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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Conquerer

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    T  A  C  T  I  C  A   L        E  S  P  I  O  N  A  G  E       A  C  T  I  O  N
     _    _ ___ _____  _   _    ___   ___   _   ____   ___  ___  _   _ ___    ___
    | \  / |  _|_   _|/ \ | |  / _ \ |  _| / \ |    \ / __|/ _ \| | | |   \  / _ \
    |  \/  | |_  | | / _ \| | | | |_|| |_ / _ \| |)  | |_ | | | | | | | |\ \|_| | |
    |      |  _| | || /_\ | | | |  __|  _| /_\ |    / \_ \| | | | | | | | | |  / /
    | |\/| | |   | ||  _  | | | | | _| | |  _  |   |    | | | | | | | | | | | / /
    | |  | | |_  | || | | | |_| |_| || |_| | | | |\ \ __| | |_| | |_| | |/ / / /__
    |_|  |_|___| |_||_| |_|___|\___/ |___|_| |_|_| \_|___/ \___/|___|_|___/ |_____|
             __   __        __      __   __           __   __  __  ___
            |__  |  | |\ | |__     |  | |__    |   | |__) |__ |__)  |  \ /
             __| |__| | \|  __|    |__| |      |__ | |__) |__ | \   |   |
        __                                                               __
       /  \_____________________________________________________________/  \
       \__/                                                             \__/
        ||                                                               ||
        ||                M E T A L  G E A R  S O L I D  2               ||
        ||                  S O N S  O F  L I B E R T Y                  ||
        ||                 F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H                 ||
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        ||              Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty              ||
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        ||                     Developer: Konami JPN                     ||
        ||                     Publisher: Konami                         ||
        ||                      Platform: PlayStation 2                  ||
        ||                         Genre: Action                         ||
        ||                        Origin: Japan                          ||
        ||             Number of Players: 1                              ||
        ||                 Released Date: 11/13/01                       ||
        ||                   ESRB Rating: M for Mature                   ||
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    TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                [MGS2_00]
    1.  INTRODUCTION.................................................[MGS2_01]
    2.  UPDATES......................................................[MGS2_02]
    3.  FAQS.........................................................[MGS2_03]
    4.  PROLOGUE.....................................................[MGS2_04]
    5.  CHARACTERS...................................................[MGS2_05]
    6.  WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT........................................[MGS2_06]
    7.  CONTROLS.....................................................[MGS2_07]
    8.  PLAYING THE GAME.............................................[MGS2_08]
    9.  WALKTHROUGH..................................................[MGS2_09]
          I. TANKER CHAPTER.......................................[tan_00]
         II. PLANT CHAPTER........................................[pla_00]
                i. Reconnaissance...........................[pla_01]
               ii. Bomb Disposal............................[pla_02]
              iii. Hostage Liberation.......................[pla_03]
               iv. Presidential Assistance..................[pla_04]
                v. The Computer Genius......................[pla_05]
               vi. Arsenal Gear.............................[pla_06]
              vii. Federal Hall.............................[pla_07]
    10. ITEM LIST....................................................[MGS2_10]
    11. CREDITS......................................................[MGS2_11]
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    1.                       I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Welcome to this FAQ/Walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
    First of all, I should note that I started this FAQ back in 2005 and
    finished the walkthrough and a few other sections back then but the
    document wasn't quite complete yet. This was at a time where I was
    starting to write way too many guides for my own good and ended up
    finishing... well, none of them. Five years later it bothers me thinking
    I've wrote this essentially for nothing so I decided to complete whatever
    else was needed to complete the FAQ so it's presentable and here it is.
    MGS2 is one of my favourite games and it's arguably one of the greatest
    games of all time so it was fun to write this guide. Overall this FAQ is
    pretty thorough although there are perhaps some sections that I normally
    would have included had the scenario been a bit diferent. I don't have the
    time or the desire to work on FAQs anymore and I'm just trying to publish
    what is reasonable that is still on my hard drive and this is probably the
    best of all those guides, and it is quite adequate.
    Anyway, use the table of contents to navigate through the FAQ. You'll find
    the walkthrough is very descriptive and gives you pretty much any detail
    you need to know so carefully read it before emailing me if you have any
    questions. Thank you.
    2.                            U P D A T E S
    [05/07/10] - 321 KB - Final
    First submission. This has been on my hard drive for way too long doing
    nothing so I decided to just put together the final touches and submit it
    finally. This will likely be the only and final update.
    3.                                F A Q S
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. Can you help me?
    A: Utilize your Codec. Someone will surely be able to help you, in
       virtually any circumstance.
    Q: Is there a max grip level I can get? How long does it take to increase
       grip level?
    A: The max level is 3. It takes 100 pull ups to increase the level. So to
       get to level 3 you need to do 200 pull ups. Another way to increase
       grip level is to drop from one rail to another, which is worth 10 pull
       ups. Do this 10 times for level 2 and 20 times for level 3. Remember
       that this is much riskier and if you miss a ledge you will fall to your
    Q: Why do I keep coughing and sneezing?
    A: You have a cold. Try to find any medicine if you can and use it. Try to
       stay out of the cold whenever you can.
    Q: Is there any way to stop the sea lice from eating my rations?
    A: Hold L2 and move the left analog stick back and forth while your
       rations are selected.
    Q: Where is the giant batch of C4 at the bottom of Strut A?
    A: In the Deep Sea Duck, right underneath the sub hanging over the water.
       Go towards the close wall by the camera and freeze it from the edge of
       the walkway without falling into the water.
    Q: I found a book on top of a locker, but how do I get it?
    A: Punch the locker until it comes down. It's actually a few books.
    Q: What's going on with Campbell in Arsenal Gear?
    A: Turn off the console right now! Turn off your computer while you're at
       it. Stop asking me questions, your mission is a failure.
    Q: What am I supposed to do in the Ascending Colon in Arsenal Gear?
    A: Just keep running back and forth to both ends until Snake comes.
    Q: Is there any way to get Snake's dog tag?
    A: Roll him a few times and he'll get knocked unconscious. Shake him down
       and you'll get it.
    If you have any other questions, please read through the appropriate
    section first since it may be addressed in this FAQ. If not, send me an
    email at the address listed near the top of this FAQ.
    4.                            P R O L O G U E
    The year is 2009. Two years ago in New York City, a top secret Metal Gear
    project was believed to be underway. Solid Snake infiltrated the USS
    Discovery with instruction to discover the truth of this information and
    produce photographic evidence of Metal Gear if so. During this mission, a
    series of events led to the sinking of the USS Discovery and the hijacking
    of Metal Gear. The first part of the game reviews this mission.
    Two years after the tanker incident, a new FOXHOUND agent by the codename
    of Raiden infiltrates the Big Shell, an offshore environmental containment
    facility. The facilty was built to clean up the mess after the tanker
    incident. During a visit by the President of the United States, the
    facility was taken over by a group of terrorist by the name of Dead Cell.
    This terrorist group calls itself, "Sons of Liberty." The terrorists are
    holding the President hostage and demand 30 billion dollars as his ransom.
    If their demands are not met they threaten to destroy the facilty with
    planted explosives.
    SEAL Team 10 has been dispatched in addition to Raiden, an independent
    agent whose presense is known by no one except Colonel Roy Campbell, his
    commanding officer and former commanding officer of Solid Snake for the
    Shadow Moses incident and in Zanzibar Land. Raiden's mission objectives
    are to rescue the President as well as the hostages held in the facilty. 
    5.                          C H A R A C T E R S
    Solid Snake
    The man known as the living legend, and son of "the greatest soldier that
    ever lived", Big Boss. This is the man who is known for his extreme
    capabilities, making a big name for himself on his first mission with
    FOXHOUND. The legendary hero of Shadow Moses, Zanzibar Land and Outer
    Heaven. Despite being in his thirties, Snake has still got his skills and
    precision, and is the same professional he has always been.
    Hal Emmerich, a survivor of Shadow Moses and a partner to Solid Snake. The
    name Otacon is derived from the Otaku Anime Convention, a event that
    occurs in Japan every year. Otacon was formerly a scientist, and creator
    of Metal Gear REX, the machine Solid Snake was set out to destroy, for
    reasons unknown to Hal at the time, although he soon learned and
    cooperated with Snake to destroy the nuclear-equipped walking battle tank.
    Sergei Gurlukovich
    The head of the Gurlukovich soldiers aboard the U.S.S. Discovery in the
    Hudson River, and a former leader of the former Soviet Army. Sergei was
    also involved in the Shadow Moses incident and provided Liquid Snake with
    the Hind D. Sergei also has a daughter, Olga, and she is also aboard the
    U.S.S. Discovery.
    Olga Gurlukovich
    Daughter of Sergei, Olga took part in the scuttling of the U.S.S.
    Discovery and had an encounter with Solid Snake. Olga was brought up on
    the battlefield, and "conflict and victory" were her parents. Her father
    taught her well and her experience and expertise are incredible.
    Revolver Ocelot
    Took part majorly in the Shadow Moses incident and fought Solid Snake,
    losing his right arm in the same fight thanks to a Cyborg Ninja, although
    he has evidently got himself a new arm. Ocelot was then an accomplice to
    Liquid Snake, but is now more independent and dangerous, even despite his
    obvious old age. 
    Arguably the main character of the game, however, not truly intentionally.
    Raiden is an inexperienced soldier in the field and the Big Shell is his
    first mission, in the hands of Colonel Campbell. His codename is initially
    Snake but is then changed for certain reasons involving the mission.
    Raiden is a young soldier, much like the young Solid Snake in Outer
    Heaven, with capabilities of becoming a highly experienced mercenary.
    Roy Campbell
    Colonel Roy Campbell, former superior to Solid Snake. Campbell was the
    head of not only the Shadow Moses Island incident but also Zanzibar Land
    and Outer Heaven, also where Solid Snake completed the missions assigned
    to him. Now Campbell is in charge of Raiden's mission in the Big Shell,
    supervising the whole thing and informing Raiden on what he needs to know.
    Raiden's girlfriend and also the mission analyst of the Big Shell mission.
    Although Raiden doesn't always speak pleasantly to Rose they both are
    still very communicative and able of a continuing relationship.
    Iroquois Pliskin
    A man who calls himself Iroquois Pliskin, Lieutenant Junior Grade. Raiden
    meets up with him in the middle and after an alarming event with a man
    known as Vamp. Raiden tells him about his VR experience and he doesn't
    seem too impressed, although him and Raiden soon work somewhat as
    teammates. After meeting him, Pliskin gives Raiden a SOCOM pistol, as well
    as Cigarettes, just in case he needs them.
    Peter Stillman
    A former member of the NYPD Bomb Squad and extremely experienced in his
    old work. Stillman is in the Big Shell despite his retirement because he
    taught Fatman, who set the C4's around the Big Shell, pretty much
    everything he knows about bombs, and he's here to defuse what Fatman has
    started. Stillman provides some helpful tips over the Codec on where some
    C4's might be.
    A member of Dead Cell, known as both "Lady Luck" and "Fortune". Real name
    is Helena Dolph Jackson, daughter of Marine Commandant Scott Dolph who was
    killed in the Tanker incident, and husband of Colonel Reginald Jackson,
    the former head of Dead Cell when it was an anti-terrorist group, who was
    arrested on corruption charges. Fortune is known for her tremendous luck,
    and in the Big Shell the Navy SEALs are unable to hit her -- bullets will
    just divert away from her when near. Although this is tactically
    helpfully, she feels it is a curse and sometimes requests someone to kill
    her, to put her out of her misery, although it seems to be a bit of a
    trick, either intentionally or unintentionally. 
    An extremely quick man with characteristical and behavioural traits of a
    Vampire, hence the name "Vamp". Raiden first confronts this creature-like
    Romanian in a deadly situation where he is almost killed. Vamp is also a
    member of Dead Cell with Fortune and takes part in terrorist events with
    Dead Cell.
    A madman bomber, somewhat of a son of Peter Stillman, the man who taught
    him at such a young age in the Navy. Fatman made an atomic bomb at the age
    of ten, and is now a member of Dead Cell. Fatman is the man who placed the
    C4's around the Big Shell in an attemp to bring the structure down, trying
    to outsmart his former teacher, Peter Stillman.
    Solidus Snake
    The third Snake of the "Les Enfants Terribles" project, formerly the
    President of the United States, under the name of George Sears. In his
    time being the President he was involved in the Shadow Moses Island
    incident, sending Ocelot to start the terrorist event. He was then forced
    to resign by the Patriots and has moved on, continuing as the head of Dead
    Cell and the one who initiated the terrorist event at the Big Shell.
    Emma Emmerich
    The younger sister of Hal Emmerich, known as "E.E." to Hal, and a computer
    genius. The Emmerich name has been through a lot and has become a famous,
    as well as infamous, name. Hal created Metal Gear REX, although not being
    informed of it's nuclear capabilities. His grandfather was part of the
    Manhattan Project, creating nuclear bombs to attack Japan, and his father
    was born on August 5, 1945. Unfortunately so, the Emmerich name is known
    for its tragic past and Emma is even up to add to it just to compete with
    her brother, by programming the Artificial Intelligence for Arsenal Gear.
    6.                W E A P O N S  A N D  E Q U I P M E N T
    WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT............................................[MGS2_06]
    An M92F Beretta handgun converted to fit a silencer and, most importantly,
    fire tranquilzer rounds, also equipped with a laser sight. The slide locks
    after each shot so you'll have to cock the gun after firing each bullet.
    The M9 is a non-lethal handgun and so it will never kill anyone nor
    destroy any type of equipment. The M9's purpose is mainly for stealth and
    professionalism, quietly taking down enemies without hurting them. Press
    Square to aim the M9 and release to shoot. The effect of the M9 is to put
    sentries to sleep but where it hits the target determines when it will
    come into effect. The most sensitive areas to tranquilizer rounds are the
    head, heart, and crotch areas. A hit in one of these three areas will
    instantly set the target asleep. Hitting a target in the stomach, for
    example, will take more time to spread around to a sensitive area, and
    therefore the effect is delayed. Hitting another area like the leg for
    instance will take even longer for the tranquilizer to come into effect.
    A tactical light-equipped .45 caliber USP pistol. There is no suppressor
    for this handgun and it is very loud so it is smart to think before you
    use it. Press Square to aim and release to shoot. When aiming the USP in
    first person view you can look down the sights to aim, however, it also
    has a laser sight. Move the gun up and down to see the laser sight if you
    reall want to, but whatever you see through the aiming sights is what you
    will hit if you shoot. The USP is a very powerful handgun capable of
    killing sentries rather easily, but you should always try to aim for the
    head for an instant kill, like you should do with all handguns. This noisy
    handgun is only avaiable in the Tanker scenario and is only recommend to
    shoot cameras and control units, however, you may find it useful when
    fighting many guards.
    A Special Operations Command Mk.23 .45 caliber pistol equipped with a LAM
    (laser aiming module) and with a muzzle that can fit a suppressor. The
    SOCOM is a very similar handgun to the USP, looking, sounding, and
    shooting almost exactly like it's virtual twin. Unlike the USP, however,
    the SOCOM can fit a suppressor, which makes it a very useful weapon in
    areas with several guards. Just like the USP you can look down the SOCOM's
    very accurate sights to aim, although it does have a laser sight for
    assurance. Press Square to aim and release to fire. The SOCOM is
    exclusively in the Plant chapter and is obtained near the beginning of the
    A carbine developed by the U.S. Military and the son of the XM177. This
    Model 4 assault rifle takes 5.56mm ammo and is equipped with a laser sight
    on the left side of the barrel. Hold Square lightly to aim and press or
    hold tightly to shoot. The M4 is very useful for eliminating multiple
    sentries or other certain enemies, as its rapid fire destroys anything in
    its path. Although it may be fun, the M4 isn't necessary to be used on
    regular sentries and is recommend for tougher and more dangerous enemies,
    as the M9 and SOCOM should be sufficient for regular guards.
    A shorter version of the AKS-74 complete with a foldable stock and a laser
    sight. The AKS-74u provides power of that of a rifle in the form of a
    submachine gun and is very convenient in close corridors. Although it
    takes 5.45mm ammo, it is much more powerful than its 9mm submachine gun
    competitors. Hold Square lightly to aim and press or hold tightly to
    shoot. Just like the M4, the AKS-74u provides rapid fire and is very
    useful on tougher enemies. Thanks to the laser sight underneath the barrel
    you can easily see where you're shooting, although the gun is not very
    accurate due to its shortened length.
    A very expensive and accurate sniper rifle capable of shooting 7.62mm
    rounds. The PSG1 is semi-automatic and holds a 20 round magazine, so
    whatever you're shooting at very likely won't be very happy. Once the PSG1
    is equipped you'll be looking through the scope. Use the Circle button to
    zoom in and the X button to zoom out. The buttons are pressure sensitive
    so you can zoom in or out quickly, slowly, or however you want. To fire
    the PSG1, press Square.
    An exact copy of the PSG1 except it shoots tranquilzer rounds. Hence it is
    the M9 equivalent of the PSG1, except it is very accurate, since it is a
    sniper rifle. Just like the M9 the effect of the PSG1-T is putting targets
    to sleep, and how fast this happens depends on where you hit. Aim for the
    head, heart, or crotch and the target will go to sleep instantly. Unlike
    the lethal PSG1, the PSG1-T holds 10 round magazines, but is still semi-
    automatic. Exactly like the PSG1, the scope will come up once the PSG1-T
    is equipped. Use Circle to zoom in, X to zoom out, and Square to shoot.
    A six round grenade launcher. Hold Square to aim, release to fire. Just as
    a grenade launcher does, the grenade will explode on impact once it is
    fired. Because of the bulkiness and tremendous recoil of this weapon, you
    cannot move while firing, and you must stand still while reloading.
    A remote-controlled missile launcher that fires missiles propelled by
    fuel. Press Square to fire a missile, and then you will enter the camera
    view of the missile. Guide it by turning left and right with the left
    analog stick and look around with the right analog stick. When the missile
    is not being guided for a second or two, it will speed up in a straight
    line and will continue to do so until you turn left or right. The Nikita
    is only really used in vents, so it is imperative that you try to counter
    the missile's act of moving quickly forward, unless that's what you want
    it to do. To do this, gently turn the missile left and right every half
    second or so. The guage at the top left of the missile camera screen shows
    the amount of fuel left in the missle. Once it starts to run out the
    camera will shake, then the missile will explode. Once the missile hits an
    object when it still has fuel, it will explode.
    A low-altitude surface-to-air missile launcher that can be carried by a
    single person. The Stinger is a tremendously effective weapon and
    machines, but it can also be used on anything that moves. Once it is
    equipped you will enter the Stinger camera view and you can lock-on to
    targets. To lock-on to a target, find the target in the camera view and
    move the center of the camera over it, and you'll soon see the green box
    surrounding the target will turn to red and beeping is heard. Then press
    Square to fire a locked-on missile at the target. You don't always have to
    lock-on to a target and can fire any time you want. You can hold R1 for a
    first person view of you holding the missile launcher and fire that way if
    you like.
    High Frequency Blade
    A metallic allow blade given to you very late in the game. This awesome
    blade is awesome and is very useful for killing sentries. It is very
    tricky to use and get used to, though, but it is seriously powerful. One
    or two swipes will kill any guard. There are many moves with the HF Blade,
    mostly involving the right analog stick. Move the right analog stick up
    and down to perform a vertical slice, and left and right for a horizontal
    slice. Move the right analog stick around in a 360 degree fashion to
    perform a spinning sweep, and press in the right analog stick (R3) to
    thrust the blade forward. Whenever you're being shot at you can hold L1
    to deflect several bullets, which can come in very handy. And finally, to
    switch the function of the blade to lethal or non-lethal, press Square.
    Lethal will kill someone, while non-lethal will finish the job, however,
    won't kill anyone, although it seems like it.
    An M67 fragmentation grenade with a five second fuse. Pull the pin and
    throw. To pull the pin, hold square. To throw the grenade after the pin
    has been pull, release Square. If you hold the grenade for too long it
    will blow up in your face and seriously damage you. When you throw
    grenades makes sure you're not near the blast radius, especially since
    grenades don't go very far. When a grenade explodes with a guard inside
    its blast radius he will instantly be killed or seriously injured.
    Grenades are especially helpful when getting rid of multiple guards in a
    small corridors, however, they should only really be used in Alert Mode.
    Chaff Grenade
    An electronic jamming grenade that scatters tiny metal fragments into the
    air, disabling electronic devices for a certain amount of time. To pull
    the pin hold Square, and release it to throw the grenade. Once it explodes
    it will jam all electronic devices in the area, allowing you to get by
    without being spotted by an electronic device. Don't worry about the
    grenade exploding in your hand, because it doesn't harm humans. Chaff
    Grenades are mainly used to get by cameras and Cyphers without them
    noticing you, but they also can also be used to confuse lock-on missiles.
    Stun Grenade
    A flashbang grenade providing a sudden explosion of extremely bright light
    and a very loud bang. When throw in a guards face it will knock him
    unconscious. Hold Square to pull the pin of the grenade and release it to
    throw it. Stun Grenades can also affect you, and they will blind you for a
    very brief amount of time if they explode right near you. If one explodes
    in your hand it will only do that; it won't harm you.
    A plastic explosive like clay that can be molded into any shape. C4 can
    be exploded by a detonator or a gunshot (or another explosive). Can be
    planted on floors, walls, and guards' backs. Press Square to set and
    Circle to detonate. You can set C4 on walls when you are pressed against
    them and on floors when you are crawling. C4 is basically useless here
    because there is no direct need for it and you don't need to pick up a
    single pack of it. However, it can be very fun to work with, especially
    putting it on guards' backs.
    A stealth-equipped landmine; invisible to the naked eye. Claymore mines
    explode once a human or an object moves into its blast radius, which is
    only in front of it (hence "Front Toward Enemy"). With the Mine Detector
    you can see Claymores and their blast radiuses on your radar, and you can
    see them with your eyes through Thermal Goggles. You can pick them up by
    crawling over them, and you can plant them by pressing Square. When
    planting a Claymore, you can hold Square and move the left analog stick to
    decide where you want to place the Claymore, and the blast radius is
    shown. Like C4, Claymores are basically useless for you unless you want to
    have fun.
    Harmless Weapons
    A portable bottle of Coolant Spray, used to freeze Semtex explosives. Once
    the item is equipped you will enter first person view with the Coolant
    bottle in your hand. Hold Square to spray the fluid around. When you find
    some Semtex to freeze, spray some Coolant at it until you hear the
    distinctive ringing deactivation sound of the Semtex. The Coolant can also
    wake up sleeping guards. Aim it down at them and start to spray. You'll
    notice that the guards' bodies will shake up a bit and they'll soon wake
    up. This is especially helpful when collecting dogtags.
    Directional Microphone
    A portable microphone that projects sound from far away, wherever the
    microphone is aimed at. Very useful for listening in on conversations.
    Once the item is equipped you will enter first person view with the
    Microphone in your hand, and you can move left, right, up, down to find a
    source of sound. The more directly you aim at a target, the louder it will
    be. If the target moves back and forth, you'll need to follow with the
    microphone in order to hear full volume sound, although it's not really
    necessary to do so, since the sound is only a little quieter.
    A magazine from a handgun that can be thrown as a distraction. Press
    Square to throw a magazine, although it won't go very far. Throwing
    magazines is pretty much useless since knocking is almost always the best
    thing to do for a distraction. But if you like to throw magazines at
    guards, then feel free to do that.
    An interesting magazine with pictures of girls. Press Square to place one
    on the ground and wait for a guard to see it. Once a guard sees a magazine
    on the ground he will instantly be attracted towards it and walk right up
    to it. He'll look at it and then drop to the ground from excitement and
    start "reading" it. When a guard is looking at a book, he will have no
    cone of vision and will not notice you at all if you walk past him, unless
    you make a noise or hit him. The book will disappear after a while and the
    guard will continue patrolling the area.
    A standard-issue military ration. Used to recover health whenever needed.
    To use a Ration, open the item window and find the Rations on the list.
    While the item window is open and the Rations are selected, press Circle
    to use. Rations are found in many places including lockers and vents.
    An adhesive pad used to stop external bleeding. Press the Circle button
    while selected in the item window to use. Bleeding not only drains your
    health but also leaves blood traces on the ground, which can give away
    your position, so be sure to use Bandages whenever necessary.
    A drug in pill form used to calm your character down, providing more
    steady aim. This allows for less shaking in your scope when using a sniper
    rifle, making it easier to hit your target. The effect lasts about a
    minute. While selected in the item window, press Circle to use.
    A type of flu medicine used to cure sickness syptoms from staying in a
    cold area for too long, promoting your character to sneeze sometimes,
    giving away your position. This includes outside in the rain in the Tanker
    Episode and near the end of the game in the Plant Episode, thanks to a
    certain reason. Continuing to staying in the cold for a while after using
    the Medicine will bring back the syptoms. Although you can get a cold in
    the Tanker Episode there is no Medicine until the specific area near the
    end of the game in the Plant Episode. Press Circle while selected in the
    item window to use.
    PAN Card
    A security card allowing you to access areas through doors with the
    matching or lower security level on your card. Card Level 1 is obtained
    first, and then you make your way up to Level 5 one by one. Whenever you
    move near a door of an appropriate security level, the door will
    automatically open for you and will close behind you when you leave the
    door. The card does not have to be equipped to work.
    Cardboard Box
    A box used to hide your character in tough situations, helpful in areas
    with other boxes and crates. In the Tanker Chapter, a normal box and a wet
    box can be found, and five boxes can be found in the Plant Chapter,
    differing in the design of the box. It is best to use a box that relates
    to the current area you are in for best result. Equip from the item window
    whenever you think it will provide sufficient cover or if you feel like
    fooling around. You can also run while wearing the box, however, this
    gives no advantage whatsoever and you will be spotted if a guard sees you.
