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    Game Script (Tanker) by Grenadier

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/07/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY
    Script (Tanker Chapter), Version 1.0 by Grenadier (Martin Selano)
    E-mail: grenadier80@hotmail.com
    AIM: Grenadier32
    Originally Submitted 5/19/02
    This guide can be found at:
                                 I. TABLE OF CONTENTS
    II. Introduction
    III. Version History
    IV. Script Format Data
    IV. Script (Tanker Chapter)
    V. Credits
    VI. Contacting Me
    VII. Legal Stuff
                                   II. INTRODUCTION
    MGS2 is a very famous game, with good reason. It has an excellent story, 
    presented like a movie, with scripting and voice acting that puts FFX (and 
    just about everything else) to shame (IMO anyway, and I love FFX). Thus, I 
    have typed up a script of the game for your use--not to mention my own. So, 
    read on.
    Oh, and obviously, there are MANY SPOILERS in here. Proceed at your own risk.
                                 III. VERSION HISTORY
    1.0: -Posted script, tanker chapter only. Plant chapter to be posted later.
                                   IV. SCRIPT FORMAT
    In proper script format (the format used to write movies), there is a very 
    strict protocol to follow. Here are the terms used:
    EXT.: Exterior shot of a structure.
    INT.: Interior shot of a structure.
    V.O.: Voice over. Character speaking is not visible and considered in a 
    different place (talking on a phone, answering a radio call).
    O.S.: Off screen. Character speaking is not visible, but in the same scene.
    Main action verbs and the first appearance of characters are in UPPERCASE.
                               V. SCRIPT (TANKER CHAPTER)
    We hear Solid Snake's voice, with a slight echo.
    SOLID SNAKE (V.O.): The Hudson River, two years ago. We had classified 
    intelligence that a new Metal Gear was scheduled for transport. The whole 
    thing stank. . .but our noses had been out in the cold too long.
    It is raining hard.
    We see the top of the tower on the bridge, FLY THROUGH THE GAP and down to 
    the road, where we see cars and hear CAR HORNS.
    We see a figure in a pitch black raincoat that reaches his knees and leaves 
    his face bare, smoking a cigarette.
    The figure WALKS SLOWLY along the path on the side of the road, a scowl on 
    his face.
    Eventually, the figure reaches up with his hand and REMOVES THE CIGARETTE. He 
    tosses it aside. 
    Finally, the figure STOPS moving momentarily, and then begins to RUN. As he 
    runs, there is a FLASH OF LIGHT, and suddenly, the raincoat flies away in the 
    The figure is now invisible, but his outline is visible, because the rain is 
    splashing against him. We follow the figure running along the path, hearing 
    Suddenly, the figure DIVES off the side of the bridge, GRUNTING.
    He falls over the side of the bridge, revealing a bungee cord tied to his 
    invisible belt. His outline plummets down toward a huge boat underneath, and 
    suddenly, the bungee cord snaps straight. There is a ZAP, and the 
    invisibility fails briefly, revealing the figure as SOLID SNAKE.
    Snake falls down toward the tanker below the bridge and KICKS OFF THE WALL, 
    disconnecting the bungee cord. He SLAMS loudly onto the deck, and there are 
    LIGHTS and BEAMS as the cloaking dies.
    Snake, no longer invisible, slowly looks up and soaks his face in the rain. 
    We fly away from him and into a nearby helicopter.
    We see REVOLVER OCELOT. He is a Russian man with long, silver hair in a 
    ponytail. He wears a long brown coat and a military uniform underneath. He is 
    carrying binoculars and spinning a revolver in his hand. 
    He looks through the binoculars.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Our boy is right on schedule.
    He lowers the binoculars.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: He'll know soon enough. . .
    The helicopter FLIES AWAY.
    Snake STANDS UP, and we see him clearly. He is a muscular man who appears to 
    be in his late thirties or early forties with a mullet and bandana. He wears 
    a skintight, jet black sneaking suit with many compartments on it on the 
    chest and belt, as well as a gun holster on his leg. 
    We see the MGS2 logo and hear THUNDERCLAPS.
    The logo disappears, and Snake RUNS to the side of the deck. He holds his 
    hand up to his neck.
    Snake calls OTACON. Otacon is a young man in his late twenties wearing a 
    white lab coat and glasses.
    SOLID SNAKE: This is Snake. Do you read me, Otacon?
    OTACON: Loud and clear, Snake.
    SOLID SNAKE: Kept you waiting, huh? I'm at the sneak point.
    OTACON: Everything going OK?
    SOLID SNAKE: The stealth camo's busted. Landing impact.
    OTACON: We must've overused it. Sorry, but you're gonna have to deal with it. 
    You're not in the military anymore.
    SOLID SNAKE: Right. I didn't plan on relying on this gadget anyway.
    OTACON: The private sector's not so bad, is it? Privacy guaranteed. . .
    SOLID SNAKE: I'm happy as long as no one gives me any more unwanted gifts.
    OTACON: You mean that thing with Naomi?
    SOLID SNAKE: And I can't say I miss the chattering nanny.
    OTACON: Mei Ling's not so bad. That reminds me, I have to get in touch with 
    her again about that Natik flashware.
    SOLID SNAKE: Diverting toys from the SSCEN again? Give her a message from me: 
    someone will find out, sooner or later. She's better off assuming it's sooner 
    and quit while she's safe.
