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    Shadow Mode Walkthrough by EntityGM

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                   Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
                        Shadow Mode walkthrough
                              By NinjaRyu
    01. Table of Contents
    01. Table of Contents
    02. Introduction
    03. Tips
    04. Tanker - Normal
    05. Plant - Normal
    06. Bosses
    07. Thanks
    08. Version History
    09. Contact Info
    10. Copyright
    02. Introduction
    So what is this guide about, you ask?  This is for the player who felt 
    that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was, while not totally 
    unchallenging, less focused on the stealth aspect of the series than its 
    predecessor.  This will cover a method of beating MGS2 with absolute 
    minimal guard interaction.  That means absolutely no use of the 
    tranquilizer gun or holdups, no tapping on walls, basically avoiding any 
    nonessential interaction with guards.  This is, to me, what stealth 
    should be like, sneaking in and out of a hostile without drawing your gun 
    for anything but fixed and boss battles, using only your wits to get 
    through it.
    You might get frustrated, you might decide it is impossible, and if you 
    suceed you won't get a shiny medal to show off to your friends.  You will 
    however, have experienced "Tactical Espionage Action" as I feel it was 
    meant to be, and get that sense of self-pride that comes from committing 
    yourself to something others may call impossible and accomplishing it.  
    Just rest assured that it is possible and it is not as difficult as it 
    sounds, I just hope you're patient.
    This mode is of course completely optional.  I chose to play without the 
    use of chaff or even walltaps, without radar, and without killing any 
    bosses, but you don't have to.  If you want to kill Fatman, go right 
    ahead, and if you'd rather use chaff to get past a difficult room full of 
    cyphers, that's your choice.  I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but 
    the names of boss fights are still going to give a few things away.  I 
    also might not be _exact_ in every thing, like tell you "wait until you 
    see this event" it may not be exact, and the patrols can be slightly 
    skewed between one another but it should be pretty easy to recognize what 
    I'm talking about.
    Anyway, this is my first public FAQ so I'm open to comments on it.
    03. Tips for Survival
    -Be patient!  If you try to run through the game as quickly as possible, 
    not only will you not get to enjoy it as much, you're sure to be spotted 
    eventually.  Pace yourself, observe enemy patterns from afar, play like 
    you are really in the game not just an outside observer.  
    -LISTEN!  Lacking radar and the ability to move around in first person 
    sound is your best way of knowing where things are.  It is your ally, it 
    will let you know who is behind a corner, what they are doing, etc.
    -The AP sensor can be of great use as well, especially when an enemy is 
    above you, use it when possible.
    -If you're going for rank, never continue.  If you are spotted, die and 
    exit, then reload.  Not only do continues count against, but every single 
    time you get spotted, die, then continue, those alerts count against you.  
    Every action you did between your last load and that continue is counted 
    toward your final rank.
    -I won't tell you to get every item in the game.  Some of them are 
    unnecessary, some out of the way, and others I just don't feel like 
    explaining here.  Ammo should be plentiful, but if you are in a somewhat 
    safe room you can try for it.  If you've beaten the game before you 
    should know how much ammo you need for the bosses, and usually extra is 
    provided for you.
    -I'll probably be accused of hand-holding for an advanced-level guide but 
    that's just how I am.  Unfortunately this doesn't really work all the 
    time, I can give you the strategy which worked for me, and I'll probably 
    do it in far too many words, but sometimes I just can't convey what must 
    be done.  Watch the patterns and formulate a plan.  As I think Snake said 
    in MGS: "Figuring things out for yourself is the only real freedom any of 
    us has."
    -Play it your way.  Do whatever you want to, try playing the game how you 
    envision it.  Kojima and his team did a great job of leaving the game 
    open ended, so don't feel constrained to play how anyone tells you.  This 
    guide is just the way I most enjoy playing the game, if you want to use 
    chaff, radar, etc go ahead, the important thing is to enjoy the game.
    -Save 2 Books (mmm, FHM...) until toward the end, as I've yet to find a 
    way to beat one room without them.
    04. Tanker - Normal
    Remember that this is for normal difficulty.  Some rooms on hard and 
    extreme may be identical, but there are rooms where there are extra 
    guards or the patrol routes will change.  Eventually I may make a guide 
    for Hard, but for now this will have to do.
    4.01 Aft Deck
    You start out on the south deck (for future reference, up on the radar is 
    north), with 3 guards in the vicinity.  On Normal you can take either the 
    upper right or lower left door, but since the lower left is the only one 
    available in later difficulties I take that one.  Head northeast quickly 
    and climb the stairs.  Look forward and to the right until the guard 
    walks away then hop over the box, grab the chaff, and hop over the 
    railing (triangle).  If you want to see a funny scene stay down here and 
    go northeast.  Grab the pentazemin against the north wall, call Otacon 
    with it equipped, then take it and repeat.  Head back to the stairs near 
    the railing.  Stay under the ledge where you can see the guard above you 
    and wait until he turns to walk away.  Climb halfway up the stairs and 
    press against the wall until he returns to the point closer to you, then 
    run up, past him, and hide behind the large obstacle near the north 
    stairs.  Use corner view (don't go to far to the right) until you see him 
    stand near the door then turn around.  Enter this door if you want the 
    shortcut, otherwise wait around.
    Keep an eye on the upper ledge as well, there is a guard who walks around 
    the whole area.  He will probably be on his approach so wait, using the 
    right analog stick to watch the upper ledge from corner view, until he 
    comes near then leaves.  When both he and the other guard are walking 
    away from you head up the stairs and shadow the upper guard, but not too 
    close as he stops often.  When you get to the center you can either 
    continue to tail him or wait until he returns, hang off the ledge, then 
    hop up and continue west.  If you're tailing him wait until he gets as 
    far north as he goes then hop over the rail (be careful doing this 
    because some sections are blocked, and the guard below may see you in 
    others.  When you are on the mid ledge stand near the door and look south, 
    past the railing of the stairs until you see a guard walking away from 
    you, then quickly head down the stairs.  Either open the door immediately 
    or head northwest if you want a ration.  Then wait until the guard is 
    heading north again and enter the door you passed.
    4.02 Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
    Try to open the northwest door for a bit of humor.  Check the locker room 
    to the south for a ration, an M9 clip and two very nice posters.  Make 
    sure you aren't leaving tracks by running around a bit.  Now press 
    against the southeast corner wall just outside the locker room and wait 
    until the guard approaches, but don't lean or you can get spotted.  When 
    he heads north follow him until there is a gap in the wall, just past the 
    red cylinders.  Hold right in here until the guard passes then run north 
    through the sliding door.
    4.03 Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    Don't worry about getting items here yet, there will be a much better 
    opportunity later.  Watch the guard to the west from the corner, and 
    equip the AP sensor to sense a second guard to the north.  Eventually you 
    will see the north guard come into view, then turn and leave.  Either go 
    for the stairs now (you might hear a "who's there"), or wait until the 
    south guard approaches and leaves again, then run up the stairs and enter 
    the east door.
    4.04 Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    Go into the corridor to the northeast to find M9 bullets concealed behind 
    the stairs, then head south of where you entered.  If your feet are wet 
    walk around a bit until they are dry before proceeding.  To the south, 
    find a ration in the dark alcove, then carefully head to the corner near 
    the southern hall and press against it.  Wait until the guard starts 
    walking away and come around the corner into another alcove with a locker.  
    It contains USP ammo but you can't pick it up yet, so press against the 
    north wall or the locker (the guard won't see you) until he passes to the 
    east.  The moment he passes run west, then north and take the stairs in 
    the northwest room.
    4.05 Deck-C, Crew's Quarters
    Press against the north wall and slide past the camera, grab the chaff 
    from the locker if you want it, and head upstairs.
    4.06 Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    If you haven't saved yet, bravo, but do it now because this room can be 
    difficult at first.  The room to the west has both M9 and USP bullets, 
    neither of which will be in short supply so don't bother unless you 
    really want to.  I'll outline a strategy for getting it on the return 
    trip later.  Head west and move south slightly to hear about the tripwire.  
    You can get a box and M9 ammo from the room to the west, but if you do be 
    careful because a third guard will approach from the stairs you came up, 
    be very careful leaving the room.  Press against the southern wall of the 
    north corridor and watch the guard on the other side of the lasers.  When 
    he leaves duck and crawl under the laser, then when you are a safe bit 
    past them press against the west wall and slide north as far as you can 
    (Snake won't slide into the tripwires).  Again wait for the guard to head 
    west and shadow him until you can enter the stairwell to the north.  
