but super simple. Just put the Lava Beast IN the lava.
    I barely remember his attacks -- one, he'll breath fire on you or something, 
    and it'll be obvious that he's about to. The other I HATE SO MUCH because 
    he'll throw lava at you and he's stupid so it'll miss, then turn into those 
    freakin' Fire Toad things >:-0
    That's where it gets aggravating -- Poison Darts, Magic Sand, and Spirit 
    Bottles. LOTS and lots of Vampire Skulls. Storm Tiki's for the light show :D 
    Don't bother trying to keep an eye on things, cuz this one's worse than the 
    Voodoo Master. Ugh. Simple, but ugh.
    On each landing you'll find a Teleporter and a stone square with a goodie; 
    one has Mini Kegs, one has Hurling Hammers, and one has grog. Use the 
    Teleporter to go back up to the last landing you were on, get what you need, 
    then slide over the cliffs quick like a bunny because he won't be near the 
    ledge anymore then swear at him for being so stupid and throw more stuff.
    The last Teleporter will return you to the dock :)
      J. Captain Hawke:
    ::Part I::
    The entire game leads up to fighting Captain Hawke, and not just because 
    he's the final boss and it's part of the plot. Both your fighting strategies 
    and your skills will be tested here.
    When you first reach Skull Cove, he'll attack you by ship. Use your basic 
    ship battle strategies and he'll be a cinch. Duncan arrives to help, but 
    frankly he was always in my way, and don't be surprised if you sink him too 
    (idiot, think he'd learn to avoid you by now -- and HOW did he get his ship 
    back??). If he gets sunk, he'll show up later on cue -- if he doesn't, he'll 
    just sail around and around the bay cuz he's an idiot. Don't worry about 
    Duncan, just focus on Hawke ;)
    Since this is in a bay and not the open sea, there are two things to watch 
    for here: A) if you drop mines, watch where you're going, and B) don't let 
    yourself get cornered. I've found that if you use the Mermaid's Harp you can 
    get close enough to Hawke to rip into him with your special ship items, then 
    blast away with one of the firing Figureheads (even lead in with the Ram, 
    then switch to the Lion, then use one of the other three when it's 
    recharged...and in the meantime, use the Ram again). The AI won't prevent 
    him from being cornered against a beach though, so use that to your 
    advantage. One time he got stuck like that, and it took me like 5 seconds to 
    beat him. Seriously. But that was just a lucky game glitch ;)
    ::Part II::
    He's HARD. Not impossible, just he keeps after you and cheats like a big 
    dog, and it's REALLY irritating. You'll probably get to use the special 
    attack of your groovy new sword at least twice (and it's a good'n).
    You'll use everything on Hawke. He'll shoot at you, hit you with something 
    that'll temporarily blind you (not sure if he shoots it or throws it, I was 
    always too busy to see), and slash away twice as bad as Blackbeard did. His 
    special sword attack is a mix of crisscrossing slashes and a big forward 
    slash at you, and it causes a TON of damage. He has a couple other nasty 
    attacks if you're too close to him; they're hard to describe, but one knocks 
    you back and the other knocks you out. Best thing to do is just run the 
    other way and hope he doesn't shoot you in the back (cuz he will, mean ol' 
    geezer). Gets worse -- most of his attacks can't be blocked, while most of 
    yours WILL be.
    You'll be on the move constantly and he won't ease up. There's no real 
    strategy, just a bunch of mini-strategies -- hit him, move, hit him with 
    something else, move, throw a Vampire Skull, move, throw a Tiki, move...your 
    fighting skills will determine how many continues you have.
    Beat him so you can...well, take a wild guess.
    ::Part III::
    Okay, so you're back on the Wind Dancer, and that's a LOT of black skulls. 
    It'll be much easier than it seems though :) Cannon fire does a lot of 
    damage to him, so you'll watch those little skulls go buh-bye fast. This 
    battle is why you want to be fully stocked on lumber and sails.
    Three things here: A) he'll swipe or blow at you and knock you way, often 
    turned around, B) he'll spit at you and blind you (might adjust the TV's 
    Bright/Contrast if you can), and C) he'll dive underwater and surface below 
    you, again knocking you away and turning you around. All contact from him 
    (physical and otherwise) causes damage, so watch that lumber supply.
    Only the firing figureheads will have an effect (Dolphin, Dragon, and 
    especially Neptune, very fitting) so keep an eye on him, keep firing, and 
    fire off the special attack when it's charged back up; don't forget about 
    the Harp either (don't remember if the Voodoo Doll did any good). And as 
    always, use the Wind Boost often. If you haven't figured it out by now, this 
    is a very good place to use it like a handbrake -- zoom away, then make a 
    sharp turn and blast away. You'll be working the camera a lot to, because 
    you'll be getting turned around often. 
    When you finally beat him (finally!), sit back and watch the ending 
    cinema...some players can also ogle Kat some more ;P
         7. ITEMS
      A. Maps
    You'll usually need to search for chests to find new maps; however, finding 
    the next Chartstone always provides you with at least one new map. You'll 
    only need maps for islands too; some events place you in the middle of a 
    stretch of sea, but a map's kinda pointless there (you can still visit the 
    location again afterwards...I've never seen anything, but there may be 
    goodies floating in the water somewhere at some time).
     1) Ape Island:
         Where: The southwestern island of Buccaneer Bay
         How: Run uphill to a large open area with pirates. Search near the gate
              for a buried chest to find this map (it's one of I think two
              buried chests that contains something significant).
     2) Scoundrel's Pit:
         Where: The fortress of Ape Island
         How: Defeat and dock at the fortress to activate a cinema, and you'll
              receive this map automatically.
     3) The Bay of Tears, Forlorn Straits, & Buccaneer's Haunt:
         Where: Scoundrel's Pit
         How: Defeat Blackbeard and receive the Haunted Isles Chartstone, and
              these islands are automatically unlocked.
     4) Hero's Rest:
         Where: The eastern island of Buccaneer's Haunt
         How: Follow the path to the end of the island, where you'll find a
              Wooden Chest next to a tall crypt. Open the chest to activate a
              cinema, during which you'll receive this map.
     5) Dark Isle:
         Where: After leaving Hero's Rest
         How: Defeat the Ghost Ship to receive the Voodoo Isles Chartstone, and
              this island is automatically unlocked.
     6) Isla de la Garra:
         Where: Dark Isle
         How: After docking, pass the Save Parrot to find a Wooden Chest guarded
              by two Pirate Captains; this chest contains the map.
     7) Raven's View:
         Where: After leaving Dark Isle
         How: After meeting the Voodoo Master on Dark Isle and returning to the
              Wind Dancer, Old Salty will mention the Witch Doctor who lives in
              the Voodoo Isles; this unlocks the map.
     8) Gull Reef, Vulcan's Belly, Blue Shark Bay:
         Where: After meeting the Witch Doctor on Raven's View
         How: After speaking with the Witch Doctor, leave through the same
              Teleporter; you'll arrive on a small ledge and find a Wooden
              Chest. This chest contains the maps.