    OTACON: Too true. OK Snake, let's get to work. You know how the technical 
    specs of Metal Gear were sold on the black market after Shadow Moses?
    SOLID SNAKE: All Ocelot's doing.
    OTACON: Exactly. But now every state, group and dotcom has its own version of 
    Metal Gear. 
    SOLID SNAKE: Not exactly a classified weapon for today's nuclear powers.
    OTACON: This new one seems to have been designed to wipe the floor with all 
    the other models. The only consistent description is that it's an amphibious, 
    anti-Metal Gear vehicle.
    SOLID SNAKE: That explains why this one is under Marine Corps jurisdiction.
    We see several views of the tanker from various viewpoints. Snake is still 
    talking to Otacon through the Codec, but he does not appear to be.
    OTACON (V.O.): The mission objective is to make visual confirmation of the 
    new Metal Gear being transported on that tanker and bring back photographic 
    evidence. But I want you first to go up to the top level the infrastructure, 
    to the bridge. We need to find out where the tanker is headed.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): A little reconnaissance, huh?
    OTACON (V.O.): There's too much we don't know about this new prototype. 
    Capabilities, deployment method--we don't even know how close it is to 
    completion. If we know where the testing arena is, I can start to draw some 
    reasonable conclusions.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Alright, I'll head to the bridge ASAP.
    OTACON (V.O.): Try to avoid confrontations. Our goal is to collect evidence 
    of Metal Gear development and expose it to the world. It would be best if you 
    could get out of there without alerting anyone.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Don't worry, I know the drill. We're not terrorists.
    OTACON (V.O.): Very good. Don't you forget that  you're part of Philanthropy 
    now--an anti-Metal Gear organization and officially recognized by the UN.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Recognized, but still fringe, Otacon.
    We see Snake again from standard gameplay viewpoint.
    OTACON (V.O.): Alright, let's look at your gear. Your weapon is a 
    tranquilizer gun converted from a Beretta M92F.
    We see the inventory control boxes on the right of the screen as Snake 
    selects the M9. He aims it around, and as Otacon says his next few lines, he 
    tests it out by shooting a nearby lamp, all the while demonstrating Corner 
    View Mode.
    SOLID SNAKE: M9. . .
    OTACON (V.O.): It's a little hard to work with, because you have to reload 
    after each shot, since the slide locks.
    SOLID SNAKE: Better than scavenging at the mission site. Good suppressor, 
    OTACON (V.O.): The chemical stun will take effect in a few seconds and last 
    for hours. You can take down an elephant with that thing. Check out the laser 
    sighting, too.
    Snake does so in First-Person View.
    OTACON (V.O.): The effects of the anesthetic round vary depending on what 
    part of the body is hit. We're talking about a difference of tens of seconds 
    between hitting on the legs, chest or head. As for the equipment. . .
    Snake puts the M9 away and examines his inventory on the left.
    OTACON (V.O.): Hey, Snake! Cigarettes? What's wrong with you?
    SOLID SNAKE: It's kind of a lucky charm.
    OTACON (V.O.): You haven't read the Surgeon General's Warning, have you? 
    Here's the digital camera. Works almost the same way as your old one.
    Snake selects it. He then uses it as a pair of binoculars to examine the 
    marines patrolling the decks. We then see various scenes of the Marines 
    patrolling the decks and Snake talking to Otacon.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): They don't look armed.
    OTACON (V.O.): Hey, Earth to Snake. These are nice, upstanding Marines, not 
    terrorists. Don't get caught; you're in stealth mode here.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Sure. And if it comes to that, a little beauty sleep 
    never hurt anyone. By the way, Otacon, are you sure of this intelligence?
    OTACON (V.O.): Absolutely. Hacked it out of the Pentagon's classified files 
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): No traces?
    OTACON (V.O.): Oh, please. I'm too good for that.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): But this might be a trap. Remember, there's a price on 
    our heads.
    OTACON (V.O.): You're just being paranoid.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): I hope so. Those men. . .you wouldn't think they were 
    anything but civilians from here.
    OTACON (V.O.): With all the ships passing on the river and in the harbor, 
    putting uniformed Marines on the deck would be a bad idea. People can get a 
    clear view of the water from Riverside too.
    SOLID SNAKE: The waterline is too high. . .according to the navigational 
    plans, this ship should've discharged its cargo upriver.
    OTACON (V.O.): It's in there. No doubt about it.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): The military trains you to watch for threats on the stern 
    of a boat. That's SOP for Marine counter-terror ops too. Security should be 
    OTACON (V.O.): You worry too much.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Where's the target?
    OTACON (V.O.): Satellite surveillance is a major international pastime these 
    days. I'd say the cargo holds, safely below the deck. Can you see the 
    entrance to the holds?
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Looks like there are a few entry ways into the crew 
    Suddenly, we hear a chopper engine.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): A chopper? Wha--!
    Snake's view SPINS AROUND to one of the Marines, where a soldier in a brown 
    uniform and black balaclava is SNEAKING up behind him. The soldier KNOCKS THE 
    MARINE DOWN and STABS him with a knife. We see another similar scene, and the 
    soldiers THROW THE MARINES' BODIES off the deck and into the river. They then 
    proceed to INVADE the tanker.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Looks like we're not the only ones after Metal Gear 
    OTACON (V.O.): Is that a chopper I just heard?