    Don't follow too close as he stops to face north at the stairs.  You can 
    also go straight for them after crossing the tripwires if you are feeling 
    4.07 Deck-E, The Bridge
    Nothing to do here so head through the western door.
    ***BOSS BATTLE*** Olga - See 6.1 of Bosses section for strategy
    4.08 Navigational Deck, Wing
    Shake down Olga if you want her dogtags, then head east.  Climb up the 
    stairs in the middle then hop on the ladder and proceed to the top to get 
    the thermal goggles.  Go back down and enter either hatch, avoiding the 
    guard if he shows up.
    4.09 Deck-E, The Bridge
    Grab the USP ammo then head downstairs.
    4.10 Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    I recommend saving again.  You'll notice the southern guard is gone, but 
    he has simply moved to the north corridor.  If you want the ammo in the 
    room to the west check the next paragraph, or you are playing with no 
    wall taps, proceed to the next section.  Otherwise, press against the 
    corner near the lasers and tap the wall.  The guard will come running, 
    but he takes the long way while you crawl under the lasers and proceed to 
    the stairs.  
    To take the other route, press against the wall and move left until the 
    door opens and the angle changes so you can see a good portion of the 
    room.  This guard moves in a modified figure 8 once you've entered the 
    room.  Step into the room if you've never been in here to see the 
    cutscene, then duck back out as a third guard may show up.  Go back to 
    the corner and watch until the center guard heads south between the 
    tables, then enter the room, staying near the southern wall.  If you want 
    the ammo under the camera watch for it to hit the extreme right and grab 
    it, then quickly get under the closest table for M9 bullets.  From there 
    watch, facing north, until the guard passes heading to the right.  Crawl 
    out and go under the left table for USP bullets, then turn around to 
    again face north.  When the guard passes to either side (he'll pass 
    heading west first) crawl out, stand up, and enter the kitchen area.  
    Quickly grab the ration then get back under either table.  Again wait, I 
    prefer when he goes all the way from west to east, then get out and 
    shadow him to the door.  Quickly listen with the AP sensor for the guard 
    on the other side to head away from you, then go through the door, north, 
    and downstairs.
    4.11 Deck-C, Crew's Quarters
    There's a guard here in addition to the camera, but he won't be much 
    trouble.  There's a ration to the far east in a vent but you probably 
    won't need it.  Go stand near or hide in the locker until the guard 
    passes, heading east, then go west, press against the wall under the 
    camera, and head downstairs.
    4.12 Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    Go south and press against the corner until the guard walks away.  Shadow 
    him to the locker, then press against the north or east walls until he 
    turns.  Open the locker if you want the ammo, but be quick about getting 
    around that corner before he turns back around.  Head north and enter the 
    sliding door to Deck-A.
    4.13 Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    There is now just one guard and he patrols the full width of the room.  
    When he goes to either side run past him and go to that side of the north 
    area to get rations, M9 bullets, etc.  Watch for him to head the other 
    way, then go to that side as well.  Head east then down the stairs when 
    it's clear.  Grab stun grenades and enter the door.
    4.14 Engine Room
    There's a surprise in the leftmost locker, and USP ammo on a box.  For a 
    little fun fire a gun (the M9 if you don't want an alert) at or towards 
    the doll.  Peek around the corner near the door to see the tired guard, 
    he won't be much trouble.  Stand near the top of the stairs and either 
    look down, or stay in third person until you see the lower guard moving 
    north, then go downstairs and head southeast.  Hang over the rail and 
    drop down, then crawl under the box.  Near the west edge and facing north, 
    look and lean until you see the upper guard move away.  Get up and go 
    stand against the north pillar, but don't press.  Once again wait for 
    upper guard to move away, and when you see the one near you's light 
    facing to the right head down the short stairs then south.  There's a 
    ration all the way to the north if you want it, but beware the guards.
    Head to the southwest corner and press against the panel with the sign on 
    it.  Now you can use the right analog stick to see a guard directly above 
    you.  He's not a threat as he never (in my experience) looks north, so 
    watch the other guard up and to the left.  When he moves north head up 
    the stairs.  Keep an eye on the guard to your left, move when he's moving 
    north or south, until you can cross a bridge to the left, then proceed 
    south.  If you want the hand grenades downstairs to the south go for them 
    when the mid-level guard isn't looking.  East of the stairs leading to 
    the highest platform, stand near the corner until you get a view of the 
    upper guard (or use the AP sensor) and when he's heading north move up 
    the first flight of stairs to the dark alcove.  Wait until he is facing 
    this area and turns, then begin to shadow him.  Either hang over the rail 
    or press up against the wall behind him (bonus cool points) as he comes 
    back south, then enter the door.  
    Head north and a second guard will enter.  Hide in a locker until he 
    finishes patrol.  Stand on the box with the ammo, aim and stretch up 
    (l2+r2) to spot the first target on a ledge.  Shoot it, then move forward 
    past the first set of lasers, aim at the next box and fire.  Now duck and 
    crawl, look/aim north and shoot the green light.
    4.15 Deck-2, Port
    Equip the thermal goggles if you've got them to help see the enemy.  
    There is a ration in the first side room, two boxes of USP bullets (one 
    on the body) in the second.  Progress toward the 3rd and an enemy will 
    approach, you can retreat back south if you want.  For a somewhat funny 
    scene run to the third room quickly and press against the left wall near 
    a pipe, then just wait.  Once the guard is past you, head north until 
    near the end you are under a light that blinks from time to time.  Wait 
    until you see the guard to the north, then shadow him east and press 
    against the wall near a fire extinguisher.  When he passes you again head 
    east 5 rooms to find a sleeping guard.  Wait until he has just fallen 
    back asleep, watch for the guard you snuck past a moment ago to turn 
    around, and carefully head past the sleeper to the hatch.  
    4.16 Deck-2, Starboard
    Head south, picking up what ammo/rations you need, until a
    *FIXED BATTLE* starts.  These are cases where you can't avoid combat, so 
    if you're going for no kills pull out the M9.  Stun grenades are ok but 
    it's tough to angle them around the box, and you can't throw them over.  
    I suggest equipping the thermal goggles to help aim, and ducking behind 
    cover alot.  If they chunk a grenade either run up or down to avoid it, 
    but return to the box further from the enemies when you can.  After 
    you've stopped the first wave, a group of 3 will run straight at you.  
    You can either try to take them on in close combat, drop a stun and hope 
    it goes off in time, or hit them each with the M9 as they come at you.  
    Watch the cutscenes that occur.
    4.17 Hold No.1
    Head down the ladders then west, crawling under the projector.  At the 
    southwest corner there is a hatch you can open and drop into if you 
    choose.  This way is straightforward, but I prefer the overland route to 
    save time.  Walk north, treading carefully behind the guard as you cross 
    the metal grating.  Do the same for the next grating, and don't start 
    running too soon.
    4.18 Hold No.2
    Head east.  For a spot of fun, hit the button to either side of the 
    projectors.  This is useful for shifting which way the guards look.  If 
    you continue to press it a somewhat funny cutscene ensues.  When they are 
    looking left, head up, walk across the grating, and hug the northeast 
    wall until you find the door.
    4.19 Hold No.3
    Now it's time to take the pictures.  This is pretty easy but stay on your 
    toes as they will likely do some stretching or other such things which 
    can get you spotted.  These do not take away from the time limit, however, 
    so just stay out of the way.  Take a shot from the front-left, center, 
    and right.  Try to get the whole thing in the frame, and don't worry 
    about the obstruction in the front-left shot, it won't matter much.  If 
    Snake says "alright" the pic was just that, if he says "good" you've got 
    a great shot.  You can even climb up on the ledges with the cameramen if 
    you want to, but it's not necessary nor recommended.  For the last shot 
    go to the east wall.  Carefully sneak past the guard as you head north, 
    and keep going until you hit a wall.  Look right and take a picture of 
    the logo, again try to get the entire thing in the shot to get a good 
    rating.  Once this is done go back around to the southeast corner and hit 
    triangle at the computer.  Otacon will rate each pic (I'm not sure if 
    this has any effect on ranking, but I try to get the best anyway) and 
    then a ton of cutscenes will commence, bringing an end to the Tanker 
    chapter, congratulations.  I got a rank of Pigeon, guess that means I was 
    treading softly, I've been unable to find a rank chart for MGS2, as the 
    MGS one no longer applies.