     9) Parrot Cove, Crescent Isle:
         Where: The smallest island of Gull Reef
         How: Kill the enemies you first encounter to activate a Teleporter;
              take it to the smaller of the two islands, where you'll find the
              Wooden Chest containing these maps.
    10) Fjords of Frost, Glacial Gulf, Frigid Plateau:
         Where: Dark Isle
         How: After completing the Witch Doctor's quest, defeat the Voodoo
              Master to receive the Winter Isles Chartstone, and these islands
              are automatically unlocked.
    11) Winter Wolf Ridge:
         Where: Glacial Gulf
         How: Following the cinema that's activated here, find and defeat
              Duncan's ship and he'll give you this map.
    12) Jack's Reward:
         Where: Jack Frost in Winter Wolf Ridge
         How: Complete Jack's quest to receive this map.
    13) Hades' Pyre, The Molten Labyrinth:
         Where: The Frigid Plateau
         How: After finding the Spiked Boots, find and defeat the Ice Demon to
              receive the Volcanic Isles Chartstone; these islands are
              automatically unlocked.
    14) The Isle of Living Fire:
         Where: Hades' Pyre
         How: On the northeastern island, follow the path to the right and
              through a gate. Search for a Crystal Chest to receive this map.
    15) Skull Cove:
         Where: The Isle of Living Fire
         How: Defeat the Lava Beast to receive the final Chartstone, which will
              unlock this map.
      B. Chartstones
    The main goal of the game is to find all of the Chartstones so that Kat can 
    reach Skull Cove and claim her late mother's bling-bling. All Chartstones 
    are received after defeating a boss, or boss-like opponent.
     1) The Pirate Isles:
         Where: You start out with this Chartstone
         How: All but one island can be unlocked; the final island (Isla de la
              Garra) can be unlocked in the Voodoo Isles...if you don't find the
              Voodoo Master, that's as far as you can go in the game.
     2) The Haunted Isles:
         Where: Scoundrel's Pit
         How: Find and defeat Blackbeard.
     3) The Voodoo Isles:
         Where: After leaving Hero's Rest
         How: Defeat the Ghost Ship.
     4) The Winter Isles:
         Where: Dark Isle
         How: Complete the Witch Doctor's quest, then defeat the Voodoo Master.
     5) The Volcanic Isles:
         Where: Frigid Plateau
         How: After finding the Spiked Boots, find and defeat the Ice Demon.
     6) Skull Cove:
         Where: The Isle of Living Fire
         How: Find and defeat the Lava Beast.
    C. Keys
    As Kat runs around the islands she'll come across chests that she'll need to 
    open so you can advance through the game. However, some of the chests 
    require keys that you'll have to look for, and all but one key is received 
    after a boss fight. While it's recommended that you run around to all the 
    islands and open the chests as you receive new keys, you don't have to; some 
    chests will contain quest items, so those are the main ones to go after, and 
    you can go whenever you feel like it (like when you're sick of screaming 
    Yeti or belching Fire Toads).
     1) The Iron Key:
         Where: The Lonely Tombs
         How: Use the first Teleporter you come to on Buccaneer Bay (next to a
              tall crypt) to reach The Lonely Tombs. The key is in a Wooden
              Chest there. Don't forget the Iron Chest you passed on the way
     2) The Stone Key:
         Where: Bay of Tears
         How: Find and defeat the Giant Crab.
     3) The Crystal Key:
         Where: Fjords of Frost
         How: Find and defeat the Valkyrie.
     4) The Skeleton Key:
         Where: Forlorn Straits
         How: Speak with the Ghost Captain to receive the quest to find and
              defeat the Pirates with Yellow Sails. After beating them later in
              the game, return to the Ghost Captain and speak to him again.
    D. Figureheads
    The Wind Dancer's fighting power can be beefed up with new figureheads. When 
    mounted to the fore of the ship, each figurehead provides a different power 
    to battle with; all but one require recharging, and four of them affect the 
    cannon fire.
     1) Dolphin Figurehead:
         Power: Fires all cannons at once; the bigger the ship, the more
                powerful the shot.
         Where: Buccaneer Bay
         How: This is the Wind Dancer's default figurehead; you begin every new
                game with it.
     2) Lion Figurehead:
         Power: Shoots fierce winds from the fore of the ship; rips opponent's
                sails and pushes them backwards. I don't use this one very much,
                it's hard to aim just right.
         Where: Scoundrel's Pit
         How: Follow the shoreline around the island, then destroy the last
                cannon you find to reveal a Wooden Chest containing the
     3) Ram Figurehead:
         Power: Allows you to ram the heck out of other ships without sustaining
                any damage. Doesn't require charging; this one's my favorite :D
         Where: Ram's Rest
         How: Secure the fortress of the Forlorn Straits to open a nearby gate.
                Dock at that gate to reach a Teleporter that leads to Ram's
                Rest, then follow the path and more Teleporters until you reach
                the small central island with the Wooden Chest containing this
                figurehead. [lots more info in my Walkthru]
     4) Neptune Figurehead:
         Power: Channels lightning from the clouds through the ship's cannons;
                causes significant damage and it's effective against fortresses.
         Where: Parrot Cove
         How: Follow the path through the island, heading left when you reach a
                large open area -- beyond a forest full of Tiki Statues you'll
                eventually come to the other end of the island (across from the
                fortress). Search for a buried chest that contains this
     5) Wolf Figurehead:
         Power: Fires sheets of ice that'll freeze other ships so you can pound
                on 'em; not effective against fortresses.
         Where: Jack's Reward
         How: Following the stone pillar's instructions, make your way through
                the island's interior until you reach a chest on a hilltop.
                Defeat the enemies that appear to receive this figurehead.
     6) Dragon Figurehead:
         Power: Shoots powerful flames from the cannons and figurehead, and sets
                ships on fire. Not sure how effective it is against fortresses
               (you get it pretty late).
         Where: Forgotten Forge
         How: From Hades' Pyre, dock at the northeastern island. Follow the path
                in and to the left to reach the Teleporter to the Forgotten
                Forge. Follow the path down to several chests, one of which
                contains this figurehead.
    E. Crystal Hearts
    Find more Crystal Hearts to increase the amount of damage that Kat can take. 
    Most of the hearts are out in the open on a stone square.
     1) Ape Island:
         How: Follow the path to the interior of the island; after passing the
              first cannon and a group of gorillas, pass through a gate where
              you'll see a large ape statue on a hill. Below the hill to the
              left is a Wooden Chest containing this heart. Prepare to fight off
              several gorillas.
     2) Hero's Rest:
         How: On the southeastern island, follow the path around until you reach
              a cobblestone square and this heart; prepare to fight off several
              aggressive skeletons.
     3) Raven's View:
         How: Just past the only dock and to the left uphill in a gully, you'll
              be attacked by a cannon guarded by a few Headhunters. Destroy the
              cannon to reveal the Wooden Chest that contains this heart.