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Affirmative. Probably another cavalry. What's their game? 
    OTACON (V.O.): They're probably targeting the ship's controls. 
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Otacon, how many men do you need to take over a tanker of 
    this size?
    OTACON (V.O.): The ship is run by a computer so. . .I'd say about eighteen 
    Snake investigates one of the soldiers' weapons.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): AKS-74u?
    Snake then sights a meeting of a group of soldiers in more complete uniforms, 
    as well as another very large man, SERGEI GURLUKOVICH.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): Russians?
    OTACON (V.O.): Are you sure?
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): No Marine barber touched that head of hair.
    Sergei pulls out a fur hat from his belt, unfolds it, and puts it on. Snake 
    takes a picture with his camera.
    SOLID SNAKE (O.S.): I'm transmitting a photo. Let's get an ID on him ASAP.
    OTACON (V.O.): I'm on it.
    We see Snake again, and hear THUNDERCLAPS.
    SOLID SNAKE: Looks like the tanker's theirs now.
    Snake hears the chopper's engine again.
    SOLID SNAKE: KA-60, Kasatka.
    OTACON (V.O.): Kasatka? Kamov chopper, right? "Killer Whale". . .
    SOLID SNAKE: We need to get a fix on who they are.
    OTACON: Judging by their transport, are they some kind of military commandos?
    SOLID SNAKE: Not necessarily. It could be the KA-62, the civil model.
    OTACON: Look, Snake, all we need is the photographic evidence of Metal Gear. 
    As long as we have those, we can put it online and blow the whole thing wide 
    open. So no pyrotechnics, OK?
    SOLID SNAKE: Alright, I'll do my best.
    OTACON: This isn't like Shadow Moses. Reach me if anything happens. The 
    frequency's 141.12.
    SOLID SNAKE: How can I check in and save my progress?
    OTACON: I'll do it. There's a frequency set aside for it--140.96. Sorry, but 
    no Mei Ling this time. Call me on the Codec when you wanna save.
    SOLID SNAKE: Got it.
    OTACON: I'll be waiting just past the Verrazano Bridge. You need to be off 
    that ship by then.
    SOLID SNAKE: I'll be in touch.
    Cut transmission.
    Snake goes to the bridge of the ship, under the player's control.
    Snake enters the room quietly and very cautiously, with his M9 in his hand 
    and at the ready. He passes through the room, ignoring the blank stares of 
    the dead Marines in the room, and goes to the window. He looks outside.
    SOLID SNAKE: So it is the Kasatka--Russian choppers!
    We see three more Kasatkas fly over to the tanker and hover over it.
    Three soldiers jump out of the chopper and down a rope.
    We see three soldiers LAND on the deck of the tanker and run in with their 
    guns up and at the ready as they INVADE THE SHIP. The choppers FLY AWAY.
    Snake walks over to a computer console and presses a few buttons. He RECOILS 
    upon seeing what the computer tells him.
    Snake calls Otacon.
    OTACON: Snake, did you find out where that tanker is headed?
    SOLID SNAKE: I'm looking at it--35 degrees longitude, latitude around 58.
    OTACON: More than 500 miles off the coast of the Bermudas, out in the middle 
    of the Atlantic. So, the prototype is ready for solo testing-- it's basically 
    combat-worthy. That area's outside the Second Fleet's operational range, too-
    it must be a standalone Marine Corps project, which means this Metal Gear 
    must be designed for independent deployment-- without any Naval assistance. 
    Anyway, analysis can wait 'til later. Snake, you need to go down into the 
    holds and locate the actual Metal--
    Snake hears a CRASH and LOOKS UP in surprise. Cut transmission.
    Snake looks out a window to the left, where he sees a female soldier talking 
    on a portable radio. He goes outside.
    The female soldier, OLGA GURLUKOVICH, is talking to Sergei on her radio. Like 
    Sergei, she has a pronounced Russian accent. She wears a striped shirt, heavy 
    military plants, and a brown hat that covers her eyes.
    SERGEI (V.O.): Shalashaska has landed. I'm on my way to the tanker holds. 
    Report your status.
    Snake comes outside and hides behind a metal box, listening to Olga's 
    OLGA: Control room, communications and engine room are under control. All 
    entry and exit points to the tanker holds secured. Infrared sensors placed 
    and operational.
    SERGEI (V.O.): Good work. Are the explosives in place?
    Olga moves the radio to her other hand.
    OLGA: Yes. They are all planted.
    SERGEI (V.O.): Listen. Once we have what we came for, the tanker will be 
    OLGA: And the vehicle's pilot?
    SERGEI (V.O.): He's the only one who underwent the VR training. No one else 
    can do it.
    OLGA: Are you sure you can trust him?
    SERGEI (V.O.): Your part in the mission is complete. You are to leave at 
    Olga SWINGS HER ARM around in a circle angrily.
    OLGA: No, it's not over yet!
    SERGEI (V.O.): I can see the moon, even in this storm. Pale. . .
    We see Sergei, talking on the opposite end of the radio. We hear him clearly, 
    instead of through Olga's radio.
    SERGEI: . . .as death. I have a bad feeling about this mission.