    Binoculars with adjustable magnification, very helpful when scouting areas
    far away. Labeled as Scope in the item window. Equip from the item window
    to enter the scope view, and press Circle to zoom in and X to zoom out.
    Press L2 to exit the scope view.
    Thermal Goggles
    Heat-sensing goggles, used to locate personnel and lethal objects in dark
    areas in general, but can also be used perfectly fine in daylight. Equip
    from the item window to wear, and hold R1 to see through the goggles in
    first person.
    Night Vision Goggles
    Goggles used in dark areas that magnify green light inside the goggles,
    allowing you to see clearly in the dark. There's never really an area
    where Night Vision is fully necessary, and the Thermal Goggles are usually
    good enough. Equip from the item window, and hold R1 to see through the
    goggles in first person.
    Anti-Personnel Sensor
    A sensor that detects all living objects nearby. Vibrates whenever an
    enemy is nearby. The harder the vibration the closer the enemy. Equip from
    the item window.
    Sensor A
    An ion-mobility spectrometer sensor used to detect C4 scent. When a scent
    is found there will be a green cloud on your radar where the scent is
    coming from, the C4 generally being in the middle of that cloud. The cloud
    will still appear without the radar downloaded, however, having the radar
    makes it easier to pinpoint the C4. Equip from the item window to use.
    Sensor B
    This sensor detects the detonator signal of the "odourless" C4 units in
    the Big Shell. Beeps in wavelength intervals when near an "odourless" C4,
    the intervals being very short when you're very close and longer when
    you're further away. Equip from the item window to use.
    Mine Detector
    An electronic device that locates mines and displays their locations and
    explode radiuses on your radar. Claymores are effectively the only mines
    in the game so that's what it is used for -- finding stealth-equipped
    Claymore mines.
    Labeled as B.D.U. in your item window, equip to wear. The uniform is the
    exact same as what the soldier's wear in the Shell 1 Core, although you
    must have an AKS-74u equipped as well to fool them.
    Body Armour
    Lightweight armour that protects the user's chest and back area when worn.
    Although it doesn't stop bullets and other firepower, it eliminates the
    damage taken by half. Equip from the item menu.
    A digital camera (although not named so) used in the Tanker Chapter by
    Snake, most specifically for taking pictures of Metal Gear. Equip from the
    item window to enter the Camera's first person view. Press Circle to zoom
    in, X to zoom out, and Square to take a picture. The Camera can also be
    used to check a guard to see if you already have his dogtag. While looking
    at a sentry through the Camera press Triangle -- if a name appears by the
    guard you have his dogtag.
    Digital Camera
    Just like the Camera, the Digital Camera can be used to take pictures of
    whatever you want, however, you can save the pictures to your memory card.
    There is no actual purpose for the Digital Camera other than for fun, but
    it's nice to take pictures of funny moments and anything else.
    MO Disk
    An optical disk containing a computer virus aimed to destroy GW. The virus
    was derived from the FOXDIE program in Shadow Moses. After getting the
    disk you must find Emma and have her use the disk.
    SOCOM Suppressor
    A silencer used to suppress the SOCOM Mk23 .45 caliber pistol. To attach
    to the gun, effectively attaching permanently, equip the Suppressor from
    the item window while the SOCOM is equipped. The suppressor not only
    muffles the blast but also eliminates the muzzle flash.
    AKS-74u Suppressor
    Similar to the SOCOM Suppressor, although meant for the AKS-74u assault
    rifle, the AKS-74u Suppressor silences the gunshots, although the gun is
    already quite quiet, and eliminates the muzzle flash. Just like with the
    SOCOM, the Suppressor is fitted to the gun for good after attaching.
    Identification tags of the Gurlukovich soldiers, named Dogtags. Dogtags
    can be collected to unlock secret items in further games. The number in
    the corner of the item in the item window is the number of Dogtags you
    currently have. To get a guard's Dogtag, sneak up behind him and hold him
    up, by aiming your gun at him while you're right up to him. Move in front
    of him and aim at either his head or crotch to make him shake his booty,
    allowing his Dogtags to fall out. Guards with Dogtags display a tell-tale
    flash around their neck area, but you can use the method with the Camera
    or Digital Camera if far away, by pressing Triangle in the Camera's view
    to see if a name appears -- if one does you have that guard's Dogtag.
    7.                           C O N T R O L S
    Control              Function
    _______              ________
    Circle               Accept, Punch/Kick/Knock, Swim, Use item (in weapon/
                         item window)
    X                    Cancel, Crouch, Roll (while running), Skip cutscene
    Square               Shoot/Use weapon, Chokehold/Throw/Drag enemy, Switch
                         blade function (HF Blade)
    Triangle             Climb, Hang, Open hatch door, Call elevator, Use
                         node/workstation, Guide partner (hold)                     
    L1                   Block bullets (with HF Blade)
    R1                   First person view (hold), Zoom in (cutscenes)
    L2                   Quick Equip/Unequip item, Sidestep left (against
                         wall), Shimmy left (while hanging), Look around
                         corner (while against wall)
    R2                   Quick Equip/Unequip weapon, Sidestep right (against
                         wall), Shimmy right (while hanging), Look around
                         corner (while against wall), Tactical reload (double
    Left Analog Stick    Move character
    Right Analog Stick   Move camera angle while against wall, Swipe up/down/
                         left/right (with HF Blade)
    R3                   Thrust attack (with HF Blade)
    D-Pad                Move menu cursor, Move character, Adjust Codec
    Start                Pause game
    Select               Enter Codec menu
    R1 + L2              Sidestep left (first person vew)
    R1 + R2              Sidestep right (first person view)
    R1 + L2 + R2         Stand on tiptoes (first person view)
    L2 + R2              Perform pull-up (while hanging)
    Start + Select + L1  Soft Reset
     + R1 + L2 + R2
    8.                   P L A Y I N G  T H E  G A M E
    PLAYING THE GAME.................................................[MGS2_08]
    Playing The Game          [gb_00]
    1. Menus..................[gb_01]
    2. Game Basics............[gb_02]
    3. Combat Strategies......[gb_03]
    4. Radar..................[gb_04]
    5. Codec..................[gb_05]
    01 // m e n u s                                                    [gb_01]
    Main Menu
    Before the main menu of the game, there is a "Press Start" screen. Press
    Start to go to the main menu, like it tells you. In the main menu you can
    see a few selections to choose from, shown below.
    New Game   Start a new game. If it's your first time you will have to play
               the Tanker/Plant scenario, but in future playthroughs you can
               also play Tanker or Plant separately.
    Load Game  Load a game already in progress from your memory card. Very
    Options    Go to the options menu, look at and change certain options. See
               what you can change under Options Menu below.
    Special    View the Special Menu to read Previous Story Transcripts, view
               Photo Album and Dog Tag Viewer.
    Options Menu
    There are many things you can change in the Options Menu, and they can be
    seen below. You can access the Options Menu from the Main Menu and by
    logging into a node in the Plant, although you won't be able to change the
    Screen and Brightness Adjustment from a node.
    Option                  Selections
    Vibration               On, Off
    Radar                   Type 1, Type 2, Off
    Blood                   On, Off
    Sound                   Stereo, Monaural
    Dolby Digital 5.1       On, Off
    Caption                 On, Off
    Own View                Normal, Reverse
    Item Window             Group, Linear
    Quick Change            Unequip, Previous
    Screen Adjustment       X and Y coordinates
    Brightness Adjustment   Brightness level
    Codec Menu
    When playing the game you can press Select to bring up the Codec menu and
    call someone for mission information and such. You can read a lot more
    about it including Codec frequencies in the Codec section, below, but this
    part explains a bit as well. When you enter the Codec menu you can press
    left and right to change the frequency and Circle or up to call that
    frequency. If no one responds, that frequency doesn't exist or is not
    available at the moment. To call someone you already know, press X to move
    off the Frequency and press down to see a list of known people and their
    frequencies. Move on them and press Circle to call.
    Weapon/Item Window
    During the game you can use R2 and L2 to equip and use weapons and items.
    It is not a tricky process but it may take some getting used to at first.
    To use the weapon or item window hold R2 or L2, respectively, and move the
    cursor by pressing up or down -- it is inverted, though, so up moves down
    the list and down moves up. Release when you find something you want to
    equip. Normally, similar weapons and items are grouped with each other and
    they can be accessed by press left and right once on group is found among
    the window. To use items such as Rations and other use items, find them in
    the item window and press Circle while it's highlighted.
    02 // g a m e  b a s i c s                                         [gb_02]
    This section explains the mechanics of the game and what you should know
    in order to play the game properly.
    There are several methods of movement, obviously two being walking and
    running, but there are other such as crawling, hanging, sidestepping, and
    more. They are all explained below but you should realize the basics of
    movement. Use the left analog stick to move in all forms of movement, and
    depending on your situations you should consider the best way to manage
    a situation. Since this is a stealth game you should always walk slowly
    when near enemies, so they don't hear you, but other situations you can
    freely run without any worry of alerting anyone. Read the separate sub
    sections below for information on each form of movement.
    It should be no suprise that standing is the most common stance in the
    game, even despite stealth tactics. Running near enemies in open areas is
    not a very smart thing to do, unless you really know what you're doing.
    There are many areas in the game such as hallways and empty rooms where
    there's no need to use stealth tacticts, not even walking, and there are
    many areas with enemies inhabiting the area. Even in the latter case you
    can still run for the most part, since enemies don't have great hearing
    and running means speed.
    But obviously in situations in narrow hallways with enemies you should
    think wisely and sneaking maneuvers, such as creeping up on the enemy
    while he's moving in the other direction or just facing away from you,
    or simply closely following an enemy from behind and hiding in an alcove,
    patiently waiting for the enemy to come back past you, allowing you to get
    bt unnoticed.
    Another thing, always watch out for noise-making types of floors, as in
    floors that make a rather loud noise when you step on them. For example,
    in the Cargo Holds in the Tanker scenario you must walk carefully over
    the noisy grated floors, although they are short and there aren't very
    many of them. If there aren't any enemies nearby you don't need to walk,
    but obviously you don't want enemies to hear you if they are in the area.
    In cases when you're fighting a boss or enemies are alerted of your
    presence, it is only natural to run, since the enemy knows you are in the
    area. In the latter situation, quickly run to a hiding place and wait for
    things to calm down. On some bridges and walkways in the Plant scenario
    you will come up across loose floor panels that will fall to the water
    below as you run over them. In these cases, always run, because the panels
    fall very quickly and you won't make it across if you walk. There are also
    alternative methods such as pressing against the railing or sidewall and
    sidestepping, and hanging, but these take longer to do and won't
    necessarily work as well if you need to move quickly.
    With both characters you can perform a roll, which can be used to quickly
    get out of the way or out of sight, or to knock down enemies. To perform
    a roll press X while running. Each character has a different roll -- Snake
    dives forward, performing a simple somersault, whereas Raiden performs a
    torso-axial flip, somewhat like a cartwheel. For both characters, the roll
    leaps them forward a bit so it can be used to move quickly for just a
    brief moment, since you'll slow down when you stand back up properly. You
    can also perform a roll to get to a special place, leaping across a gap,
    such as on the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge in the Plant, and to leap from
    box to box.
    As mentioned above, you can roll to mow down enemies, and you can
    sometimes knock them out in the process, moreso in the easier Difficulty
    Levels than the hard ones. If there are two or more enemies in a row you
    can roll them all or roll one or two and one of the guards may fly and
    knock one of the other ones down. This is very helpful for when trying to
    quickly escape enemies.
    Whenever you are standing you can press X to crouch, even while against a
    wall. If you crouch in an open area and move the left analog stick your
    character will go prone and you will be able to crawl. To get back up
    first you have to press X to return to crouching and then press X again
    to stand. Crawling allows you to move inside ventalation systems, under
    infrared laser sensors, etc. Whenever you are prone you can use any weapon
    or item that you normally could, with the exception of a few things such
    as Cardboard Boxes, Missile Launchers, etc., which is reasonable.
    Crouching is very helpful for when standing against a short wall, so that
    enemies on the other side of the wall can't see you -- an example of short
    walls would be on the connecting bridges in the Plant Chapter, by the
    doorway openings. While crouched against the wall you can move left and
    right by using the left analog stick or L2 and R2 buttons, respectively
    (L2 - left, R2 - right). Crouching while against a wall can also allow you
    to get past obstacles on the wall that prevent you from sidestepping past
    them while standing, or to get past windows so that guards don't see you.
    You will have to do this at least once in the game.
    You'll come across several obstacles in the game with items on top of
    them that you'll need to climb up on to get, as well as ladders that you
    must climb to continue on. The same button is used to climb up ladders as
    climbing on top of boxes and other obstacles. Press Triangle to climb up
    on an obstacle or to cling on a ladder. To move up and down a ladder, use
    the left analog stick -- up to go up and down to go down. Once you reach
    the bottom or top of a ladder you will automatically get off there. To get
    off on obstacle, just fall off the side of it. Sometimes boxes or crates
    are too high to climb, and if items are on them you'll need to find
    another method, such as falling from above or rolling across to it from an
    equal height box.
    Whenever you find a railing by a ledge you can hop over the railing and
    hang on the edge, although few places don't allow it. Press Triangle when
    near a railing and facing it, or with you back against it, to hop over it
    and hang on the ledge. Whenever hanging on a ledge you will have a grip
    level meter. As you hang it will steadily decrease, and you'll fall once
    it drains. You'll hear a blinking sound when it's about to finish so be
    sure to get back up quickly when you hear this.
    Hanging from a ledge can serve multipe purposes. If an enemy passes by you
    while you're on the ledge he will not see you, and you can shimmy past
    guards while hanging. You can drop down to lower levels if they are there
    and even knock out guards if you land on them, by pressing X to drop.
    Whenever there is another railing directly below where you are hanging,
    you can press X to drop and then quickly press Triangle right when you
    reach the lower railing to grab a hold of it. Doing this, your grip level
    gauge will refill.
    Also, whenever you are hanging from a ledge you can press and hold both L2
    and R2 simultaneously to perform pull-ups. Once your character pulls
    themself up, release both buttons at the same time, and then repeat the
    process if you wish to do more. Normally your grip level is Level 1, but
    after doing 100 proper pull-ups you will obtain a Level 2 grip gauge, and
    you'll be able to hang on the ledge for longer and be able to do more
    pull-ups without climbing back up as often. Once you do 100 more proper
    pull-ups with the Level 2 grip level you will obtain a Level 3 grip level.
    Each gauge is a different colour -- Level 1 is blue, Level 2 is orange,
    and Level 3 is green. Obtaining a higher grip gauge is not only more
    helpful for being able to hold on to ledge for longer, you can also get to
    places you couldn't get to before, because you can hold on longer.
    In the Plant Chapter of the game you are able to access areas with water
    and you'll have to swim in order to continue past certain parts of the
    game. You can practice the controls at the beginning of the scenario by
    jumping in the water in the area. The Colonel will contact you and tell
    you the controls. But first you must realize that you have an oxygen level
    gauge while underwater, and it will slowly decrease. When it is almost
    finished you'll hear a beeping sound to warn you. Quickly get back up to
    the surface to regain some air or else your health will start to decrease
    and you will die if that gauge finishes as well.
    Once you move in the water your character will float by swimming by
    themself, and you can move around on top of the water by moving in the
    direction you wish with the left analog stick. To submerge into the water
    press Circle, and use the Circle button to swim forward and the left
    analog stick to turn when underwater. If you repetitively tap Circle while
    underwater your character will swim very quickly, whereas if you just hold
    Circle you will move more slowly in a different swimming stance.
    While underwater, use the left analog stick to turn and move up or down,
    and push in the right analog stick (R3) to perform a 180 degree underwater
    flip. In certain underwater areas in the game you'll be in the water for
    quite some time, traveling a bit of a distance, so you'll need to get some
    air every once in a while. You'll notice that there are air pockets where
    you can go up to the surface to get some air, and you'll notice that these
    air pockets are marked on your radar as blue circular clouds. Also when
    you're underwater you'll eventually find a hatch door that you'll need to
    open. Swim up to it and grap a hold of it by pressing Triangle, and open
    the hatch door as you normally would, by rapidly pressing Triangle.
    Near the end of the Plant Chapter of the game you'll have to guide Emma
    quite a distance, since she was injected with an unknown substance and
    therefore has trouble walking by herself. To grab Emma's hand you must
    first unequip any weapons, and then hold Triangle. Once Raiden and Emma's
    hands are interlocked, still holding Triangle, you can then move with the
    left analog stick, although you can only slowly walk. Raiden sort of drags
    Emma behind him, however, she is walking somewhat by herself. Remember
    that you need to hold Triangle the whole time while guiding Emma.
    To let go of Emma's hand, release Triangle. She'll stand there, although
    in a slouched position, waiting for you for a while, and then after around
    15 seconds she'll sit down and rest. Let go of Emma whenever you need to
    deal with enemies, leaving her in a safe location while you take care of
    things. When you come back, as mentioned above, Emma will be resting on
    the floor. Unequip any weapons and hold Triangle while standing near her.
    Raiden will put his hand out and Emma will slowly get up and grab his
    In the whole guiding Emma process you'll have to travel through two
    sections of flooded corridors, one of them being very short and the other
    very long. Emma has a life meter and oxygen meter just like you, however,
    hers are both smaller for obvious reasons. Whenever underwater with her,
    always keep an eye on her oxygen gauge, don't worry about yours. Find an
    air pocket and go to the surface to get some air every now and then, and
    safely get to the other side of the watery corridors. Emma's life meter
    will start to drop once her oxygen meter does, and when that reaches zero
    she will die and you will fail.
    After the flooded corridors there will be a few other minor nuisances to
    take care of. There will be fire blocking the pathway on one of the
    connecting bridges and a hatch door in the following area. For the fire,
    let go of Emma and use the Coolant spray to extinguish it -- once the fire
    is gone it is safe to pass by, even with the heavy smoke there. For the
    hatch door, once again let go of Emma and use Triangle to open the hatch,
    rapidly pressing it to open it faster.
    Shortly after you'll have to supervise Emma as she crosses the pontoon
    bridges of the Oil Fence down at the bottom of Strut L. Use your Thermal
    Goggles to spot and shoot Claymores, with the help of your PSG1 (by the
    way, there are Thermal Goggles on the platform where you are for the whole
    ordeal). Use the PSG1 or PSG1-T to eliminate guards before Emma reaches
    them, and also take Cyphers patrolling the area with your PSG1. Pliskin
    will be able to help you after a short while, contact him if you need help
    after he tells you -- but remember, he can only see and shoot what you're
    looking at in your scope, but he's a real good shot. After completing this
    mini escapade, after the short boss, the guidance is over.
    You'll need to be effective at hiding throughout the game. Always stay out
    of enemy view whenenver necessary and wait for the right moment to pass
    through certain areas or attack. Run up towards walls to put your back to
    them. Note boxes or other block objects that you can press up against and
    also press X to crouch when necessary. Lockers and vents are great places
    for hiding as well. If enemies are looking for you, it may be a good idea
    to find a locker (especially if there are many lockers around), but be
    very quiet as any noise will likely alert the enemy. If you see any vents,
    quickly crouch and crawl into them and wait until everything is all clear.
    Sometimes even hanging on railings can help you get by certain areas
    without enemies spotting you -- even if they are walking on the same
    walkway you're hanging on. In other areas make sure you're simply out of
    view. If it means crawling on the ground, do it. Stay out of view as much
    as you can.
    There are many ways you can distract your enemies in the game. One of the
    most basic distractions is simply knocking on a wall. Press against a wall
    and press circle to knock on it. If any enemies are nearby they will
    likely hear it and come to investigate. They will never know right away
    someone else is there so there's no worry of that but they will certainly
    come to check it out so prepare to get the hell out of there. If you're
    going to do this be sure to have a plan to use it to your advantage.
    Another great distraction method is to shoot any fire extinguishers you
    see, if there are enemies nearby. Make sure you do this with a suppressed
    weapon like the M9 or else you'll alert everyone of your presense. There
    are also items you can use to distract your enemies. Over time after using
    firearms you will accumulate empty magazines that you can throw at your
    enemies. Equip these from the weapons menu and press square to throw them.
    Press and hold Square more tightly to increase distance and use first
    person view to assist your aim.
    Lastly and definitely the most interesting method of distraction, you will
    find a bunch of girl magazines (labeled as "Books") throughout the game
    that you can place on the ground to attract guards. These magazines
    contain photos of women and guards sure as hell love them. Upon seeing a
    magazine, a guard will joyously run up to it and plant himself on the
    ground to get a little alone time with the magazine. This allows you to
    easily get past him and move on but don't bump into him or anything or
    else he'll obviously be aware of what's going on. After finding books you
    can find them in the weapons menu. Equip them and press Square to place
    one where desired.
    Basic Actions
    Basic actions include opening doors and hatches, calling elevators, and
    using nodes. Other similar actions such as climbing ladders, hanging, et
    cetera are all movement and are therefore explained in the Movement
    section above. The basic actions initially mentioned are explained below.
    Opening Doors/Hatches
    Most doors in Metal Gear Solid 2 open automatically, some requiring
    specific level security cards, some not requiring anything. Just walk up
    to the doors and they will open automatically, allowing you to go through
    their doorways, however, unless you don't have an appropriate security
    level card for level restricted doors.
    Other doors, which would be watertight hatch doors, found on both the
    Tanker and in the Plant, must be opened manually by hand. Press Triangle
    to grab the hatch, and hold it to slowly turn it and open the door. If you
    repeatedly tap Triangle you will open the door a lot faster, so it's
    always more ideal to do. After opening hatch doors aboard the Tanker with
    Snake, you'll automatically run through the doorway, however, you'll have
    have to run through yourself in the Plant with Raiden.
    To open floor hatches, once again found in both chapters, approach a hatch
    and press Triangle to open it. In the Tanker, when in the Holds, Snake
    will automatically jump down the hatch into the ventalation system. Press
    Triangle to climb back up while facing a sidewall. In the Plant you'll
    come across two different types of hatches, however, only one of which
    that you'll actually open yourself. These are the floor hatches inside
    Strut D Sediment Pool, and C4 bombs are hidden in them (there's only one
    C4 in one of the hatches on Normal or lower). Press Triange to open the
    hatches and check them for bombs. By the way, these hatches are blocked by
    grating and are only around half a foot deep.
    Using Elevators
    The first elevator you'll encounter is a large, sort of cargo elevator at
    the beginning of the Plant, however, this elevator is very different from
    all the others. Whenever you're in the Deap Sea Dock and the elevator
    isn't calling it will never do anything, and other times when you come
    down to the Deap Sea Dock by yourself the elevator will stay down with
    you. The first time you meet this elevator you'll just have to wait for it
    to come down by itself, and then you just enter it and it will move up. To
    move back down whenever necessary just move towards the back of the
    elevator after stepping on it.
    Anyway, for the elevators that have a receiver that actually does
    something when you press it, you can call the elevator any time you want.
    Find the receiver and press Triangle to call the elevator. All the
    elevators are rather strange in the MGS series, and whenever you move to
    a floor the elevator will always go somewhere else, so you'll always have
    to wait a bit after calling the elevator, unless the doors just closed.
    Once the elevator arrives, move inside it and move up to the panel at the
    bottom left of it from the top view, facing the panel. Once the panel view
    comes up, select your floor with the directional buttons and press Circle
    to confirm and move to that floor. Select the open doors button (<>) or
    just press X to exit the panel view at any time and exit the elevator on
    the same floor. After moving to a different floor you won't be at the
    panel so you can simply run out of the elevator when it arrives.
    Using Nodes
    Only in the Plant will you find nodes, and you'll have to use them to
    download the radar for the area you're currently in. For the first node
    you'll need to enter your information but every node after that is just a
    simple downloading radar process. Below Normal Difficulty you'll only have
    to log in to the first node, and then you'll always have radar for the
    rest of the game, but on Normal and higher you'll have to download the
    radar in each area to see it.
    After finding a node, move up to it -- you'll notice the sceen flash on --
    and press Triangle to log in. Radar downloads automatically and then you
    can change options in the following menu. Select Exit or press X to exit
    the menu, and to use the same node again to see the options just press
    Triangle while in front of it again.
    Miscellaneous Basics
    This includes using the Coolant spray for multiple uses, making
    distractions, infrared sensors, et cetera.
    Using Coolant
    After procuring the Coolant Spray from Stillman, you can select it from
    the item window and use it, but only in first person view. Press Square to
    use the spray. The spray has multiple purposes, including disposing C4
    bombs, extinguishing fires, seeing infrared beams, and waking up
    unconscious guards (for dogtags). Disposing of C4 is easy -- just find a
    C4 bomb and move within a few feet of it or as close as you can if not
    that close. Using Square to spray, aim the Coolant at the C4 and spray for
    around five seconds, until you hear the distinct detonator locking sound.
    Disposing fires can be a little tricky at first but the thing you must
    realize is to always spray at the base. You can tone the fire down at
    first if you wish but the key is to eliminate the source of the fire,
    which in this and most cases is at the base. Span the whole area while
    spraying, getting each area for a few seconds. Sometimes it can be very
    difficult to dispose of, but always keep spraying at the base, spraying
    one foot across for a few seconds, and span across the whole floor of the
    fire until it finally disappears, leaving only smoke and the scorched
    floor. You don't need to spray the smoke or wait for it to die down, you
    can just go right through it unharmed.
    Waking up guards does have an actualy purpose, yes -- for dogtags. To
    first check if you have a guard's dogtags or not, if you are unsure, equip
    the Camera or Digital Camera, depending on what you have and what scenario
    of the game and hold Triangle while aiming at the guard. If a name pops up
    on the screen in colour, you have the guard's dogtags. If not, you don't.
