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    PAL Extras List (EU) by AstroBlue

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        Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - PAL EXTRAS LIST  v2.3
        Created by AstroBlue (tetsuwan_blue(at)yahoo.com.au) 14/04/02
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    This is a small list of the differences/additions made to the PAL
    Version (Europe/Australia) of Metal Gear Solid 2. If you have any
    additions or corrections you have observed, please email me.
     The Making of Metal Gear Solid 2 (Bonus DVD)
    The "Making of" DVD is the most obvious difference to the NTSC-US
    Version of Metal Gear Solid 2. It's basically a bonus DVD made by
    Konami of Europe and is packed full of interesting stuff, it has:
    * Exclusive Making of Commentary: A documentary made by French TV
       station FUN TV (www.funtv.fr), it mainly consists of an
       interview with Hideo Kojima. In it Kojima speaks of a 5th member
       of Dead Cell called "Chinaman" who can run on water, climb up
       walls, etc. Most of his "powers" were given to Vamp once they
       cut him from the game. He explains that Jack (Raiden) and Rose
       were named after the lead characters in James Cameron's Titanic.
       He also explains that Solid Snake is a metaphor for Godzilla and
       Raiden is a metaphor for King Kong...
    * Production Notes: A article from GameSpot by Geoff Keighley.
       It documents the final hours of MGS2's production, and what the
       development team had to do go through to get there, you can find
       it here online:
    * MGS Trailers: 8 trailers to view, 2 are for MGS from E3 and ECTS.
       The other 6 are for MGS2 from E3 and ECTS, including 2 Internal
       Konami trailers and the opening movie of the game.
    * Konami Trailers/TV Spots: Trailers for Pro Evolution Soccer,
       Silent Hill 2, Shadow of Memories and Zone of the Enders. And TV
       Spots (short ads) for Silent Hill 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer.
    * Metal Gear Solid Instruction Manual: View the complete
       Instruction Manual. In English, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.
    * Artwork Gallery: View a slideshow of artwork created for the
       game by artist Yoji Shinkawa.
    * Biographies: View short Biographies (in Codec form) of the main
       players in Metal Gear Solid 2's development team.
    * Credits: The Making of Metal Gear Solid 2 (Bonus DVD) Credits.
     PAL Version Changes
    * The PAL Version Instruction Manual is only 12 pages long. The first
      few pages are pretty normal, but pages 4 to 11 consist of the
      "Instruction Manga", which is a short Japanese comic of Solid Snake
      infiltrating the tanker. It's complete with onomatopoeia in
      katakana and a reference to Johnny Sasaki! To access the whole
      Instruction Manual you have to use the Bonus DVD.
    * When starting a new game for the 1st Time, the game will give you a
      variety of options to choose from. What you choose will determine
      where you start from and what modes the game will give you the
      choice of. Basically, if you say you haven't played/seen MGS1 you
      will skip forward to the Plant chapter. Anyway, here are the
      outcomes of the selections in the same order they are displayed:
        Start at Tanker / NORMAL - EUROPEAN EXTREME
        Start at Tanker / VERY EASY - NORMAL
        Start at Tanker / VERY EASY - EUROPEAN EXTREME
        Start at Plant / VERY EASY - NORMAL
        Start at Plant / NORMAL - EUROPEAN EXTREME
    * Certain boss music has been changed. For instance Fortune's is
      now "Yell Dead Cell", Track 9 of the 2nd Soundtrack; instead of
      "Kill Me Know", Track 11 of the Original Soundtrack.
    * The Shaver is only found on the HARD and EXTREME difficulty
      settings. In the Deep Sea Dock where Raiden begins his mission,
      you have to flip over and shimmy across the railing to get to the
      area with the Diving Suits to find it.
    * On HARD the second C4 in Strut D Sediment Pool is in a different
      location. It's now under the northmost hatch of the lower ring.
    * On HARD the odourless C4 in Strut A Deep Sea Dock is in a
      different location. It's now on the right side of the mini-sub.