    05. Plant - Normal
    Once again, this guide is for Normal difficulty.  There are several rooms 
    toward the end where extra guards are added on Hard, so don't rely on 
    being able to clear Hard using this guide.
    5.1 Strut A Deep Sea Dock
    Learn about "Snake" and notice the parallels between this and the first 
    Metal Gear Solid's opening.  Some of the dialog is even the same, with 
    Big Shell in place of Shadow Moses island.  There are some various items 
    scattered about, including the bonus "shaver" available by hanging over 
    the rail and inching to the right to the enclosed area.  Getting this 
    will trigger an extra scene later.  Head north and trigger a few 
    cutscenes.  Grab the ration off the western box if you want, then hit up 
    the node and enter your info.  While the guards wake up head southeast 
    and hide behind the box near the corner.  Wait until caution ends.  You 
    can do this a number of ways beforehand but this will make things easier.  
    In caution mode the second guard will leave the room from time to time.  
    While he is gone check on the other guard and move north when he is not 
    5.2 Strut A Roof
    Get the bandage from the box then climb through the fence to the 
    northwest.  Careful not to slip on the bird shit.  Didn't Raiden look 
    much cooler with that mask on?
    5.3 Strut A Pump Room
    The lone guard is easy to avoid, use third person view to keep an eye on 
    him and move when he's looking away.  Hit the node to the north first if 
    you are playing with radar enabled.  Then head northwest toward Strut B.
    5.4 AB Connecting Bridge
    Learn about the poorly-named Hanging mode, then observe the enemy.  This 
    first time in the room only one guard will move, later both will be 
    active but then it gets easier.  Go ahead and move northwest, walking 
    along the grate, until about halfway across the bridge, then hop over the 
    rail (press triangle) and move left as the guard walks past.  Hop back up 
    and continue to Strut B.
    5.5 Strut B Transformer Room
    Proceed to get more deja vu from MGS and meet Pliskin.  If you picked up 
    the razor you'll give it to him for the SOCOM, either way you now have a 
    gun.  Try pointing it at Pliskin(141.80).  Pick up the ammo around while 
    this room is safe then proceed to the next door.  
    5.6 BC Connecting Bridge
    Grab the chaff if you want, then proceed to Strut C
    5.7 Strut C Dining Hall
    Search the bathrooms for some ammo and pentazemin.  Call the Colonel and 
    Rose will eventually wonder why you're in the woman's bathroom.  Head 
    north to meet Stillman(140.25) and get the coolant.  There are no guards 
    here on Normal so head back to the women's bathroom, the bomb is above 
    the sink on the right.  Exit to the south.
    5.8 BC Connecting Bridge
    There's a cypher here now, but nothing difficult.  Wait until he drops 
    below the bridge then cross
    5.9 Strut B Transformer Room
    There are two guards here now.  Use the AP sensor at first and approach 
    the nearby door.  Press against it near the boxes and peek.  If the guard 
    is walking south go ahead and enter.  Close the panel near you to find 
    the bomb and disarm it, then head south until you are near another door.  
    Press against the wall south of the door, equipped with the AP sensor, 
    and wait until you hear the guard walk away then swing around the corner 
    and head for Strut A.  If you take too long the other guard may spot you 
    so make a circle around the room to avoid him.
    5.10 AB Connecting Bridge
    When one guard is walking away the other will be approaching, so be quick.  
    You want to shadow one of the guards a short way, hang over the rail, 
    then hop back up on the other side of him.  Note that you can roll over 
    these short metallic sections to save time.  You will be through here 
    again so memorize the easy pattern.
    5.11 Strut A Pump Room
    Head to the door along the south wall.  In here there is a guard and a 
    camera.  Tail the guard to the southeast corner then go over the stairs, 
    under the piping, and west.  When you get to the red pipe crawl south 
    underneath it to find the bomb.  Head back to the stairs and if you want 
    a box follow the guard west to find it.  You can also go around the 
    camera to the northwest for socom ammo.  When you are done here head back 
    to the main room and northeast.
    5.12 FA Connecting Bridge
    One cypher and one guard, pretty easy actually.  When the cypher drops 
    below bridge head down the first set of stairs for chaff, or wait.  When 
    he heads the other way along the bridge trail a fair distance behind him 
    until about halfway.  When the cypher drops again move until you can be 
    sure the guard is on the lower bridge then cross into the next strut
    5.13 Strut F Warehouse
    You will be here many times, and without the ability to knock out a guard 
    it can be a pain in the ass.  Wait for the guard to turn around before 
    entering the east room to grab the M9 and ammo.  Wait at the corner he 
    went down for another guard to show up and then leave.  Head north then 
    west and wait.  Watch the guard on the upper level with you from the west 
    side.  When he finishes messing around and heads back south, go north and 
    enter the next door.  Immediately come back into Strut F to reset the 
    guard patterns.  This saves time in the long run.
    Wait a second, then head east and downstairs.  Weave through the eastern 
    boxes, heading south.  At the furthest box south in the middle use corner 
    view until the guard heads north, then go south and enter the east room 
    to grab the mine detector.  Immediately return to the middle, grab chaff 
    at the south if you want, and enter the west room.  The lockers contain 
    Pentazemin, a ration and a Book (hit the locked locker until the door 
    falls off).  South of the cardboard box is a vent which leads to a socom 
    suppressor, which we don't want.  Press against the north wall near the 
    door with the AP sensor.  When you hear the signal fade the guard should 
    be moving north.  Go out, head northeast, and be careful not to get 
    spotted should the guard turn your way.  Press against the eastmost wall 
    and slide behind some boxes, then look to your right.  Eventually a guard 
    will come down the stairs and miraculously not see you, so head up the 
    stairs.  Press against the wall and look down the corridor toward the 
    center of the room.  You should see the other guard all the way across 
    the center, so go to the middle-west wall.  Look down below to ensure one 
    guard is heading for the stairs and the other is looking away, then hang 
    over the railing and drop down.
    Freeze the bomb and hop up one level on the boxes, then duck.  Use third 
    person to track the lower guard and first to check the upper levels.  
    When all the guards are to the south hop up and run to the stairs.  
    Should you hear a "huh?" go press against the eastern wall behind those 
    boxes until the coast is clear, then take the upstairs north door out.
    5.14 EF Connecting Bridge
    There is a lone guard here (for now).  Wait in corner view and watch him, 
    he goes up the stairs, looks around with binoculars, then eventually 
    yawns and heads downstairs for a bit.  When you see him yawn move on 
    ahead.  Equip the mine detector when told to and crawl over them all to 
    pick them up.  If you are quick you can get all the mines and escape to 
    the northern exit before the guard returns.  If not, press against an 
    obstacle and look with the right analog stick until you see him walk down 
    the stairs.  Enter Strut E.
    5.15 Strut E Parcel Room
    This room is easier than it first looks.  There are only 2 guards here 
    and 1 is half asleep.  From the corner use the right stick to watch the 
    guard.  When he heads north move the same direction and hide behind a big 
    yellow machine, but don't press so you can get the better view of the 
    area.  When the guard moves either south or west go into the corridor to 
    the east, and upstairs.
    5.16 Strut E Heliport
    For a bit of fun head down the stairs and west.  Press against the wall 
    and slide by this guard at extremely close range for some claymore mines.  
    The nature of this room can make it frustrating, as it's tough to keep 
    track of the guards.  Use first person often and hide under the boxes to 
    watch their feet.  Near the top of the stairs wait until you see a guard 
    heading east near you, then head for the boxes to the southwest.  Wait 
    here until you see both guards head west, and run north.  Get to the 
    harrier, run around the northern wing, duck down and defuse the bomb, 
    then get some bad news.  You should see a guard as you are heading south 
    again.  If you follow a weaving pattern through the center you can get 
    behind the guard to the west for a couple items, but nothing essential.  
    Head downstairs and reenter Strut E.
    5.17 Strut E Parcel Room
    Back downstairs, check the corner until the guards moves south or west, 
    the go along this wall to the northeast corner.  Press against the 
    machine near the tired guard for a great view of the area, and grab the 
    box east of him if you want.  When the south guard is away and the north 
    one is sleeping run northwest to the door
    5.18 DE Connecting Bridge
    There is a guard directly above the passageway to the outside.  Use the 
    AP sensor to hear him, and wait until he leaves before heading across the 
    bridge.  Cross when the other guard is on the lower bridge.  You want to 
    be up top, but there is some ammo near Strut E on the bottom bridge if 
    you want it.  Enter Strut D through the top door.  