    SERGEI (V.O.): You swore this to me. That you would leave the unit, once the 
    mission was complete.
    SERGEI: Do not worry, this is a country of liberty.
    OLGA: No! This is where I belong, with the unit! I have nowhere else to go!
    Olga DRAWS A GUN and COCKS it.
    OLGA: Father, I want to stay and fight!
    SERGEI: There is no choice to make here, Olga! Need I remind you that you are 
    carrying my grandchild!?
    Olga puts a hand on her belly and SIGHS HELPLESSLY.
    SERGEI (V.O.): You will be on the helicopter out of here, NOW!
    Olga lowers the radio.
    OLGA: Dammit!
    We hear a CHOPPER ENGINE, and we see a group of soldiers WAVING to Olga in a 
    Kasatka. She raises one arm and WAVES it twice, as if to tell them to leave.
    Suddenly, Snake JUMPS out of hiding and points his M9 at Olga.
    SOLID SNAKE: Freeze!
    Olga doesn't flinch. She just stops moving.
    SOLID SNAKE: Hands over your head! NOW!
    Olga slowly RAISES HER ARMS, her pistol still in one of her hands. We see 
    another gun tucked in to the back of her pants.
    SOLID SNAKE: Toss your gun overboard! Slowly.
    Olga does so.
    SOLID SNAKE: A woman? Show your face!
    OLGA: You men. . .you're all the same!
    SOLID SNAKE: Who are you?
    Olga slowly REMOVES HER CAP, revealing her short, silvery white hair.
    OLGA: We are nomads. Wanderers.
    She LETS GO of her cap, and it FLIES down past Snake in the wind. She starts 
    to take a step back.
    Olga takes one step forward.
    OLGA: Americans. So you shoot women too?
    Snake shakes his head, his gun still pointed at Olga.
    SOLID SNAKE: I'm a nomad too. 
    SOLID SNAKE: What else do you have there? Take the knife and toss it!
    Olga cocks an eyebrow at Snake and REMOVES HER KNIFE from her belt. She 
    CROUCHES down to drop it.
    SOLID SNAKE: Not there! Toss it overboard!
    Olga stands up again.
    SOLID SNAKE: Hold that position! Now, turn around!
    OLGA: You know what you're doing.
    The tanker LURCHES, and Snake loses his balance, but he recovers quickly.
    OLGA: It's stopped raining. . .
    Snake cautiously moves back into his position.
    OLGA: Not too shabby, is it? New York, I mean!
    Olga suddenly SPINS AROUND with the knife in her hand--
    --There is a BANG--
    --In slow motion, we see Snake DODGE a few centimeters to his left, a 
    desperate expression on his face, as a silver bullet FLIES PAST HIM--
    --The knife LEAVES OLGA'S HAND--
    --And CLANGS off of the metal box in front of Snake.
    Olga suddenly has a gun in her hand, and she RUNS in back of a bunch of 
    equipment under a tarp, her gun at the ready.
    OLGA: --And that brings our tour to its conclusion!
    SOLID SNAKE: Scout knife with a surprise. . .you a Spetsnaz?
    OLGA: I think you deserve a little credit. No one's ever dodged that shot of 
    mine. . .but no one gets lucky twice, either!
    White flash. Snake fights Olga, and she opens the battle with a few comments.
    OLGA I've been with the unit since I was born. I grew up on the battlefield. 
    Conflict and victory were my parents. The unit is my life, my family. We've 
    shared everything. . .all the bad and all the good. . .I  have no one, 
    nothing except the unit! Whoever you are, you're not stopping us!
    Eventually, Snake defeats her with his tranquilizer gun. He cautiously WALKS 
    over to her, gun at the ready, and makes sure she is unconscious.
    Satisfied, he takes her USP and COCKS it. He looks at her body for a short 
    time, and SIGHS.
    He suddenly hears a SMALL ENGINE. He looks up and sees a Cypher, a small 
    robotic camera supported by a propeller. The Cypher descends to about ten 
    feet above him and CLICKS, like a camera taking a picture. It then flies 
    SOLID SNAKE: Cypher!?
    Snake calls Otacon.
    SOLID SNAKE: Otacon, the ship appears to be under their control. The men have 
    Russian gear, but I haven't been able to find out anything else about their 
    OTACON: I know who they are.
    SOLID SNAKE: You do?
    OTACON: We've ID'ed the old man.
    SOLID SNAKE: Who is he?
    OTACON: Sergei Gurlukovich.
    SOLID SNAKE: Gurlukovich. . .one of Ocelot's allies!?
    In the center of the codec screen, we see a video of the footage Snake got of 
    the meeting on the deck earlier when Snake took the picture of Sergei.
    OTACON: Yeah. . .the GRU colonel. He's the one
    Ocelot was supposed to meet up with
    after Shadow Moses.
    SOLID SNAKE: They're after Metal Gear. . .
    OTACON: Everything's changed. This is not gonna be a simple as we thought.
    SOLID SNAKE: You could say that. I saw a surveillance remote just now. It 
    looked like a Cypher.
    OTACON: A Marine Cypher-T?
    SOLID SNAKE: No, Army.
    OTACON: First the Marines, then the Russians, now the Army?
    SOLID SNAKE: You're right, this isn't gonna be simple.
    OTACON: Snake, there's something I have to tell you.
    SOLID SNAKE: What?