    If you don't have any Camera, look at the guard's neck area in first
    person view with your scope and look for a silver shine -- if you see it
    then you don't have that guard's dogtags. Whenever a guard is unconscious
    and you want to wake him up, spray the Coolant at his face area and you
    should start to notice him shaking -- after around 5-10 seconds of
    spraying the guard should get up. It's important to find a good position
    before you wake him up so you're not the first thing he sees -- get behind
    him if you can and hold him up when he gets up.
    And finally, you can use the Coolant to spray at infrared laser sensors to
    see where the lasers are. You can also shoot flour bags, fire
    extinguishers, or equip your Cigs, to see the beams, but using the Coolant
    is the most healthy way (won't catch a cold from any particles or won't
    lose any health). After seeing the lasers, you know if you can get by them
    or not. Check the ground and if there isn't a laser around a foot away
    from the ground then you can definitely manage by crawling. If not,
    destroy any control units you can see and wait for the deactivation
    Infrared Sensors
    Over the course of the game you will encounter several infrared sensors
    connected to Semtex C4 guarding paths or rooms, effectively preventing you
    from just running past a certain point. However, there are varous methods
    to get past them, including finding another passage, crawling under them,
    or destroying the control unit(s). All these options won't always be
    available for each infrared sensor encountering, but there is always a way
    of getting past.
    Starting with the basics, infrared sensors consist of two flat panels on
    each side of a wall or pathway. These panels are generally around seven or
    eight feet tall from the ground up, and how far they are separated varies,
    due to different sizes of rooms and pathways, however, you won't see any
    separated by more than around ten feet. Each of the two panels on each
    pair of infrared sensors are connected by several invisable laser beams,
    each laser differing in location (height) for each pair of sensors.
    These laser beams are normally completely invisable to the unaided eye,
    but the lasers give off heat, meaning you can spot them with the Thermal
    Goggles. However, there are many alternate methods if you don't have such
    equipment. In many rooms or hallways with infrared sensors there are fire
    extinguishers or bags of flour sitting around, and if you shoot either of
    these objects their chemicals (particles) will spew into the air like a
    cloud of smoke and will reveal the beams to your eyes as a result. The
    Coolant spray will do the exact thing, since it carries identical
    particles as fire extinguishers. Equipping Cigarettes near the beams works
    as well, since the smoke works just like the particles in flour and fire
    Don't start sweating yet, infrared sensors are easy to notice -- it's not
    very difficult to spot the panels on each side plus large amounts of C4
    and flashing lights. But don't just go running into rooms completely
    blindly because sometimes they are near doors. Anyway, the first thing you
    should do when you encounter infrared sensors is to look for a way to get
    past them -- equip Thermal Goggles, Cigarettes, shoot a bag of flour,
    whatever you want -- just find a way to expose the laser beams to your
    eyes. Once you do that, take a look in first person to see if you can
    crawl under. If there isn't a laser beam within around two feet from the
    floor you should be able to crawl under.
    Sometimes you won't be able to crawl under laser beams, but instead you
    can destroy the control unit(s). You can always take out the control units
    instead of crawling under (if you have a lethal handgun/rifle with ammo),
    but crawling is the easiest, and sometimes quicker, method. In the Tanker
    chapter of the game, Otacon will tell you what the control units look like
    at a certain point. He'll tell you that they're the things with blinking
    green lights right next to the explosives -- and by "things" he means
    small box-like objects with triangular shaped heads (|\). This is
    basically what they look like:
    Side View:  |\     Front View:  | . |
                |_\                 |___|
                |__|                |___|
    The boxes have some green colour in them as well as white. Anyway, all you
    need to do is shoot these control units anywhere (preferably around the
    center for safety) and the corresponding sensors will deactivate --
    sometimes there may be several. These sensors are usually standing up on
    the floor or on top of obects by the wall, but sometimes they may be
    tipped over, attached to the wall. Late in the Plant scenario of the game,
    there will be a bridge covered in Semtex C4 with at least ten units spread
    around the area. To find all these sensors, look everywhere -- behind
    suspicious objects, below you, behind you, on moving objects -- look
    03 // c o m b a t  s t r a t e g i e s                             [gb_03]
    To shoot with a firearm, use the Square button. How you use Square varries
    for certain weapons. For pistols, hold Square to aim your gun, and release
    it to fire. With rifles, Hold Square lightly to aim your gun, and hold
    Square tightly to fire rapidly. You can fire single shots or bursts if you
    only hold Square tightly for the required time. With missile launchers,
    press Square to fire, and for grenade launchers, hold Square to aim and
    release to fire.
    You can shoot regular firearms from any stances from either first or third
    person. Each firearm, excluding missile and grenade launchers, has its own
    laser that will come up when you aim your weapon, which you use to see
    where you're shooting. You generally can't see much from third person
    since targets are usually out of the screen, and you can't really see at
    what height you're aiming at. Always use first person to fire with
    precision, aiming for the head if you want to kill (or tranquilize). When
    firing from third person you'll be hitting the torso area of the enemy,
    which is not the best place to shoot, however, it works fine if you fire
    several shots.
    Grenade and missile launchers don't have lasers but the Stinger has its
    own first person aiming view as well as a lock on system. The Nikita has
    its own missile camera view after you shoot a missile, and the RGB6
    grenade launcher has no aiming aid at all. Each grenade you fire with it
    be move in a parabola once fired, meaing it will move up and back down at
    a steady pace. Judge how high or low you should aim to hit a specific
    target by this parabola pattern. If you want to shoot something far away,
    aim higher, but not too high.
    Also note that you can shoot while running. To do this hold X while
    holding or pressing Square.
    Jump-Out Shot
    A new feature in MGS2 is the jump-out shot, useful when an enemy is around
    a corner looking the other way, or in tense conditions with several
    enemies. While standing against a wall (or any vertical flat surface) at a
    corner, hold L2 or R2, whichever is appropriate (L2 - left, R2 - right) to
    jump out in that direction to face the enemy. Then shoot with Square.
    Although this attack is mostly used for third person combat, you can enter
    first person view and shoot like that. When you want to retreat to the
    wall, release L2 or R2, whichever you're holding.
    This tactic works wonders when fighting groups of enemies. Just find a
    corner for cover and use the jump-out attack to fire at them at the right
    moment, and go back to the wall for cover.
    You can even throw Grenades around a corner in somewhat the jump-out
    fashion. Use the appropriate shoulder button to look around the corner and
    press Square to pull the pin on the Grenade. You can hold it for a bit for
    a nice quick explosion or you can just throw it right away. After throwing
    the Grenade, retreat to the wall. Keep in mind that you can pull the pin
    before you peek around the corner, so you can use that as an advantage.
    Sentry Subdual
    This section contains less lethal methods of dealing with guards, such as
    just knocking them out, and is more for stealth purposes. All of these
    attacks at are extreme close range, with you being in around punch range.
    Hold Up
    To hold up a guard, sneak up behimd him and aim your gun at him, be it a
    pistol, rifle, even a grenade launcher, but not a missile launcher or
    sniper rifle. Once you aim your gun at the enemy, your character will say,
    "Freeze!" and the soldier will put his hands up and let go of his gun (it
    will still hang by its sling, though). Holding up guards allows for simple
    subdual, preferably with the M9. You can also obtain Dogtags from guards
    and even items by holding them up.
    After making them put their hands up, move in front of them and aim your
    gun at their face -- this should cause them to show a little mercy, such
    as saying something like, "Please don't!" for example. But some guards
    will act like tough guys and won't give up their Dogtags or any items
    right away -- they'll say something like, "If you're going to shoot me,
    then shoot me." If you encounter a tough guy, play rough with him and
    answer his request -- shoot him in the arm or hand, but don't actually
    kill him. This will frighten him and he'll act like a normal guard, with
    his injured arm shaking like crazy in the down position.
    To get a guard's Dogtags or items, aim at his head or crotch. This will
    cause him to shake his booty, tossing out his Dogtags or any items that
    he might have. You can get these items by picking up and dropping his body
    when he's unconscious, performing a shakedown, if you like, although you
    can only get Dogtags from holding up guards.
    To choke a guard you need to move up right behind him, and hold Square to
    grab a hold of him. Be sure to be standing still behind a guard to choke
    him or else you'll throw him to the ground. Once you chokehold a sentry
    you can break his neck by rappidly pressing Square, or you can drag him to
    somewhere else to deal with him -- for example, if a guard is in a place
    with several guard, grab a hold of him and drag him to a clear room and
    deal with him. Take note that as you drag guards in this position you are
    twisting their necks every once in a while and you can kill them if you
    move for too long (effectively breaking the neck).
    At a certain point in the Plant you will need to grab a conscious guard
    and use him on a retinal scanner to gain access to a secure room. There
    are a few other guards in the area so wait by the scanner for him to come
    to you and grab him from behind and pull him to the scanner -- he needs
    to be conscious. After using the guard, he'll fall unconscious and you'll
    enter the room.
    To throw an enemy to the ground, press Square will running at him.
    Sometimes this can knock the guard out, but only really on low difficulty
    levels. The guard will get back up very briefly and will obviosuly be
    aware of your presence. Throwing guards like this can be useful for
    getting past guards right near exit doors that lead to a new area, since
    they can't call for backup in time. You can render a guard unconscious if
    you keep throwing him to the ground like this -- do it three or so times
    and he'll be knocked out. If you keep doing this the guard may throw you
    to the ground just before you try to throw him, so watch out.
    You should already know how to punch and kick, and it should seem obvious
    that you can do this to enemies. The punch and kick system works in a
    pattern, with a double punch and a finishing kick if you keep pressing
    Circle (Raiden does a double kick, one with each leg). You can do the
    punch-punch-kick combo to knock a guard to the ground, and you can knock
    him out if you do it a few times. If you just want to quickly get by, you
    can just kick him down and run through a exiting door if there is one.
    You can also punch and kick with use when you're battling a group of
    enemies, knocking some enemies down, knocking some out, while you deal
    with others.
    Press X while running to roll, which you should already know. This is very
    helpful for knocking down guards, and you can knock them out if you roll
    them a few times, or you can just quicky roll them to get by, but be sure
    to get out of the area quickly. If there are two or more guards in a line,
    rolling them is very helpful, and you can knock down two or three of them
    by rolling at them, but beware of them hitting you if you keep trying this.
    04 // r a d a r                                                    [gb_04]
    In both scenarios in Metal Gear Solid 2 you will have Soliton Radar in the
    top right corner of the screen. Your radar provides you with a map of your
    current area including obstacles and other object, and most importantly
    enemy locations and their fields of vision. The latter is extremely
    helpful when using stealth, which you should always try to do, and you can
    tell if the enemy can see you judging by your position to his cone of
    vision. If you ever enter a guard's cone of vision he will spot you and
    try to call for backup. If you are just outside the cone, or sometimes
    a bit far away, the guard will think he saw something and will go to
    The cone of vision of enemies on the radar can be different colours, and
    they all respresent different phases of how much they know of the
    situation. Below are the colours and explanations for all.
    Blue    The guard is completely unaware of your presence and is patrolling
            as he normally would, unless in Caution Mode, where the guard is
            still unaware where you are. Normally the cone is bright blue,
            which means you are at the same height as the guard. If the colour
            is more faint blue then the guard is either above or below you,
            but is still unaware of you.
    Yellow  The guard has heard a noise or thinks he has seen something and
            will go to investigate. This includes hearing a knock or another
            noise done by you, or you moving close to his cone of vision in
            front of him. The guard has not yet been alerted but is
            suspicious, and will go back to normal after investigating.
    Red     The guard is aware of your presence and will try to call for
            backup. He'll also engage in shooting you and others nearby will
            as well. Your radar will be knocked offline once you enter the
            Alert phase but you can also see the red cones when backup guards
            come to check on a situation where a guard isn't responding over
            the radio. This also occurs if you fire an unsilenced gunshot near
            a guard, and he'll call for backup and check the situation.
    As mentioned above, your radar will be knock offline in Alert Mode, but
    there are other phases and modes where your radar will not be available.
    Whenever your radar is not available or there is a special phase
    occurring, a block with lettering and colour will be attached to your
    radar or replace your radar itself if it's offline, and it tells you
    which phase you are currently in and explains what's going on and if your
    radar will work or not. These phases are different colours as well,
    however some are the same colour, and they have different names. They are
    explained below.
    Normal  This is the normal phase, however, you aren't told so. This is
            because it's all clear, everything is fine and guards are acting
            completely normal, patrolling their normal routes with normal
            behaviour. Radar is fully operational and will always be available
            unless in Intrusion Mode or radar is not downloaded.
    Caution Guards are searching for you and backup guards are almost always
            hunting for you as well. Your radar is fully operational but
            cautioned and are carefully patrolling their routes and other
            areas. There is a bar where "Caution" is labeled by your radar
            which will decrease at a steady pace. Once it is drained, the
            guards will go back to normal, backup guards will leave, and your
            radar will go back to normal, all clear.
    Alert   Radar is offline for the time being. Your radar will stay in the
            Alert phase if guards can still see you, and they'll continuously
            shoot you while they can. Find a hiding position and stay there
            until at least you get your radar back in Caution Mode.
    Evasion This comes after Alert Mode, however, is almost exactly the same,
            and you radar is still offline. But the difference is that guards
            do not know your exact position and can't see you. As the word
            implies, an evasion is in progress and guards are looking for you.
            If you can keep hiding you will enter Caution and regain your
            radar, however, if the guards find you, you will reenter the Alert
    Jamming This occurs whenever you're in an area with strong harmonic
            resonance or a Chaff Grenade has been thrown. In the latter case
            radar will only be jammed for a brief amount of time, until the
            Chaff particles in the air go away, and you can see a bar that
            decreases at a steady pace, much like the Caution phase, showing
            how much longer the radar will be jammed. But in the first case
            the radar will always be jammed in that area. When using Chaff,
            the point of it is to knock cameras (including Cypher cameras)
            offline so you can sneak past them undetected. The disadvantage,
            however, is that you can't see enemies on the radar since it's
    *Intrusion*  Intrusion Mode isn't exactly a radar phase but it is
                 significant to your radar nonetheless. Whenever you enter a
                 locker, move under a table, et cetera, you won't be able to
                 use your radar, even in Normal Mode. However, this is only
                 with Type 2 radar. With Type 1 you can see your radar when in
                 Intrusion Mode, but Type 1 is for beginners.
    Using Nodes
    In the Tanker Chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2 you will always have radar
    without ever having to download it, however, you will have to access small
    control panel units called nodes in each area of the Plant Chapter to
    download the radar, unless playing on Very Easy or Easy Difficulty. These
    nodes look like small control panel computers with a large screen, and
    you'll first be shown what they look like near the beginning of the Plant.
    The first node you use, in the Deep Sea Dock, you will have to enter a
    registration into the computer to be able to download the radar here and
    future nodes. By the way, you will have to use this first node and enter
    your information on all Difficulty Levels, and you won't get radar until
    you do so. Below shows what you information you must enter and how to do
    Name: Enter your name or any name you wish. Once the field is highlighted,
          use the Directional buttons to select a letter and press Circle to
          confirm that letter and move on to the next letter. The maximum
          number of characters allowed, including spaces, is 16. Press X to
          delete and press down when done entering your name to move on to the
          next inquery, unless you use the full 16 characters -- press OK if
          this is your case. You can also find OK among the letters when
          selecting and press that, but it's not fully necessary.
    Sex: This is your Gender, either Male or Female. Once the cursor is on the
         field, use left and right to change between the two. Press Circle to
         confirm and move on to the next field.
    Birthday: This is your birthdate, the day you were born, using YYYY/MM/DD
              format. Once the field is selected use left and right to select
              each date, and press Circle to confirm and move on to the next
              date field, until you're done.
    Blood Type: Your Blood Type, either A, B, AB, or O. And if you don't know
                there is also a "?" for you to enter. Press left and right to
                change it and Circle to confirm and move on to the last field.
    Nationality: Your Nationality, the country you were born in, not
                 necessarily the country you live in. There is a huge list of
                 every country so it may take a while to find yours, but
                 they're all in alphabetical order. Press left and right to
                 change the country once the field is highlighted and press
                 Circle to confirm.
    Once you're done with the registration, press OK at the bottom left of the
    screen. By the way, don't go acting like a fool by entering gibberish into
    the fields because this information will come back up at the end of the
    game in a very cool way.
    05 // c o d e c                                                    [gb_05]
    The Codec is an advanced communication device that stimulates the small
    inner bones of your character's ear, so only you'll be able to hear it.
    Just like a radio the Codec has frequency channels and different people
    have different frequencies.
    Use the D-Pad on your controller to adjust the frequency by pressing Left
    and Right. Press Circle or Up to call the frequency you turned to. If it
    is an unknown frequency no one will respond. After calling a frequency of
    an actual person it will appear in a sub menu in the Codec menu. Press X
    to move the cursor off the frequency and press Down on the D-Pad to see
    the list of known frequencies. Move the cursor on them and press Circle to
    call them.
    You'll receive many Codec calls in the game, and an icon will appear in
    the middle of the screen and a call sound is heard when this happens. Most
    of the calls you'll automatically answer -- the icon will be red for these
    calls, which means it's urgent. Whenever the icon is green you do not have
    to answer it, although you probably should. To do so, press Select while
    the flashing green icon is on the screen.
    Below are the frequencies for both scenarios, although some aren't
    available until a certain moment in the game, when you're introduced to
    the character.
    Frequency   Contact     Information
    141.12      Otacon      Otacon will tell you what you have to do in the
                            mission and will also provides tips and
                            information on specific people and equipment.
    140.96      Otacon      Use this frequency to save your game.
    Frequency   Contact     Information
    140.85      Campbell    Colonel Roy Campbell informs you on your mission
                            objectives and what you have to do.
    140.96      Rose        Use this frequency to save your game. Sometimes
                            after saving Rose will engage in a conversation
                            with Raiden about their relationship.
    141.80      Pliskin     After meeting up with the supposed Navy SEAL, he
                            will provide you with information on equipment and
                            Dead Cell. He'll also tell you what to do
    140.25      Stillman    The bomb expert in charge of the bomb defusual in
                            the Big Shell, although only really meant to be a
                            supervisor. Contact Stillman on possible locations
                            for C4 units.
    140.48      Mr. X       You'll first be contacted by this unknown person
                            on EF connecting bridge, warning you of Claymores
                            in the area. This strange mystery person first
                            calls themselves Deepthroat and isn't using burst
                            transmission. Whenever you try to contact Mr. X,
                            they'll never respond.
    141.12      Otacon      Very late in the game Otacon can provide Raiden
                            with information on equipment and about Campbell.
    9.                        W A L K T H R O U G H
    This walkthrough was written while playing on Normal difficulty. Item
    locations and enemy numbers and locations may slightly vary on other
    difficulty levels.
         TANKER CHAPTER...........................................[tan_00]
         PLANT CHAPTER............................................[pla_00]
                i. Reconnaissance...........................[pla_01]
               ii. Bomb Disposal............................[pla_02]
              iii. Hostage Liberation.......................[pla_03]
               iv. Presidential Assistance..................[pla_04]
                v. The Computer Genius......................[pla_05]
               vi. Arsenal Gear.............................[pla_06]
              vii. Federal Hall.............................[pla_07]
                           T A N K E R  C H A P T E R
    Tanker Chapter....................................................[tan_00]
               "The whole thing stank...but our noses had been out
                           in the cold for too long"
    After all the stunning opening cutscenes a familiar friend, Otacon, will
    introduce you to your items. Your weapon is an M92F Beretta converted to
    shoot tranquilizer rounds. You'll have to reload after each shot since the
    slide locks. Otacon notices your Cigs, which will steady your aim when
    equipped but will also lower health rather quickly. Your Digital Camera is
    also an item of interest. You'll need to use it to get confirmation
    photographs of Metal Gear. To zoom in with the Camera, hold Circle; to
    zoom out, hold X; and to take a picture, press Square.
    Otacon's Codec frequency is 141.12, just like in Shadow Moses -- contact
    him if you need help. To save your game, contact the frequency 140.96,
    which is handled by Otacon as well. Sorry, no Mei Ling this time.
    Aft Deck
    Now let's get started. The rain is coming down very hard and it may be
    slightly difficult to see clearly, but you should easily be able to
    manage. There are several items scattered around the deck but to be frank,
    they're not all worth getting and some are guarded by enemy soldiers. If
    you really want them, check the main floor deck for a BANDAGE under the
    stairs in the west, a RATION at the northwesternmost point of the deck,
    and PENTAZEMIN at the northeasternmost point of the deck. Also, on the
    second floor deck is a BANDAGE at the northeast corner.
    Take note of the railings all around the deck, notably the gray gates --
    these can be used to toss guards overboard. To dispose of guards this way,
    drag a body over to one of the gates and Snake will open it up and throw
    the guard into the water below. If you plan on staying in the area for a
    while, I recommend you dispose of the bodies so guards don't wake up and
    spot you, however you shouldn't be here for long and therefore it won't be
    fully necessary. It is rather cool to see, though.
    Now you should start to focus on your entry point to get inside. To be
    logical, the best place to enter is to the west on the first floor, past
    the lone guard. You can get in through other areas but this place is the
    most logical as it's called "Deck-A" and the others come after it in
    accordance. It's also the quickest way to get inside. So run up to the
    wall by the stairs in the west and wait against the wall for the guard
    around the corner to come to the edge of the wall. When he turns around,
    quickly dash behind him and hold him up by pointing your gun at him. Shoot
    him in the head and run to the door to the right.
    Otacon will call you to inform you on how to open the door. You can simply
    hold Triangle to turn the handle and open the door, but that's quite slow.
    If you tap Triangle repeatedly, Snake will turn the handle a lot faster
    and the door will open more quickly. Do that until the door opens and
    Snake will pass through the door to inside.
    Deck-A, crew's quarters
    The door to the north won't open but it will trigger a humorous event if
    you try to open it. Anyway, move the other way down the corridor and you
    may notice that you're leaving footprints on the ground with your wet
    shoes. There's a guard up here so make sure he doesn't see your
    footprints. When you reach an automated door in the corridor, move through
    it to find a locker room. Checking the lockers, you'll find a RATION in
    the first locker on your left and M9 BULLET X 15 in the last locker on
    your right, against the far wall.
    Move outside the room and against the small area of wall next to the right
    door. Wait for the guard to turn around once he stops near you, and shoot
    him in the head to give him a little beauty sleep. Move down the corridor
    and through the door at the end.
    Deck-A, crew's lounge
    Entering the area, Snake will lean against the left wall to spot a guard.
    When he starts moving away from you down the hall, take care of him.
    After that, you can wait in the hallway for the other guard in the area to
    come out to the hall in front of you, then put him to sleep. Moving into
    the lounge area, you can find M9 BULLET X 15 behind the bar and a RATION
    by the plasma TV at the other end.
    Down the stairs in the west is a sleepy guard with USP BULLET X 15 behind
    him, however you do not have the USP yet. Back over by the lounge, move up
    the small stars by the camera and go through the door at the right side
    of the stairs.
    Deck-B, crew's quarters
    In the hallway, move north a little to get Snake's attention of the guard
    around the corner. You can get rid of him when he turns around and starts
    to move down the hallway. If you check out the southern area of this
    place, you'll find a guard patrolling the area and a RATION in a corner
    near the northeast area of where the hallway changes colour. Moving on,
    make your way all the way west to reach some stairs -- move up them.
    Deck-C, crew's quarters
    Right after entering the area, Snake will notice a surveillance camera in
    the hallway ahead. You have no lethal weapons and no Chaff Grenades at the
    moment, so you'll have to sneak past it. There's a blind spot right
    beneath the camera -- if you lean against the wall, you'll be able to move
    past it like that. After the camera in a locker by the stairs is some
    CHAFF.G (Chaff Grenades)... after you get past the camera, great. Over to
    the east in a crawlspace is a RATION. Other than that, you're done here,
    so head up the stairs by the locker.
    Deck-D, crew's quarters
    After moving up the stairs, a guard will pass by the camera into the room
    to the left. Use this time to run over to the right. Otacon will call you
    to tell you about the infrared sensors and Semtex in the hallway, just to
    the south. You can shoot the fire extinguisher to spread around its
    chemicals and make the infrared beams visible -- your Cigs will do the
    same. Don't worry about this too much though because you don't have to
    get past the beams -- but if you want to, just crawl right under them
    (watch out for any guards though).
    To the north is a food storage room with BOX 1 and M9 BULLET X 15 inside.
    You can have a little fun shooting the objects around the room if you
    really feel like it. Eventually, the guard patrolling the outside hallway
    will go down the stairs -- use this time to move into the lounge area to
    the left and take out the guard in there. Watch out for the camera in the
    room and don't be tempted by the USP BULLET X 15 underneath it, as you
    don't even have the gun yet.
    More USP BULLET X 15 and M9 BULLET X 15 can be found under the tables in
    the room, as well a RATION behind the kitchen area counter. There are two
    ways to get to the other hall -- past the camera and through the door, or
    under the infrared beams in the other hall. If you take out the guard
    first from the other side of the lasers, it becomes a lot easier and you
    can just crawl under the beams. Even though there's a camera on the west
    side, it won't see you if you hug the south wall when you pass it to the
    hallway. Just watch your radar and stay out of its range and you'll be
    Once you're in the appropriate hallway, between the camera and the laser
    beams, move up the stairs.
    Deck-E, the bridge
    After the cutscene and Codec conversation, Snake notices someone outside
    on the deck. There's USP BULLET X 15 at the right of the room but it's
    useless to you now. Exit through the west door to outside.
    Navigational deck, port wing
    After the cutscenes, Snake will have to fight the female soldier.
    BOSS: Olga Gurlukovich
    Your only weapon at the moment is the M9, so that means you'll have to
    defeat Olga with only that. But first, you can find M9 BULLET X 15 in
    between the boxes and crates ahead and a RATION in the left corner of the
    area towards the camera.