    5.19 Strut D Sediment Pool
    Argh, I hate this room.  Fortunately I've memorized the timing now.  Go a 
    bit north of the door where you can get a good view of the northeast edge 
    of the center platform, then duck.  When you see the guard in the center 
    come near you then turn and head north, move along the wall until you are 
    standing on a panel, and duck.  Look until the upper northern guard 
    begins walking north then run to the stairs to the north and duck behind 
    the railing.  After a bit the lower guard will be moving west and the 
    guard near you will again move north.  Shadow him and descend the 
    staircase, to the first angle change.  Watch for the next guard to finish 
    his report, then hang over the railing while he passes.  Head south to 
    the last panel for the bomb, defuse it, then head back north.  Wait and 
    watch for the lower guard to make his report by the stairs, then hang 
    over the railing again as he passes.  Keep an eye on the north guard, the 
    moment he begins to head east follow underneath (but not ahead of) him, 
    up the stairs, and through the western door.
    5.20 CD Connecting Bridge
    Beware the camera, and listen carefully with the AP sensor to hear a 
    guard barely approach.  When he leaves, walk under the camera, out when 
    it's not looking, then downstairs.  Sections of the bridge will fall so 
    keep running, and wait until the upper guard is walking away from this 
    end to go back up and enter the dining hall.
    5.21 Strut C Dining Hall
    Grab Sensor B from the freezer, this sets off a timed sequence.  
    Immediately head south through the door.
    5.22 BC Connecting Bridge
    Wait for the cypher to drop, then run across.
    5.23 Strut B Transformer Room
    Repeat the last procedure, peek into the door from the right, tail the 
    guard, use the AP sensor south of the door until the other guard moves 
    away, then continue.
    5.24 AB Connecting Bridge
    Run to the south end, walk over the grating, hop over, slide right, 
    run/roll, exit.
    5.25 Strut A Pump Room
    Head upstairs.
    5.26 Strut A Roof
    The guard is busy to the south so head straight for the elevator.
    5.27 Strut A Deep Sea Dock
    The bomb is under the sub near where you came in.  When you head back 
    north Fortune shows up.  
    ***BOSS BATTLE*** Fortune
    You can't kill her so hide, I prefer to stay behind a box until she 
    demolishes the top, duck until she's close to getting me, then switch to 
    another location.  The fight will end itself after awhile.  Another timed 
    sequence begins.
    5.28 Strut A Roof
    Grab the claymores near the doors on either side, then head down through 
    the eastern door.
    5.29 Strut A Pump Room
    The patrols have changed, there is now one guard all the way to the west 
    and another to the northeast, When the east one is heading north move 
    around to the middle.  Wait for him to move south and look that way, then 
    edge past him to the door (you will be very close to him).
    5.30 FA Connecting Bridge
    Cross above the guard when he goes below.
    5.31 Strut F Warehouse
    Wait for the guard to make his report, get behind the small boxes.  When 
    the next guard shows up and turns away, run around to the west and shadow 
    the first guard you saw to the exit.
    5.32 EF Connecting Bridge
    Just the guard at the heliport again.  If you're short on time run 
    straight for Strut E and you won't be spotted.
    5.33 Strut E Parcel Room
    Watch for the nearby guard to walk north, then hide behind the yellow 
    machine, when he walks south or west head east to the stairs.
    5.34 Strut E Heliport
    Defuse the bomb in the middle to start 
    ***BOSS BATTLE*** Fatman See 6.2 of Bosses section for strategy
    Move his body to find the bomb, then head back to the parcel room.
    5.35 Strut E Parcel Room
    Go down and watch the guard until he starts moving west, then break for 
    the southern door.  Now back to the longer descriptions.  From here on 
    out the rooms are going to, for the most part, get progressively more 
    difficult.  Be prepared for frustation, keep patient, memorize the 
    patterns, and save often.  
    5.36 EF Connecting Bridge
    Note that, if you ever have trouble with this room, running from your 
    starting position to any exit is safe provided you start moving as soon 
    as possible.  I prefer not to do this, however, as it does break the 
    atmosphere of the game for a moment.
    This room will tax your patience, especially later, so learn the patterns 
    now.  There will be 3 cyphers in addition to the heliport guard.  To the 
    west there are two, one to the north and one to the south, they are 
    Cypher N and S, respectively.  There is another to the east of the center 
    platform, deemed Cypher E.  Only move in the center when the heliport 
    guard is away.  There are two safe spots, from the center near the 
    obstacles, press against the north or south walls, ducking, as far to the 
    west as you can go.  As long as you don't come off the wall you will be 
    completely safe.  Always try for the south one, that way you can use 
    first person while pressed against the wall to watch his patrol from 
    Cypher N and S follow a predictable pattern.  They make a long sweep 
    along the bridge to the Shell 1 core, stop at the corner facing 
    north/south, then turn to face east, make a patrol north/south and repeat.  
    Do not move when a cypher is near your safe spot and facing east, because 
    you will get spotted.  Learn to recognize the sound of a cypher's camera 
    turning, often they will stop moving but keep the camera facing you for a 
    moment, and you will need to go as soon as it turns.  
    Don't head for the center right away if you're waiting for the cyphers, 
    as the correlation between them will be difficult if you do.  Equip the 
    AP sensor and press against the east corner near the outside.  You cannot 
    hear the guard at the top, but you can hear him as he goes up or down the 
    stairs.  From the start, you will first hear him go up.  When you hear 
    him head down again, watch Cypher N to the right.  He will eventually 
    move near the bridge to the core then turn his camera south, that's your 
    cue to run to the northwest safe spot and wait.  The guard will be 
    approaching too soon for your to get to the southwest spot, so wait until 
    Cypher N cycles past you, then wait for his camera to turn.  Check on the 
    guard to ensure he is gone, check Cypher E to the south to make sure he's 
    either facing west or moved to the east, then head for the southwest safe 
    spot.  Wait around, watching Cypher S.  The second time you see him head 
    to the west, N and the guard should both be heading away from you as well.  
    Come off the wall and watch to the east until Cypher E passes by you to 
    the north, then break for Strut F.
    5.37 Strut F Warehouse
    You'll be back here shortly so for now just worry about the AKS.  Wait a 
    moment so a guard will move, then head downstairs, left, and immediately 
    enter the room.  collect the AKS and whatever ammo you want, then press 
    against the southeast wall of this room near the door you came in through.  
    Wait in first person until you hear a guard come downstairs, with the AP 
    sensor if you so choose.  Momentarily move outside, around the boxes 
    which should shield you from his view, and back upstairs and out.
    5.38 EF Connecting Bridge
    Back again, and it's not even close to the last time.  Read the section 
    two rooms previous to learn the nicknames used here.  Wait near the start 
    for the cyphers to show up, observing the guard and cyphers from the 
    corner.  Soon the guard will yawn and head downstairs, as Cypher N stops 
    near the corner to the west.  Move forward some until he turns and heads 
    north, then run for the bridge.  As soon as you pass the railing press 
    against it to the north, wait a moment for the panel to fall, then hang 
    over the edge and begin sliding to the west.  You should be able to hear 
    Cypher S pass by, if not look to the east periodically until Cypher N 
    stops at the corner again.  Hop up and run to the west, you can press or 
    hang if you want but it's quicker just to run.
    5.39 Shell 1 Core, 1F
    Equip the B.D.U. and AKS-74u.  It is possible to beat this room without 
    them, but since you'll be doing that later just go with the story for now.  
    Don't touch a guard and don't roll around or you'll be spotted.  Grab a 
    book and some ammo from the locker room to the south, then head for the 
    elevator to the north and descend to B2.
    5.40 Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
    You could probably beat this without the disguise but I'm not crazy 
    enough to try it.  Head south, there's some ammo in lockers to either 
    side.  On the western lockers there is a stash of magazines, best way to 
    get them is to first open the southern locker, then perform a spinkick 
    while nobody is looking.  Head into the room, being careful not to touch 
    any guards.  Press against the computers to let them pass, then grab the 
    box and ammo to the northeast and the directional mic to the northwest.  
    Head back to the elevator and go to B1.
    5.41 Shell 1 Core, B1
    Check the various lockers if you want, then wait near the elevator.  When 
    the lone guard approaches, get behind him, quickly unequip the AK, then 
    press square without pressing a direction to choke hold him.  Drag him 
    over to the scanner and twist until he is facing it to open the door.