     4) Fjords of Frost:
         How: On the island just east of the Smuggler, use the Teleporter to go
              to the small island chain in the northwest corner of the area. Run
              to the next Teleporter that you see, then keep using it (like how
              you get to and from the Witch Doctor's hut). You'll eventually
              reach the island with the Crystal Heart. Keep using the same
              Teleporter until you return to the ship.
     5) Molten Labyrinth:
         How: Traverse the labyrinth to the northeastern (farthest) dock; to the
              left of a large open patch of ground is a path leading right to
              this heart.
     6) Skull Cove:
         How: Follow the path to the left; on the right of it you'll soon see a
              cobblestone square, and the final heart.
    F. Swords
    Kat begins with a decent sword, but she can receive bigger and more powerful 
    swords throughout the game. The first two power-ups are always the same as 
    the original sword, but the third (when the Power orb is fully charged and 
    three swords are displayed) is unique for each sword, and can have a certain 
    effect on enemies.
     1) The Boneshank Sword:
         Power: Honestly, I dunno, seems to be a series of fast slashes, just
                more powerful than the first sword. I never noticed much
         Where: Hero's Rest
         How: After defeating the Skeleton Pirate, head northwest through the
                second gate. Following the cinema you'll reach the Wooden Chest
                that contains this sword.
     2) The Sword of the Loa
         Power: Restores Kat's life by draining the life from enemies. Slightly
                more filling than Vampire Skulls.
         Where: Vulcan's Belly
         How: Follow the path up and around the interior of the island until you
                reach a gate guarded by three Pirate Captains. Beyond the gate
                you'll find a Wooden Chest containing this sword; prepare to
                fight off several skeletons.
     3) The FrostBane Sword:
         Power: Freezes enemies in place, similar to the Ice Tiki and REALLY
         Where: Winter Wolf Ridge
         How: Dock at the southernmost dock on the northern island and follow
                the path uphill through the trees to a Teleporter. Use it to
                reach the southern island (where the fortress is), then make
                your way through the island to a gated area where you'll find a
                Wooden Chest that contains this sword; prepare to fight off
                several wolves.
     4) The Serpent's Tooth Sword
         Power: Hard to describe -- very powerful slashes, and creates an energy
                field that spreads out from Kat and causes significant damage.
                WAY cool ;D
         Where: Skull Cove
         How: Enter the large Skull cave, and during the cinema Kat receives
                this sword.
        8. QUESTS
    As Kat journeys through the islands, now and then she'll meet a character 
    who'll give her a mission to accomplish. All but one are optional, but all 
    are recommended and result in Kat receiving a very useful reward. In each 
    case, after carrying out the quest you'll have to return to the NPC who gave 
    you the quest in order to receive your reward. Also, you may find items for 
    three of the quests before you actually GET the quest -- so don't stress if 
    you pick up something but can't find out what it is because it won't appear 
    until you're given the quest. Hope that makes sense ;)
    A. The Mermaid's Quest
         Where: Ape Island
         Reward: The Mermaid's Golden Harp, which protects Kat and the Wind
               Dancer from attack for a short time. Takes a while to recharge.
         How: Dock at the small northeastern island and approach the giant
               clamshell. Listen to the Mermaid yap, then she'll ask you to find
               5 Orchids. You'll need the Crystal Key to find most of them, and
               I wouldn't talk to her again until you have all five ;)
         *Orchid 1* On Ape Island, out in the open:
               Follow the path in and past the cannon and gorillas, then go
               right and uphill until you see the orchid. Watch out for cannon
               fire from below.
         *Orchid 2* Bay of Tears, northwestern island, in a Crystal Chest:
              Follow the path a short ways into the island until you see a
              Crystal Chest.
         *Orchid 3* Crescent Isle, in a Crystal Chest:
              Use the only Teleporter to reach the inner part of the island - go
              forward and slide down the hill, and you'll see the Crystal Chest
             (it's the only reason for this island, which bugs me a lot more
              than it should).
         *Orchid 4* Winter Wolf Ridge, north central island, in a Wooden Chest:
              Land at the northernmost dock and follow the path to the Wooden
         *Orchid 5* Frigid Plateau, southeastern island, in a Crystal Chest:
              Head east from the dock (along the shoreline and past all the
              Yeti) until you see the Crystal Chest.
    B. The Ghost Captain's Quest
         Where: Forlorn Straits
         Reward: The Skeleton Key, which will open all Skeleton Chests. It will
              theoretically open ALL chests, but by the time you get it you'll
              have the other keys anyway. This one's required to complete King
              Neptune's quest.
         How: Dock at the southeastern island and follow the path until you
              reach the wrecked bow of a ship. During the Captain's cinema
              you'll be asked to search out and defeat some "pirates with yellow
              sails." You'll find these pirates after sailing to and leaving the
              Molten Labyrinth and Hades' Pyre later in the game (it may take a
              few times, and they don't appear if you don't meet the Ghost
              Captain). I don't know where they'll appear if you speak with him
              that late in the game, but they should still appear.
    C. The Witch Doctor's Quest
         Where: Raven's View
         Reward: The Voodoo Doll, which first allows you to battle the Voodoo
              Master, but also causes your enemies to become confused for a
              short time (they'll attack each other). Must recharge, and doesn't
              take as long as the Mermaid's Harp.
         How: After following the path on Dark Isle and meeting the Voodoo
              Master, you'll be able to visit Raven's View. To reach the Witch
              Doctor, follow the path on the northeastern island (the only one
              with a dock) until you reach three Teleporters; the third one
              marked by spears leads to the island where his hut is. Follow the
              shoreline on that island until you reach three more Teleporters;
              the one by the shore leads to his hut. During the cinema the Witch
              Doctor will ask you to find 5 Headhunter Masks of his ancestors;
              in return he'll make the Voodoo Doll for you. You'll need the
              Stone key to find most of the masks. And I think the guy who does
              the Witch Doctor's voice sounds hot ;P
         *Mask 1* Bay of Tears, southeastern island, in a Stone Chest:
              Follow the path to the other side of the island where you'll see
              the Stone Chest.
         *Mask 2* Buccaneer's Haunt, western island, in a Stone Chest:
              Follow the path to the Smuggler's hut, then follow the gullies
              behind his hut to the Stone Chest.
         *Mask 3* Raven's View, southeastern island, in a Wooden Chest:
              Dock at the northeastern island (the only dock), and cross the
              island until you reach three Teleporters. The one on the shore
              without spears leads to the southeastern island; traverse the
              island until you reach a cliff overlooking several Flying
              Tarantulas under trees. The Wooden chest on the right contains the
         *Mask 4* Isla de la Garra, in a Wooden Chest:
              From the dock, head to the right until you reach a gate guarded by
              Spinning Tiki's; defeat the Tiki's to open the gate, then cross
              through the valley. At the other end are two chests -- the one on
              the right (when facing the statues) holds the mask.
         *Mask 5* Blue Shark Bay, in a Stone Chest:
              From the dock, defeat the pirates to open the gate to the interior
              of the island. Destroy the cannon, pass through the gate, defeat
              the next batch of pirates, then pass through the gate on the
              right. Over some rocky terrain you'll find the Stone Chest
              containing this last mask.