    Get a feel of the area and your surroundings. For cover, use the boxes and
    crates, preferably from the right side. For attacking, resort to shooting
    in first person from the left side of the area, in the middle, or from the
    right with limited view from the crates. Be sure to make use of the
    peeking controls in first person, if you find that more safe. While in
    first person, hold L2 to peek left, R2 to peek right, and L2 and R2 to
    peek slightly upward.
    Olga shoots at you a lot while running around the battle area, so watch
    out while she's moving. When you're attacking, be quick to act and duck
    behind crates when you're reloading or not shooting. Olga has a few hiding
    places, generally very close to you -- for one, there's the vertical
    object near the left of the area, from which she will peek and shoot at
    you. When she peeks out, quickly shoot her in the head and move somewhere
    When Olga is on the right near the crates, either shoot her from the right
    or the left. If you're at the right, she might not see you and you'll be
    able to hit her more easily. Her other hidng spot is behind the shelf
    object near the back of the area. There's a sheet cover on that which Olga
    will eventually shoot to block your view a little, and after that she'll
    shoot it off and it will fly away.
    A bit after the cover flies off, Olga will use the searchlight behind her
    to blind you, and I mean that literally -- you can barely see a thing and
    it's very annoying. Whenever you move around to different places, Olga
    will change the direction of the light to shine at you. What makes it
    worse is that you can't even shoot it out on Normal difficulty or higher.
    You can defeat Olga before she starts with the searchlight, however, and
    it is very convenient if you do. It's real hell with that light blinding
    you, however you can try to work around it. You can see pretty well in
    third person view, so locate Olga that way. Then enter first person view
    and locate her using your sense and what you saw in third person view. It
    can be difficult, but you'll have to deal with it.
    You can also see Olga in first person view when you're not looking
    directly at the light -- locate her and then move your gun on her, thus
    making you blind for the moment, and shoot where you think she is.
    Throughout the fight, Olga may toss a few grenades your way and they are
    easy to avoid once they land, but act quickly.
    Once Olga's stamina meter is drained, the fight will end.
    A cutscene will roll after defeating Olga and Snake picks up Olga's USP.
    Don't go Rambo style with the USP, you don't want to go raising hell.
    After the cutscene, grab the RATION off the ledge to the right and head
    off to the southeast. Move up the stairs to the right and start climbing
    up the tower on the higher platform. At the top of the tower you can find
    THERM.G (Thermal Goggles). Climb all the way back down and move back down
    the stairs, then continue east.
    A guard will come out the door over to the right. Quickly put him to
    sleep and investigate the slightly higher platform to the east to find a
    WET BOX. Then move through the door the guard came out through back to
    Deck-E, the bridge
    Now that you have the USP, you can collect all the USP ammo around the
    place found in previous areas, starting with here. When you're ready, move
    down the stairs in here.
    Deck-D, crew's quarters
    Take out the guard in the room to the west and grab all the USP ammo in
    the room, safely (for the ammo under the camera, get it when the camera
    turns to the right or throw a Chaff Grenade). Check your radar and move to
    the other hallway when the guard there isn't looking, then run for the
    stairs and move down them.
    Deck-C, crew's quarters
    Just as you move down the stairs, a guard will pass in front of you. Enter
    first person view and tranquilize the guard once he's past the view of the
    surveillance camera over to the left so you don't raise suspicion. Once
    he's unconscious, feel free to destroy the camera with your new USP, since
    no one else is here, then move down the stairs past it.
    Deck-B, crew's quarters
    Once down the stairs, make your way east, past the guard in the hallway,
    and head through the door on the left side of the hallway past the guard.
    Deck-A, crew's lounge
    Wait at the door and shoot the guard in the head as he walks by the
    stairs, putting him to sleep. Move down the stairs and run over to the
    right. Now move down the stairs over here and go through the door down
    there after getting the STUN.G (Stun Grenades).
    Engine room
    Follow the corridor ahead for a menacing shadow of a familar character...
    Moving around the corner, thankfully it's just a projection of an action
    figure by a flashlight. Climb onto the crates to get the USP BULLET X 15
    and check the left locker for a surprise. Moving on, go up to the door to
    the left to encounter a vulnerable guard -- he's stretching. Use this time
    to hold him up and shoot him in the head, with the M9 of course (just like
    mentioned earlier, don't go raising hell -- there are plenty of guards in
    here). If you can see another guard on a railing far in front of you, put
    him to sleep as well. Now you won't have to deal with him later.
    Head down the path by the stairs and wait for the guard patrolling the
    area to head down the path away from the camera. Then run down the stairs
    and put him out of action. Continue along the railings and run down the
    stairs to the north. You can find M9 BULLET X 15 north of the stairs once
    down them. Just past the stairs around a corner is a guard facing the
    other direction. Hold him up and put him to sleep. You can dispose of the
    guards over here by moving to the north and throwing them off the ledge
    by opening the gate there, but that's not fully necessary.
    Find the small section of stairs to the left and grab the RATION at the
    north end of the narrow pathway. Then head back south and move around to
    the west. Move up the stairs here, wondering what the guard up on the
    ledge is up to. Hold up the guard and shoot him in the head to give him a
    little rest. Then take out your Camera to see what the guard was looking
    at on the very far wall off the railing. Ah, nice poster... Feel free to
    take a picture of it for a present to Otacon, later on.
    Head back downstairs and head north towards the guard patrolling the area.
    Take him out and grab the USP BULLET X 15 in the corner past him. Move
    south down the narrow pathway to the stairs. There's a pack of GRENADES in
    the southwest corner over here if you want it. Run up the stairs here and
    you'll find USP BULLET X 15 if you check out over to the right. Continue
    up the next set of stairs -- if you took out the guard from the other side
    of the room before, he should still be sleeping. If not, take him out
    while he's not looking.
    Follow the rest of the pathway and through the door, into a room like the
    other side of this area. Move north for a short cutscene. The guard on the
    other side of the door to the south comes through the door and he says he
    fixed it. You can now go through that door and get the USP ammo there if
    you like. You'd better take that guard out now or he may interfere with
    you just ahead. Take him out when he's done talking on the radio as to not
    create any suspicion to whoever's listening on the other side.
    Moving further into the room, you can find USP BULLET X 15 on one of the
    large obstacles in here. Also note the pictures on the lockers here --
    close the locker on the right for a moment of hilarity. Go ahead and take
    a picture of it for Otacon for a few laughs.
    Looking ahead, you'll notice some infrared sensors. If you try to move
    through them, Otacon will call you and tell you about them. There are too
    many sensors to get by -- you can't crawl through, which you can see if
    you shoot the bag of flour past the sensors in the corner -- so you'll
    have to shoot out the control units. The control units are the "things
    with blinking green lights right next to the explosives", Otacon tells
    you. You'll have to shoot them out with the USP you got, since the M9's
    knockout rounds won't work (if you don't have the USP yet, you have to
    fight Olga; backtrack to before the fight with Olga here in this
    There are three control units hooked up to Semtex here, just so you know.
    If you're playing on Easy or Very Easy, there will only be two (skip the
    first one mentioned here). All right, now to destroy the first control
    unit. First of all, it helps a lot if you take out all the guards near
    this area or they'll probably hear you shoot the USP and will come running
    in here. Anyway, for the first control unit, climb up on the obstacle in
    the area furthest to the left. If you look ahead in first person view, you
    can see the control unit -- it's behind the Semtex just in front of you.
    To get a better view of it, hold L2 and R2 to go on your tiptoes. Take out
    the USP, aim at the sensor, and shoot it out. You should hear it being
    deactivated and the infrared beams will disappear (if you shot the flour
    bag earlier, which you should have). If the flour is gone, use your Cigs
    to see the laser beams.
    Okay, one control unit down, two to go. Fall off the obstacle and move
    past the first sensors, since you deactivated them. Crouch in first person
    view and look a bit to the right -- there it is. Shoot it out, and once
    it's deactivated, move just past it. Stay as far right as you can for this
    one, since you can barely see it. The control unit here is ahead and to
    the left, on top of the Semtex this time. You won't be able to see its
    blinking green lights, but you should know what the control units look
    like by now. Shoot it out and make sure it's deactivated.
    Once the last sensors are disengaged, move forward and open the door by
    turning the handle to go through it.
    Deck-2, port
    Start moving down the corridor as an announcement is heard over the
    intercom, and grab the RATION in the first opening on the right. At the
    next opening by the dead guy in the orange uniform you can find USP BULLET
    X 15. Moving on past that you should finally notice a guard in the
    distance. He'll be quite far away when you first see him but you can
    easily take him out by moving a little closer.
    Continue past the opening near the guard all the way to the end of the
    hallway. You should hear some music coming from headphones in the area,
    and you'll notice that a guard dancing to the music will come from the
    right just ahead. He won't be able to hear you even if you knock on the
    wall, but that doesn't mean he's blind. Wait for him to stop by the
    doorway and move behind him and hold him up. Put him to sleep and grab the
    USP BULLET X 15 by the left wall.
    Moving through the right doorway and looking down through the following
    doorways in first person view, you should see a sleepy guard, falling
    asleep and waking up repeatedly. You'll notice that he keeps saying
    "Nothing to report", if you listen to him. He's reporting his status over
    the radio so headquarters knows what's going on. If you take him out and
    stay in the area for a while, headquarters will contact the guard, asking
    him why he was late with his status report, and some extra guards will be
    sent to check out the situation.
    As you head towards the sleepy guard, pick up the USP BULLET X 15 by the
    pipes in the pathway. Continue down towards the guard and take him out
    after he sends his status report. Move past him and take the USP BULLET X
    15 by the end door, then go through the door by turning the handle.
    Deck-2, starboard
    Entering the area, get the USP BULLET X 15 near the door -- what's with
    all the USP ammo? Then run down the hallway towards the camera. You can
    find a RATION in the first opening, along with more USP BULLET X 15 behind
    the pipes, which you'll have to lean against the wall to get. Once you
    move past that opening, a cutscene will play.
    Several guards will come through the nearby door to the holds to make sure
    no one is able to enter the holds. After the cutscene, all the guards
    will be aware of your presence and you'll have to defeat them all in order
    to continue. You start crouched behind a box -- right off the bat, run
    ahead and hide behind the next box -- put your back to it and crouch. I
    recommend that you use the USP for this part as it's a lot easier with it
    because its slide doesn't lock after each shot. If you don't want to kill
    anyone though, use the M9.
    Take note that if you try to move past this box, you'll be shot and thrown
    to the ground once you reach a certain area -- even if no guards are able
    to shoot you. From behind the box, peek around the corner and blast away
    at any guards standing in front of you. For the guard behind the box ahead
    of you, aim in first person and shoot him in the head. The guards hiding
    behind the corners may roll out into the open -- try to shoot them right
    when they stand up.
    After a while the guards will start taking out the lights to make it
    harder for you to see, since they have thermal goggles, however it's
    really no difference for you (if you got them after defeating Olga, you
    have the same goggles as them anyway). Once you kill the guards initially
    in the area, a few more will come and run towards you by your box. Take
    them out one by one and a cutscene will play.
    During the cutscene, Snake moves on to the next area which is the first
    Hold. Otacon calls you over the Codec and tells you that you need to get
    four photos of Metal Gear Ray -- one from the front, front-right, front-
    left, and one of the Marine Corps marking on the body. You'll have to
    get the photos while the commandant is making his speech, so you'll have
    limited time. Otacon tells you to upload the photos by using the
    workstation, which is in the same Hold as Metal Gear.
    Hold No.1
    All right, at the right of your screen you'll notice a seven minute timer,
    which is the time left of the commandant's speech. Looking down off the
    ledge, you'll notice a lot of marines standing in the Hold. Whatever you
    do, don't go throwing a grenade or using your USP or anything like that,
    because it will be Game Over if you do. Anyway, start by clinging onto the
    ladder and moving down. You can also, however, hang off the ledge at the
    top here and move along the black rope to the other side and get the M9
    BULLET X 15 on the lower ledge, but that will require a high grip level,
    meaning you'll have to do many, many chin ups to be able to get there, and
    that will take time. You can also jump on the railing one floor down and
    shimmy along to Snake's left and take a different route through these
    holds, but that will also require a higher grip level. If you have the
    requirement to do it, feel free if you want, but this walkthrough
    describes the simplest route, moving down onto the main floor.
    After moving down the first ladder from the top, you'll have to move down
    another ladder. Then you'll reach the ground. Scanning the area, you'll
    obviously notice a large amount of marines standing in the area -- there
    are around sixty of them, in fact. Like mentioned earlier, it will be Game
    Over if they spot you, so don't screw around. Feel free to shoot them with
    the M9 to put them to sleep, and don't worry about them falling down --
    they'll fall asleep standing up.
    If you check the right of the area, you'll quickly discover that it's not
    the best place to get by. Moving over to the left, you'll have to duck and
    crawl under the light of the screen projector, or else everyone will see
    your shadow on the screen and you'll be caught. There's a Marine standing
    just to the left of the projector -- don't worry about him, you can crawl
    behind him. Once you're away from the Marine and on the other side of the
    projector, you'll notice a hatch on the ground in the back left corner,
    which you can open and use the ventilation system to get around, but I
    recommend you stay up here.
    If you want the M9 ammo mentioned earlier, you can get it via an easier
    method -- climb up the ladder here. Anyway, now you want to start moving
    north, but you'll notice a guard standing in your path ahead. You can
    sneak behind him, just be very careful and walk very slowy. Note the metal
    grating behind him -- if you step on any of these grates while running,
    any marines nearby will hear it and will come to investigate. Continue
    north, still walking slowly, and you'll see a door on the wall ahead.
    If you want to have a little fun here, you can move along the wall in front
    of the marines and they won't see you. Don't move towards them though, or
    they probably will see you. Continue on through the west door on the wall
    to Hold No.2.
    Hold No.2
    In this hold, a cutscene will play shortly after entering the area showing
    you that there are two projectors and two screens in here and they will
    alternate every once in a while. What this means is, while you're walking
    along the side of the guards when they facing the other direction, they'll
    face you and spot you if you're in the open when the projector changes.
    So note the patterns of the projector switch and hide whenever necessary,
    then wait for the projector to turn back. If you don't want to get into
    all that, you can simply use the vents by opening the hatch to the left
    and climbing down the ladder.
    Investigating the left pathway in here, you'll find that it's blocked off
    by some crates and a guard is patrolling the area. So head over to the
    right, first crawling under the projector's light and behind the guard at
    the right of the projectors. At around five minutes to go in the
    commandant's speech, he'll say "at ease", and there will be a little rest
    session. When this happens, quickly find a hiding spot because guards will
    be looking all over the place.
    Once you're on the right and the guards are facing the left, slowly walk
    down the path over the grates and go through the door behind the projector
    screen and the large crates.
    Hold No.3
    A cutscene will play once you enter this hold -- Metal Gear!? By the time
    you get in this Hold, the commandant will probably start his stretching
    session, at around four or so minutes left. Quickly find a place to hide
    if this is your situation, and wait until everything goes back to normal
    to continue, since the marines will be looking all over the place as part
    of their stretching exercise. One very important thing in here: don't try
    to shoot the commandant, even with the M9, or you will be found. Anyway,
    just to the right after entering the Hold (from the east) is the
    workstation Otacon mentioned. Now it's time to get the pictures.
    You're already at the front-right of Metal Gear, but try to find the
    perfect spot -- at a 45 degree angle in between the yellow line on the
    ground around the workstation and the bright coloured, thick line on the
    ground moving north is a great spot. Get Ray in the center of the picture
    for best expectations. If you hear a digital sound effect or Snake says
    "Good" or "All right" after you take the picture, that's how you know it
    will work.
    Now onto the front view -- move around the ledge with the camera man above
    you to the center of the room and face Ray. Aim up so Metal Gear is in the
    center of the picture. Okay, now for the front-left photograph. Move
    around the next camera man ledge to the left and stand in the back left
    corner of the room. Moving at a 45 degree angle from the corner of the
    room, move about two meters forward and take the picture from there, after
    aiming up at Metal Gear.
    And now for the Marine Corps marking. You can find it in a few places, but
    two areas are great -- on the sides of Metal Gear, at the back of the
    room; either left or right side. The left is probably the best because the
    right has a guard that sometimes walks around the area and he may get in
    the way, but you can easily shoot him with the M9. For the marking, zoom
    in just a bit to get the best picture -- you want to make sure that you
    can see the marking actually on Metal Gear -- but not too much. That's
    all the photos -- now get back to the workstation and send them to Otacon.
    Somewhat near the end of the commandant's speech, he'll suddenly throw a
    false alarm alert -- he'll yell "Intruder to the right! Intruder to the
    left!" out of nowhere and it will alert the guards temporarily. Hopefully
    you'll be out of view when or if this happens...
    When you get back to the workstation, press Triangle to start up the
    computer. Otacon's program will load and your pictures will be uploaded.
    Otacon will comment on your pictures to tell you how they are -- if a
    picture isn't good enough, you'll have to take another one. If you took
    pictures of some funny things mentioned earlier on, you'll give Otacon
    quite a laugh as well. If you get all the photos, several cutscenes will
    roll. If not, get the pictures you need and come back here to upload them.
    After all the cutscenes, you'll be asked if you want to save. This is the
    end of this scenario, so you'll probably want to save.
                             P L A N T  C H A P T E R
                  T   H   E     B   I   G     S   H   E   L   L
    After the Tanker episode, a new scenario will roll out, introduced by a
    cutscene. You'll probably notice your character being called Snake, but
    you should note an unfamiliar voice as well as the familiar Colonel
    Campbell from the first Metal Gear Solid. In the following Codec
    conversation with the Colonel, your character's codename is changed to
    "Raiden". Campbell's frequency is 140.85 as always -- call him whenever
    you need assistance or mission clarification.
    All right, now for your missions objectives: You must infiltrate the Big
    Shell (which you have already done), safeguard the president and the
    hostages within the Big Shell, and disarm the terrorists by any means
    01 // r e c o n n a i s s a n c e
               "The terrorists call themselves 'Sons of Liberty.'"
    Strut A Deep Sea Dock
    After all the cutscenes you can begin to scout the area for items. Up the
    small stairs in front of you in the middle locker is a RATION, as well as
    another RATION in the east against the wall which can be acquired by
    either using the ventilation system by the stairs or by crawling under the
    tank object in the southeast section of the area. You'll also notice an
    item on the other side of the fence from your initial position. Press
    Triangle to hang onto the ledge by the railing and move past the fence.
    Press Triangle again to climb up on that side and get the SHAVER. On Easy
    and Very Easy, you'll find the M9 here. On Normal and higher, you'll have
    to do without it.
    Anyway, the Shaver is not a necessary item and you don't have to get it,
    however it will provide a longer cutscene later on in the game and some
    small differences elsewhere. If you decide to take a swim while you're in
    the area, the Colonel will specify the controls. There's no need to swim
    now since there's nothing in the water, so it's time to move on. But if
    you dove in the water, find the ladder at the northwest of the area and
    press Triangle to climb up it.
    Up the small stairs in the area, open the hatch on the door by turning it
    and Raiden will open the door. You'll hear some noises while you turn the
    handle, but do continue. A short cutscene and a Codec conversation will
    play afterwards. Run down the hallway after the conversation and to the
    door around the corner for another cutscene. Via Codec, the Colonel will
    tell you about a "node", which will allow you to use radar in the Big
    Shell, if you're playing on Normal or higher difficulty.
    Access the node before the sentries in the area wake up. At the northeast
    of the area in front of the node, the small terminal against the wall,
    press Triangle. After the cutscene, a Name Entry screen will come up for
    your information to be inputted. It requires: name, sex, birthday, blood
    type, and nationality. Obviously you don't have to use your own
    information, but I recommend you do for the sake of enjoyment later on.
    After completing the entry, the radar will download -- exit the node.
    In a Codec conversation after downloading the radar, Rose will be
    introduced -- she is Raiden's girlfriend and the mission data analyst.
    Contact her if you need to save your game. Her frequency is 140.96.
    Shortly after, the two sentries out cold on the ground by you will wake
    up. The elevator isn't here yet so get out of the way while you can. Run
    south and hide in the alcove in the boxes and crates in the area, against
    the barrels, and duck.
    The guards will search the area and the elevator will come down here
    shortly. You can get by one of the guards by performing a cartwheel on
    him, but that won't be necessary. Just a bit after the elevator arrives,
    the left guard will move into the hallway to the west, leaving you a
    perfect path to the elevator. Make a run for the elevator, watching out
    for the other guard.
    Strut A roof
    After the Codec conversation on the roof, climb onto the crates just south
    of you and get the BANDAGE. There's also M9 BULLET X 15 in the southwest,
    which will only be of use to you if you have the M9 (depending on the
    difficulty you chose). You can also spot an item on the other side of the
    northeast fence, but you can't get it yet. Around the area you'll find
    several areas with bird crap on the ground, specifically around edges of
    railings and walls. If you run over these areas, Raiden will slip and fall
    on his back. No health is lost during this, however it is very funny to
    Anyway, you must find an entry point to get inside. Head over to the west
    fence. Unless you disturbed the birds over here, they'll be somewhat
    blocking your view of a hole in the lower section of the fence. The
    Colonel will call you to tell you what to do here, but it's quite simple.
    Duck down and crawl through the hole and the Colonel will call you again.
    Afterwards, move through the door to the south to go inside.
    Strut A Pump Room
    Run down the stairs to notice two guards talking. One tells the other he's
    headed to the roof and the other will stay down here. Raiden makes a move
    down the stairs and through the corridor over near the guard, looking for
    the node in the area. You'll need to get past this guard to get to it. You
    can wait for the perfect time when the guard isn't looking and run the
    appropriate way, but there is a better way to do it. Via Codec, Campbell
    will tell you to distract the guard by knocking on the wall.
    Press against the wall and press Circle to knock. Get off the wall so you
    can see which way the guard goes to investigate and move around where he's
    not going. From there, it's easy access to the node -- log in to the
    network to access the radar. To escape the area, either distract the guard
    again or just wait for the right time and get out of there.
    Once clear of the guard, you can check out the left lockers to find SOCOM
    BULLET X 12, even though you don't have the gun yet. Over by the right
    lockers you can find a RATION in the far right locker. Now it's time to
    move on. If you don't have the M9 yet, it's best to get it now and you're
    in the best location to head off and get it. So take the east path by the
    node area and go through the orange door to the FA connecting bridge.
    FA connecting bridge
    Coming into the area, Raiden will notice a flying object hovering over the
    bridge. The Colonel will call you and tell you it's a Cypher, and if it
    spots you an alarm will be trigered. However, you can blind it for a brief
    time period if you throw a Chaff Grenade and you can destroy it with a
    lethal firearm. You have neither of those right now, however you can find
    Chaff on this bridge.
    When the Cypher is at the far side of the bridge, make your move by
    running out in the open and quickly move down the stairs to the lower
    section of the bridge. Grab the CHAFF.G against the left wall -- now
    you're set. If the Cypher is still hovering the top section of the bridge
    you could probably make it by running east and going through the door in
    the small hallway, however it's best to enter Strut F from the upper
    level. Throw a Chaff Grenade and run up the east set of stairs, then
    quickly dash to the east and go through the door in the small hallway.
    Struf F warehouse
    After entering the area, quickly run to the east side of the hallway and
    grab the RATION behind the boxes near the wall. Move through the blank
    door (no Levels marked on it) and grab the M9 and the two boxes of M9
    BULLET X 15 beside it. You can check out the rest of the warehouse, even
    though pretty much every door requires a card, but you'll come back here
    later anyway, and you only really came here to get the M9. So head back
    through the orange door to the FA bridge.
    FA connecting bridge
    Back on the bridge, toss a Chaff Grenade to disrupt the Cypher and run to
    the west after it explodes. Go through the door at the west end of the
    Strut A Pump Room
    Now that you have the M9, you can put the guard in here to sleep. Either
    if you do or you don't, make your way to the hallway on the west side of
    the node area and go through the orange door there.
    AB connecting bridge
    Out on the bridge, Raiden will notice two guards and will talk with the
    Colonel. He suggests hanging on a ledge and moving past the guards that
    way. That is a great method, but if you have the M9 you can just use it to
    get rid of the guards. If you choose the hanging method, quickly run to
    the west, taking the south path on the bridge. The guard on this side is
    over at the other end, and he'll stay there for a while. Wait a bit, then
    grab a hold of the ledge. While hanging, move along to the left, passing
    the guard if he walks by. Climb up on the other side once you're clear of
    the guard.
    From here, it's easy access to and through the west end door -- go through
    Strut B Transformer Room
    Run a few steps forward in the hall for an absolutely stunning cutscene.
    Raiden will eventually be able to talk to one of the SEALs. He reveals
    his oddly familiar face and he tells you his name is S... his name is
    Pliskin. Iroquois Pliskin. After a few cutscenes, Pliskin will give you
    his CIGS, as well as his SOCOM. If you got the SHAVER in the opening area,
    Raiden will hand it to Pliskin. Pliskin tells you his frequency is 141.80.
    Contact him if you need information on the place or Dead Cell.
    After all the cutscenes you'll see Pliskin sleeping on the stairs,
    refreshing himself of energy. Now you can have a little fun here. If you
    aim your gun at Pliskin, at that exact second he'll suddenly whip his gun
    around and aim it at you, followed by a comment on your childish
    behaviour. Feel free to fool around if you like, but Pliskin won't
    hesitate to shoot you if you shoot him or hit him. Just beside the stairs
    are SOCOM BULLET X 12 and a node. Log in to the network and download the
    radar via the node.
    Checking around the gory room, you'll find M9 BULLET X 15 on the upper
    ledge at the top right corner of the screen and you may notice a beeping
    sound when you stand near the north door in the room. Close the open door
    beside the automatic door to spot a stick of C4 on the wall. You can't
    do anything about it now, so just move on.
    Just north outside the room is a RATION in the middle locker and SOCOM
    BULLET X 12 in the left locker. When you're done here, exit through the
    northwest orange door to the BC bridge.