    OTACON: We didn't dig up this info, uh, about the new Metal Gear on our own. 
    Not like usual.
    SOLID SNAKE: How did you find out then?
    OTACON: It was a tip. An anonymous tip.
    SOLID SNAKE: Anonymous? You've never trusted those. . .why would you start 
    OTACON: I, uh. . .I have a younger sister. A stepsister. We have different 
    parents. I only knew her for two years.
    SOLID SNAKE: You've never mentioned her before. So?
    OTACON: The sender of the tip was "E.E.".
    OTACON: Her name is Emma, but I always call her "E.E.".
    SOLID SNAKE: Emma Emmerich?
    OTACON: Yeah. It just caught my eye, you know? I figured it was a 
    coincidence, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. There's really no one out 
    there who knows about her. . .
    SOLID SNAKE: When was the last time you saw her?
    OTACON: Over ten years ago.
    SOLID SNAKE: You think it was a trap? To lure us out here?
    OTACON: I don't know. After I got the tip, I did break into the Pentagon's 
    system to get confirmation. . .
    SOLID SNAKE: OK. . .
    OTACON: Watch your back, Snake. Maybe I screwed up.
    SOLID SNAKE: I've got a light-equipped USP. I can take them on now. There's 
    no ammo, but it takes a 9mm, just like the Marines' M9. I'll find those 
    somewhere around here.
    OTACON: Don't raise too much racket with that thing.
    SOLID SNAKE: I hear you.
    Cut transmission.
    Snake goes to the tanker's holds, under the player's control. 
    Snake cautiously tiptoes through the tunnel, and suddenly hears the creak of 
    a DOOR LOCK. He instantly RAISES HIS USP, and then CROUCHES DOWN behind a 
    metal box.
    We see the door in front of Snake OPENING, and three guards walk into the 
    tunnel. They aim their AK's down the hall, and the second guard pulls out his 
    radio. The third guard CLOSES THE DOOR.
    GUARD: Colonel, we have sealed the stern hatch.
    We hear Sergei over the radio.
    SERGEI (V.O.): Alright.
    GUARD: The lift is also under our control.
    SERGEI (V.O.): We are on the fore deck. About to descend to the holds.
    GUARD: Sir, the Marine commander has started his speech already.
    SERGEI (V.O.): We will complete the preparations before the end of the 
    GUARD: All communications to the holds have been
    severed. No one is aware of our presence.
    SERGEI (V.O.): Let NO ONE down into the holds until we are out.
    GUARD: Yes sir! We will secure your exit, with our lives if necessary!
    SERGEI (V.O.): There is one more thing.
    GUARD: Yes sir?
    Sergei pauses, as if considering what to say.
    SERGEI (V.O.): My daughter--keep her safe!
    GUARD: Yes sir!
    Sergei cuts the transmission.
    The guards begin to walk down the hall, their guns at the ready. We see Snake 
    BLINK, realizing he cannot escape without being seen.
    Suddenly, a guard looks up, knowing he is not alone.
    GUARD: Who goes there!?
    Snake, his cover having been blown, is forced to dispatch all of the guards. 
    He does so with his USP, and then cautiously walks forward through the smoke 
    from the guns firing.
    He TURNS THE LOCK on the door and goes through, unaware of another guard 
    HIDING SILENTLY behind him. As he tiptoes through the door, the guard comes 
    up from behind him and CLOSES THE DOOR. The guard SIGHS in relief.
    Then, he hears SLOW FOOTSTEPS from behind him, and he RAISES HIS AK.
    GUARD: Who goes there!?
    We see Revolver Ocelot approach him.
    GUARD: . . .Oh, Shalashaska.
    Ocelot comes right up to him.
    GUARD: But why are you here? We thought you were with the Colonel?
    Ocelot suddenly RAISES A REVOLVER up to the guard's forehead.
    GUARD: What the--!?
    Ocelot FIRES. The guard FALLS TO THE FLOOR, SCREAMING and TWITCHING. Ocelot's 
    gun spins around in his hand, and he replaces it in his holster.
    Ocelot walks over to the door and LOCKS IT, and then turns around and starts 
    to leave the way he came.
    He turns around and addresses the dead guard.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: The Colonel will be joining you soon--Comrade!
    Snake calls Otacon.
    OTACON: Snake, are in yet? Have you made it to the holds? 
    SOLID SNAKE: It's taking longer than I expected. We've already passed the 
    Verrazano bridge.
    OTACON: Alright, we'll use another recovery point.
    SOLID SNAKE: They may be planning to change course.
    OTACON: What?
    SOLID SNAKE: The exits to the deck are all sealed.
    OTACON: What are they planning?
    SOLID SNAKE: If they get Metal Gear, we're going right off the fringe.
    We see Snake looking down at an assembly of Marines from a platform high 
    above. We hear the voice of Colonel Dolph SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.
    SOLID SNAKE: The men down here are definitely Marines.
    OTACON (V.O.): If the deck is sealed off, then they have no way of knowing 
    that the ship's been taken over.
    SOLID SNAKE: I'm not interested in fighting these guys. The weapons won't do 
    me much good here.
    OTACON (V.O.): Can you see Metal Gear?
    SOLID SNAKE: No. I'll have to go around to the bow. They have some serious 
    defenses here. I doubt the recent arrivals want to blast their way through 
    the Marines either.