    D. Jack Frost's Quest
         Where: Winter Wolf Ridge
         Reward: The Wolf figurehead.
         How: Dock at the southwestern island of Winter Wolf Ridge, then follow
              the path uphill through all the trees and Yeti until you ffind
              Jack among several large ice crystals (like what surround the Save
              Parrot). He'll ask you to find something warm -- go to any
              Smuggler and buy the Fire Crystal that's now available. Return it
              to him, and he'll give you the map to Jack's Reward; explore the
              island until you reach the chest containing his gift to you.
    E. King Neptune's Quest
         Where: Neptune's Reach
         Reward: Mara de Leon's galleon, in an awesome cinema
         How: After receiving the Volcanic Isles Chartstone, head for any island
              to activate an cinema in which the God of the Seas asks Kat ffor a
              favor. Find all five of the Fallen Stars, then return to Neptune's
              Reach to receive the ship. You'll need the Skeleton Key to find
              all but one of them (so unless you're using the cheat for all
              keys, you'll have to complete the Ghost Captain's quest first).
         *Star 1* Isla de la Garra, in a Wooden Chest:
              After reaching the interior of the island, you'll find a
              Teleporter that's activated by opening the two chests on either
              side of it. Use the Teleporter to reach the valley ridge above,
              and head forward to a stone crab figure. The Wooden chest here
              contains the first star; prepare to fight off several crabs.
         *Star 2* Forlorn Straits, southwestern island, in a Skeleton Chest:
              Follow the path to the Save Parrot, then head for the gate on the
              left. Past several grave markers you'll see the Skeleton Chest;
              prepare to fight off some skeletons.
         *Star 3* Raven's View, northeastern island, in a Skeleton Chest:
              From the dock, head right and follow the shoreline until you reach
              the Skeleton Chest.
         *Star 4* Glacial Gulf, northwestern island, in a Skeleton Chest:
              Follow the path around the island; past lots of Yeti you'll see
              the Skeleton Chest.
         *Star 5* Hades' Pyre, southwestern island, in a Skeleton Chest:
              Dock at the northwestern island and use the Teleporter to reach
              the large southwestern island. Head for the giant anvil and
              hammer, then turn left and you'll see the final Skeleton Chest.
        9. SHIPS
    You'll be able to upgrade the Wind Dancer five times; the first four 
    upgrades are done at a fortress, while the fifth requires completing two 
    quests. Each upgrade is available upon receiving the next Chartstone, but 
    good news: you don't have to beat any fortresses. After the Pirate Isles, 
    just get the next Chartstone, sail to a new island, then return to a 
    surrendered fortress. All that's required is your appearance on the new map 
    -- turn around and go to another fortress, and the upgrade will be 
    available. If you can afford it, this will make fighting bigger and badder 
    fortresses much easier ;)
    When you upgrade the ship, all supplies will be carried over, but you'll 
    have to buy more cannons and lumber and such as each upgrade includes an 
    increase in capacity and firepower. It's best to fill up the cannons first, 
    then go for the other supplies (lumber and sails will often come from the 
    open sea or from defeated ships, FYI). Your selected figurehead will carry 
    over as well.
    Here's what you get:
         Where: the default ship, you start every new game with it
         Cost: N/A
         Cannons: 2
         Info: You'll have the Dolphin figurehead and two cannons, one on each 
    side. Takes forever to shoot something, but the power shot recharges quick, 
    and since you're so small, you can really zip around. Can't carry much 
    though, but you really won't need much. You'll only need her to dock at a 
    couple ports.
         Where: Buccaneer Bay
         Cost: 25,000
         Cannons: 4
         Info: Before you leave Buccaneer Bay, you should be able to upgrade to 
    this ship -- if you can't, you haven't found all the treasure yet or you've 
    spent too much elsewhere. At the beginning of the game, it'll be important 
    to gather up as much loot as possible so you can buy cool stuff ;) The sloop 
    is another fast ship, but still small and can't take much damage. Might not 
    be able to get two more cannons right away, but it shouldn't take long to 
    afford them.
         Where: Haunted Isles
         Cost: 55,000
         Cannons: 9
         Info: If you hit the Forlorn Straits and find all the treasure at Ram's 
    Rest, you should be able to upgrade right there at the fortress. If not, 
    it'll happen soon. She's fast and handles well, and the moon at Hero's Rest 
    makes a pretty backdrop to the increased masts full of sails :) Your cargo 
    hold doesn't increase a whole lot though, but you'll be finding stuff 
    floating in the water more often.
         Where: Voodoo Isles
         Cost: 110,000
         Cannons: 12
         Info: Lookit all the sails, Mommy! :D My personal favorite, and she 
    kicks some major tukus. After you visit Dark Isle, head back to Buccaneer 
    Bay and this upgrade should be available. It'll take a little while to 
    adjust to her size though -- can't go as fast and she doesn't corner as 
    well, but when you're blasting away at the Crimson Guard you can expect a 
    lot of smoke. I like to visit Ape Island or Hero's Rest and get used to 
    fighting ships there, before tackling the larger ships in the Voodoo Isles 
    (you might start spending more time blasting ships now, though). You can 
    hold more cargo as well, but you'll go through it faster due to the increase 
    in guns. She has more draft, so in order to ram a ship well you'll have to 
    start cruising a little sooner so you'll gain enough speed to do real 
    damage. You'll catch on though ;)
         Where: Winter Isles
         Cost: 200,000
         Cannons: 24
         Info: Not as pretty IMO, but capable of stomping the more difficult 
    ships and fortresses. Like the brigantine, she takes a bit longer to gain 
    speed, and even with the increased sails the Wind Boost will run out sooner. 
    You'll be dodging fortress fire and packs of Crimson Guard more often, and 
    because she's a large and heavy ship, she won't steer as easily. Kinda 
    bulky, and you'll find yourself scraping icebergs quite a lot. Your special 
    weapons can run out fast too if you don't monitor your button presses -- you 
    can hold more, and you'll be shooting from more cannons, so watch those 
    amounts while you're firing on the other big boats. Can't see as much with 
    this one when you're ramming and fighting either, unfortunately :( Still, 
    head for Ape Island as soon as you can get her (shouldn't be difficult by 
    the time you whoop the first Winter fortress), and see how easy it is to run 
    over a ship, and how fast a power shot can sink 'em ;D [cackle]
         Where: Neptune's Reach
         Cost: lots of time
         Cannons: 32
         Info: Holy parrot poop, Batman! That's a lotta ship! :D After 
    completing the quests from the Ghost Captain and Neptune, you'll be treated 
    to what IMO is the best cinema in the game. You won't have her long though, 
    since it'll be pretty late in the game, and I highly recommend sailing 
    around Buccaneer Bay to get used to her massive size and lack of speed. Ape 
    Island, Hero's Rest (call me sentimental), and Dark Isle are good for 
    learning how she handles during a fight -- and although you can literally 
    pummel the smaller ships, ramming the bigger ships in her will mean bouncing 
    right off of them. You'll still do major damage, but it won't look as cool 
    ;) Can't hardly see anything when you zoom in anyway...but she'll certainly 
    do well when taking on Hawke.