    BC connecting bridge
    After the cutscene, the Colonel will tell you that your new priority is
    removing the C4's in the Big Shell and that there's a bomb disposal expert
    in Strut C. Run along the bridge, grabbing the CHAFF.G near the
    end of what's left of the BC-Shell 1 connecting bridge, and go through the
    orange door at the end of the bridge in the small hallway.
    Strut C Dining Hall
    Just ahead of you on each side of the hall are washrooms, but don't worry
    about investigating them now. Just move forward down the hall and around
    the corner for a cutscene. The bomb disposal expert, Peter Stillman, is
    here. Pliskin will come to accompany you in the cutscene and Stillman will
    go through how to take care of the C4's. You won't be dismantling the
    bombs; that's not for amateurs. You'll be using a temporary freezing
    measure. Stillman will give you a demonstration -- he activates a C4 and
    sprays some coolant on it, which freezes the detonator.
    The spray can be used from several yards away, so don't always think you
    have to get as close as possible. Stillman will also show you a sensor
    to locate the bombs on your radar. There will be a large green cloud on
    your radar where the C4 is in each area. It's pretty big, but it's better
    than nothing. As Stillman tells you, there's one C4 in each strut of both
    Shell 1 and 2, but Pliskin will be taking care of Shell 2.
    02 // b o m b  d i s p o s a l
    Bomb Disposal.....................................................[pla_02]
                    "Kid, this is THE bomb disposal guy."
    After the cutscenes, you'll notice that you have a COOLANT spray, SENSOR
    A, and a LV.1 CARD. To use the Coolant, equip it to enter first person
    view, then hold Square to use the spray. Sensor A will help you locate the
    bombs on your radar and the Level 1 Card will allow you to access Level 1
    In the earlier cutscene, Stillman locked himself in the pantry right
    beside you and he's still in there right now. So why not try to bother him
    a bit? Put your back against the door and continuously knock. To make it
    even more humorous, move around back and forth against the wall while
    you're knocking. At first, Stillman will try to tell you nicely that he's
    annoyed, but eventually he'll outright tell you, "Stop bothering me!" It's
    hilarious to hear yourself and I recommend you try it.
    All right, that's enough fun for now. If you look around the room (move
    over to the left section of the room), you'll notice FHM posters on the
    wall... Nice. While you're enjoying those, download the radar from the
    node in the northwest. Now it's time to look for bombs. Exit to the hall
    to notice a green cloud at the bottom of your radar. Examining your radar
    closely, you'll find that it's in the women's washroom, the east washroom
    at the south end of the hall.
    Move up to the right side of the counter by the mirrors, which is just
    around the center of the cloud on your radar. You should start hearing the
    pulse of the C4 in the area. Equip the Coolant to enter first person view.
    Look up -- there it is! Spray some coolant on the sucker to freeze the
    detonator and Raiden will report to Stillman via Codec. You may have
    noticed that Stillman never told you his Codec frequency, but you'll see
    it when reporting to Stillman. It's 140.25 -- contact him whenever you
    need information on where to find the bombs.
    Checking the rest of the women's washroom, you'll find PENTAZEMIN in the
    stall closest to the exit door and M9 BULLET X 15 in the farthest away
    stall. If you enter the men's washroom to the west you can find SOCOM
    BULLET X 12 in the left stall as well as a nice poster on the inside of
    the door. If you stick around in Strut C for too long, guards may come
    into the area to patrol. Try to leave before they come -- exit through
    the orange door in the northeast to the CD connecting bridge.
    CD connecting bridge
    Out on the bridge, there will be a guard slowly walking towards you. If
    you decide that you want to run across the bridge on the lower level down
    the stairs, run and don't stop -- the floor boards will fall below as you
    run across them. Just as you enter the small hallway at the other end of
    the bridge, Raiden will notice a camera on the wall. I suggest you just
    blast it with your SOCOM, but you can also move under its blind spot.
    Either way, move through the orange door aftering moving past the camera.
    Strut D Sediment Pool
    Entering the area, you'll notice a few guards in here. It'll make things
    easier if you just take them out, however the guard patrolling the lower
    level down the stairs sends status reports over the radio. Let him be for
    now. Right off the bat, take care of the guard on the same walkway as you
    down the small stairs just ahead (the guard by the wall to your left) and
    you'll probably want to get rid of the guard patrolling the center column
    area on the upper level. After, move around to the other side of the
    stairs, on the normal height walkway by the door, and grab the SOCOM
    BULLET X 12 there.
    If you stand on the hatch near the guard you took out just earlier, near
    the stairs, the Colonel will call you. Accept the call and he'll tell you
    that you can open the hatch, as well as all the others in the area, and
    that there may be something interesting inside them. Keep that in mind as
    you continue your search for the C4 in this strut.
    Just past the hatch are the stairs, but if you continue past there you'll
    find a small gray gate along the railing which can be used to throw guards
    into the water below to dispose of them. Remember that if you need to take
    care of some business (be sure to toss the status report guard down there
    if you are going to take him out, so the guards that come to check on him
    at least don't find him). When the guard downstairs is patrolling the east
    side of the lower level, move down the stairs and move quickly. Despite
    the knowledge of the guard down here being in charge of the status
    reports, you'll probably want to put him to sleep to access the node in
    the east for the sake of radar -- download the radar via the node.
    If you check the hatches over here, you'll find nothing. So head over to
    the left side of the stairs, first getting the M9 BULLET X 15 behind the
    stairs. If you follow the path all the way south with Sensor A equipped,
    you'll notice a green cloud on your radar. Check the hatch further south
    to find a C4 inside. Equip the Coolant and freeze the C4. Now you'll want
    to get to the DE connecting bridge. But if you took out the status report
    guard earlier, some extra guards will probably be here by now. Just wait
    them out while in the west.
    Once the guards are gone (or if they didn't even come), run back to the
    stairs when the guard down here heads over to the east, and move up to the
    upper level. Check out the center column area on the upper level to find a
    RATION in the small alcove in the fence. On the normal height walkway on
    the upper level by the east door is PSG1 BULLET X 10, however you don't
    have that sniper rifle yet. Move up the small stairs nearby and exit
    through the orange door to the DE bridge.
    DE connecting bridge
    Outside, Raiden will move against the wall and notice a guard on strut E
    looking down from there at the bridge. As you can see, his cone of view is
    considerably large because of his vanatage point. Don't let that scare you
    though -- you can easily take him out with the M9 if you can pinpoint
    the laser with precision, which shouldn't be very difficult. Another
    guard patrols the bridge -- just wait for him to come up top and eliminate
    him for the time being.
    At the east end of the bridge on the lower level are STUN.G and SOCOM
    BULLET X 12. Make your way to and through the orange door in the small
    hallway on the upper level of the bridge to strut E.
    Strut E Parcel Room
    Upon entering the area, you'll notice that this place is a box
    distribution area and you'll also notice the volume of the working
    machines. Guards won't be able to hear you as well as normal, but don't
    go trying to make them hear you -- take it easy. The guard on the other
    side of the conveyor belt in front of you may start to stretch after a
    while -- take him out while he's doing thing. Keep in mind that he's in
    charge of sending status reports over the radio, so act quickly if you
    plan to stay in the area for long.
    Moving to the east of the northern portion of the room you'll find the
    node -- download the radar. Just south of the node, you'll find BOX 5 on
    the platform at this end of the conveyor belt. Continuing south, you'll
    find the stairs, but first, there's more to do here. Check your radar to
    make sure the guard patrolling the conveyor belt area near the stairs
    isn't looking at you. Take him out by coming up behind him if you can,
    moving around the crates near him.
    At the south side of the boxes near the guard is M4 BULLET X 30, but you
    don't have the M4 yet. At the north side of the boxes under the conveyor
    belt is STUN.G. At the southwest area of the room are some stairs. If you
    move down them you'll find the MINE.D (Mine Detector) next to some boxes
    lying around. Make sure you get that since it will come in handy later.
    Right beside the Mine Detector on the ground to the left is a vent that
    has a RATION inside.
    Back upstairs, you've probably already noticed a platform where you can
    move onto the conveyor belt with a Box equipped -- at the south of the
    room a little to the west. If you climb on it and equip a Box, you'll
    shortly hear a beep and the belt will stop. Once it stops, step onto the
    belt with the box to be transported somewhere around the Big Shell,
    depending on your box.
    If you're going to try this now, just use the box you just got in this
    room, Box 5 -- this box will send you to the currently inaccessible room
    downstairs, however a box is blocking the platform to get off in there and
    you'll be sent back up here to the platform where Box 5 was originally
    located. If you try another box, you'll be sent to a different strut,
    corresponding to the box you use. If you do use another box, make your way
    back here to continue.
    Anyway, if you checked the area with Sensor A equipped, you'll find no
    C4's in this area, however there is yet an upper level to explore. Move up
    the east stairs and go through the door up there.
    Strut E heliport
    Once outside, move up the small stairs in front of you and a cutscene will
    play just ahead, followed by a Codec conversation with Pliskin.
    Afterwards, continue up the rest of the stairs to the roof. Two guards are
    up here, but given the several boxes and shelves around the area it should
    be extremely easy to sneak up behind them and put them to sleep.
    Scouting the roof, you'll find two items around the area. Just west of the
    stairs is a shelf with a cover on it, blowing in the wind. On the north
    side of it is BOX 3. To the north of that area are several large crates --
    on the far side of the southwest crate in that area is STUN.G.
    With Sensor A equipped, you'll find that a green cloud is on your radar to
    the north, by the Harrier. Examining your radar closely you should find
    that the center of the cloud is at the center of the Harrier. Nothing is
    seen on the jet, so lie down by the left wing right beside the Harrier's
    body, looking towards the center of the cloud. When you enter first person
    you'll see the C4 just ahead on the wheel blocker.
    Equip the Coolant and start spraying -- due to the distance that the C4 is
    away from you, it will take a little longer to freeze than the others.
    Stand up again and head back down the south stairs. From there, you can
    continue west around the corner to meet up with the guard up here -- if
    you put him to sleep earlier he may still be sleeping. If not, let him
    have some more sleep, even if he's already sleeping on the job. Then take
    the CLAYMORE box past him. Now run back around to the east and go back
    through the door down the small set of stairs over there.
    Strut E Parcel Room
    Move down the stairs and quickly run along the east wall there to the
    south. If you do it fast enough, the guard near you shouldn't see you.
    Exit through the orange door at the southeast.
    EF connecting bridge
    Run down the hallway here to the left and start to move south on the
    bridge. You'll receive a Codec call from an unknown person not using burst
    transmission, which may feel like deja vu for MGS1 veterans. This person
    tells you that there are stealth-equipped Claymore mines on the bridge
    ahead. You should've just gotten the Mine Detector in strut E -- if not,
    go back and get it now for the sake of conveniency (it's down the stairs
    in the southwest).
    Equip the Mine Detector to see the blast radius of the Claymores on the
    ground. Checking your radar, you'll notice seven Claymores on the bridge.
    You can actually move past them all while standing, although it requires
    you to be very careful and smart. However, I recommend that you pick up at
    least a few Claymores, especially since you'll be passing through here a
    few more times and you may forget about them. Lie down and collect the
    CLAYMORES by moving over them -- don't worry, they won't explode if you
    stay low and crawl.
    At the west of the wide bridge is a narrow bridge leading to the Shell 1
    core. There's no point in going over there since you don't have a Level 2
    Card just yet so the door won't open. All you'll find other than that is
    some AK ammo which is also useless to you right now. Not only that, if you
    try to cross the bridge most of the floor panels under you will fall just
    as you pass over them. If you're too slow you may fall into the sea below.
    If you do go over there though, you'll have to hug the railing to get back
    safely. Better not bother with it anyway.
    Once at the south side of the wide bridge, go through the orange door in
    the small hallway ahead.
    Strut F, warehouse
    First of all, you should've came here earlier to get the M9, but if you
    didn't it's in the southeast room on this floor waiting for you. Anyway,
    from where you entered the warehouse, you're on 1F. The node is on B1, so
    move down the stairs to the east. Press against the wall and crouch by the
    boxes, pressed against the railing. Make your move on the guard down here
    when he's looking the other way.
    Keep in mind that one of the guards upstairs will come down here every
    once in a while to check out the situation, so you'd better hide the guard
    down here somewhere out of view of the east and center area of this floor.
    Just hide him behind one of the south boxes in the area or in a locker in
    the southwest room and you'll be fine. But if you must, you can take out
    the guard when he comes down here before he sees the other guard lying on
    the ground, however make sure you understand that he's in charge of status
    At the end of the stairs directly to the west is STUN.G and south of the
    stairs on a box is SOCOM BULLET X 12. You may also notice other items on
    stacked boxes in the area, but you can't get them from down here. Moving
    on, move south to find a hallway and grab the CHAFF.G at the south end of
    it. In the hallway, enter the west room and download the radar via the
    node at the left of the room. In the southwest corner of the room is BOX
    2 and inside their respective lockers in the room you'll find a RATION and
    In the east room in the corridor you'll notice items on the other side of
    the obstacles in the room, which you can't get from here. You can,
    however, duck down and get the M9 BULLET X 15 under the shelf to the right
    of the screen. Remembering the items in here, enter the west room again to
    discover a vent at the southwest of the room. You can crawl through it to
    the other room and get the SCM.SUPR (SOCOM Suppressor) and SOCOM BULLET X
    To attach the SOCOM Suppressor to the SOCOM, equip the Suppressor in the
    item window when the SOCOM is equipped and the Suppressor will disappear
    from the item window and will permanently be attached to your SOCOM.
    Once back in the main area on B1, out of the ventalation system and both
    the rooms, equip Sensor A and you'll notice the green cloud along the west
    wall and you can actually see the pulsing C4 on the other side of the
    stacked boxes there. You won't be able to get at it from here so head back
    up the stairs in the east to 1F.
    If you didn't take out the guard that comes down to B1 sometimes, you can
    do it now. But I recommend a better method -- take care of the other
    guard, the one patrolling the east side of 1F, and try to hide his body --
    that way, a status report won't be missed and more guards won't come. If
    you want to know where to put the body, you can drag it all the way to the
    open southeast room, but you can also simply hide it in the corner behind
    the box in the east of the center of this floor (by the SOCOM ammo).
    Speaking of that corner, you'll find SOCOM BULLET X 12 there. But anyway,
    now that only the status report guard is roaming around, you'll be able to
    investigate the area whenever he's downstairs, or you can just take him
    out and do what you want to do quickly. Now let's freeze that C4...
    All right, the C4 in this area is at the west of B1, however it can't be
    reached from down there. on 1F, you'll notice railings around the large
    opening that exposes the B1 floor and you'll see that you can hang on the
    west railing and fall down and land inside the boxes blocking you from
    reaching the C4 on B1. So hang on the railing in the west -- when the
    status report guard isn't looking or is moving downstairs or upstairs, but
    not when he can see you from either area -- and drop down on the stacked
    boxes. Fall down to the area inside the boxes and freeze the C4 with the
    After the Codec conversation, climb up the dark gray box to the north and
    then climb onto the east boxes and fall down onto the main B1 floor. Using
    the same railing method you used to get to the C4, you can get the BOOK
    on the center stacked boxes on B1 and the M9 BULLET X 15 on the southeast
    boxes on B1. For the Book, hang on the south railing, move to the right
    over the boxes and drop down. Once on the crates with the Book, you can
    cartwheel off the southeast corner of the stacked boxes to get to the M9
    ammo boxes. Then you can fall back down to the B1 floor.
    Now that you're done here, move on to the FA connecting bridge by moving
    through the orange door in the southwest corner of either floor -- 1F is
    probably best.
    FA connecting bridge
    Out on the bridge, you'll notice that the Cypher from before is still
    here and there's also a guard on the bridge. From the upper level you'll
    be able to destroy the Cyper with your suppressed SOCOM (if you didn't get
    the Suppressor, it's in the southeast room on B1 in strut F -- use the
    vent in the southwest room to get to it). If on the lower level, it will
    move down there shortly. After destroying the Cypher, you can run all the
    way to the other side of the bridge. If the guard patrolling the stairs
    area might get in your way, put him to sleep. Go through the orange door
    at the end of the hallway at the west end of the bridge to continue.
    Strut A Pump Room
    Returning to strut A, a guard will be patrolling the computer area just
    like before. Just wait for him to go over to the left and run by the
    opening. If you check your radar with the help of Sensor A you'll find no
    traces of a bomb in this main room, so pass through the door along the
    south wall near the east. Now that you have the Level 1 card, you can
    access this area.
    If you take a look at your radar in here you should see the green cloud at
    the bottom left of the radar screen. It's in the middle of all the pipes
    in the center of the area and it's a bit hard to get to. The lone guard
    in this room will be patrolling around the whole pump area and you should
    be able to get rid of him pretty easily. If you take the west route from
    the door you'll meet a camera near the west wall, however, on the north
    There's no direct need to destroy the camera or move under it because you
    can take the south route (along the east wall) from the door, which is
    free of cameras. Although there is SOCOM BULLET X 12 under the camera, if
    you really want it. At the southeast of the large room is a small set of
    stairs. Move over them and start your way through the maze of pipes.
    First, after the stairs crawl foward under the first pipe and continue by
    going east under the next pipe. Move past the opening just after the pipe
    and crawl under the next pipe. After that is a red pipe -- first of all,
    there is a RATION past the red pipe to the left. Anyway, move underneath
    the red pipe and crawl south, following the pipe's path. When the pipe
    turns west and then back south, the C4 is just east of that -- you should
    hear it pusling.
    Crawl into the open area where the C4 is and freeze it for a Codec
    conversation. It seems that Pliskin found a big suprise -- "a hell of a
    lot of C4'a packed at the bottom of the strut" (strut H, Shell 2). Not
    only that, those C4's are "scentless" and are placed in a very strategic
    position, unlike all the C4's you've found. Pete tells you the truth about
    himself and sets off to strut H to check the bomb. Meanwhile, you've got
    one more to go.
    Exit the maze by moving back north under the red pipe and crawl east under
    the pipes until you reach the east pipe wall (the camera angle will change
    once you get to the area before the pipe wall, looking like you can't go
    any further but you can -- move under the pipe at the right of the
    screen). Once there, move under the last pipe to the south and run over
    the stairs. 
    If you're interested in a cardboard box, go to the southwest stairs in
    the room. Move over them and duck down right after them. Crawl under the
    short pipe just to the right and stand up on the other side. Climb up on
    the machine towards the camera and fall down on the other side and grab
    BOX 1. Climb back over the machine and under the left pipe and back over
    the stairs. Exit the room through the northeast door and go through the
    orange door in the west hall in the main room, when the guard isn't
    looking, to the AB connecting bridge.
    AB connecting bridge
    Outside on the bridge, you can simply take out the guards with the M9, but
    if you really want to, you can just use the hanging method from before --
    grab a hold of the railing when the respective guard isn't looking and
    move past him, then climb up. Then go through the orange door in the small
    hallway at the other end of the bridge.
    Strut B Transformer Room
    Investigating the area, you'll find two guards scouting around -- one in
    the hall around the corner and the other in the east room. You don't need
    to shoot them if you use precision and stealth, but it will probably make
    things easier if you do. You should remember the C4 in this area from
    before, if you closed the door of the machine in the northwest of the east
    room in the strut. So enter that room and find the location with Sensor A
    and your radar.
    If the door of the machine in the corner by the C4 is open, stand near it
    and close it. Once the door is closed, freeze the last C4 and a Codec
    conversation will follow. Pete is convinced that there's another sealed C4
    in large quantities like the one in strut H, somewhere at the bottom of
    strut A. He tells you that he made a sensor that can scent even those
    "scentless" C4's and that it's waiting in the pantry in strut C. Unlike
    Sensor A, Sensor B offers a sound beacon, not a cloud on your radar. The
    shorter the interval between beacons, the closer the target. Remember
    Now you've got to get Sensor B, so head to strut C -- exit this room
    through the door by the frozen C4 and go through the orange door to the
    north to the BC bridge.
    BC connecting bridge
    Out here will be a Cypher which you can either destroy with the SOCOM or
    wait for to descend. While watching the Cypher from the hallway, it will
    shortly move below the bridge to investigate there -- when this happens,
    run down the bridge and through the orange door in the hallway at the
    bridge's other end.
    Strut C Dining Hall
    Run around the garden and enter the Dining Room through either door in the
    following hallway. Find the pantry in the northeast and grab SENSOR B
    inside. Raiden will call Stillman and Pliskin will join in on the
    conversation. Pliskin freezes his last C4 and it starts the timer on
    Peter's bomb and very likely the one at the bottom of strut A. Now that
    the baby C4's have been knocked offline, the big ones have started
    counting down. You have 400 seconds to get to the bottom of strut A and
    freeze the C4 down there. Listen to Pliskin -- "Get to the bottom of Strut
    A now!"
    Quickly exit the room to the hallway and go through the orange door at the
    south of the hallway.
    BC connecting bridge
    If you destroyed the Cypher here before, you can easily run down the
    bridge. If not, it will shortly investigate under the bridge, giving you
    time to get to the other side. Go through the orange door at the other end
    in the small hallway.
    Strut B Transformer Room
    Right after entering the area, take out the guard ahead of you in the
    hallway, unless he's already sleeping or dead. Then quickly run down the
    hallway and go through the orange door at the end around the corner.
    AB connecting bridge
    Since you want to get to strut A quickly, just take out the guards on this
    bridge if you haven't already. Then go through the orange door in the
    small hallway at the other side of the bridge.
    Strut A Pump Room
    Right after entering the area, the guard by the computers won't be
    looking, so dash down the hallway and go over to the west. Quickly move
    up the stairs and go through the door to the roof.
    Strut A roof
    On the roof, there is a guard patrolling the area but you can get to the
    elevator without him seeing you. Run through the open gate and onto the
    elevator -- move towards the back of it so it starts its descent. Via
    Codec, Peter will call you to tell you his situation and that you must
    freeze the bomb at the bottom of Strut A.
    Strut A Deap Sea Dock
    Once the elevator stops, run onto the main floor and equip Sensor B. No
    sound beacon is heard in here, so move past the differently-arranged
    objects around the room. There are two boxes of SOCOM BULLET X 12 and a
    RATION by the boxes. Anyway, in the southwest is a door. Go through it and
    run down the hallway to the dock area where you started the mission.
    Right when you enter the room, with Sensor B equipped, you should hear the
    sound beacon, however the intervals are not very close. Run down the short
    stairs and head around to the south end of the room on the other side of
    the water. You should hear the beacon speeding up over here. If you move
    towards the east or west wall, the sound beacon interval will slow down.
    Hmm... Well, there's a large submarine hanging in front of you. You can't
    really see the bottom of it, even when you look in first person when
    standing right close to the water. So move in between the two railings by
    the edge of the railing-free area by the water and duck. Enter first
    person and look up -- there it is to the right! Equip the Coolant spray
    and freeze the sucker. You're quite a distance away, but it will freeze.
    Raiden will contact the Colonel to tell him he defused the C4, since
    Stillman is, well... Anyway, now the bomb threat is over. You must move on
    to your next objective -- rescue the president. Get back to the upper
    level. Head back to the northern hallway and Campbell will call you near
    where the hallway turns right. After his news, continue around the corner
    and through the door at the end of the hallway for a cutscene.
    Fortune comes down the elevator in the cutscene and is determined to fight
    you. The elevator closes behind her and moves back up. She requests you to
    kill her, but good luck with that...
    BOSS: Fortune
    Just to let you know, there is no way you can kill Fortune. Bullets will
    just stray away from her when you shoot at her, as seen before with the
    Navy SEALs. And if you get shot by her massive weapon, you'll receive a
    lot of damage. So you should be all defence here.
    The idea of this fight is stay alive, since you can't kill Fortune. Even
    when she doesn't see you, she will shoot all over the place. She'll shoot
    boxes, barrels, the forklift, and anything else in the area. Try your
    best to take cover from her shots. Initially there are several objects
    which aid your ability to hide, however, most objects around the room will
    be destroyed in this epic battle.
    Try to stay away from gas barrels -- if they explode when you're near
    them, Raiden will set on fire! Not good... And for the other objects in
    the room, some will go flying once they've been hit enough times, and they
    will knock you to the floor if they hit you. So stay away from whatever
    Fortune is shooting at.
    If you look around the battle area you'll find a few items. There are two
    boxes of SOCOM BULLET X 12 -- at the middle and right of the center area
    -- and a RATION to the left.
    After some time, the elevator will make some noise -- looks like someone
    wants to come down here. Continue to stay out of Fortune's way, hiding
    behind the objects in the room. Towards the end, the only major objects
    useful for hiding will likely be the two large crates towards the camera.
    Just stay behind those and you should be safe.
    Stay alive a little longer and Campbell will call you to tell you that
    Fatman contacted him directly. He placed a C4 on the heliport and is
    waiting for you -- you have 400 seconds left until the C4 explodes. After
    talking on the Codec, the battle will end in a cutscene.
    The elevator comes down here with Vamp on it. At the end of the cutscene,
    Raiden enters the elevator and it ascents to the roof.
    Strut A roof
    As you can see in the corner of your screen, you have 400 seconds to
    freeze the C4 on the roof of Strut E, the heliport. Choose which gate you
    want to go through (east or west), but before you go through, something
    feels wierd about this... Equip the Mine Detector. Aha -- there are two
    CLAYMORE mines by each of the two gates, in the area between the gate and
    the door (for both east and west sides). Lie down and pick them up as you
    pass them, and go through the door, from either side.
    Strut A Pump Room
    Quickly run down the stairs, and if you took the west path on the roof,
    there will be a guard standing right at the bottom of the stairs, but
    luckily he's stretching -- hold him up and put him to sleep. If you're at
    the east, you won't need to shoot him because he's quite far away and he's
    stretching. There's another guard in the area, and he's on the east side
    of the computer area, in the hallway. Knock on the wall to distract him
    and take another path to get around him. Them run through the orange door
    in the east hall (where the guard was) to the FA bridge.