      To get to it, flip over the northern railing of the pool to get
      into Hanging Mode. Then shimmy over to where the Diving Suits
      are and flip back over the railing. Head up between the Diving
      Suit, get out your Coolant Spray and spray the C4 which is
      located near the mini-subs float.
    * On EXTREME the odourless C4 in Strut A Deep Sea Dock is in a
      different location. It's now above the shelf of equipment on the
      western wall of the room.
    * There are 3 extra Moai (Easter Island Head Statues).
        Strut E Parcel Room - It's in the same Level 5 Room as the
          Digital Camera. Get in Cardboard Box 5 on the loader to use
          the parcel track to get in the room, to reach it earlier. The
          Moai is hidden between the northern wall and the stack of
          boxes. Stand near the conveyor belt and look down to the left.
        Strut L Perimeter - Stand to the right of the first window,
          stretch up (hold L2 and R2 while in FMV mode) and look down
          to the left to be able to see it.
        Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No.1  At the bottom of the
          rubble to the west of the second air pocket, in the room
          Stillman's body floated out of.
    * Most of the Dog Tags now have completely different owners.
    * You can get Dog Tags from some of the marines in the Holds of the
      Tanker. See the Tanker Hold Dog Tags section for help on collecting
      these. This in turn has bumped up the criteria for unlocking the
      Special Items.
    * In EASY mode there is one less Dog Tag to collect from a guard
      in Strut D Sediment Pool of the Plant.
    * After completing the game once you will be able to access the
      EUROPEAN EXTREME mode. Which is more extreme than even the EXTREME!
    * On the second play-through and thereafter, after you have
      incapacitated Olga, you can collect the UPS Suppressor from the
      second platform of the Discovery's mast.
    * After completing the game once, you will have access to CASTING
      THEATER option in the SPECIAL menu. This lets you change the
      polygon models of some of the characters in a selection of 8
      cut-scenes with other character polygon models. There are some
      pretty funny character models to play with such as Snake (MGS1),
      Ocelot (MGS1), Office Worker (Male), Office Worker (Female) and
      Lady (Middle Aged). Try replacing Solidus with Rose in Demo 7.
      It's really funny :)
    * After completing the game once, you will have access to BOSS
      SURVIVAL THEATER in SPECIAL. This is a great mode, which lets you
      fight all the bosses in the game (minus Fortune's of course) back
      to back. You get to play through as either Snake or Raiden. So
      finally Solidus and Snake can fight mano a mano!! You get equipped
      pre-fight with all that you will need, so don't worry.
    * After completing the game twice, Snake and Raiden will wear
      sunglasses during every odd play-through (i.e. the third, fifth,
      seventh, etc. play-throughs).
     Tanker Hold Dog Tags
    * Dave Cox 0803 O [VERY EASY]
      Rodrigo Spinetti 0918 [EASY]
      Pawel Majewski 0208 O [NORMAL]
      Bryan D Scheibe 0331 ? [HARD]
      Ho Yeung Tsang 0215 AB [EXTREME]
       As soon as you enter Hold No.1 go down the ladder ahead. Now with
       full health (use a Ration if you're not) jump over the railing to
       hang from it and shimmy all the way over to the northern end of
       the Hold and flip back over the railing just before your Grip
       gauge is empty. Hold up the marine up there for a Dog Tag.
    * Cory A Noll 0406 AB [VERY EASY]
      Mark W Bruce 0806 O [NORMAL]
       Hold up the marine near the projector on the southern outskirts
       of Hold No.1 for another Dog Tag.
    * Youssef Fassi-Fihri 0817 O [NORMAL]
      Yukho Wong 0123 B [HARD]
       Hold up the marine on the south western outskirts of Hold No.1.
       He is near grating, so tip-toe.
    * Lars Crama 0525 AB [HARD]
      Ulf T Lundh 0803 B [EXREME]
       Hold up the marine on the north western outskirts of Hold No.1.