       10. ENEMIES
    There's lots of baddies to fend off, and each island group will have enemies 
    that are specific to that world. They'll logically get tougher with each 
    island group, matching Kat's upgraded health and sword power, and they'll 
    cause damage relative to their size (no funky surprises to watch out for, in 
    *that* respect) -- and naturally, watch out for groups. Pay attention to 
    where you usually see certain enemies, so you'll know what to expect with 
    the various terrains.
    Enemies will often regenerate (when you return to an area, they're there 
    again), and will often drop gold, items, or health. On land you'll sometimes 
    see them pop up from a distance, which is helpful. Don't try clearing some 
    areas of enemies unless the game specifies doing so...you'd be there all 
    day. It's more necessary at the beginning while you're gaining cash, or for 
    when you need to power up your sword or you're hoping someone drops a goodie 
    you need.
    I don't know the actual names for them, I've just called them as I've seen 
    them. Something to note here: with some of the localized enemies (Haunted 
    Isles and Winter Isles especially), you'll get REALLY sick of hearing them, 
    and will REALLY notice when it gets quiet again after they're gone ;)
    :: SPECIAL NOTE ::
    Check out Syndarr's "Enemies Guide" too. FABULOUS info, and she hates Fire
    Toads as much as I hate Yeti. And I HATE Yeti. Just wanna kick their 
    naughties...anyhoo, she uses better names though, but you'll figure it out 
    **Global Enemies:**
    Cannon Turrets:
         Strength: strong
         Location: All Isles except Skull Cove
         Info: I've included these because you'll see 'em everywhere. The cannon 
    rotates, sometimes around in a circle, sometimes back and forth. Typically 
    it'll take three Mini Kegs to destroy them, and typically you'll see them 
    ahead of you and can jump after they've fired and the cannonball is heading 
    for you. Sometimes after you jump, the cannonball will still hit you, sorta 
    like a heat-seeking missile deal. They often expose some grog, and the Kegs 
    are your only real weapon against them. Occasionally you'll encounter one 
    that takes more than three to destroy -- just toss some more Kegs.
         Strength: weak
         Location: Pirate Isles, Haunted Isles, Voodoo Isles
         Info: Found mostly near the shoreline, they're the weakest critters 
    you'll encounter and the easiest to kill. Eventually you'll probably ignore 
         Strength: weak-moderate
         Location: all Isles except Skull Cove
         Info: There are two flavors in each Island world, and they're easy to 
    tell apart by their appearance. One kind is more timid and tends to jab or 
    swipe their sword at you, while the other is more aggressive and often 
    attacks with a running jump. With each upgraded sword, it'll usually take 
    just a few swipes to kill them. The little ones tick me off with their 
    poking. Running jumps work great against them too ;D
    Pirate Captain:
         Strength: strong
         Location: Pirate Isles, Haunted Isles, Voodoo Isles
         Info: This guy will ALWAYS be hard and aggressive, but special items 
    will slow him down. In the Haunted Isles he's a zombified version.
    Gun Chick:
         Strength: moderate
         Location: Pirate Isles, Haunted Isles, Voodoo Isles
         Info: I hate these gals SO much. They'll shoot from a distance, and 
    smack you up close (*WHACK* kinda funny the first time). They'll go down 
    quick though, and are best dealt with from afar.
    Mini Keg Guys:
         Strength: moderate
         Location: Pirate Isles, Haunted Isles, Voodoo Isles
         Info: Hate them too. They only throw kegs at you, and taunt you 
    constantly. Watch your back, they tend to regenerate quick -- not too bright 
    though, so sometimes it's easy to make them drop a keg and blow themselves 
    up (and anyone nearby). Don't remember if they do something right up close
    -- might hit you or something...
         Strength: moderate
         Location: Pirate Isles, Voodoo Isles, Skull Cove
         Info: Big and bad, their blows can stun you but can also be blocked. 
    Fortunately they don't get stronger later on, so Kat can kick their booty 
    more easily. Watch out when they raise their arms to pound you or the 
    ground, whichever comes first. It ain't fun. I like to get surrounded, use 
    some Magic Sand on 'em, then let loose with my sword's power attack. Goes 
    fastly, sure does.
         Strength: weak
         Location: Haunted Isles, Voodoo Isles
         Info: They tend to be easily distracted, but if you're close enough 
    they'll come running. They block a lot, but go down quick with Tiki's, 
    upgraded swords, and some of the special weapons. Three Throwing Knives will 
    take them down. Watch your back though if you're in a spot where they've 
    been coming outta the ground....
    **Localized Enemies:**
         Strength: weak
         Location: Haunted Isles
         Info: I can't stand these things -- they bounce up and bite your face 
    or something. They're hard to hit, and I usually either blow 'em up from 
    afar, or ignore them. Noisy little things too. One of the main reasons I'll 
    use the "unlimited weapons" cheat is to chuck Mini Kegs at groups of 'em. 
    Makes me feel better ;D
    Blue Ladies:
         Strength: moderate
         Location: Haunted Isles
         Info: These gals materialize and work up a powerful (and irritating 
    after the zillionth time) shriek that'll stun you. It takes a few hits to do 
    them in; however, you can see them coming before they materialize if you 
    watch close enough. When they scream, it releases a shockwave that you can 
    usually jump over...don't let them surround you.
    Flying Tarantulas:
         Strength: moderate
         Location: Voodoo Isles
         Info: They're aggressive and creepy -- they'll skitter and fly around, 
    and if you're close enough they might see you (they're not too bright). 
    They'll bite you and/or spit a green cloud; either way, you can get 
    poisoned. Fortunately, it doesn't last long or do much damage.
         Strength: moderate-strong
         Location: Voodoo Isles
         Info: They're more annoying than anything. They'll run at you, twirl 
    their sticks then warp behind you and poke you in the butt, then warp away 
    again. If you attack them, they won't be able to warp away, but it takes 
    several hits to do them in. Block often.
    Spinning Tiki's:
         Strength: strong
         Location: Voodoo Isles, Skull Cove
         Info: Better stay away from my Volkswagon! o_0 They look just like the 
    shorter statues you'll see around the islands, but when you get close 
    they'll jump up and puff out big wooden spines and come spinning at you and 
    it HURTS. A power attack from your sword will cause damage, but other than 
    that, blow 'em up from a distance. At least you can block 'em, just gotta 
    remember to ;)
    Poison Dart Tiki's:
         Strength: moderate-strong
         Location: Voodoo Isles, Skull Cove (I think)
         Info: These guys, you CAN strike down with your sword, but other 
    weapons bounce off (Mini Kegs work fine as usual though). They look like the 
    taller statues, only when you get close enough they'll turn and spit a 
    poison dart at you. Same effect as the Tarantulas, doesn't do much or stay 
    long, but it's still irritating when you're trying to get by them. They'll 
    often drop a heart for you though, yay.