    FA connecting bridge
    A lone guard patrols this bridge, and he's initially at the other end. You
    can take him out when you first see him, but he'll move down the stairs to
    the lower level of the bridge shortly after you enter the area, anyway.
    Moving on, when he's "out of the way" (or actually out of the way;
    downstairs), run down the bridge and enter Strut F through the orange door
    at the end of the small hallway at the other side of the bridge.
    Strut F warehouse
    Entering the warehouse, press against the wall in the camera's view and
    wait for the guard coming towards you to turn around, then take care of
    him. The other guard up here will shortly see him if you leave him there,
    but that's a good thing -- when this happens, take out that guard. Move
    along the railings to the north, and move down the hallway there. Once
    around the right corner, go through the orange door there.
    EF connecting bridge
    Move out onto the bridge, and don't worry about any fresh Claymores here,
    because there are none. But if you didn't take care of them before,
    they'll still be here. Also, there's a guard on the heliport looking down
    off the ledge, and he can see the bridge here. He won't look over at the
    bridge for a while, however. But if he spots you, he'll call for backup.
    Anyway, run down the bridge and enter Strut E through the orange door in
    the hallway at the north end of the bridge.
    Strut E Parcel Room
    Once inside, follow the east path to the stairs -- if you dash from the
    door right away, the guard to the left won't see you. But if you want to
    be safe, stop and take that guard out. Then move up the east stairs and
    go through the door at the top.
    Strut E heliport
    Run up the small set of stairs and go around the west bend. When you reach
    the stairs, move up them. At the top of the stairs on the heliport is
    SOCOM BULLET X 12, and you should also see a live C4 ahead to the left.
    That C4 is what the timer is all about -- freeze it with the Coolant.
    Enjoy the cutscene and meet Fatman. Yes, you'll have to fight this
    over-sized man in roller skates, so prepare yourself.
    BOSS: Fatman
    It's time to start the party! Fatman tells you how this situtation works,
    to begin with -- he'll plant a bomb and you'll have to freeze it before
    the time runs out and it explodes. He'll originally plant two, but he'll
    plant three as the fight progresses. But don't think you only have to
    freeze the bombs -- you'll also have to kill him, so start shooting him
    whenever he's near you, if you have the time. As for the bombs, he'll call
    them out as he plants them, except for at the beginning since they've
    already been planted. The timer will start once all bombs in the specific
    group have been planted, although you can freeze them before they're
    When the battle starts, equip Sensor A, since Fatman is only planting the
    baby C4's. The first C4 is to the east, on the small crates near the
    ledge, facing you. Run up to it and freeze it with the Coolant. The other
    C4 is to the west (south from where you start). It's on the south side of
    the crate where the cloud on your radar is. Before Fatman plants some more
    C4's, shoot him and knock him down, then shoot him in the head when the
    time is right.
    When shooting Fatman when he is upright, you'll have to hit him four times
    (with the SOCOM) to knock him to the ground. Then he'll start to get up,
    and you'll see stars over his head. Once he puts his head up and stops it
    (he'll shake his head for a bit and get up if you don't shoot him). you'll
    have a chance to shoot him in the head, inflicting a lot of damage. Hold
    L1 to keep your gun aimed at his head when in first person, then shoot
    when the time is right. You can repeat this once he gets up, but he'll get
    at least a little bit away each time.
    When Fatman plants the second group of C4's, they'll all be in random
    places. Just make good use off Sensor A and your radar. Look everywhere
    around the green clouds on your radar -- on all sides of the crates, on
    top of them, and even under them. They can be on the large crates, the
    small crates, the shelves in the southwest, and even gas barrels.
    For some C4's, it may look like they're on a large crate, judging from
    your radar, but they might actually be on the small crates, to the north,
    if they're that close. Also, the C4's planted on the shelves in the
    southwest can be very difficult to find. They'll always be planted
    underneath one of the shelves on the left shelf itself.
    After Fatman plants his C4's, he'll usually go back to the north of the
    area and laugh at you or something. When he does this, quickly freeze the
    C4's and quickly run to him and perform the strategy above (knocking him
    to the ground by shooting him, then shooting him in the head). Sometimes
    after he gets up, he'll act like a fool and do a little dance, letting you
    repeat the strategy. When he's following you when you're freezing the C4's
    he'll usually shoot at you. To get him off your back, knock him to the
    ground by shooting him four times.
    Around the heliport are several useful items. There is SOCOM BULLET X 12
    in the northwest, M9 BULLET X 15 in the northeast, SOCOM BULLET X 12 in
    the east in between the crates, a RATION in the southeast, SOCOM BULLET X
    12 in the southwest, and STUN.G in the west in between the crates.
    After freezing several bombs, Fatman will stop planting bombs for a while,
    that is if the fight's not over yet. You probably already got a glimpse of
    Fatman's gun, which is quite similar to the Glock 18 (fully-automatic
    pistol). Whenever he shoots at you, either try to get out of the way, or
    shoot him yourself. Be careful when you're shooting near C4's, because you
    can guess what happens -- Game Over.
    This fight can be long or short, depending on how you take action. Your
    main role is to kill Fatman -- the C4's are just to keep you busy. So
    always try to get some shots off at Fatman to knock him to the ground,
    even when you have C4's to freeze, and shoot him in the head. This method,
    especially shooting him in the head, makes for a quick battle, as it does
    a lot of damage. Once Fatman's health bar is drained, he'll scream and the
    fight will end in a cutscene, unless there are any activated bombs. If
    there are, quickly freeze them and the fight will end.
    In a cutscene while Fatman is dying, he activates the "biggest bomb in the
    entire place". He tells you that it's somewhere in this area -- it's very
    closeby. After the cutscene, you'll have 1 minute and 40 seconds to find
    and freeze the bomb. With Sensor A equipped, you're radar is showing that
    it's right around Fatman. Checking are the crates he's leaning against,
    there's nothing in sight. Hmm... What about under him? Grab him (hold
    Square) and pull him away from the crates -- there it is -- then set him
    down. Quickly pull out the Coolant and freeze the C4. By the way, Peter
    Stillman's dogtags will fall out of Fatman when you drop him.
    03 // h o s t a g e  l i b e r a t i o n
    Hostage Liberation................................................[pla_03]
            "Solid Snake did die. But he's also here in the Shell."
    After the Colonel comments you via Codec, he tells you that you must
    rescue the President and the hostages. Then, Pliskin will call you to tell
    you that he was out cold for a while... He also says that the bomb that
    Stillman was after crippled Strut H, and he also says that the President
    and the hostages weren't in Shell 2. They must be in the Shell 1 Core...
    After Pliskin abruptly ends the conversation, run south towards the
    stairs, and enjoy the strange cutscene. Looks like it's "Mr. X". The Ninja
    tells you the name of a man who knows the location of the President -- his
    name is Ames. He also tells you that the hostages are being held in the B1
    conference room in the Shell 1 Core. To identify Ames, the Ninja tells you
    to listen in to to his pacemaker with a Directional Microphone.
    Other than a lot of helpful information, the Ninja gives you a LV.2 CARD,
    and B.D.U. (Gurlukovich soldiers uniform), and a PHONE. You need to use
    the B.D.U. to convince other guards in the Shell 1 Core that you're one of
    them, but you'll also need an AKS-74u, like them. There's one in Strut F.
    And to save you some trouble, don't go trying to fool guards in the Shell
    1 struts by wearing the B.D.U., even with the AK -- they wear different-
    coloured uniforms and have different guns.
    After all the cutscenes and Codec conversations, feel free to take a look
    at your new items -- the B.D.U. is quite funny to see Raiden wearing.
    Anyway, move all the way around to the east, and go through the door down
    the small steps.
    Strut E Parcel Room
    Move down the stairs and take the east past south -- you should be able to
    make it past the guard in the area if you move quickly. Once in the
    southeast, go through the orange door there to the EF bridge.
    EF connecting bridge
    Out on the bridge, run all the way to the other side, since you have to
    get an AK, but beware of the sentry Cyphers that will arrive in the area
    shortly. Once at the other side, go through the orange door in the small
    Strut F warehouse
    With your new Level 2 PAN card, you can search some more rooms here this
    time around. On the main floor up here, 1F, you can find a total of four
    boxes of C4 in the northeast warehouse room -- two on the ground in the
    room and two in the lockers. In the center area on 1F, the west room
    contains an M4 and M4 BULLET X 30, however, they are on the other side of
    infrared sensors. You can shoot out the control unit on the locker at the
    bottom left of the screen, or you can shoot the fire extinguisher on the
    south wall of the room to see the lasers. The lasers don't go very low, so
    you can crawl under to get the items. Also, in the locker in the room is
    more M4 BULLET X 30.
    If you can deal with the guards up here, you can get these items. If you
    can work around the status report guard, you'll be fine. But it can be
    hard, and taking him out for the moment will give you lots of time to get
    the items up here before more guards come. And when they do, the guards
    will only stay upstairs -- furthermore, they'll leave right away after
    they wake up the guard, if you took him out without him seeing you.
    All right, time to move downstairs. When the guard down here isn't
    looking, shoot him in the head and hide his body in the northwest or the
    south, so that the status report guard doesn't see him if and when he
    comes down here. With yout Level 2 card, you can access the north room on
    B1, through either the east or west door. Inside, you'll find an AKS-74U,
    three boxes of AKS-74U BULLET X 30, M4 BULLET X 30, and SOCOM BULLET X 12.
    Now that you have an AK, as well as an M4, you can move on to the Shell
    1 Core. So go back up the stairs to 1F and go through the orange door
    nearby, back out to the EF bridge.
    EF connecting bridge
    Once you return to outside, so will the menacing sentry Cyphers, after a
    short while. Go ahead and test out your new babies -- the AK and M4 -- by
    shooting them down. Then, when the area is clear, make your way down the
    west bridge towards Shell 1. If you foolishly decided to run down the
    bridge earlier, you'll pay for it now. Since almost all of the floor
    panels are gone (if you ran on them earlier), you'll have to walk pressed
    against the railing or hang and move along the ledge to get to the other
    side. If not, just run down the bridge, not stopping until you get to the
    end, unless you enjoy falling hundreds of meters into water.
    At the other side of the bridge is the same AK ammo as before, although
    you can actually get it now that you have the gun. In the small hallway,
    continue on by going through the orange door, to the Shell 1 Core.
    Shell 1 Core, 1F
    Right after entering the area, Rose will have some information for you,
    and Campbell will just tell you what you already know. Right after
    entering the core, equip the B.D.U. and AKS-74u, to appear as a
    Gurlukovich soldier -- matching the rest in the Shell 1 Core. In the view
    of the camera angle to the left after entering the core is a surveillance
    camera. With the uniform and AK equipped, you can walk right under it, no
    problem. The uniform is the key thing in here, but you'll also NEED the
    AK -- if you don't have it, guards will question you, and you won't be
    able to continue on from this area (the AK is back in Strut F if you don't
    have it).
    Move up the stairs ahead to enter the main hallway, but watch out so you
    don't bump into any guards -- if you do, your uniform will be unequipped
    and the guards will spot you. Also, don't try any unusual behaviour like
    cartwheeling, knocking on walls, crawling on the floor, aiming or shooting
    your weapon -- just act normal like the other soldiers. If a soldier spots
    you doing something irregular, he'll yell out "Hey, you!" or something
    identical, and if you run away the alarm may go off. Just stand there and
    let the soldier(s) approach you, and they'll take a look at you. If you
    just stand there, everything will be okay, and they'll go back back to
    their patrolling position.
    You'll probably notice surveillance cameras virtually everywhere in this
    area, so keep your uniform on at all times. Anyway, you want to find the
    node for radar -- take the south path at the hallway and go through the
    door around the corner. To node is at the northeast of this room, and
    there's also CHAFF.G on a box nearby. If you check the lockers at the
    northwest of this room, you'll find M9 BULLET X 15 in the closest locker
    to the camera angle, and after breaking the door down on the furthest
    locker, you'll find M4 BULLET X 30.
    Once you download the radar, exit the room through the west door, to the
    west hallway. Run past the camera and get the SOCOM BULLET X 12 by the
    broken-panel door down the small stairs to the west. Continue down the
    hall past the guard over here and run around the far corner, to come
    across the elevator. On the wall to the right of the elevator is a
    surveillance camera, which examines soldiers carefully when they call the
    The only way you'll be able to access the elevator is if you have the
    B.D.U uniform and the Ak equipped -- if you don't have the uniform, the
    camera will notice this and the alarm will sound. If you only don't have
    the AK equipped, the same thing will happen. If you do cause the alarm to
    go off, however, just run out of sight of the soldiers and when they come
    to you, you'll blend in -- however, you'll have to wait for the alert and
    evasion to end to be able to call the elevator again. Anyway, With the
    B.D.U. and AKS-74u equipped, call the elevator and the camera will check
    you through, opening the elevator door. Enter the elevator and move down
    to B1.
    Shell 1 Core, B1
    After exiting the elevator, Raiden will notice a solider using the retinal
    scanner to grany him access into the conference hall, where the hostages
    are being held. You'll need to get in, too, but you don't even have the
    Directional Microphone yet, which you'll need to find Ames. Checking the
    floor, you won't find the Mic, however, you will find a RATION through
    the east door in one of the lockers, along with the node, to download the
    Exit the room and run down the hallway, past the guard if he's there, to
    find M4 BULLET X 30 at the end of the hallway. Enter the room to the north
    and investigate to lockers to find STUN.G and SOCOM BULLET X 12. Anyway,
    the Mic is not here so head back to the elevator, carefully avoiding the
    guard in the hall. Call the elevator and go down to B2, since the Mic
    wasn't on 1F either.
    She11 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
    Exit the elevator and choose the path you wish to take through either door
    -- east or west -- and follow that path through the door and down the two
    sets of stairs. In an alcove after the east stairs is a RATION. There's a
    guard patrolling the hallway outside of the computer room area down here,
    and three guards inside the computer room. Run down the hall and around
    the corner and move into the computer room. Be very careful in here so
    that you don't bump into any guards. Watch their movements so you know
    their respective paths.
    At the northwest of the room is the D.MIC (Directional Microphone), so
    you can go back to B1 after getting it if you wish. At the northeast of
    the room is BOX 4 and AKS-74U BULLET X 30, as well as the node to download
    the radar. If you were curious enough, you might've also noticed the
    BANDAGE under the central control panel -- crawl under it and get it when
    none of the three guards are looking, and the same for when you get up.
    One of the guards in the room will be searching the internet for hot
    girls from time to time, and it's quite funny to see, but it also works to
    your advantage if you want the Bandage.
    By now you're most likely aware of the parrot at the north the room,
    speaking rather random sentences. First of all, don't even try to shoot
    him, even if you take out the guards in here. The bullets will stray away
    from the cage before the hit it, similar to Fortune. Not only that, if any
    guards are near the parrot, they'll hear the parrot call out "Enemy
    sighted", and the alarm will sound.
    So to make that short, don't mess with the parrot. Anyway, the parrot
    blurts out a few different senteces, and eventually he may hint at
    something -- "Top of locker, top of locker". Hmm... lockers? If you check
    the hallway to the west of the computer room you find four lockers. Enter
    first person and you should notice a book on top of the left locker.
    You can't get it unless you knock it down, so break the door down by
    punching and kicking. Try to do this when the speedily guard patrolling
    this hallway is somewhere else. Anyway, five BOOKS fall down to the
    ground! If you're full of Books after picking some up, place one or two in
    the computer room to have a little fun with the guards, and also so you
    can get the other Book(s). If you check inside the lockers here as well,
    you'll find SOCOM BULLET X 12 and M4 BULLET X 30. And if you check the
    east side hallway lockers, you'll find M9 BULLET X 15.
    All right, you should have gotten the Mic in the computer room already, so
    return to the north elevator and move back up to B1, after calling it.
    Shell 1 Core, B1
    Okay, first of all, download the radar off the node in the northeast room
    if you didn't do it before or never came here until now. Now that you have
    the Mic, you actually have a reason to enter the conference hall in the
    east, however, you'll have to deal with a retinal scanner. If you go up to
    the scanner by the door and try it, your retinal patterm won't be
    recognized, which should already be obvious -- not to mention, the Ninja
    told you earlier that nothing but the real thing will suffice.
    So what you have to do is "use" a guard's retinal pattern to access the
    conference hall. Your first idea might be to put a guard to sleep and drag
    him over to the scanner, but that won't work -- the guard must be
    conscious. So grab the guard roaming the hallway by the neck from behind
    (hold Square with no weapon equipped), when he's near the scanner for your
    own convenience, and pull him over to the scanner. Turn him around while
    holding him so he faces the scanner and Raiden will process him through,
    and then he'll fall to the ground unconscious and Raiden will move through
    the door.
    After the short cutscene, the Colonel will tell you over the Codec about
    Ames and his pacemaker, which you already know. But he also tells you how
    to use the Mic to find Ames -- stand in front of a hostage with the
    Directional Mic equipped, and if you think you hear a pacemaker, press
    Triangle and Raiden will ask the person if they are Ames.
    On Normal difficulty, finding Ames should be tremendously easy because
    there's only one male hostage in the entire room, and the rest are
    females. What I mean is, it's logic to check the odd man out first (no pun
    intended). Ames already seems like a male name, but you'll notice the
    pacemaker sound when you check the male out -- when the guard in the room
    isn't looking. So take out the Mic, duck down and listen in to hear for
    the beeping sound -- if you hear it, press Triangle for a cutscene. On
    Hard difficulty and higher, it will be more difficult to locate Ames
    because of the variety of people, and the fact that there are both men and
    women. However, Ames is unique from everyone else by his hairstyle and
    he's always the same male character.
    After the cutscene and Codec conversation with Ames, in which he tells you
    that the President is in the Shell 2 Core on 1F, he'll tell you to listen
    in to "Snake" and Ocelot, and there will be a period where you'll be able
    to listen in to there conversation with the Mic, and you can unequip it.
    You should listen to their conversation, however, if you turn the Mic to
    the left by the metal pillar just past the door marked "Keep Out", you'll
    be able to listen in to someone having bathroom troubles!
    In this completely hilarious situation, the man mentions him being in
    Alaska and getting his clothes robbed from him... Sounds familiar... Hey,
    it's Johnny Sasaki from the first Metal Gear Solid! The serious
    conversation with Ocelot and the man who calls himself Solid Snake is
    pretty interesting, but listening in to Johnny is just damn hilarious. The
    situation with Johnny will end when he says "There's no paper", and later
    on, on the other channel, Olga will enter the room and communicate with
    the two men.
    Anyway, after the Microphone segment and the Codec conversation, Ames
    gives you his LV.3 CARD. Then Ocelot enters the area, and Ames tells you
    to pick up your AK. You'll have ten seconds to equip your AK, and whatever
    you do, DON'T try to move, or you'll be caught, followed by "Game Over".
    If you don't equip your AK within the ten seconds, the same thing will
    happen. So stand still and take out your AK, then a cutscene will play.
    In the cutscene, Ocelot will take off your balaclava and it will be
    permanently gone, rendering the B.D.U. useless unless you want to look
    like a fool. Due to some help, Raiden makes his way back up the stairs and
    to the main hall on B1. Campbell tells you via Codec that now you must
    find the President, although that's about the fifth time he's said that so
    far. Over the radio, all guards will be briefed of your presence and there
    will be a Caution around the whole Shell 1 Core.
    Back in the B1 hall when you can play, quickly run north and around the
    corner towards the guard there. Hold him up and shoot him in the head,
    then call the elevator and go up to 1F. By the way, since the B.D.U.
    offers no purpose anymore, there's no real point to wear it.
    Shell 1 Core, 1F
    Once you arrive on 1F and the elevator doors open, watch your radar and
    stay inside the elevator. If the Caution is still on, there will be a
    backup guard outside the elevator. If this is your situation, wait for the
    guard outside to turn around and go over to the west, then run out of the
    elevator and take him out from behind, because he'll turn around and face
    you again shortly. On the east wall is a surveillance camera, and there's
    another one on the left wall just around the corner.
    From a fair distance away, take out your suppressed SOCOM and destroy both
    the cameras -- move around the corner and take out the second one after the
    first. If you missed the SOCOM Suppressor, then you can use Chaff or just
    take the west hallway and move under the camera over there. Either way,
    you'll have to pass more than one camera, so you might as well just take
    this east route. As an alternate method, check your radar to make sure the
    guards in the east hall aren't near you, and throw a Chaff Grenade. When
    it explodes, run out in the hall and take out the guards down the hallway,
    and continue south down the hallway out of the view of the second camera.
    Whichever method you use, you should take out all the guards in this hall
    since the uniform is useless now. Move south down the hallway, and when
    you reach the small exiting hallway to the east, you'll see the same
    camera from before watching the door area, and under it are is M4 BULLET X
    30 and SOCOM BULLET X 12. You can move along the wall down the stairs to
    get past the camera and get the items when the camera is facing the left,
    but it's easier to just shoot it out. Once you get the items, exit through
    the orange door here.
    04 // p r e s i d e n t i a l  a s s i s t a n c e
    Presidential Assistance...........................................[pla_04]
       "Is this some kind of sick joke -- I thought you came to kill me!"
    EF connecting bridge
    All right, now that you've escaped the core, you can focus on finding the
    president. On the pathway outside again, go down the short hallway through
    the right opening. You should hear Cyphers, and if you enter first person
    you'll also notice that the floor panels on the bridge have been replaced,
    if you made them fall earlier, however, they will fall again when you run
    over them, so keep that in mind. As for the Cyphers, they'll come around
    shortly -- from the opening before running down the bridge, one should
    come from the south and one from the north, as well as one to the east on
    the other side of the bridge.
    Destroy them with the AK or M4 and start your crazy run down the bridge to
    the east. Once you cross the bridge, you may notice a soldier's large cone
    of view on your radar -- he's to the northeast on the heliport, looking
    down from there. You should be able to take him out easily with the M9.
    There aren't any new Claymores on the menace-looking wide bridge, so don't
    worry about that. Remember that you got a Level 3 PAN card from Ames, and
    if you remember the warehouse eariler, you should also remember several
    Level 3 doors. So run south and go through the orange door in the small
    hallway there, entering Strut F.
    Strut F warehouse
    Once in the hall, run to the west and shoot the guard coming from the east
    to the south of you when he stops in your view. It would be wise to get
    that guard's body out of the way, so pick him up and drag him into the
    northwest warehouse room up here, with the thanks to your new card. While
    in the room, grab the RGB6 grenade launcher behind the boxes at the
    northwest of the room, and the two boxes of RGB6 BULLET X 6 -- in the
    northeast corner and on the box in the room.
    While your in that room, the status report guard up here should go
    donwstairs. When he does, exit the room and enter the east warehouse room
    at the center of this floor. Get the awesome PSG1 sniper rifle and the
    PSG1 BULLET X 20 beside the locker. And if you open the locker you'll find
    more PSG1 BULLET X 20 inside. You may also notice a ventalation system
    opening at the east of the room, in between the two different stacks of
    boxes. Crawl in the vent to find the PSG1-T, the tranquilizer PSG1, at the
    Once done here and out of the vent, exit the room and enter the southwest
    warehouse room to stock up on explosives. After entering the room, first
    take the SOCOM BULLET X 12 by the door and the three GRENADE boxes around
    the room. Checking the locker in the room, you'll find PSG1-T BULLET X 5
    inside. The status report guard should be upstairs by now -- you'll be
    leaving now so feel free to take him out if he's in your way. After doing
    so if necessary, exit through the orange door in the north hallway on 1F.
    EF connecting bridge
    Okay, now that you've got all the supplies that you'll need (more than
    enough, actually, to be frank), you want to get to the Shell 2. So you
    must get to Strut D and pass through the north door in there. On the
    bridge, get to the north small hallway and go through the orange door
    Strut E Parcel Room
    Once inside, you can quickly run along the east wall to get to the north,
    but the guard to the west will see you, however, he won't be sure and will
    just come to check -- by the time he gets to where you were, you'll be
    gone anyway. But if you prefer, quickly run in between the conveyor belt
    and the boxes in the east and duck down to the floor. Start crawling to
    the north and make sure you're not in the guard's view when you pass the
    opening to the west, by the east stairs.
    Once you get to the northeast, run west behind the first yellow machine of
    the conveyor belt. Then crawl on the ground from there to the west, just
    beside the conveyor belt so the guard there doesn't see you. Once you
    reach the next yellow machine, stand up and go through the orange door
    there to the DE bridge.
    DE connecting bridge
    Run to the opening in the short hallway, and you'll notice on your radar
    that there's a guard on the lower level of the bridge and an overlooker
    above you, who has a clear view of the bridge, however, looking left and
    right (from his point of view). There's also a guard on the lower level
    towards the other end of the bridge, but you can't see him on your radar
    from here.
    The best and fastest strategy here is to dart down the upper level of the
    bridge as soon as the overlooker turns to a different side (north and
    south of the bridge on your map). If you do that, you can make it past his
    long cone of vision before he turns back and spots you. If you prefer
    taking the lower level and dealing with the two guards down there, wait
    for the overlooker to look to the north so that he can't see the stairs,
    then quickly run down the stairs and make your way west, managing with the
    Either way, go through the orange door in the small hallway at the other
    end of the bridge, on 1F for convenience in Strut D.
    Strut D Sediment Pool
    Right after entering the area on 1F, you'll be able to run straight to the
    north door up here without any guards seeing you. But if you decide to
    move slowly for no reason at all, take care of any guards you have
    problems with. Anyway, run up the small set of stairs in the north and go
    through the orange door there to the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge.