    OTACON (V.O.): Wonder where they're headed.
    SOLID SNAKE: I don't know. Not the beach, that's for sure.
    OTACON: OK, Snake. Let's go over this one more time. Use this camera to get 
    photographic evidence of the Metal Gear prototype. Now do your thing and take 
    pictures that speak louder than the government's plausible denials. We need 
    four shots: Metal Gear from the front, front-right, and front-left, and a 
    close-up of the Marine Corps marking.
    SOLID SNAKE: Marking?
    We see a video of the side of Metal Gear and the Marine Corps marking Otacon 
    speaks of.
    OTACON: There should be a Marines insignia on the body of Metal Gear. Just 
    let someone try explaining away a clear shot of that.
    SOLID SNAKE: Alright.
    OTACON: There's actually. . .one little thing.
    SOLID SNAKE: Just spit it out. I'm used to things going wrong.
    OTACON: It looks like someone's monitoring our transmission.
    OTACON: I don't have a clue. All they're doing is watching. It would creep me 
    out less if they tried to interfere with our communications.
    SOLID SNAKE: Could it have something to do with that Cypher we saw?
    OTACON: Maybe. I've switched the encryption protocol for our burst 
    transmission for now. What I wanna do is use a different method for sending 
    these photos, just in case.
    SOLID SNAKE: Instead of using the Codec?
    We see a video of a computer in the corner of the hold where Metal Gear is 
    OTACON: Exactly. There's a workstation in the southeast corner of the block 
    where Metal Gear is housed. I've made arrangements so that you can send the 
    pictures from the machine.
    SOLID SNAKE: "Arrangements"?
    OTACON: I hitched a ride on Link-16 into U.S. Military's proprietary network. 
    Managed to get into that workstation and overwrote a part of the system's 
    software so I could remote-install a little app I wrote.
    SOLID SNAKE: Why bother with anything that complicated?
    OTACON: No, it's pretty simple, really. Look, all you have to do is stand in 
    front of the machine and push the Action button. The app will  automatically 
    launch and download the image data from the camera, split the files and 
    encrypt them individually. The data packets can them masquerade as--
    SOLID SNAKE: OK, OK! So all I have to do is push the Action button in front 
    of the computer once I have the pictures, right?
    OTACON: Well, sure, if you put it that way. . . and one more thing. The 
    Commandant's already begun his speech, but you need to get the pictures 
    before he's done talking. Otherwise, they'll spot you. OK?
    SOLID SNAKE: How much time do I have?
    OTACON: I hacked into his personal files and took a look at the text of that 
    speech. I'd say you have seven minutes, longer if he throws in a joke or two.
    SOLID SNAKE: A seven-minute time limit, huh?
    OTACON: Remember, Snake, just the photos, OK?
    SOLID SNAKE: With these kinds of odds, I won't be making any sudden moves. 
    But that doesn't mean we can just let Metal Gear be hijacked.
    OTACON: OK, OK, but first the photos!
    SOLID SNAKE: Alright. We'll deal with the rest when we get there.
    OTACON: Stay low.
    Cut transmission.
    Under the player's control, Snake sneaks past the Marines and into the hold 
    where Metal Gear is being housed.
    As Snake enters the hold, the sliding door CLOSES BEHIND HIM, and he sees 
    Metal Gear held in a similar way to the way Metal Gear REX was held in Metal 
    Gear Solid. Cables hold it down. COLONEL DOLPH stands on a platform below it, 
    addressing another assembly of Marines below him. He is a black man who 
    appears to be in his thirties. He is still SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY as Snake 
    SOLID SNAKE: Metal Gear!!
    Snake takes the pictures of Metal Gear with his camera and uploads them to 
    Otacon through the computer in the room. Once he is done, the Colonel 
    finishes his speech. Snake hides behind a wall, watching.
    COLONEL DOLPH: . . .We, the Marines, will lead the charge into a new world 
    order with  Metal Gear RAY! That is all. Dismissed.
    The assembly of Marines salutes the Colonel, and he salutes back. The room is 
    And then, we hear a single person CLAPPING SLOWLY. The Marines and the 
    We see the spiked boots of Revolver Ocelot.
    REVOLVER OCELOT (O.S.): Excellent speech, my friend!
    COLONEL DOLPH: Who the. . .?
    We see Ocelot APPROACHING from behind Metal Gear.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Gift of the silver tongue! They say it's the mark of a good 
    Ocelot stops in back of Metal Gear, visible to the Colonel and the Marines.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: And of a liar! Americans are too in love with the sound of 
    their own voice to speak the truth.
    COLONEL DOLPH: Identify yourself!
    REVOLVER OCELOT: I am Shalashaska, also called Revolver Ocelot!
    Snake's EYES WIDEN in surprise at hearing that name. We see images of Ocelot 
    from Metal Gear Solid.
    The Marines start to APPROACH OCELOT, but the Colonel's HAND SNAPS UP to stop 
    COLONEL DOLPH: What do you want?
    Ocelot starts to WALK FORWARD.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: This machine will be quite useful.
    COLONEL DOLPH: What are you planning to do, steal this thing!?
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Steal? No, no. . .I'm taking it back!
    Ocelot slowly approaches. 
    We see Snake, moving behind metal crate to crate to get a better view. 