    Icy Gusts:
         Strength: N/A
         Location: Winter Isles
         Info: They don't do anything but fly around over the snow. You can 
    dodge them, but if one hits you -- and sometimes it seems like they aim for 
    you -- you'll be frozen for several moments. I don't think you can break 
    free, just gotta wait until the ice bursts (might have to wiggle to break 
    it, I forget exactly). They're never really a danger though, just a 
    nuisance... I don't remember seeing them much when being frozen would put 
    you in jeopardy.
         Strength: moderate-strong
         Location: Winter Isles
         Info: Okay -- I'm partial to wolves, so I don't hurt 'em unless I 
    gotta. A Spirit Bottle will drive them away for quite a while, and they're 
    kinda cute when they're sleeping. They'll jump and bite, usual stuff, but 
    they'll also blow a frosty cold air that causes damage. There's usually a 
    few of them around together, since they're pack animals.
         Strength: strong
         Location: Winter Isles
         Info: I HATE these things so much it's obscene. They're LOUD and cranky 
    and freakin' huge, and they'll either take a swipe at you with their club or 
    throw mean snowballs (the kind you pack and pack until they'll hurt like 
    hell -- those kind). Even with the last big sword it takes several hits to 
    defeat them, so either run away or use Tiki's and special weapons. A couple 
    Poison Darts works well though, for some reason. And yeah, they don't much 
    care for Fire Tiki's [cackle]
    Fire Bats:
         Strength: moderate
         Location: Volcanic Isles
         Info: Little pests that will usually leave you alone. If you get too 
    close, they'll spit fire, and to be honest, by this point they're just not 
    worth chasing after. They actually look more like dragonettes to me, but 
    meh, we'll just say *they're* batty and I'm not ;P
    Fire Toads:
         Strength: strong
         Location: Volcanic Isles
         Info: Oh how I loathe these things -- they run up and go "bleh," spit 
    and breath fire, and run all over the place. It takes several hits to get 
    them off of you, and eventually you'll see them running around with their 
    butts smoking. Take cover, cuz they'll explode and do some damage. They're 
    like the Yetis -- everywhere, in your way, noisy, and aggressive.
    Ground Snakes:
         Strength: very strong
         Location: Volcanic Isles
         Info: Seen "Tremors"? Same thing -- big snakes that tunnel underground, 
    usually in large bare areas void of other enemies. You'll see 'em coming 
    from the dust clouds, then they'll burst out and bite at you, and can cause 
    a lot of damage if you don't move fast. You can hit them with your sword, 
    but it doesn't do much and an Earth Tiki is more effective anyway. Use it, 
    grab the jewel they drop, and be on your way.
    [Syndarr's "Enemies Guide" has more great info]
       11. WEAPONS
    Aside from her sword and some feisty attitude, Kat will run across lots of 
    nifty things to use against the bad guys. On land, most can be thrown, but a 
    few are magical in nature -- everything but the magical weapons (Tiki's and 
    Magic Sand) can be purchased from any Smuggler, and as soon as you find a 
    new one, it'll be available to buy as well. Some are only useful against 
    certain enemies, and over time you'll pick up on each weapon's best uses. 
    Defeated enemies sometimes drop special weapons, and when they do, it's 
    usually only certain ones. From what I remember, the Mini Keg pirates are 
    the only enemies who also use special weapons.
    At sea, you'll have four special weapons (not including the two special 
    Quest items) that can be purchased from any surrendered fort, or found 
    floating in the wreckage of defeated ships or in open waters. They'll only 
    be useful against other ships; so far none have been effective against 
    forts, but other ships will use these weapons against you as well.
    **At Sea:**
         Chain Shot: chains welded to cannonballs; used to shred the sails of 
                opponents' ships, which slows them down; causes some minor
                damage to the hulls as well
         Stink Bombs: pots of something nasty that fills the opponents' decks
                with foul green smoke, making accurate return fire impossible;
                doesn't cause damage
         Fire Pots: pots filled with a combustible substance that spreads fires
                around the decks and sails of opponents; causes a good bit of
         Mines: floating weapons filled with black powder that will explode when
                a ship gets too close; can be mistaken for floating cargo, so
                pay attention ;)
    **On Land:**
         Throwing Knives: first found in the Pirate Isles; small knives that
                cause minor damage at shorter ranges, and are useful for slowing
                down an opponent; not effective against larger enemies or
         Mini Kegs: first found in the Pirate Isles; small canisters of black
                powder, with a lit fuse; causes major damage at shorter ranges;
                effective against large enemies, groups, and obstacles, but does
                little to nothing to anything above the ground
         Vampire Skulls: first found in the Haunted Isles; a skull that contains
                up to four vampire spirits; when thrown, the spirits attack
                opponents and drain a portion of life force, then return it to
                you; causes minor damage over a medium area; highly effective
                against groups, and most useful for causing damage while
                restoring Kat's health; they don't require monitoring, so Kat
                can run around close by and the spirits will find her
         Spirit Bottles: first found in the Haunted Isles; contains a restless
                spirit that screams when released, causing weaker opponents to
                flee in fear; not effective against bosses or stronger enemies,
                but highly effective when Kat's surrounded
         Poison Darts: first found in the Voodoo Isles; small daggers tipped
                with a deadly poison; medium damage over short ranges; effective
                against most enemies, and causes continuous poisoning damage
               (just a couple will take down a Yeti)
         Voodoo Daggers: first found in the Voodoo Isles; triple-bladed throwing
                knives that are enchanted to bounce between opponents; can
                bounce back and hit Kat too (so only throw at groups and keep an
                eye on where they're bouncing); causes little damage at short to
                medium ranges, but useful for inflicting initial damage to
                multiple enemies, and seeking out hidden enemies (pointless
                against bosses, but can be used on bosses' cohorts if you can
                think of it)
         Fire Flasks: first found in the Winter Isles; flasks of combustible
                fluid that ignites on impact, spreading flames that burn for a
                short while; causes medium damage over short to medium ranges;
                effective against anything on the ground; useful for creating a
                barrier between Kat and an enemy for a quick getaway
         Throwing Hatchets: first found in the Winter Isles; larger hatchets
                that cause more damage than Throwing Knives; medium damage at a
                medium range; effective against Yeti (takes a few though)
         Hurling Hammers: first found in the Volcanic Isles; large hammers that
                knock opponents backwards; causes heavy damage at medium ranges;
                useful for getting opponents off of Kat's back
         Mega Kegs: first found in the Volcanic Isles; clusters of kegs which
                burst apart after the initial explosion and cause four more
                explosions; highly effective against groups, but because they
                appear so late, there's little time to use them; causes major
                damage at short ranges, but the second explosions are
                unpredictable and can explode near Kat
    **Magic Weapons:**
    [note: I forget when some of these appear, but I'm fairly certain these are 
    in order of appearance (without cheats), and the descriptions should be 
    right; also, the Crystal Tiki is the only one that effects Kat and is useful 
    against cannons; Kat's usually safe while using these, but not always, so 
    pay attention]
         Magic Sand: first found in the Pirate Isles (technically the Haunted
                Isles, at the Lonely Tombs); bottles of magic sleeping sand that
                put nearly all opponents to sleep; I don't think it's effective
                against bosses or larger enemies (pretty sure I've put some Yeti
                to sleep though, don't remember)
         Fire Tiki: first found in the Pirate Isles (technically the Haunted
                Isles, at the Lonely Tombs); summons the power of fire to rain
                down; deadly to large enemies and groups; can be used to
                activate Teleporters and melt ice
         Earth Tiki: first found in the Haunted Isles; summons the power of the
                earth to create an earthquake; deadly to anything in or on the
         Crystal Tiki: first found in the Haunted Isles; makes Kat invisible for
                a short period of time; even when she's attacking an enemy, they
                won't try to fight back
         Ice Tiki: first found in the Haunted Isles (I think, don't remember for
                sure); summons the power of winter to cause ice to rain down,
                freezing all opponents for a short time; causes major damage,
                and allows Kat to hack away as long as the enemy is frozen
         Storm Tiki: first found in the Voodoo Isles (fairly certain); summons
                the power of lighting to strike all opponents in range; deadly
                to most enemies and highly effective against groups; great fun
                for Yeti barbecues ;D
      12. MISC/CHEATs
    This is whatever doesn't fit in the other sections....