    5.42 Shell 1 Core, B1 Hall
    First off head west to grab a bandage from the south corner and the 
    thermal goggles from behind the podium.  The goggles will prove helpful 
    later.  The safest places to check the heartbeats are either behind the 
    wooden wall to the east or lying prone to the north of south of the stage, 
    just slowly sweep the walls in these areas until you hear an electric hum 
    and periodic beeps.  Get near him, hit triangle, cutscenes, story, etc, 
    then you see a timer.  Equip the AKS/BDU and don't move, do nothing other 
    than look around until the timer runs out.
    5.43 Shell 1 Core, B1
    Find a safe spot ASAP, it's very easy to get spotted here, and your 
    chances of getting through 1F in caution are slim at best.  Run west to 
    the boxes, press and duck against them.  A guard will come _very_ close 
    to your position but his inability to turn left (this will show up again 
    later) will prevent him from seeing you.  You could just hide further 
    north but where's the fun in that?  Shadow the guard, sticking south/west 
    of his stop points to keep out of view, until you can hide in a locker.  
    Do so until the caution runs out.  When the coast is clear head out to 
    the corner and watch for the guard near the elevator, moving to the next 
    corner and checking again before proceeding, the guard might be asleep so 
    be cautious.  
    5.44 Shell 1 Core, 1F
    As long as caution mode is over this is easy, if not wait right where you 
    started in the elevator until caution ends and you see 2-4 heavily armed 
    guards leave the area.  Move out and go west, peeking around the corner.  
    Watch both the patrolling guard and the far end of the hallway for a 
    second, go sometime after the far guard shows up or just as.  This is 
    going to require extremely precise timing, but is a great way to show off 
    your psycho stealth skills.  When the nearby guard begins walking away 
    immediately shadow him, and I mean high noon shadow, right on his ass.  
    When you approach the camera press against the wall and keep sliding 
    until you are directly behind the guard and under the camera.  When the 
    guard turns to move south, wait for the camera to move then head west 
    into the hallway.  Wait and watch from there until the camera again turns 
    away and the guard has moved north, and quickly head south into the 
    locker room.  Hide behind the partition to the northeast.  
    When the guard shows up wait for him to move west past the opening, then 
    head through the east door and stand near the corner.  This looks much 
    harder than it is.  Unless both guards are heading north together, the 
    west one still close to your position, turn back and hide in a locker 
    until the guard you snuck past once again heads west.  When both guards 
    are moving away from your position simply walk underneath the camera's 
    blind spot (don't press against the corner) and into the east hallway, 
    then walk along the north wall to the exit.  If you're quick this should 
    be easier than the western half of the room was.
    5.45 EF connecting bridge
    You should know Cypher N, S, and E, and the north/southwest corners of 
    the main platforms are safe spots from the long EF connecting bridge 
    section (5.36).  You can still run through this room but I suggest 
    against it, you need to know the timing.  Wait where you started, looking 
    out, until you see Cypher N show up and eventually move east.  Keep a 
    fair distance behind him, holding off then running 1/3 the way across the 
    bridge without overtaking him, then press against the north railing, wait 
    for the panel to fall, and hang over the edge.  Begin moving east as 
    Cypher S passes your position, and look west periodically for Cypher N to 
    turn his camera and head north, then hop up and head to the southwest 
    safe spot, ducking.  Wait here for Cypher S to cycle past twice, on the 
    second pass double check the heliport guard and Cypher E, then head for 
    Strut F to the south.
    5.46 Strut F Warehouse
    Time for the mother load.  Make good use of the AP sensor or your ears 
    here, as leaving the rooms through these sliding doors can be difficult.  
    After a moment head downstairs and either head into the room you got the 
    AKS from, or behind the boxes against the east wall and wait to see/hear 
    a guard come down the stairs.  Run past him and upstairs.  Check the 
    corner before heading south down the corridor and go west, to the second 
    room on your right.  This can be tricky.  If you have the SOCOM 
    suppressor go ahead and equip it, then shoot the control box.  If you 
    don't want to use one, wait until the upper guard is at the opposite 
    corner and the two lower guards are that way as well, then hurry into the 
    room, making sure the door closes.  Stand near the locker, aim and 
    stretch up then fire, hopefully you won't have alerted anyone.  Grab the 
    M4 and the plentiful ammo, double check the hall with the AP sensor, then 
    head for the small alcove to the west of this room.  After a guard makes 
    his report and both head north, go to the room due east of your location.  
    Grab the PSG-1 and two boxes of ammo, plus the PSG-1T from the vent on 
    the east wall.
    Again check the outside with the AP sensor before leaving, then head 
    southwest for grenades if you want them, plus extra PSG-1T ammo.  When 
    the reporting guard is heading north or is downstairs head for the 
    northwest room for the RGB6 and more PSG-1T ammo in a locked locker.  
    Make sure the coast is clear as best you can, I suggest waiting for the 
    reporting guard to pass by the door and head south, then either leave or 
    hit up the northeast room for some C4 and claymores.
    5.47 EF Connecting Bridge
    This is the last time you'll have to deal with this area in its current 
    configuration.  Wait at the corner until you see Cypher E and S approach, 
    when S begins heading west toward the core, the guard should be coming 
    down the stairs so go for the southwest safe point.  Wait here for Cypher 
    S to pass twice, observe Cypher N until he heads west, then run for Strut 
    5.48 Strut E Parcel Room
    Wait for the closer guard to move north, then run along the conveyer to 
    the west.  When he heads east, you head north to the second machine down 
    from the north wall and wait until the north guard is sleeping or making 
    a report to run for the door.
    5.49 DE Connecting Bridge
    The guards below shouldn't be any trouble, but don't forget the one 
    directly above the doorway.  Because guards are deaf on normal, use the 
    AP sensor (or radar if you're using it) until he moves away then run 
    across the bridge to the Strut D upper entrance.
    5.50 Strut D Sediment Pool
    You have very little distance to cover this time around, thankfully.  
    Move north a little to get a good view of the center, then duck.  When 
    the guard turns away move north and stand near a panel, watching the 
    upper north guard until he moves away, then just head for the north door.
    5.51 Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge
    Shoot the control unit directly in front of you, the two at the bottom of 
    the stairs, and the one behind you.  There are 2 near the north doorway, 
    one on the northwest corner of the platform, one behind the flag to the 
    west, one to the east near some seagulls, and the final one on a cypher 
    above.  I suggest using a pentazemin for the cypher, as smoking drops 
    your health and doesn't seem to help much.  
    *BOSS BATTLE* Harrier See Bosses section for strategy
    5.52 Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge - LG Connecting Bridge
    It would probably be a good idea to save for this one.  Grab the ration 
    from the flimsy bridge very quickly if you need it, I suggest not 
    bothering.  Hang over the edge, drop to the orange pipe and proceed.  If 
    you really want the AKS-74u suppressor you can flip over the gap to the 
    ledge, but it's frustrating to get it then die later and have to try 
    again.  Head up the ramp and proceed when the floor falls out from under 
    you, then hop down.  While the guards talk run over, hop the hole, and 
    stop around the gap in the railing.  Duck and press against the north 
    wall.  Keep your eye mainly on the western guard, and move only when he 
    is not looking.  The guards tend to turn around near the same time so if 
    you can't see the western guard watch the other one.  Wait until the 
    eastern one is near the doorway.  When both are turned hop over the 
    railing and move.  If you are in an open spot and one approaches you 
    should probably move, but if partially shielded by a wall or floor panel 
    stop until they are looking away.  Hop over and crawl to the ladder.
    5.53 Strut L Perimeter - KL connecting bridge
    Crawl under the windows, when the ledge starts to fall either keep 
    crawling or back up and hang over the railing when nobody is looking, 
    move past the two loose sections, and hop back up to the right of the 
    second guard.  Do it while he's moving to the left so he won't see you at 
    an angle.  Press and inch along, ducking when needed to proceed.  Tap the 
    wall/run quickly/hang over the rail to avoid the piss, or stand in it and 
    call some people on the codec.  Drop down, get the ammo if you want, and 
    head north.  There are more chaff grenades to the north. 
    If you have something against chaff grenades (I understand) or just want 
    the hard way (again, I understand) head to the south when the coast is 
    clear for the best observation post.  This looks difficult because there 
    are 4 cyphers in a very small area, one you can't simply run through, and 
    their patrols seem somewhat erratic.  This is further complicated because, 
    due to the preceding parts of this section, I cannot know exactly how 
    long you have been here and can't tell you to go on the second rotation 
    or anything.  Fortunately 3 of the 4 follow fairly simple paths with poor 
    coverage of the area you will be in.