    Suddenly, a hand GRABS THE COLONEL, and we see Sergei with a gun pointed at 
    the Colonel's head, taking him hostage. The Marines SPIN AROUND and point 
    their guns at Sergei. Sergei MOVES BACK SLOWLY.
    SOLID SNAKE: Gurlukovitch. . .
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Nobody move! Understood!?
    Ocelot walks up in front of Sergei, addressing the Marines. 
    The cameraman in the back records the action, and the Marines in the other 
    holds are watching the video and PANICKING. 
    Ocelot RAISES HIS HAND, holding a detonator switch.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: This ship now carries enough SEMTEX on its key structural 
    points to blow it out of the water at the touch of this button!
    The Marines FLINCH and start to SHRINK BACK.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: That's right. . .no one has to die needlessly. . .
    Gurlukovitch's soldiers drop down on ropes and LAND on the platform. They 
    RAISE THEIR GUNS to back Ocelot up.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: We're almost at the target! Get a move on!
    The soldiers get to work, DISCONNECTING THE CABLES on Metal Gear. We hear a 
    METALLIC ROAR as Metal Gear comes alive.
    The Colonel is still being held hostage by Sergei.
    COLONEL DOLPH: What do you intend to do with RAY? Sell it on the streets?
    SERGEI: I was raised in Snezinsk, formerly known as Chelyabinsk-70, the 
    nuclear research outpost.
    COLONEL DOLPH: What're you talking about?
    SERGEI: After the Cold War ended, my home was bought out by the Americans.
    COLONEL DOLPH: Is there a point to this sad story?
    SERGEI: Not that you would understand! Land, friends, dignity, all sold to 
    the highest bidder, the United States of America! Even the technology that 
    gave birth to these weapons is Russian! Developed by US!
    COLONEL DOLPH: What do you intend to do?
    SERGEI: Russia will rise again! And RAY is the key!
    REVOLVER OCELOT: I regret to inform you that I have no intention of selling 
    Metal Gear. As I said, I came to take it back.
    Sergei GASPS, staring at Ocelot. His soldiers are FLINCHING as well.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Yes, returned. To the Patriots!
    The Colonel STRUGGLES.
    COLONEL DOLPH: The La-li-lu-le-lo? How's that POSSIBLE!?
    Ocelot SNORTS.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Hmph. I was never in your employ, Gurlukovitch.
    SERGEI: Are you still in league with Solidus?
    REVOLVER OCELOT: No hard feelings, Colonel. Mother Russia can ROT, for all I 
    SERGEI: Since when, Ocelot? When did you turn!?
    REVOLVER OCELOT: I'm glad you noticed, "comrade"--I abandoned her during the 
    Cold War.
    SERGEI: Arrrrrgh!
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Metal Gear only has room for one!
    The Marines start to PANIC again.
    Sergei PUSHES the Colonel away--
    Sergei RAISES HIS GUN--
    --Before he gets a chance to fire, Ocelot DRAWS A GUN AND FIRES at Sergei, 
    punching holes in the flying coat--
    --Sergei and the Colonel fall down, bullet holes in their chests, GROANING.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Sergei! Looks like you were long overdue for retirement.
    SERGEI: Traitorous. . .dog. . .
    Sergei FALLS DOWN, dead.
    Sergei's soldiers SPIN AROUND to shoot Ocelot--
    --Sergei's soldiers DIE. Ocelot's gun SPINS AROUND in his hand, and Ocelot 
    Ocelot once again RAISES THE DETONATOR and addresses the Marines.
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Show's over! If you wish to live, I suggest you run now! 
    This ship is still in the lower New York Harbor! You may yet make it to shore 
    if you swim for your life!
    YELLING AND SCREAMING. Water is FLOWING IN. The tanker is ROCKING back and 
    forth. There are more EXPLOSIONS in the holds. The camera FALLS OFF ITS 
    TRIPOD and hits the floor. The screen in the second part of the holds 
    SHATTERS, dropping broken glass everywhere.
    A few Marines manage to keep their balance and SHOOT THEIR GUNS at Ocelot, 
    who is calmly approaching Metal Gear's cockpit.
    We see Snake SPLASHING THROUGH THE WATER toward Metal Gear, and he CLIMBS UP 
    onto a platform far below Ocelot. He RAISES HIS GUN toward Ocelot.
    Ocelot suddenly STOPS in front of Metal Gear's cockpit, and his right arm 
    REVOLVER OCELOT: Hm? Arrrrrrgh!
    Ocelot GRABS HIS WRIST and WRITES IN PAIN, as if his wrist is suddenly an 
    enemy that must be eliminated. We see images of LIQUID SNAKE from Metal Gear 
    And then, suddenly, we see Ocelot again. His right sleeve is now rolled up, 
    so we can see that his right forearm is pale white and the veins are bulging. 
    His veins are also bulging on his face.
    He speaks with the voice of Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.
    LIQUID SNAKE: It's been awhile, BROTHER!
    SOLID SNAKE: Who are you!?
    LIQUID SNAKE: You know who I am!
    Solid Snake looks at Liquid Snake with an appraising eye.
    SOLID SNAKE: Liquid!?
    LIQUID SNAKE: Not so young anymore, eh, Snake!? You're drowning in time! I 
    know what it's like, brother.