     A. Getting the Spiked Boots
    To activate this goal, visit any island of Glacial Gulf. Don't even hafta do 
    anything, just hop off the ship and back on. A cinema should play in which 
    Kat discovers that Duncan's made off with her Chartstones. You must then 
    find and defeat the terd to get them back; after sinking his ship, he'll 
    offer the location of "very special boots" in exchange for being rescued. He 
    should be over on the right side of the area, and Salty might gripe about 
    not leaving -- ignore Salty and go whoop on that little fink's aft (I have 
    no idea if he can escape, and I seriously doubt he does no matter how long 
    you take). Sinking him activates the map to Winter Wolf Ridge (where you'll 
    also find Jack Frost and the FrostBane sword, three for one, coolies).
    To get the boots, sail to the westernmost dock of the north central island 
    in Winter Wolf Ridge. The path will go up through LOTS of trees hiding LOTS 
    of Yeti (and there's lots of ice up the hill, so just keep at it), and 
    you'll eventually reach a Teleporter that'll take you to the southern 
    island, at the end opposite of the fortress. After the Save Parrot, head 
    downhill and run through the trees and more lots-o-Yeti until you reach a 
    gated area with a Wooden chest. After receiving the FrostBane Sword and 
    fighting off the wolves, you can use the activated Teleporter to reach the 
    next area, which contains another Wooden chest -- which contains the boots. 
    Use the next Teleporter to return to the north central island, where 
    there'll probably be a cranky Yeti awaiting you. There's ALWAYS a cranky 
    Yeti somewhere.
    The Spiked Boots will allow Kat to travel over those slick icy patches, and 
    provide a tiny bit of traction when climbing up snow-packed hillsides (so 
    they may not be climbable, but they'll seem like it). No word yet of their 
    effect on Duncan's hindquarters....
      B. Secrets
    There aren't really many secrets to this game, or if there are I didn't find 
    many of them. They might also be considered "easter eggs," fun little bits 
    to the game that you may eventually stumble across. There are three I can 
    think of:
    1. Flirtatious Kat:
    To make Kat flirt, just zoom the camera in real close on her; it'll soon 
    zoom in closer, and she'll flip her hair for you ;)
    2. The Valkyrie Cheerleader Dance:
    Before fighting the Valkyrie in Fjords of Frost, be sure you're not using 
    the Invincibility cheat and you've saved the game (so you can start again 
    right there). Then, let her whoop your butt -- don't fight back. She'll kick 
    up her heels before running away, and it's a hoot.
    3. Critter Bowling:
    Toss some explosives at the scenery animals (monkeys, frogs, penguins), and 
    watch them go sky-high. They'll land and go on about their business, letting 
    you blow them up as long as you want to (although they do seem to catch on 
    eventually). Twisted I know, but still a fun distraction.
    C. Cheats
    Woo-hoo, the cheats! As I said earlier, this game's easy enough to play 
    through at least once without using cheats (worthwhile the very first time), 
    but they'll make later playing much less tedious. All cheats are activated 
    from land or sea during regular gameplay, and you'll hold down the R1 and R2 
    buttons while punching the other buttons. (L3 and R3 refer to pressing down 
    on the appropriate analog sticks, in case you don't know.) When you do it 
    right, you'll hear a sound effect (you'll know it when you hear it).
    Theses are the WORKING cheats:
         Invincibility for Kat:
              X, Circle, L3, Triangle, R3, Select, R3, L1, L2, Square
         Invincibility for the Wind Dancer:
              Select, Triangle, L1, X, R3, L2, Square, R3, Circle, L3
         All chest keys:
              Circle, Select, X, Square, R3, L1, L3, L2, Triangle, L3
         All chest locations revealed:
              R3, X, Triangle, L3, Circle, L1, Select, L3, Square, L2
         All buried treasure revealed:
              Circle, X, Square, Triangle, L1, Select, L3, L2, L3, R3
         Unlimited items:
              Triangle, L1, Select, L2, R3, L3, Square, X, R3, Circle
         Kat's next sword:
              R3, Select, L2, L3, Square, X, L1, Circle, L3, Triangle
         High-pitched voices (kinda funny):
              R3, Circle, Select, X, R3, Triangle, L1, Square, L2, L3
         Music to ski by in Glacial Gulf (music from SSX, it's kewl):
              L1, X, Triangle, L2, Square, Circle, L3, Select, R3, L3
         Alternate poison indicator (the head of Kane from "Command and
              Triangle, L2, L1, Square, L3, X, L3, Circle, R3, Select
         Alternate costume for Kat (requires two controllers, and I think you do
         this when starting a new game or resuming a saved game):
              At the same time, hold:
                (Controller One) L1, L2, L3, Up, Select
                (Controller Two) R1, R2, R3, Triangle, Start
              Press R3 on *Controller One* to change the numbers on screen and
              Scroll through the costumes
    Not sure if this one's real or what it does (maybe upgrading the ship, might 
    require sailing elsewhere afterwards, possibly provides more gold -- nothing 
    ever happened when I tried it):
              L2, Triangle, R3, L3, X, Square, R3, Select, L1, Circle
    Finally, THESE DO NOT WORK -- notice that the working cheats have ten button 
    codes, but these are missing some. If you know the complete sequence or the 
    real code, drop me a line. (This is what happens when people just copy and 
    paste info and don't bother *checking* it first)
         More Gold (same as the mystery code above):
              Triangle, R3, L3, X, Square, R3, Select, L1, Circle
         Unlimited Wind Boost (missing buttons):
              Select, L1, R3, Circle, L2, Triangle, X, L3
      D. Other Game Features
    There are two other features available from the main menu: *Sea Battles* and 
    *Scrapbook*. The *Scrapbook* is where you can view the conceptual artwork 
    for the game, after collecting Scrapbook Shells. To be honest (and IMO), a 
    lot of them are really cool, but also really repetitive. They're worth 
    looking at if you're into that sorta thing, but there are SO many of the 
    damn shells that I never look for them. Plenty of other guides describe 
    their locations though.