    Shell 1-2 connecting bridge
    Once on the bridge, Raiden will lean against the wall an check out the
    bridge, then Pliskin will call you. He'll tell you that there are IR
    sensors on the bridge that will set off the Semtex charges if you go
    through them, and you can see the sensor panels if you look through the
    Raiden will take a look through his scope and he'll say which object he
    thinks is the Semtex and the control unit, and he's right. The packages
    of Semtex are the stick-like objects wrapped with wire, with small
    blinking orange lights, and the control units are the objects usually
    right beside the Semtex that have large blinking green lights (the control
    units are only faintly blinking) -- you should already know this from the
    Tanker chapter. It should come naturally to know not to shoot the Semtex
    charges, because you know what happens when you shoot explosives... Or do
    you? Well, I think it's best if you don't find out.
    Okay, now let's start deactivating these control units, starting with the
    one closest to you. Remember that you'll hear the sensors being
    deactivated once all the control units have been destroyed -- if you try
    to go through before destroying them all, Campbell will call you to tell
    you that you haven't destroyed all the control units yet. All right, for
    a start, move on the stairs near the sensors and move to very near the
    bottom of them, and start to look around.
    First, if you look down to the left, you'll see two control units
    separated by a short distance and with some Semtex in between. Destroy
    those two with the SOCOM and then look straight ahead from the stairs --
    destroy the control unit on the orange pillar-type object with the SOCOM
    as well. Still having the SOCOM out, you should be thinking where someone
    would put a control unit that's out of your vision when looking this way.
    Turn around, just to make sure, and look up -- there's one, just above the
    doorway! Sneaky, isn't it?
    That's all you should destroy with the SOCOM, just to be careful -- take
    out the PSG1 and scan the area to the north again, but look further with
    the aid of the scope -- use Circle to zoom in, X to zoom out, and Square
    to shoot. And if you want to steady your aim, use a Pentazemin. For the
    first control unit with the PSG1, look through the scope to the left of
    the pillar-type object ahead of the stairs, down at the northeast corner
    of the bridge. Looking between the railing (you can also shoot from the
    ledge back up the stairs if you like), you should see a control unit in
    the corner -- steady your aim and shoot it out.
    If you're still on the stairs, move back up to the top and stand at the
    right side of the ledge here, by the solid railing. Look through the PSG1
    scope at the doorway to Strut G of Shell 2 -- you should see a control
    unit among several Semtex charges at the left of the doorway (the opening,
    not the actual door to enter Strut G) -- zoom in and be careful when you
    shoot that one out.
    On the right side of the same doorway, although a bit further out, is
    another control unit surrounded by several Semtex charges. Once again, be
    extremely careful when shooting this one, and don't hesitate to use a
    Pentazemin if you think you might need one. Next up on the list, if you
    look just south of the control unit on the right side of the doorway to
    the north, you'll see a suspicious group of seagulls, and it looks like
    they're hiding something. Shoot near the birds, or at them if you're that
    cruel, to scare the seagulls away, revealing a control unit on its back --
    shoot it out.
    There were two control units to the right of the north doorway, so it
    seems logic that there's another one on the left side, so check around
    there. Quite a bit far out from the doorway you'll see a "Sons of Liberty"
    flag waving in the wind. If you're standing at the far right of the ledge
    at the top of the stairs, you should be able to see a bit of what looks
    like a control unit behind the flag when it waves back and forth, and
    after a while the flag will make a big jump, revealing the whole unit.
    You should be able to see the unit every second or so from the far right
    of this ledge, so you should know where you have to shoot -- yes, you can
    shoot through the flag, it's only fabric.
    The sensors won't deactivate just yet, although it seems that there are no
    more control units left. By this time, you've most likely noticed the
    Cypher flying above Strut H ahead of you, and if you call Pliskin via
    Codec a few times, he'll tell you that you weren't thorough enough and
    that he had some trouble with Cyphers in the area. Hmm... Examine the
    Cypher closely in your scope when it stops in the air -- there's a control
    unit on it!
    For this control unit, you must be EXTREMELY careful that you only hit the
    control unit, because it's right on top of the head of the Cypher. And if
    you miss and hit the Cypher's head, or anywhere else on the Cypher, it
    will send a command to explode the Semtex charges on the bridge, resulting
    in your death and failure of the mission. Definitely use a Pentazemin for
    this one. Follow the Cypher -- aiming at the control unit -- while highly
    zoomed in on it with your scope. When it stops, quickly and precisely
    shoot the control unit.
    After the last control unit is destroyed, you'll be informed that the
    sensors have been deactivated, by a short cutscene and the deactivation
    sound. If nothing happens, you didn't destroy all the control units. Read
    above to find out the control unit(s) that you missed -- there are 10
    units in total.
    Once the IR sensors are deactivated, run down the stairs and past the
    sensors, and Pliskin will call you. Pliskin found a Kasatka helicopter and
    that he's coming your way. After the following talk with the Colonel,
    Pliskin arrives in the Kasata, and heads over to the heliport of Strut E,
    but just then Raiden spots the main who calls himself "Solid Snake".
    Pliskin's helicopter returns, and an interesting event occurs. Snake?
    Anyway, it looks like this guy is ready for battle and he even stretches
    his muscles, somehow. After the stunning events in the cutscene, you'll
    have to fight the Harrier being flown by Vamp, with Solidus Snake in the
    back, and you'll have to protect the Kasatka. 
    BOSS: Harrier
    Before the fight, Pliskin, or shall I say Solid Snake, throws you the
    Stinger Missile Launcher. After the cutscenes, pick up the STINGER and
    STINGER BULLET X 10 on the bridge. Also, Snake may throw you other items
    throughout the battle, such as RATIONS and STINGER BULLET X 10, depending
    on whether you need them or not.
    Anyway, time to start shooting the Harrier. Equip the Stinger to enter its
    first person view mode and track down the Harrier. This fight is very
    similar to the fight with the Hind in the first Metal Gear Solid,
    especially using the radar system to locate the target -- the Harrier in
    this case. On your radar you'll see a small red arrow moving around the
    edges of your radar, which is the location of the Harrer. Look at your
    radar and equip the Stinger when facing the direction where the Harrier
    is. Then use your eyes and the Stinger's lock-on feature to shoot the
    When following the Harrier with your Stinger, you can almost always lock-
    on to it, even if it's behind a building. But if it's really far away
    you'll have to wait for it to come a little closer. A lot of the time the
    Harrier circles the bridge, and you can easily fire a Stinger missile at
    it while it's doing this. Stinger missiles move very fast and can easily
    catch up to and hit the Harrer when it's circling the bridge.
    Also note that the Kasatka is in the battlefield area as well, and you can
    lock-on to it, too. Whatever you do, don't ever shoot the Kasatka, even
    though it will take a lot more than one Stinger missile. When searching
    for the Harrier in the Stinger's first person view, be careful not to
    lock-on to the Kasatka, and if you do, aim away from it or at the Harrier
    and make sure the target isn't on the Kasatka before you shoot. Another
    thing about the Kasatka, sometimes Snake may say "I'll take care of it"
    and will shoot the Harrier with the machine gun, but this doesn't really
    do anything.
    The Harrier is an extremely fast airplane, and is very close to impossible
    to hit without locking on when it's far away, however, when it's close and
    hovering above you, or your Stinger is locked on, it's a different story.
    So make sure you make good use of the Stinger's lock-on feature and when
    the Harrier is above you.
    The Harrier has quite a few attacks, not all of them being missile or
    gun-power related. Naturally, the Harrier can fire missiles, but not for
    a while in the fight. Its main fire power early in the fight are its
    dual machine guns, which will throw you to the ground if they hit you. The
    Harrier will only use these machine guns when it's hovering around you, so
    you can easily fire Stinger missiles at it, although it will continue to
    fire, so you better take cover as well. Great places for cover are behind
    the pillar-like objects on the upper level and the large blocks on the
    lower level -- press against them on the other side from where the Harrier
    is shooting, and crouch if necessary.
    Two of the Harrier's attacks are non-fire power related. The first is when
    the Harrier is super far away to the east or west of the bridge, and it
    will come at you really fast, slamming you to the ground if you don't do
    anything about it, even if you're on the lower level of the bridge. To
    avoid this, lock-on to the Harrier with the Stinger as it begins to
    approach you, and fire a missile at it -- the missile should hit the
    Harrier and it will cancel the atack.
    The other non-fire power attack is when the Harrier hovers above you -- if
    you stay under it you will be burned at bit by its burners which allow it
    to hover the way it does. If the Harrier does this, quickly run out of the
    way and shoot it with the Stinger.
    After the Harrier has around half health, it will fire several bombs in
    the air which will then start to come down towards the bridge. When this
    happens, quickly run down the stairs at the west of the bridge to the
    lower level, and you won't be hurt. If the bombs land when you're on the
    top of the bridge, they will inflict a lot of damage and will set you on
    fire, although it will shortly go out. The bombs also destroy the northern
    part of the bridge, but this is beneficial in a way because you can get to
    the lower level of the bridge more easily.
    Also when the Harrier has around half health, it will try more deadly
    attacks, such as shooting individual lock-on missiles, and several normal
    missiles in a row. For the lock-on missiles, quickly equip your Stinger
    when they're fired and lock-on and shoot them before they reach you. As
    for when the Harrier hovers near you and fires several missiles across the
    bridge, run around a wide area in a rectangular fashion -- downstairs is
    good. Run around the perimeter of the lower level, around both large
    blocks, and you should be fine.
    Repeat the methods of shooting the Harrier with the Stinger mentioned
    above, and the battle will end in a cutscene once the Harrier's health bar
    is drained.
    After the brilliant cutscene, Snake will inform you that the President is
    all yours, and he and his partner Otacon tell you the truth about
    themselves. Rose will contact you afterwards and will ask you if you want
    to save. Now you have to get to the President, and Rose will tell you that
    you should be able to get to the Shell 2 Core from Strut L.
    Standing on the remains of the Shell 1-2 bridge, you'll notice some fire
    at the left side of the screen, which is blocking access to get to the
    stairway there (the stairway ends but something is on it). If you move up
    to the fire, your Phone, received from the Ninja, will ring, and there
    will be a text message saying to use the Coolant to put out the fire. So
    use the Coolant to cease the fire. Aim at the ground at the base of the
    fire and put out the whole area here -- if you only try to put out a side
    of the fire, it will come back.
    Once the fire is gone and only sparks and smoke remain, you can move past
    the formerly fiery area (if you don't put out the fire you won't be able
    to move past it, and you will also set on fire). On these stairs here is
    a RATION, at the bottom of it where it ends, rather close to the top. But
    the thing is that the stairs are barely hanging onto the bridge, and it
    wll fall if you move on it, however, after a certain amount of time. If
    you run very quickly, grab the Ration, and quickly return to the bridge,
    the stairs will falls right after you step back on the bridge, so you have
    to act fast if you want the Ration.
    Also from this side of the busted bridge, you can see a box of PSG1 ammo
    on the other side of the demolished bridge, on a lower platform. In
    between you and it, however, is a large open gap, which you will plummet
    to your death in the water if you fall into it. If you stand on the
    northeast section of this side of the demolished, the extending platform,
    you can perform a cartwheel and land on the other side, by the PSG1 ammo.
    This is very difficult to do because you have to cartwheel the jump
    perfectly -- there is no margin for error.
    If you wish to get to the other side with the PSG1 ammo, position yourself
    at the top left corner of the extended platform and perform a cartwheel
    slightly to the left just after you start running, and you should land on
    the platform. Those who manage to do this can claim the PSG1 BULLET X 20
    on the lower platform, and there's also PSG1-T BULLET X 10 up the stairs
    past it, and even an AK.SUPR on the other side of the fire ahead, which
    you can get after putting out the fire. From there, you can fall off the
    higher ledge to the right to continue. By the way, equip the AKS-74u and
    the AK Suppressor to attach the suppressor to the gun permanently.
    But if you choose to take the less riskier method, although still quite
    dangerous, locate the extending rail at the east side of the south side of
    the bridge. Move to the yellow rail, which is connected to it, just south
    of it and jump over and hang on the railing. From there, move north on the
    extended railing and drop down on the large orange pipe below -- if you
    aren't too sure if you'll actually land on the pipe instead of falling
    into the water far below, look down in first person view.
    After on the pipe, if using that method, start to move norh on the pipe,
    walking slowly. As you proceed, you'll notice bird crap on some areas of
    the pipe, and you absolutely will slip and fall off the pipe if you run
    over those areas. If you want to be as safe as possible, crawl northward
    on the pipe. Either way, climb up the ledge at the north end of the pipe,
    which is where the strategy for the other method ended above.
    Now by the north wall on the medium-height ledge, climb up the east ledge
    and start running along the walkway there. As you run along the black
    floor panels ahead, some will fall to the ocean below, just like the floor
    panels on the Shell 1 Core bridge. No differently, don't stop running once
    you reach the first falling floor panel, however, you can stop once you
    reach the small orange floor area ahead, or past it.
    This walkway ends here, however, there is a railing which you can use to
    fall down to the walkway below. Grab a hold of the railing and look down
    in first person while hanging, to see of you're above the lower bridge.
    Fall down when you're aligned with the bridge.
    LG connecting bridge
    First of all, this area is not marked when you enter it, unlike every
    other area, however, once you fall down to this bridge from the ledge
    above, you'll be on the LG connecting bridge. Once on the lower ledge, two
    guards will come from Strut L to check the situation from the parallel,
    higher bridge here (the actual LG connecting bridge). You'll be spotted if
    you rus run along the bridge down here, so take them both out with the M9
    from a distance.
    Once the guards are down, continue along the bridge to find a gap,
    measuring two floor pieces long. There is no railing where the gap is, but
    you can simply cartwheel over the gap or move against the far, solid wall,
    pressed against it, to continue. On the other side you'll find another gap
    very shortly. It measures three floor pieces long so you can't cartwheel
    over it, and there is no area to get past it while against the wall or
    railing, however, there is a railing. Hang on the railing and climb back
    up once past the gap, then climb up the ladder just ahead.
    Strut L perimeter
    Once along the perimeter of Strut L, start to move down the pathway, but
    stop and put your back to the wall before moving around the corner. The
    are several windows along the pathway ahead and there are two guards
    inside the hallway through the windows. I recommend you try your best not
    to cuase an alert because a funny event will occur just ahead if you
    don't. Wait at this side of the pathway for the close guard to stop at
    the first window. Then move out so you can see him in first person and
    shoot him in the head. You can either wait for the other guard to come
    and take him out when he comes to check the first guard, or you can go to
    him and use the same method, but be careful where you step.
    There are two floor panels in a row that will fall once you move on them,
    and these prevent you from being able to move pressed against the wall
    while crouched all the way past the windows. Although, you can duck down
    while against the wall and make it to jsut before those panels, stopping
    under the third window. Then wait until the coast is clear and cartwheel
    over the two faulty floor panels. And from there, you can continue against
    the wall while crouching.
    Once past the windows, move around the corner to find a large gap in the
    walkway, with six floor panels missing, and there is no railing. There is,
    however, space for your feet to move along while against the wall of the
    building. Start stepping towards the other side of the gap while against
    the while, and you'll come across a vent object that is sticking out from
    the wall, disallowing you to continue while standing up. Forget about your
    worries and crouch while against the wall. With your head just fitting
    under the vent object, continue to the other side of the gap, and you can
    finally move away from the wall once there.
    On the other side of the gap, move around the corner a few meters away,
    and if you're not in the process of an alert (Alert, Evasion, Caution),
    a guard on the roof of the strut above you decides that he can't hold in
    his bodily fluids, and he'll start to take a piss onto the ledge that
    you're walking on, thinking nobody is around. This is probably the most
    hilarious part of the game  -- you can actually stand where he is pissing
    and it will bounce off your head, just like it normally would, with
    realistic sound effects and physics, and it will even rumble your
    controller a bit. If you fire a bullet up at the railing near him, he'll
    stop to look around a bit, but he'll continue shortly after.
    The guard will go back to duty once he's done his business, and you'll
    finally be able to stop laughing. That was great, but anyway, continue
    down the walkway and around the corner ahead. The ledge ends here and
    there is another bridge below. Hang on the railing and fall down below
    when you're aligned with the lower bridge -- look down in first person to
    make sure.
    KL connecting bridge
    Just like the LG bridge, you won't be notified of the change of area, but
    you'll be on the KL connecting bridge once you land on the lower bridge
    from the railing above. After landing, take the AKS-74U BULLET X 30 beside
    you and move north down the narrow bridge. Past the stairs at the end of
    this narrow bridge is a RATION. Move up the nearby stairs to the actual
    KL bridge. Hearing several Cyphers, forget about them for a second and get
    the PSG1 BULLET X 20 and CHAFF.G by the inaccessible Strut K (something is
    wrong with the panel) to the north.
    Run south down the bridge past the Shell 2 Core bridge opening, to find
    SOCOM BULLET X 12 by the doorway to Strut L. You don't have a Level 5 PAN
    card so you can't access Strut L right now. Now head over to the Shell 2
    bridge opening with the Cypher army in the sky. You can throw a Chaff
    Grenade to get by the Cyphers here, but I recommend you destroy them all
    because of the complexity of the walkway to Shell 2. Destroy the four
    Cyphers and take a look at the path ahead.
    The short stairs just ahead are completely gone, although cartwheeling
    over the gap should be easy -- however, watch out so you don't fall off
    the north side of the bridge after cartwheeling, since there's no railing
    after where the stairs used to be. Moving on, you'll find another gap
    shortly after the first one. Either press against or hang on the railing
    to get past the gap, and climb back up on the other side if you used the
    hanging method. From there, continue west and go through the orange door
    in the small hallway.
    Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    After entering the area, Raiden will notice that Olga is in the area and
    will take out the Directional Microphone to listen in, and you'll be able
    to aim it as she moves around. Afterwards, a cutscene of the electrical
    floor in the area will play -- high-voltage currents will be activated,
    delaying you from getting to the President inside the inner room on this
    floor. You'll be able listen in to Olga a little more, then she leaves
    and Raiden contact the Colonel.
    In order to turn off the electrified floor, you'll need to destroy the
    circuit board in the inner room with the President inside, by shooting a
    remote-controlled missile through the ventalation system. But first,
    you'll need to look for a remote-controlled missle launcher. Call Snake
    to see if he knows where one is -- he'll tell you that he saw something
    on B1 (Shell 2 Core), although most of that floor is probably flooded by
    now. So you'll probably have to swim to look for a remote-controlled
    missle launcher.
    If you want to toy around with the high-voltage floor in the hallway 
    ahead, feel free to do so, but only if you have a fair amount of health,
    unless you want to die. Raiden will receive a serious shock and will fall
    to the floor.
    Before going straight down to B1, investigate the area first. First of
    all, you'll notice a person with a cone of vision inside the inner room of
    this floor -- that's the President. You'll also see his health bar under
    yours, which will be useful for later. Down the stairs to the west of you
    is NIKITA BULLET X 10, even though you don't have the Nikita yet, and
    SOCOM BULLET X 12 on the box. Note the vents here for when you get the
    missile launcher, by the way. Moving west, you'll find M9 BULLET X 15 at
    the bottom of the west stairs, and a RATION in the camera view up the
    Just inside the room near the Ration (on the east wall in this hall) is
    NIKITA BULLET X 10, however, two sentry cameras are on the walls in the
    room and you don't even have the Nikita yet. But if you look north off the
    ledge in first person, you'll see a vent here as well -- remember this
    for later, just like the other vents. Moving north down the hall, you'll
    find CHAFF.G in the short hallway to the west by the door with the broken
    panel. In the northwest area of this floor, in this hall, is a little
    doorless room with M4 BULLET X 30 and a node inside it -- download the
    radar. In the north hall past the elevator is more M4 BULLET X 30 against
    the east wall.
    If you put your back against the wall of the President's room from this
    area near the elevator, a short cutscene will play of the President
    walking around, and he'll move towards the wall if you knock on it. You
    can't get to him yet so call the elevator over here and go down to B1.
    Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 1
    At the sound of dripping water in large quantities, exit the elevator and
    log in to the node nearby. Then move over to the stairs and move down them
    to enter the water below. Paddle around the corner above the surface to
    reach a wall (it's actually part of the roof, but the area is flooded).
    You'll have to submerge into the water to continue.
    Just so you know the swimming controls, you can paddle around on the
    surface by using the left analog stick, and press Circle to dive down into
    the water. When underwater, press Circle to swim forward -- to swim
    faster, press Circle rapidly, and to swim in a calm and slow motion, hold
    Circle. On your radar you'll notice several blue circles (they're more
    like small clouds) -- these are air pockets above the surface of the
    water. If your oxygen meter is running low, find an air pocket to regain
    some oxygen, then go back down.
    Once you get your whole body wet, swim forward all the way to the south
    end of the hallway, and the NIKITA is found there near the ground. The
    Nikita is a remote-controlled missile launcher and will work for what you
    have planned, so you can return to 1F after getting it. If you need air,
    there's an air pocket directly above where the Nikita is. Just in case
    you're interested, there are more items in these watery corridors, but
    since you'll come back and explore more of the area later, you can just
    wait until then.
    From the air pocket above where the Nikita was, check your radar and swim
    back straight north all the way to the north wall. Emerge from the water
    and run up the stairs around the corner to the dry hallway. Call the
    elevator and return to 1F.
    Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    Now that you have the Nikita, you can use one of the vents in the area to
    guide a missile to inside the President's room and destroy the circuit
    board. There are three vents where you can shoot the missle through --
    there are two at the east side of the lower area in the south right beside
    each other, although at different heights. The other one is off the north
    ledge in the southwest room, which is in the east hallway.
    They're all good places to shoot a missile from, however, from the
    southwest room is probably the best -- if you miss the circuit board by
    using a different vent a few times, you may receive a text message from
    your phone telling you to use the southeast room vent with ease. If you
    decide to shoot from that room, stand on the box inside there (after the
    two sentry cameras on the walls are destroyed) and face to the north.
    Equip the Nikita and shoot a missile, trying to send it through the vent
    just ahead on the wall.
    Using the Nikita is rather simple; it's probably easier than you think.
    Once it's equipped, pressing Square will shoot a missile from it in the
    direction that you're facing. Right then, you'll see what the camera on
    the missile sees and you'll guide it like that. When guiding a missile, if
    you don't press any direction on the controller, the missile will dart
    in the direction that it's facing at the time. To slow it down, turn it's
    direction a little. Continue doing that -- turning the missile back and
    forth -- every once in a while if you don't want the missile to speed up.
    Each missile has a certain amount of fuel which is used to propel it. You
    can see how much fuel is in a missile by green bar at the top left of the
    screen when in the missile's camera view. It will descrease as the missile
    flies around. Once the fuel gets low, the camera will start to shake and
    you'll hear a beeping sound, letting you know that the fuel is just about
    gone, and the missile will explode once all the fuel is gone, regardless
    of the missile's location -- keep that in mind.
    When guiding missiles through vents, the missiles will automatically move
    up or down if the vent does so, so don't worry about that. And if you want
    to look around in the missile's camera view, push the right analog stick
    in the direction that you want to look. Anyway, follow the vent's path in
    the missile camera mode for it to enter the President's room. Once you're
    in here, you have to be extremely careful not to hit the President with
    your missile. Sometimes he'll crouch or dive on the floor, which is great,
    however, sometimes he acts like a complete idiot and runs into the
    missile, causing his death and mission failure, so you have to watch out
    for that. Try to move your missile along the walls of the President's room
    to make sure you don't hit him, if necessary.
    Once in the President's room, you must find the circuit board for the
    electrified floor -- it's in the northeast corner of the room, however,
    not being able to see your radar while in the missile camera mode may
    confuse your sense of direction. From the southwest room, after following
    the vent with a missile, navigate your missile to the far left corner of
    the room -- the circuit board is the large blue box by the wall. From both
    the southeast vents, after navigating through either vent, the circuit
    board is in the far right corner of the room.
    If you choose to use one of the southeast vests over the southwest vent,
    you'll have to crouch to shoot a missile into the left vent, and you'll
    have to climb and stand on the box in front of the right vent to shoot
    into it. If you use the left vent, the low one, you'll see some Stinger
    ammo near the end of it -- remember that. Whichever vent you use to
    destroy the circuit board, the electrified floor in the northeast will go
    offline. Make your way to the northeast and run up to the door on the
    offline electrified floor to enter the President's room in a cutscene.
    The President will tell you about a computer expert named Emma, and that
    she's on B1 of the Shell 2 Core -- you'll have to find here and stop
    Arsenal. The President will give you a LV.4 CARD to access the area where
    Emma is, and he'll also give you an MO DISK. After all the cutscenes and
    conversations over the Codec, get the SOCOM BULLET X 12 just near you.
    Remembering the Stinger ammo in the low vent, move to the south wall. Find
    the vent on the ground on the south wall and get the STINGER BULLET X 10
    inside it to the right. Exit the room through the right door.
    Talking with the Colonel over the Codec, he'll inform you that you have to
    find Emma on B1, which you already know. After talking with Snake and
    Otacon and watching the cutscenes, head off to find Emma. Call the
    elevator in the north and go down to B1.
    05 // t h e  c o m p u t e r  g e n i u s
    The Computer Genius...............................................[pla_05]
              "No! I hate water! It's hopeless! I can't swim!"
    Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 1
    Once back down here again, exit the elevator and run down into the water
    to the right. This time you want to get to the southwest of the area, and
    you'll have to swim around for a while to get there. Pay close attention
    to your radar when swimming, looking for hallways where you can turn,
    even though the correct path is mentioned in this walkthrough. Whenever
    you're low on oxygen, find an air pocket on your radar, a small blue
    cloud, as soon as you can and go up to the surface.
    Once in the water down the stairs, swim around the corner and submerge
    into the watery corridor as you start your way south. If you're
    interested, you'll find a RATION in the place of the Nikita from earlier,
    at the south end of this hallway. Anyway, take the first right from the
    stairs, which is the only open passage in the hall. In the first room here
    on your right you can find NVG (Night Vision Goggles). Move west all the
    way to the west wall by the air pocket, and refresh your oxygen gauge if
    When you first come up to the surface after initially submerging, Otacon
    will call you to tell you that Emma can't swim, but you'll have to
    persuade her somehow when you reach her, because the whole floor is almost
    completely flooded. Moving on, eye out your path by looking south from the
    air pocket in first person, and start your way down the corridor. Take the
    first left, and you'll notice a large spiky ball. You'll find a few of
    these on your watery journey -- they're mines. If you swim into them, they
    will explode and get away with lowering your health a bit, so watch out
    for them. To see the mines on your radar, equip the Mine Detector -- all
    mines are small red dots.