    Take out the scope if you want a close-up view of what each cypher is 
    looking at.  This does involve some amount of luck because you can't 
    watch them while you're traversing the bridge.  The only two cyphers you 
    really need to be worried about are the ones to the north.  When you can, 
    get to the southern of the intersections, and press against the north 
    wall so you can see all the cyphers.  Watch until the northeast cypher is 
    out of the way.  If the northwest cypher is near the core, or if he is 
    moving toward or away from you at an angle, stay put.  If he is moving 
    away from near you, or moving parallel to the bridge towrad you, go ahead 
    and move out.  Basically you have to have ample time to get past the 
    northwest cypher before he turns to move toward your position parallel to 
    the bridge.  
    Once on the bridge, the first option is to flip over both gaps, crawling 
    after the second.  If you're confident in your roll skills try it out, 
    otherwise do this.  Flip over the first gap, then at the next press 
    against or hang over the north railing and move west.  If you are 
    flattened against the rail go ahead and duck as well, but I suggest 
    hanging because you are somewhat safe from the southern cyphers, and you 
    can use first person view to see the northwestern cypher to your right, 
    or do a pullup and look at the other two.  Hop up as soon as you can, 
    immediately crouch and crawl toward the solid wall sections.  Once you 
    get between them you should be safe.  You can't see the southern cyphers 
    so continue to crawl until you are around the corner inside the shell 2 
    5.54 Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    Listen to the conversation, tracing the wall with your directional 
    microphone as she moves around.  When you regain control head west, this 
    room is free of guards, just avoid the southwest room's gun turrets.  
    Head to the elevator along the northern wall.
    5.55 Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 1
    Again, no guards.  Hit up the node, then enter the water and the colonel 
    will reiterate the swimming controls.  Head straight south to find the 
    Nikita.  Go ahead and head back to the elevator now, you'll be back here
    5.56 Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    No guards here, but a few ways you can go about this.  The easiest is the 
    southwest room with the guns, but to get atop the box you need to either 
    use chaff or shoot out the cameras, neither of which suit this guide.  
    Head to the southmost wall and hop up on the smaller box.  Equip the 
    Nikita and fire into the vent.  Head right, left, left, then right.  In 
    the power room don't hit the man, spin in a tight circle should he fall 
    over (shouldn't happen on normal) and hit the generator as far from him 
    as possible.  Enter the room to the northeast, watch a fair portion of 
    the story unfold, then head back to the elevator.
    5.57 Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 1
    Head back into the water and take the first right.  At the end of the 
    first corridor on the left there are Night Vision Goggles, but they are 
    pretty much useless compared to the thermal ones.  Go ahead and stop for 
    air above you, and learn of a complication.  Head south and take that 
    first left.  See the mine, don't touch, carefully move past and take the 
    right, holding circle to kick slowly and move about less in the water, go 
    to the left and right again.  Get underneath then angle yourself to swim 
    between the mines and then through to the next room and stop for air.  Go 
    back down and open the watertight door.  BOO!  This next room is somewhat 
    complicated to describe so just weave your way around until you get to 
    the door on the opposite wall from where you came in.  Go through and 
    head right, _do not_ go up for air here.
    ***BOSS BATTLE*** Vamp - See Bosses section for strategy.
    Head into the water and take the right, head east (I think) to the end, 
    then take a left and get the body armor.  There is other various ammo 
    around too, including PSG-1T ammo across from the armor near two mines.  
    Head through the middle left passagway and up the stairs. In the various 
    lockers you'll find two packs of C4, an issue of FHM, and one very scared 
    little girl.  Raiden plays hero and you get to manuever past those mines 
    with cargo in tow.  
    One thing to remember is that her legs tend to flail up when you tap swim, 
    so try to swim over the mines or hold the button to go streamline and 
    swim very carefully under them.  Hold her hand through the next two rooms 
    (and I thought escorting Sherry through Resident Evil 2 was annoying) 
    until you find more water, and she reveals more of the story.  Head into 
    the water and go through the door, stop for air at the first or second 
    location,depending on how fast you swim, then advance to through the door 
    to the next breather.  Now angle any direction but north (trust me) and 
    dive down, then turn to face the passage with the mine in it.  _Slowly_ 
    swim over the mine, then kick past the next.  Go left, right, dodge the 
    mine, left, right and go for air as she will be needing it.  Then it's 
    just head north when you can and you're home free, almost.
    Now you've got the bugs to deal with.  I use this opportunity to torture 
    the poor girl.  You can put her in a chokehold and drag her through, 
    tranquilize or otherwise knock her out and pull her through, etc.  Try 
    knocking her out, lying atop her body then giving otacon (through 
    pliskin) a call.  Anyway, if you're feeling nice use the coolant and move 
    5.58 Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    Drag her out of the elevator and wait until the first guard you see if 
    heading away from you then pull her around the corner.  Wait until he is 
    facing east again, then pull her down the corridor, staying against the 
    western wall, until you are out of view of the previous guard.  Now you 
    might see the guard up ahead, take advantage of his inability to turn to 
    the left (watch him, it's true) and proceed with the girl southward, hide 
    her behind in the corner past the stack of boxes you crossed.  If you 
    didn't see the guard don't worry, happens sometimes.  Now the fun part, 
    watch in first person until you see a guard facing you from downstairs, 
    and wait until he turns/is about to turn.  Wait until the guard you just 
    passed goes back into the short hallway, don't worry you have a fair time 
    budget, then move her downstairs into another corner.  
    Now you do not have a fair time budget, hehe.  Peek around the corner and 
    observe.  Just before the guard turns start moving toward him, and shadow 
    him until you can go around the boxes.  Don't wait or the guard off the 
    elevator is going to nail you.  OK now you're behind the boxes and from 
    overhead you see the guard you just shadowed, and probably another one to 
    your right.  Wait until he has turned south (don't wait long, the lower 
    one will eventually see) and break for the stairs with the girl.  Head 
    south of the boxes so as not to be caught by the guard you just passed 
    and wait for the one near the exit to head north, peek over the railing 
    (l2+r2 in first person) to ensure the closer guard is facing away, and 
    head quickly for the exit.  Whew, not many more like this.  
    5.59 KL connecting bridge
    Most difficult room thus far?  Not even close, only two cyphers remain, 
    and there's only one guard (thankfully) on normal.  No acrobatics are 
    required either, just lugging around one very cumbersome girl.  First 
    things first, leave the girl, this room is going to need some preparation 
    before you get her through.  When the cypher which comes close to you 
    approaches and drops down, run about 3/4 the way across the bridge and 
    check the other one.  There's a section of solid wall between a railing 
    and some wire, duck there.  Don't go straight for the flames yet as the 
    patrol routes have just changed.  Wait until the closer cypher swings 
    back, comes up, and goes a little past you to the left again.  The other 
    cypher should be facing away from you, he may drop down a little bit, and 
    the guard will be facing south.  Either wait for the guard to turn or 
    just run for it, he probably won't see.  Spray the coolant just as fast 
    as you can, open up a path wide enough to run/edge/roll through, I 
    suggest the one to the west.  If you catch fire just roll a few times to 
    put it out, you don't have time to be thorough.
    Whenever the eastern cypher is facing away from you go for the fire, but 
    NOT when he is furthest north, as he will soon turn toward the bridge and 
    come south again.  Once it's out go south and wait again, when you see 
    the one to the west drop below the bridge wait for any opening in the 
    east and run back to your helper.  Stand her up and walk a little ways 
    out on the bridge, you are trying to find the point exactly where the 
    western cypher drops down to get the best head start.  It's right around 
    where the last and panel of solid wall meets the one to the left of it.  
    Now duck and observe.  You are waiting for a specific scene.  Just as the 
    close cypher drops below the bridge, if you see the far one either raise 
    up or move directly away from you, start moving.  If he was going up, 
    don't move too fast or you'll overtake him, if he was moving away then 
    push just as fast as you can, never stopping to look, and go straight for 
    that door.   
    5.60 Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility
    The impossible room.  To put it simply, if there is a way to beat this 
    without using two books or knocking out the guards, I have no clue how to 
    do it, the walkway is too narrow to edge past the guards with the girl.  
    So I lied about this being totally possible to my specifications.  My 
    patience goes a long way and I seriously thought Kojima considered this 
    insane style of play as a possibility, at least on normal difficulty, but 
    this room seems to be impassable without some sort of distraction.