    The other feature is the *Sea Battle* modes. This is where you can take on a 
    second player, or practice your own strategies against the computer 
    opponents, all within areas similar to -- but not the same as -- island maps 
    you sail around in during the main game. It's a great way to practice your 
    nautical fighting techniques outside of the game, and get familiar with some 
    of the sea terrains. There are three modes from which to choose: Quick, 
    Ladder, and Fleet. The first two are one- or two-player modes, the third is 
    just you against the game. As in regular gameplay, you can choose Easy, 
    Normal, or Hard from the Start button; the more difficult the level, the 
    more damage you take and the less you deliver.
    Watch for goodies, since the other guy can use them here too. You'll find 
    the usual lumber, sails, and special ship items here, along with 
    figureheads; there are some other special items, but I don't remember 
    specifically what they do. One cancels out your opponent's Wind Boost 
    (they'll have to charge it up again), and I think another give *you* a 
    boost, in case you're low on sails or something. There's another one or two, 
    think they're pretty much the same only for the special weapon charge...not 
         Quick: Pick a ship, a sail color, and a location, then sink him before
                he sinks you. Watch for goodies to pop up in the water now and
                then. When a ship is sunk, the battle's over.
         Ladder: Same as Quick mode, except at the end of the battle the winner
                goes on to fight the next largest ship (sailed by the loser).
                Whatever you pick up, including whatever the other ship dropped
                after exploding (sail around before hitting the Start button
                the first time), is carried over to the next battle; if you
                lose the battle, you start over with the next largest ship and
                no supplies. The battles continue until the Man o' War ship is
         Fleet: Pick your ship and sail color (I'd recommend using one of the
                biggest ships), then fight off four of the Crimson Guard. Their
                ships will vary, but there will always be a couple larger ships
                and a couple smaller ships. You don't get to carry over any
                supplies you've picked up, and must gather them up after
                destroying the enemy's ships during each match. Watch out for
                the smaller ships later on, because they'll usually be the
                obnoxious ones shooting Stink Bombs or Chain Shots at you, then
                zooming away. I'm not certain, but I think there's about ten
                rounds to battle through.
         13. FAQS
    I actually haven't received any real questions yet, but I certainly had my 
    own stumpers while playing, and one just recently occurred to me while 
    revising the Walkthru. If you're wondering about something or want to offer 
    something useful, and it's not addressed anywhere in this guide, drop me a 
    line at [whitefangco@yahoo.com] with "Black Kat FAQ" as the subject line. DO 
    NOT contact me if you haven't yet looked for the info yourself; if your 
    question or comment is already referred to in this guide, you won't get a 
         Q1: At the beginning, how do you get up to the burning mansion on the 
         A1: You can't -- that hill, like most hills in the game, is just 
    scenery and cannot be climbed. To my knowledge, there's nothing significant 
    up there anyway. However, this isn't 100% confirmed, so if someone has 
    gotten up there let me know (and if you send me bogus info, I'll just think 
    you're an ass and block your email addy...but it won't bother me :P ).
         Q2: Where are all the buried chests located?
         A2: All over the place. I've tried to describe their locations in my 
    Walkthru, but you'll have to do the searching yourself...and some are a lot 
    harder to find than others, even with the cheat.
         Q3: How do I get from Buccaneer Bay to the main map?
         A3: Set sail for open waters :) Head for the edge of the map, then tap 
    L2 when the anchor appears up in the corner of the screen. Took me forever 
    to figure that one out, one of those "DOH!" things ;)
         Q4: How do I get to the other places on the main map?
         A4: To reach the other islands, you'll either find maps in chests, or 
    unlock new ones by receiving a Chartstone. Some maps are made available by 
    the gameplay itself, like during a cinema.
         Q5: On Ape Island, how do I get up that hill with the big ape statue?
         A5: It's difficult, but basically you'll run at the right side of the 
    hill, just past the big palm tree and aiming for the chest up there. It's 
    easier to attack the climb from the front rather than the side, and you'll 
    have to double-jump until you're on stable ground. The Spiked Boots you'll 
    receive later in the game don't really help -- it's the timing and where you 
    run up the hill that matters. And there *is* a decent chunk of loot up there 
    for your trouble.
         Q6: How do I beat [this boss/that enemy]?
         A6: See the "Boss" and "Enemies" sections above, as each one's unique.
         Q7: Do I have to secure all of the fortresses? Some of them are tough.
         A7: Technically, no, just the one at Ape Island to get the Haunted 
    Isles Chartstone. The one at Forlorn Straits will make Ram's Rest available 
    to you so you can get the Ram Figurehead. I've beaten the game with just 
    those two -- gotta have my Ram ;) -- but IMO it's better to secure them as 
    you go, so that A) it'll be out of the way, and B) you won't have to jump 
    all over the place to repair the Wind Dancer, and C) you'll get the cash 
    reward, which you'll want in the first half of the game. You *can* leave 
    Buccaneer Bay without securing that fortress (if I remember right), but it's 
    the easiest one and you'll get even MORE stomped at the next island...so 
    might as well take it on and get in some practice, then be able to upgrade 
    your ship before leaving. It's the easiest one to reach later anyway, plus 
    there's a Smuggler and Save Parrot, and you'll never see any Crimson Guard.
         Q8: In the game's cinema that plays, it shows Kat fighting the Ice 
    Demon, and there's a Crystal chest there. But when I get to that boss fight, 
    there's no chest. What's up?
         A8: Beats me. All I can think of is that it's left over from pre-
    production, and was removed before the final PS2 release. If you watch the 
    movie carefully (the clip's near the end, after a clip of Kat slashing at 
    the Voodoo Master), you can see that the chest is definitely there, not just 
    invisible until highlighted by the Ice Demon's breath. However, only one of 
    the three chests of Frigid Plateau are located on that island, and it's 
    buried and can be found before reaching the Ice Demon (that may be it, just 
    got changed and moved). Also, in that cinema none of the three boss fights 
    show any skulls for the bosses; this tells me that the video isn't from the 
    final product itself. Could also be from the XBox version or whatever... 
    probably it's just preproduction footage, like the initial screenshots they 
    released that didn't quite match the final release. If this isn't correct 
    and there really is a chest in that boss fight (or they know the actual 
    reason it appears in the cinema), let me know. And again, don't bother with 
    bogus info...
         Q9: How come Duncan's sailing his ship at Skull Cove? I thought Kat 
    sunk it at Glacial Gulf.
         A9: Hmmmm.... Obviously somebody missed that little detail...or 
    Duncan's got more ships...or he's tight with Neptune...or it's explained at 
    some other point in the game...or someone figured we'd be so over the game 
    by then we wouldn't care much...btw, ever notice that Duncan's sails were 
    yellow too...? Interesting....

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