    Solid Snake breathes heavily, overwhelmed.
    LIQUID SNAKE: No wonder Naomi passed you over for the FOXDIE program!
    He suddenly screams. We hear several disturbing NOISES.
    Ocelot BITES HIS WRIST. He then releases it and we hear a FARAWAY SCREAM.
    LIQUID SNAKE: The price of physical prodigy! Few more years and you'll be 
    another dead clone of the old man! Our raw materials are vintage, brother--
    Big Boss was in his late fifties when they created his copies. But I--I live 
    on, through this arm!
    SOLID SNAKE: Liquid's arm!?
    There is suddenly an EXPLOSION under RAY, forcing Solid Snake to roll away.
    SOLID SNAKE: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    We see Sergei for the last time.
    SERGEI: Ol. . .ga. . .
    We see his dead body, FLOATING IN THE WATER, blood FLOWING out of his mouth. 
    Colonel Dolph's body also floats nearby. 
    A Marine is CLIMBING A LADDER in a desperate attempt to escape. An EXPLOSION 
    erupts beneath him, and he FALLS.
    MARINE: Ahhhhh!!!
    We see a JOLT of the tanker knocking Solid Snake backwards into the water.
    Ocelot, still controlled by Liquid, runs to Metal Gear's cockpit and dives 
    Ocelot sits down at the control console. His right arm presses a few buttons, 
    and we hear BEEPING. 
    Metal Gear's COCKPIT CLOSES, and its mechanical "eyes" light up.
    Solid Snake CLIMBS OUT OF THE WATER and onto the platform right underneath 
    Metal Gear, PANTING. He SLOWLY STANDS UP and stares at Metal Gear.
    Metal Gear STANDS UP, its LIMBS CREAKING. We hear Liquid over Metal Gear's 
    speaker, as we did in Metal Gear Solid when he was piloting Metal Gear REX.
    LIQUID SNAKE (V.O.): You don't have what it takes after all! 
    LIQUID SNAKE (V.O.): You're going down, Snake, with this tanker!
    Metal Gear SWINGS A LIMB, hitting Solid Snake. He is FLUNG BACKWARDS and 
    against a wall. He FALLS DOWN and appears unconscious.
    RAY then turns around, amidst falling DEBRIS. The Marines still alive on the 
    second floor of the building are scrambling for cover, FIRING THEIR GUNS at 
    RAY with no apparent effect. One soldier aims a handgun at RAY, and his 
    superior HOLDS OUT HIS HAND, telling him to stop. He readies his own grenade 
    --And FIRES--
    --The shell EXPLODES on RAY's armor, not affecting it at all.
    Metal Gear turns to them and appears to stare. The Marines shrink back 
    fearfully, as Metal Gear RAISES ITS LEG--
    --And SMASHES the second floor--
    --Marines DIVE FOR COVER.
    Metal Gear lets out a METALLIC ROAR, turns around again and SUBMERGES ITS 
    HEAD in the water. 
    Solid Snake regains consciousness, and STANDS UP, staring at RAY.
    SOLID SNAKE: Otacon, we have a problem!
    Then Metal Gear raises upright once more, and its head SPLITS OPEN, revealing 
    a laser beam which CUTS A HOLE IN THE WALL. Water GUSHES IN, as Metal Gear 
    ROARS again.
    The water pushes Snake off the platform he is standing on. He FALLS INTO THE 
    OTACON (V.O.): Snake!
    Snake sinks headfirst into the depths below.
    OTACON (V.O.): Snaaaaake!!
    We see Metal Gear RAY rising through the water, amidst all of the bodies of 
    the Marines.
    Metal Gear BURSTS out of the water and lands on the remains of the tanker. We 
    see Solid Snake, apparently still alive, pop his head out of the water, 
    RAY lowers its head down toward Snake, ROARING.
    We see Snake trying to tread water through RAY's HUD.
    REVOLVER OCELOT (V.O.): No problems. Proceeding as planned, sir.
    RAY dives backwards and hits the surface of the water, SPLASHING. A massive 
    wave hits Snake, who disappears under the water, COUGHING. The WIND BLOWS in 
    the storm, and there are more THUNDERCLAPS.
    RAY floats past us, underwater. We hear Ocelot giving a status report.
    REVOLVER OCELOT (V.O.): Yes, at the location we discussed. Yes, I have 
    photographic evidence of Snake on the scene. The Cypher was most useful.
    High above, so that Snake cannot be seen.
    REVOLVER OCELOT (V.O.): I look forward to tomorrow morning's news flash.
    REVOLVER OCELOT (V.O.): I would say the Marine Corps' plans are on indefinite 
    hold. Yes, of course. . .
    REVOLVER OCELOT (V.O.): . . .Mr. President.
    We hear Metal Gear's ENGINES ROAR as it BLASTS far away from the scene. 
    We hear THUNDERCLAPS and the WIND BLOWING as the storm does not relent. Our 
    view pans up towards the sky.
    OTACON (V.O.): Snaaaaaaake!!!
    End of Tanker Chapter.
                                      V. CREDITS
    -Thanks to Konami (and Hideo Kojima) for making this awesome game.
    -Thanks to my family for giving me a chance to type this up.
    -Thanks to CJayC for this awesome gaming site, and for posting this script on 
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                                   V. LEGAL STUFF
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