       He is near grating, so tip-toe. He also is very fidgety and will
       move from his position occasionally (constantly on Extreme).
    * Frank Gther 1109 B [EASY]
       You'll need a lot of M9 Ammo for this one. So right at the
       beginning open the water-tight door behind Snake and head to the
       left to get some M9 Bullets. Exit this little cache and from this
       top balcony stretch up (L2 & R2) and take out every marine (yes, I
       said _EVERY_ guard) except for the line of marines directly behind
       the marine without pants. Use your Camera to scope out the guy
       without pants. Then head down to the base of the hold, and begin
       to systematically hold up and then put to sleep the line of
       marines behind the marine without pants. Once you make your way up
       to the marine without pants, hold him up and then press L1 and
       carefully sneak in front of him without touching any other
       marines. Hold the gun to his head for a Dog Tag. Phew... that's
       hard stuff.
    * Christian Nordstr 0726 B [NORMAL]
      Jonathan Murphy 1230 AB [HARD]
      Christopher J Uzadunovich 0803 [EXTREME]
       From Hold No.3 head to Hold No.2 via the south west doorway.
       A marine occasionally moves from military file and patrols
       around here, wait for all the marines to watch the right screen
       and then hold him up for a Dog Tag. Watch the noisy grating.
    * Gary K Yong 0309 ? [HARD]
      Alex C Wilson 0810 ? [EXTREME]
       From Hold No.3 head to Hold No.2 via the south east doorway.
       A marine patrols around here, hold him up for a Dog Tag when all
       the other marines are watching the left screen. Watch the noisy
       grating around here, so tip-toe.
    * Hiro Miyajima 0510 AB [NORMAL]
       Right (east) of the projectors in Hold No.2, hold up the marine
       on the outskirts down there.
    * Andreas Ebeler 0323 AB [VERY EASY]
      James N Janovsky 0504 O [EASY]
      Nathaniel Lord 0604 O [NORMAL]
      Yuki Miyata 1011 O [HARD]
      Michael A Hare 1222 O [EXTREME]
       From where you got the Dog Tag from the marine on the balcony of
       Hold No.1, head up through the door to Hold No.2. Now jump over
       the railing like before and shimmy all the way up to the
       northern end of Hold No.2 and then jump back over the railing.
       Head up through the door ahead to Hold No.3. Hold up the marine
       just in front of you. To get down to the base of Hold No.3 use
       the "fireman" pole just up ahead.
    * Gary J Davidson 0712 O [VERY EASY]
      Abigail G Sanchez 1017 O [EASY]
      Carlos Kiho 1229 O [NORMAL]
      Evan A Ball 0213 B [HARD]
       Hold up the marine sleeping on the eastern outskirts of Hold
       No.3 near Metal Gear RAY.
    * Andrew N Bartlett 0406 AB [EXTREME]
       Hold up the marine pacing up and down the eastern outskirts of
       Hold No.3. Hold him up near the "fireman pole" or down near
       the computer.
    * Tim U Chan 0619 ? [NORMAL]
      Jason B Wray 0530 A [HARD]
      Iiro Karvinen 0713 A [EXTREME]
       Hold up the marine on the western outskirts of Hold No.3.
    * Andrew J Baker 0316 ? [HARD]
      Marcin A Cieslinski 0630 A [EXTREME]
       Hold up the marine who patrols around Commandant Dolph's stage in
       Hold No.3. The best time to do this is when he stops beside the
       marine on the western outskirts Hold No.3.
    * Rafael Estaregue 1113 B [EASY]
       Take out every marine in Hold No. 3 except for the marine in the
       first row which is 4th from the left. When Commandant Dolph is on
       one far side of the stage, come from the other side and hold the
       marine up for his tag.
    Special thanks to Adrenaline SL, Orvar Safstrom, Kiewitz and
    Tis KyleIII for additions and corrections.
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    Metal Gear Solid and related characters are trademarks of KONAMI Co.
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