    I suggest first hiding her in the lower-left corner, then placing a book 
    a bit north of the upper-right edge of the dark grey walkway.  Tap the 
    wall or let him catch a glimpse of you to attract guard #1.  Once he is 
    occupied, place another book south of him and let the second guard just 
    barely see you so he will come to look.  Don't tap the wall here or #1 
    will spot you.  With them both occupied, sneak by.  I'll file this one 
    under "indirect interference" and since I can't find any other real 
    purpose for the books, may as well put them to some use.  If you don't 
    have two books I guess you're just SOL, there's always the tranquilizer.  
    5.61 Strut L Oil Fence
    *FIXED BATTLE* I'm counting this as a fixed battle, so shooting people is 
    ok.  I still prefer to do it without killing via the PSG-1T, but this is 
    more difficult as it has only a 5 round clip and you have to make 3-4 
    shots in a short period of time to avoid an alert.  There is infinite 
    ammo for either gun on the platform, but it only shows up when you run 
    below a single clip, and you have to be right atop it or exit the scope 
    to pick it up.  First things first, get in a nice open area, the PSG-1T 
    reload is near the top, and give yourself room to swing your legs.  Equip 
    the thermal goggles (you did get them, right?) and shoot the claymores on 
    the closest path.  If you are quick swing right and shoot two more on the 
    furthest one, then come back.  Pull out the PSG-1T and be ready to pop a 
    pentazemin.  Go ahead and shoot the guard on the top and to the right if 
    you want, but try to hold off for awhile, then monitor the top left.  I 
    suggest using the thermal goggles during this.  The moment you see a head 
    shoot it, and immediately pan down and take out the next two guards.  Use 
    this lull in activity to take out the mines two bridges to the right, 
    before that pentazemin wears off.  They are hard to hit at this distance.
    Wait for the girl to pass around the tower and begin taking out the 
    cyphers along her next path.  Also monitor the tower she just passed for 
    one more guard coming from the top-left.  Keep a lookout for 
    reenforcements for the cyphers you took out.  As she approaches the next 
    tower, take out the lower-right guard, then watch the upper-left.  Ensure 
    you have a full clip by tapping r2 twice, then pop a pentazemin to be 
    ready.  You will have to be very quick here, take out the 3 guards who 
    show up.  It is also difficult to make the tiny movements necessary to 
    hit the head on the analog sticks, use the d-pad instead or go for the 
    heart.  Also lead them by a little bit if they are moving. And be ever 
    vigilant for the returning cyphers.  Again as she rounds the tower an 
    extra will show up top-left, so take him out.
    If you haven't already taken out the next series of mines do it quickly 
    before the pentazemin runs out, there should be 2 on normal, then watch 
    carefully for cyphers until something happens...
    ***BOSS BATTLE*** Vamp 2
    I'm putting this here because it's so short/easy, just pop a pentazemin, 
    take aim with the rifle of your choice and fire away whenever the coast 
    is clear.  Try not to do it just before he pulls her head back though, or 
    the travel time of the bullet could cause you to hit her.  A few shots 
    and he's down.  After some talk you'll be at the bottom of Strut E.
    5.62 Strut E Parcel Room
    Easy, there is only one guard left here and he's listening to headphones.  
    While still down below head through the north lv.5 door if this is you 
    haven't in a previous game.  Then go upstairs and quickly grab any 
    various ammo you might have left lying around if you want, but be quick 
    about it.  Head through the southern door.
    5.63 EF Connecting Bridge
    This room is going to require precise timing and good ears, but it is not 
    so difficult.  Only the 3 cyphers remain, Cypher E, S, and N designating 
    the direction they are in.  This is the last room stealth will be a 
    problem in.  Wait until Cypher E (the one floating near the door) move 
    south, then shadow him a little bit toward the center and watch Cypher S 
    (to your right, other side of the bridge).  When he begins moving to the 
    right run to the bridge, down the stairs and press/duck against the north 
    You should have caught a glimpse of Cypher N to the north, wait until you 
    hear him stop and then hear his camera turn (it's a distinct sound to 
    your right, hope you've got stereo) and then cross to the southern panel 
    and duck/press again.  Repeat the procedure for Cypher S.  This will be 
    more difficult because you will hear two close sounds from the right, go 
    after the second, louder one.  If you need help with the timing watch 
    from afar, but either do this seperately then reload your game or don't 
    do it long.  When you hear Cypher S's camera turn, immediately stand, 
    press against either railing and begin to inch sideways.  The moment you 
    hit the solid panelling run over it to the left, this will give you the 
    few extra seconds lead you need to stay ahead of Cypher N.  On the last 
    panel press against the railing or you'll fall (I know I did), and 
    continue moving to the left.  When you reach solid panels again run and 
    flip over the small gap in the bridge.  You are home free, 
    5.64 Shell 1 Core
    Someone deactivated the cameras for you, so this room is easy.  If you 
    want the ammo to the south (and don't want a heart attack) I suggest you 
    equip the mine detector first.  If you've got spare time, go to the field 
    of bugs to the northeast.  Toss a grenade or fire an RGB6 round into them 
    while looking forward in first person view for something funny.  Go to 
    the elevator and many, many things will happen.
    5.65 AG - Stomach
    Because Raiden has decided to go au naturale, grab the cold medicine from 
    the locker on your way out.
    5.66 AG - Jejunum
    This area was meant to be completed with stealth, so compared to the rest 
    of the game it's absolute pie.  First off move to the corner of the 
    nearby box.  When the guard comes close to you then turns around head to 
    the right and up until you hit the stairs.  Press against the railing 
    near the top of the stairs and peek around the corner until the guard 
    heads north, then go across the bridge.  Grab the box if you want, then 
    head north, hugging the left wall until you can press up near a camera.  
    Use both corner view and first person to watch the 2 nearby guards and 
    the camera, when the north guard walks away, the camera is turning that 
    way, and the guard on the other side of the catwalks is to the south 
    again cross the bridge.  Press against the north face of the column until 
    the south guard walks away again.
    Drop through the hole ahead, you shouldn't be spotted by the guard 
    slightly to the south as you run around the box and grab a ration.  Watch 
    the next guard and move around the box to its northeast corner.  When the 
    guard approaches then turns around, shadow him and swing around him to 
    the north, heading for the western stairs.  Watch from first person view 
    here until the guard is walking away from the camera and it is turning to 
    the north and move underneath it, then to the north.  Hide behind the box 
    near the wall, ducking, and watch the guard.  As soon as he looks or 
    moves to the south, run east to the exit.
    5.67 AG - Ascending Colon
    Go check all 3 doors, then wait around, answering the codec as it rings.  
    You might get a video of some Japanese model so watch that if you want.  
    Eventually a different person will call, and after some talk you will get 
    the H.F. Blade.  To use this without killing anyone tap Square while it 
    is equipped, a blue icon indicates the safe sword.  Beware that pressing 
    R3 will perform a stab, which will kill even with the blue blade, so 
    avoid that if you don't want to kill.  After a little practice head north 
    to enter the next area.
    5.68 AG - Ileum
    *FIXED BATTLE*  The idea for this strategy came from Morph.'s excellent 
    Extreme Mode FAQ.  You can go about this a few ways.  One is to run 
    around, guns blazing or sword slashing, taking a fair number of hits with 
    it.  The alternative is safer, and much easier to avoid kills with.  This 
    will cover only the latter.  
    First thing, knock out Snake with the M9.  Do it when he's closer to the 
    boxes north of you, if you move too far from him he will wake up right 
    away.  Then equip the thermal goggles and hide behind one of the pillars 
    on the sides.  Using the M9 take out the upper guards by ducking/leaning.  
    Then either lean or duck/stand behind the box to get the rest, their 
    pattern is very simple.  Use the PSG1-T if you run out of M9 ammo (but 
    save a few shots for Snake). When they are all gone move forward until 
    you see a second set of two boxes protruding from columns toward the 
    middle, when you cross these Wave 2 starts.  
    Again knock out Snake, and if you see some sword users appear press 
    against the railing with your own blue blade.  Knock them out as they 
    come toward you (should be two of them), pressing against the railing 
    while you wait.  Once the swordsmen stop coming use the M9 to take out 
    the gunmen, then again move to a similar set of boxes for Wave 3.  Knock 
    out Snake, take out gunmen, move up, etc.  On Wave 4 (last one) there are 
    a lot of swordsmen, and they come in pairs, so pick a side and wait them 
    out.  You might need to take two out before tranquilizing Snake.  When it 
    appears none are left, use tranquilizers once again to knock the guards 
    out.  Be sure to get the one on the stairs off to the left.  Now enter 
    the northern door.
    5.69 AG - Colon
    *FIXED BATTLE* Now you will see why you kept knocking Snake out.  Heal if 
    you're low and grab the ration.  Again there are a few ways you can do 
    this.  There is a (somewhat) safe spot up against the ladder to north 
    where you can shoot enemies as they drop, take out the gunmen for Snake 
    as he has no trouble with the swordsmen.  My favorite strategy is to just 
    use the H.F. Blade.  Block a lot, trying to face the same direction Snake 
    is or toward the nearest enemy.  Two slashes (horizontal then vertical 
    seems to work nicely) should take out any guard.  Focus on the gunmen as 
    they are the biggest danger to Snake, and you can see the swordsmen 
    before they can hit you.  If your health drops to caution and you have 
    less than full rations Snake should toss one to you.  After a great many 
    guards something will happen.
    5.70 AG - Rectum
    ***BOSS BATTLE*** Metal Gear Ray - See Bosses section for strategy
    5.71 Federal Hall
    ***BOSS BATTLE*** Solidus - See Bosses section for strategy
    06. Bosses
    6.1 Olga
    Hmm, not much to say.  You will win this battle through trickery, so when 
    she is not looking your way roll to the other side, then line up a shot 
    out of her field of vision and hit the head.  If you want to think ahead 
    shoot the ropes holding the tarp and the spotlight when you have a chance.  
    If she throws a grenade at your position, she knows where you are so get 
    out of the way and again try to trick her.  Use first person aiming, 
    learn to lean, and keep her confused.  This should be an easy fight.
    6.2 Fatman
    First off equip Sensor A, and the M9 or SOCOM depending on whether you 
    want the kill or not.  If Fatman stops moving and you have time run up 
    and punch him to knock him over, then shoot him in the head.  Otherwise, 
    any time you have a clear moment plant a claymore.  He's wearing a 
    protective suit, so the claymores won't hurt him much.  I suggest 
    planting them near the center of the boxes facing inward, and eventually 
    he should hit one.  When he does, run up and shoot him again.  Keep 
    replacing the claymores (I keep 2 in the center) and disarming the bombs 
    as they come up and this should be a snap.
    6.3 Harrier
    Make full use of the cover available to you.  If he fires the machine 
    guns hide around whatever obstacles are nearby.  When he hovers beside 
    the platform run upstairs or down and take as many shots at him as you 
    can before the missiles can be reaimed.  If you need to drop from above 
    to below hang over the railing in the center instead of running down the 
    stairs.  Also hang over the railing to avoid a hit from the big missile 
    attack around midway.  If he machine guns and rotates around a cylinder 
    try to get down below and keep on your toes until Pliskin bails you out.  
    When he flies off into the horizon keep an eye out for the glimmer, fire 
    at it then hide.  This can be difficult without radar, scan quickly and 
    keep on the move.  Also try not to fire from the lower level as wires and 
    such can cause the missiles to go off in your face.  This fight shouldn't 
    cost you more than a ration or two.
    6.4 Vamp
    If you want to do this with tranquilizers, good luck.  First take the 
    shot at his head.  When you have spare time shoot out the lights or he 
    can use them to freeze you and get a free hit.  In early rounds you have 
    two chances to get headshots, when he first comes up onto the platform 
    you are on, and after he does the long spin on the upper railings.  In 
    the second half when he throws multiple knives from the railing and 
    chases you, hit him when he jumps on the platform with you, then do some 
    back-forth running plus a roll when he gets close to avoid the slash.  He 
    isn't that hard up until the last shot or two.  When he jumps around all 
    over and doesn't go back into the water, there's only one good way I've 
    found to beat him, pick a side and hold L1 and triangle, this will 
    activate autoaim.  After you dodge a barrage of knives, enter first 
    person and it should aim for you, and track his movements rather well.  
    If he throws knives at you, duck them.  Wait until he is about to throw 
    from the railings, then when the knives launch, duck and fire.  It won't 
    do much damage, but the alternative is to try for a headshot, which is 
    liable to take you forever.  If you need it there is an extra ration 
    available by hanging off the railing to the north.
    6.5 Metal Gear Ray
    Depending on the difficulty you fight up to 20 of these beasts.  On 
    normal you only need to worry about one, RAY-RO5E, the fifth you will see.  
    First off, equip the stinger and the body armor, and make sure your 
    health is full.  Aim for a leg, and when you hit it immediately aim for 
    the mouth and fire to do major damage.  Right off do it to another Ray as 
    well.  Then run around, when you hear the beeping that is missiles 
    locking on, but they won't hit if you are moving.  When one of the Rays 
    stops to fire the machine gun either hit the mouth or do the leg/mouth 
    hit if you think you have time.  After enough damage one will get on the 
    platform with you.
    Stick near the one on the platform, but always keep moving.  If you are 
    near enough the others won't fire at you, but too near you will get 
    stomped.  Watch out for the two hip-launched missiles as they hurt very 
    bad.  Try to stay near the front of him until he fires a laser, which you 
    can roll away from.  Assuming it missed, immediately turn and fire at a 
    leg, then the face.  Repeat until he dies, 1 headshot and 3 leg/head hits 
    should take him down.  Once his life is gone try to combo one of the Rays 
    off to the side if no missiles are locked on you.  Then the next will hop 
    on the platform.  As soon as RAY-RO5E (or whatever target you need, 
    depending on difficulty) shows up try for him but DO NOT kill him until 
    he is on the platform with you.  When you take out the designated Ray the 
    battle will end.  Watch Solidus kick some serious ass and be ready for 
    the final battle.
    6.6 Solidus
    If you're going for no kills use the blue blade.  This fight is really 
    not hard, nothing like the Solid/Liquid duel at the end of Metal Gear 
    Solid.  There is a simple way to do it, get up close and hit him.  When 
    he blocks, stop and block until he kicks or a block stuns him, then slash 
    a bit.  He'll then charge so avoid the flames or roll to put them out, 
    run sideways to avoid missiles and again hit, block, then hit again.  
    When he discards the tentacles he becomes much easier as you can now 
    block his charge.  If you fail to block the 3 fire charges just face him 
    when he pauses and block the final one, then get your free hits.  
    Otherwise use much the same strategy as before, being careful to keep 
    blocking until he's stunned, and he'll be done for very soon.  Watch the 
    ending, hear the pathetic ending theme (after MGS's theme I was expecting 
    the best) and congratulate yourself.  
    07. Thanks
    -Hideo Kojima and the MGS2 staff for realizing that not everyone liked 
    the idea of a tranquilizer gun, and making the game possible to beat 
    without one.  I have to respect someone who can make a game as open ended 
    as System Shock 2, Deus Ex, etc.  
    -Konami for supporting a dreamer like Hideo Kojima.
    -Morph. and his excellent Extreme Mode Walkthrough for excellent boss 
    strategies which helped me survive my foray into Hard and Extreme 
    -No thanks to whatever suit decided that it was more important to put the 
    US version out two weeks early than to give it all the features of the 
    international versions.
    08. Version History
    0.1	2002/01/13
    -Did initial run of the game to ensure it was possible
    -Created the file, did a couple rooms.
    0.2 2002/01/15
    -Tweaked some room room strategies near the end.
    -Found the one room that breaks my criteria (slightly)
    -Started over at the Tanker, began really writing the guide.
    0.3 2002/01/18
    -Wrote the tanker section
    -Added the numbering to the rooms so people can find their way around the 
    guide easier.  If you are searching for a chapter use "#. " or the two-
    digit number.
    0.4 2002/01/21
    -Finished up the plant section, shortened some of the lengthier 
    descriptions later in the game, namely EF connecting bridge.
    -Various other changes, making preperations for public release.
    1.0 2002/01/22
    -Made a few changes, added various sections
    -Prepped for release
    -Submitted to gamefaqs
    09. Contact Info
    You may contact me at tty0@yahoo.com, please prefix any email about this 
    faq with MGS2 FAQ: so I will catch it.  If you want to submit an 
    alternate strategy that's fine, but I'm not obligated to put every 
    submission in the guide.  You can tell me of typos if you really want to, 
    but don't you have better things to do (like playing MGS2)?
    10. Copyright
    It's unfortunate that I should have to mention this, but this document is 
    my original work, any unauthorized reproduction in whole or in part is a 
    crime.  This document is legally copyrighted Devin King 2002.  Copyright 
    infringement is a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison and/or up 
    to a $500,000 fine.  If you find this FAQ mirrored anywhere but 
    www.gamefaqs.com let me know.

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