    All right, swim around the bomb, preferably over it, and swim around the
    right corner. Now in a short hallway, take the right path at the wall, and
    swim through the right doorway after that. Ahead of you are two more
    mines, although they're placed somewhat to your convenience. Swim under
    the first mine and then swim over the second, but low enough so that you
    fit under the doorway just after. Before trying to open one of the doors
    over here, swim up to the air pocket for some fresh air, because you'll
    need it.
    Eye the west hatch door from the air pocket in first person, and swim down
    to it and start to turn the hatch. Once you're near the door, just hold or
    repeatedly tap Triangle -- do the latter to open the door faster. Raiden
    will finish opening the door in the cutscene, and there will be a little
    surprise after it's opened. Afterwards, take a look at the area through
    the door and swim up to the right, over the collapsed girder in here --
    there's an air pocket just past the girder, in the north.
    Once past the first girder, swim south under the collapsed girder here and
    swim over the girder to the southwest. Once there you can simply swim over
    the next girder ahead, and you'll find the exit door in the northwest.
    However, there's STINGER BULLET X 10 just under the air pocket closest to
    the exit door if you want it. Moving on, grab a hold of the hatch on the
    exit door and turn it. Once the door is opened, you'll notice an air
    pocket just above, however, the stairs to exit the water are a few meters
    to the north.
    Swim up to the surface of the water by the stairs and climb up to the dry
    floor. Run through the Level 4 door ahead of you to continue.
    Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 2
    After entering the room, a cutscene will play. It looks like Vamp is
    still ticking, and he's here to try to kill you... again.
    BOSS: Vamp
    At the beginning of the fight, Vamp will be standing on the water ahead of
    you. Pull out the SOCOM and shoot him in the head. This should cause him
    to dive in the water. He'll come back up again and he'll jump up to the
    upper walkway in the room, and start to walk on the railings. Aim up at
    him and shoot just ahead of him when he's walking and your bullet(s)
    should hit him.
    If you contact Pliskin or Campbell over the Codec, they'll tell you that
    it looks like Vamp is anticipating the trajectory of your incoming
    bullets, however, Pliskin tells you not to use the lock-on function --
    he's referring to L1 (holding L1 while your gun is aimed will lock-on to
    the target, although it's useless here). So don't go wasting time by
    holding L1 and rely on your own skills to hit Vamp.
    Looking around the room you can find a RATION in the southeast, two boxes
    of M4 BULLET X 30 and RGB6 BULLET X 6 in the northeast, M9 BULLET X 15 in
    the northwest, and SOCOM BULLET X 12 in the southwest. These items may
    reappear throughout the battle if you need them, but only if you're not
    near their spawning areas at the time.
    To familiarize you with Vamp's attacks, he only has once effective attack,
    although it's actually not that effective, and his other attacks are easy
    to avoid. Anyway, what Vamp will do the most often to attack you is throw
    knives at you, which move quite slow through the air, oddly enough. They
    knives appear as blue-coloured light objects when they're in the air, for
    some reason, but they'll take off health when the hit you. Near the
    beginning of the fight, Vamp will probably throw knives individually, but
    he'll shortly start throwing more than five of them in a row, and you can
    hear him throw them by a distinct whirring sound.
    Other than that attack, Vamp only has one other attack until he introduces
    another attack, which is not damage-inflicting. But anyway, the other
    attack is him slashing you with his knife, which can only be done at very
    close range. Don't be paranoid about him coming out of nowhere and
    slashing you, because that won't happen. If he's on the same level walkway
    as you and he's walking slowly, looking at you, he's coming to slash you.
    When Vamp is walking towards you and you try to shoot him with a weapon
    that shoots bullets, he'll dodge all your shots by jumping. Sometimes when
    he jumps he comes closer to you, so you shouldn't shoot him when he's like
    this. If you shoot at him with bullets, he might do a flip and land right
    beside you, quite possibly leaving you open to attack. So instead of using
    bullets in this situation, pull out the RGB6 or even the Stinger to shoot
    him, or just run away. If he ever does get to you, however, quickly do a
    cartwheel in the direction where he is not, to get away.
    You'll notice that Vamp will jump into the water many times durin the
    battle, either from the center of the room or the sides of the lower
    walkway. First of all, you'll die if you fall in it because you won't be
    able to get back up, due to the high amount of oxygen in the water.
    Despite this, Vamp will go for a swim very often, however, this is a
    positive point. Whenever Vamp is swimming below in the water, you can take
    out the M4 or AKS-74u and shoot at him. Hold L1 while aimed at him in
    first person when you can see -- don't worry, he can't deflect any bullets
    that he can't see, especially when he's underwater.
    If you shoot at Vamp with the SOCOM while he's underwater, you can hit
    him, but it's a little harder because it's a single shot weapon, compared
    to the rapid fire of the M4 and AKS. Also, whenever Vamp is underwater,
    you'll see his oxygen level guage under his health. He'll normally come up
    before it runs out, but you can pull out the Stinger and shoot the surface
    of the water to severely lower his oxygen guage, which may cause him to
    lose a bit of health before he comes up.
    Whenever Vamp comes up from the water, he'll either jump on the lower or
    upper walkway. Whenever he jumps to the lower walkway, he'll stand
    crouched there for a few seconds -- shoot him in the head whenever he's
    doing this. Vamp will move around the area very quickly, especially when
    he's on the upper walkway railings. It can be frustrating trying to shoot
    him while he's moving up there because he'll throw knives at you very
    often, leaving you very little time to shoot him. Always make sure you
    never reload when he's moving around up there, because you can't move
    while you reload and it leaves you open to attack. And when you're
    shooting Vamp up on the railings in first person, stop and run away
    whenever you see him throw knives at you.
    Near the end of the fight, Vamp will be more aggressive and use different
    methods of attack. He'll start doing flips towards you and even cling
    himself to the wall near you -- whenever he does this, run away or he may
    attack you. And finally, Vamp begins is other attack once his health bar
    is almost all drained. He'll start throwing individual knives at you which
    glow orange instead of blue, and these knives prevent you from moving,
    beside turning your body. While you're stuck on one of these, Vamp will be
    jumping around the room, throwing blue, lethal knives at you, but there's
    a simple way to avoid them.
    Whenever Vamp throws blue knives at you while you're stuck on a red knife,
    they'll easily hit you if you just stand there. Whenever you hear the
    whirring sound of knives being thrown, duck right away. Once they knives
    reach you, they will go right over your head. However, if you're already
    crouching when the knives are thrown, they'll definitely hit you, even if
    you stand up. So always stand up whenever Vamp is jumping around, and
    duck only after the knives are thrown, then stand back up once they pass
    You'll probably find out yourself that explosive firearms work very well
    in this battle. Whenever Vamp is on the lower walkway with you, you can
    effortlessly shoot an RGB6 grenade round at him, and it might even knock
    him in the water. But there is a better and faster method than using the
    RGB6 -- the Stinger. If you use the Stinger you can finish this fight very
    quickly. Whenever you see Vamp not in the water, lock-on to him and shoot
    him with a missile. Whenever he's in the water, shoot the surface of the
    water with a missile a few times, to lower is oxygen, causing him to come
    back up. Then repeat the strategy.
    After Vamp starts to get aggressive with his sudden increase in speed, and
    using more of a variety of attacks, you should be able to finish him off
    with one or two Stinger missiles -- lock-on is your best friend. You
    should be able to kill Vamp with normal weapons, or the RGB6, but hey,
    who's watching?
    After defeating Vamp, Raiden will talk with the Colonel, and then Snake,
    after the cutscene. Snake reminds you that Emma is in the locker room to
    the north, so start your way there by going through the northeast door.
    Grab the RATION on the other side of the door and head west down the
    hallway to find... more water. All right, time to get wet again, run down
    the stairs and into the water.
    This time traveling through the watery corridors of B1, you don't have
    radar because the node is nowhere to be seen, but the locker room is very
    close by. Start off by submerging into the water and swimming under the
    roof blocking the surface. Go through the right doorway after the stairs,
    and you'll find AKS-74U BULLET X 30 through the doorway just ahead,
    although there is also a spiky ball mine there. Go around it to the left
    to get the ammo. Back in the hall, swim down towards the other end (turn
    right from the stairs doorway, or turn left from the AKS ammo doorway,
    depending on where you are) and be sure to swim under the mine near the
    roof just ahead.
    Continuing down the hallway, swim past the first doorway on the left if
    you wish to get some items. Through the right doorway at the end of the
    hall is PGS1-T BULLET X 10, accompanied by two mines -- you can easily
    swim in between the two mines to get the ammo, just don't move up or down
    once you're aligned with the ammo box (to stay away from the mines). Also
    at the end of the hallway, through the left doorway and down that hallway
    past a mine, is B.ARMOR (Body Armor) -- move under the mine to get to it.
    Back in the original hall, go through the first doorway on the left, as if
    you were coming from the other side of the wall (when coming back from the
    two doorways at this end of the hall, it's the doorway on the right, past
    the doorway righy by the wall, of course). Once in the hallway, swim under
    the high mine ahead of you, go through the doorway past it and move around
    the corner and up the stairs.
    Now on the dry floor, go through the door to the left to find the node --
    there it is! Download the radar and move down the small set of stairs to
    the locker area. Move around the railing at the left side of the stairs
    and grab the PENTAZEMIN on the lower ground. If you check your radar,
    you'll probably notice a white dote inside one of the lockers, which
    should be Emma. But first, check the other lockers -- Raiden will slide
    them open and you'll have to move inside them to where you can't see from
    the overhead camera to get any items that are there.
    In the southwest locker in the room, you'll find a BOOK deep in the
    locker, and two boxes of C4 in the northwest locker on the west wall. In
    the southeast locker on the east wall, you'll find THERM.G (Thermal
    Goggles) deep in the locker. If you fool around in the room planting C4's
    and exploding them or something like that, or even knocking on the locker
    with the white dot on your radar, you'll hear a girlish whimper. Once you
    open the white dot locker, which is the center locker on the north wall, a
    cutscene will play.
    Emma is inside the locker, and Raiden will pull her up. She claims that
    she can't swim, which shouldn't be a surprise to you, but Raiden manages
    to convince her that he'll do the swimming, and she'll just hang on. The
    place begins to flood, so Raiden will go back to the stairs with Emma and
    submerge under the water. When you can play, take a look at your radar,
    which should make things a lot easier here, however, the distance from
    here to the other stairs is not far at all.
    On your screen under you're health and oxygen guages, you'll find Emma's.
    You'll notice that both of hers are very short, so you'll have to move
    quickly -- use any air pockets in the area if necessary, although you
    should be able to make it to the other stairs in just one of Emma's
    breaths. Starting off, go through the right doorway and go around the
    corner. Continue south, under the mine here, and turn right once you go
    through the doorway ahead. Move under the mine in the hallway and swim
    through the left doorway at the west end of the hall, then move up the
    stairs to the left, up to the dry floor.
    Because Emma was injected with something earlier, she can't really walk by
    herself, so you'll have to pull her. When standing near Emma with no
    weapon equipped, press and hold Triangle to grab her hand, and move like
    you normally would while holding Triangle to pull her with you. To
    continue, go through the door just ahead, but before you do that, you may
    want to contact Snake's frequency for some humour. The first time you
    call, Snake will tell you to go to Strut L, but Otacon will answer next
    time you call. He'll go on about the Big Shell and about it being a cover-
    up and all, but after that, an absolutely hilarious event happens. Enjoy
    it for yourself.
    Once you move through the door in the corridor with Emma, a cutscene will
    play. Raiden will take a short rest with Emma in the cutscene, and Raiden
    will contact the Colonel. Campbell tells you to take Emma to Strut L since
    the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge is destroyed (taking Emma over it would be
    pretty hard to do...). You should be able to get to Shell 1 from the Oil
    Fence at the bottom of Strut L. After the Codec sibling rivalry is over,
    grab a hold of Emma and take her south around the walkway.
    Whenever you're holding hands with Emma, you won't be able to use any
    weapons, so keep that in mind for later on. And if you leave her alone for
    a while, she'll sit down and rest until you try to get her up again. When
    she sits down, move up to her and hold Triangle -- she'll slowly get up
    and then grab your hand. Moving on, move to the south door in the room and
    Raiden will prepare himself and Emma for the next swim, and he'll step
    into the water -- this happens after all the cutscenes and Codec
    conversations, by the way.
    From the surface, submerge into the watery corridor and go through the
    left doorway once through the doorway just ahead of you, into the room
    with the demolished large girders. For the best pathway, swim up near the
    roof and over to the right. Swim over the girder there, as well as the
    next one, and move under the girder near the roof ahead. From there, swim
    to the left and go through the doorway up to the air pocket -- Emma should
    need air by now.
    In first person, eye the the doorway to the north, and you should see a
    mine there. Submerge into the water and stay left of the mine, swimming
    right against the top left side of the doorway. Just when you go through
    the doorway, hug the left wall and ascend so you stay clear of the mine,
    however, quickly descend once you pass it so you move under the next mine,
    then continue down the pathway.
    Swim through the doorway ahead and move around the left corner -- just
    after that, go through the right doorway and down the short hallway,
    through the doorway at the end. Take a left around the corner, then turn
    right, through the doorway, at the west wall. Emma should start to need
    some air now, so head up to the air pocket just to the north at the end of
    the hallway.
    From the air pocket, eye the east hallway in first person and dive back
    down in the water. Follow the hallway all the way to the east wall, then
    take a left. Move around the corner just ahead and up the stairs. Now
    you'll have to pull Emma again. If you try to take Emma to the left, where
    a whole lot of bugs are seen, she'll let go of Raiden's hand and won't
    continue with you with the bugs there. Somewhat off topic, you'll find M4
    BULLET X 30 by the west wall past the bugs and the elevator.
    If you stand over the bugs, you'll receive an email with your Phone. It
    tells you to use the Coolant to drive the bugs away. That's one option,
    which is easy, however, takes up some time. If you plan to do that, equip
    the Coolant and spray each group of bugs until they are completely gone,
    following and continuously spraying them until they're gone.
    If you contact Campbell a few times, he'll suggest tranquilizing her,
    which is very simple. If you wish to do that, take out the M9 and shoot
    her in the head, putting her to sleep for the moment. You can also knock
    her out, which can be done by performing the punch-punch-double kick combo
    or cartwheeling her a few times. Either way using this method, call the
    elevator and toss her in it. Then go up to 1F.
    Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
    Exit the elevator with Emma and look at the bottom left of your radar --
    looks like you have company. Bring Emma to the south wall, not any closer
    to the west, however, and take out the guard in the room to the west when
    he's not looking -- he should stretch once in a while; run behind him when
    he does and shoot him in the head. Going back to get Emma, check out the
    east end of the hall past her -- you'll find AKS-74U BULLET X 30.
    By the way, if Emma is ever spotted by any sentries, they'll call for back
    up and will start to shoot her, just as if she was you. So just as you
    would normally stay out of trouble (you should, at least), do the same
    with Emma. Don't leave her alone near a guard, unless you're about to deal
    with the guard. If you or Emma is ever spotted by a guard, quickly take
    him out or at least cartwheel him to buy some time. Whatever you do, don't
    let the guard call for backup by any means -- fight with him until the
    bitter end.
    Retrieve Emma -- with no weapons equipped -- and start your way to the
    southwest, first moving to the west hall and getting the SOCOM BULLET X 12
    in the northwest. If you start moving south down the west hallway, you'll
    notice a guard in the small hallway to the west on your radar. Leave Emma
    out of the way and take care of the guard. You can run down the hall and
    take the guard out from behind if he's facing the other way in the
    hallway, or you can just wait back by Emma and take him out from a
    Once the guard has been taken care of, feel free to pick up the SOCOM
    BULLET X 12 by the door with the broken panel in the hallway where the
    guard was, then continue south with Emma to the southwest corner of the
    area, and grab the PENTAZEMIN in the southwest corner of the hallway.
    There's a guard down the stairs to the east, so leave Emma up here and go
    take care of some business.
    You'll notice that as you start to go down the stairs, a guard will arrive
    on this floor from the elevator (where did he come from? B1 is flooded and
    there were no guards there, anyway...). You'd better wait for him in this
    hall and take him out while he starts coming this way, because he'll
    probably cause you some trouble if you don't -- he'll come all the way
    around the whole floor. Anyway, once you take him out, you can move on
    with the comfort of knowing that he's out of action, or at least for a
    Run down the stairs and press against the wall just to the east of the
    stairs, and move so you can see around the corner here while still on the
    wall. Wait for the guard patrolling the area to come up and stop near you,
    then take him out the second after he turns around. Run to the east past
    his body to discover another guard here, a sleepy guard. Take him out from
    behind, and retrieve Emma and take her up the east stairs, behind the box
    in the hallway there.
    Once up here, the guard in the exiting hallway right near you will enter
    the hallway and turn his head around, inspecting the area. Shortly, he'll
    face the north and start walking that way. I recommend you take him out
    when he starts walking to the north, instead of just sneaking by behind
    him and leaving the Core, because there are items in the room past the
    electric floor. Once he's down, enter the former President's former room
    and grab the RATION and M9 BULLET X 15 at the west of the room, and PSG1
    BULLET X 20 and AKS-74U BULLET X 30 at the east.
    Checking the low vent on the south wall, you'll find PSG1-T BULLET X 10
    inside the vent to the right. Return to Emma in the hall by the boxes and
    take her to the exiting hallway in the east. Pass through the orange door
    at the end of the hallway with her to the KL bridge. Make sure you go
    through the door holding her hand, or else she won't follow you to the
    KL connecting bridge
    At the sound of a Cypher outside, let go of Emma's hand and move to the
    doorway ahead, picking up the RATION there. Just through the doorway here
    you'll find PSG1 BULLET X 20 and CHAFF.G. In first person, look down the
    bridge to the east to spot a Cypher looking at the bridge near the bridge
    directly connecting Strut K and L. Take out the SOCOM or PSG1 and destroy
    it. Another Cypher should poke into the picture to the east as well,
    however, closer to you than the other Cypher. Take it down and go back to
    Unequip your weapon and pull Emma onto the bridge. No more Cyphers should
    be around, so make your way east with Emma, moving over the "repaired"
    gaps in the bridge. Once you reach the top of the ascending ramp, which is
    in the place of where the stairs were sometime ago, stop and investigate
    the area in first person and by looking at your radar. You'll notice a
    guard to the northwest a bit, patrolling the north area of the actual KL
    bridge. He shouldn't be able to see you even when you're standing up at
    the top of the ramp, so take him out from there.
    Scanning the area for items, the east narrow bridge will do you good.
    Check the narrow bridge down the nearby stairs where the guard was
    patrolling to find SOCOM BULLET X 12 at the north end of the bridge and M4
    BULLET near the south. Return to Emma and start your way south down the
    bridge to Strut L, and you'll almost immediately find a fire blocking the
    bridge. You'll receive an email in your Phone about dealing with the fire,
    but you should already know what to do with the fire. Take out the Coolant
    and spray the fire at its roots until only sparks and smoke remain.
    Once the fire is gone, don't worry about the taunting look of the sparks
    and smoke and pull Emma past the blackened floor and to the orange door to
    Strut L in the small hallway at the south end of the bridge, for a
    cutscene. Raiden discovers that the door to Strut L is Level 5, and he
    doesn't have a Level 5 Card, however, Emma remembers her LV.5 CARD around
    her neck and gives it to you, allowing Raiden to pass through the door to
    Strut L.
    Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility
    Once inside, leave Emma by the door and put your pack to the wall ahead of
    you and check around the corner. If you look around the corner fast enough
    you'll notice a guard standing by the doorway down the hall. You can take
    him out if you can do it before he goes through the doorway and out of
    your sight, but don't worry if you don't get him. When he's gone, run to
    the right and grab the SOCOM BULLET X 12 by the inaccessible door.
    If you wait against the wall for the guard to come back in the hall if you
    didn't get him, he won't come. He'll just stay in the other room. While
    hugging the west wall in the hallway leading to the south room, move
    slowly so you're not heard trampling on the nosiy floor. Looking into the
    room while pressed against the outside of the doorway, you'll notice that
    there are two guards in the room. One is close to the doorway, and the
    other is on the other side of the railing in the room.
    A simple method is to take out the further guard while back a little north
    in the hallway. When you see him stop when he's visible through the
    doorway, take him down. Then slowly move and press against the left side
    of the doorway again and wait for the close guard to turn the other way.
    When he does, he may notice the other guard or he may not -- either way,
    slowly move through the doorway and take him out. Another method you can
    do here, however, is throwing a Stun Grenade into the room through the
    doorway, but make sure you're not in the view of the guards (go back north
    a little first, then throw it). Then run into the room and put the guards
    to sleep while they're helplessly on the guard, if you use this method.
    Once the guards are down, return to Emma and navigate her south into the
    room with the guards and around to the south side of the room. Let go of
    her hand and turn the hatch on the door here to open it, then pull her
    through the doorway and into the room a bit for a cutscene. Raiden will
    open the floor hatch in the room to find a ladder, and Raiden and Emma
    will move down the ladder to the Oil Fence in the cutscene.
    Strut L Oil Fence
    As Raiden scans the area with his scope, he notices that there are several
    sentries and sentry Cyphers. The pontoon leading around to Strut E is very
    narrow and Emma will have to go alone. Raiden will contact Snake about the
    situation, and he'll tell you that it's time play sniper. Meanwhile, he'll
    start his way to Strut E, to the other side of the Oil Fence. Take note
    that if you ever need ammo for the PSG1 or PSG1-T, there will be boxes of
    PSG1 BULLET X 20 and PSG1-T BULLET X 10 on this level of the tower you're
    on, however, they only appear once you have a certain amount of ammo left.
    Starting off, Emma will move onto the Oil Fence. In first person, look at
    Emma so she's in the middle of the screen and then equip the PSG1. As Emma
    is walking on the pontoon, she'll fall quite often, but she'll never fall
    into the sea, unless you shoot her. Anyway, just to be careful, equip the
    Thermal Goggles to check the area for any hidden explosives. On the path
    of the pontoon, several meters away from Emma, you'll notice five heated
    objects in a row, which are stealth equipped Claymores. If Emma moves near
    one, which she will unless you destroy them, they'll blow up and she'll
    fall into the ocean.
    With the PSG1, shoot the individual Claymores well before Emma gets to
    them, using a Pentazemin if you need one. Looking past the wobbly pontoon
    bridge, you'll notice a tower like the one you're sniping from, and there
    are guards patrolling around it, on both floors. You won't always be able
    to see all the guards from here, but they won't be able to see Emma if you
    can't see them. If they do see her, from where you can see them, the
    guards will be alerted and more guards will come to shoot her. While this
    is happening, Emma will just crouch down and hope the bullets miss her --
    instead of laying back, take out the guards with either the PSG1 or 
    PSG1-T, whichever you prefer.
    Always follow Emma in your scope as she makes progress over to Strut E.
    Even if you don't see guards on the towers, they can and probably will
    come out of nowhere, from your vision at least, and spot Emma. Do keep a
    lookout for the near future of Emma's path, however, cautiously be
    aware of guards popping out of nowhere on the towers. Looking past the
    first tower in Emma's path, you may notice a sentry Cypher looking over
    the next pontoon bridge. More Cyphers will come later, anyway, so you
    might as well take it out now.
    By the time Emma steps up on the first tower and moves around the
    backside, there will probably by another Cypher checking out the middle
    pontoon bridge. Take it out and start scouting the pontoon bridge for any
    Claymores with your Thermal Goggles. You wont find any here, so start
    looking for guards on the next tower -- take them out well before Emma
    gets close to the tower. Once Emma reaches near the middle of the second
    pontoon bridge, Snake will call you to tell you that he reach his sniping
    position from Strut E, and you can see him on the upper level of the far
    right tower when looking through your scope. Don't go shooting him,
    thinking he's an enemy sniper.
    Snake tells you to call him if you want him to start shooting. Although
    Raiden acts like he's useless when you call Snake for help, it's
    recommended that you do so. Having Snake just lie there and do nothing
    won't do you any good, so why not have him help you? If you do call him
    for help, he'll only shoot enemy forms that you're looking at through
    your PSG1 scope. He shoots only one bullet at a time, but he's a good
    shot. When he's shooting sentries or Cyphers, feel free to join in on the
    shooting to quicken the target's death. You can help Emma through this
    area all by yourself, but having Snake help can get things done faster
    and more easily.
    Make sure no guards can be seen at the second tower in Emma's path when
    she closes in on the place, and you may notice that she takes a lot of
    time behind this tower. Take out the Direction Mic and aim it at the
    tower that Emma is behind. Listening it, you'll notice that she meets up
    with Johnny behind the tower! He's not having the greatest time again and
    desperately heads for the toilet.
    Before Emma moves onto the third pontoon bridge in her path, clear any
    Cyphers in her area and around the whole area. By now you'll probably
    notice that Cyphers come from above you and make their way over to the
    pontoon bridges, and you can take them out before they get there. Now that
    Emma is on the last pontoon bridge, check the path for Claymores with your
    Thermal Goggles. You'll notice two near the center of the bridge, although
    some meters away from each other. Zoom in on them and take them out with
    the PSG1 before Emma gets close to them, and use a Pentazemin if your aim
    is shaky.
    If you want to have some fun in the area while you're waiting for Emma to
    make her way across to Strut E, you can shoot down some seagulls with the
    PSG1 -- use the PSG1-T if you don't feel like being too cruel to the
    birds, although shooting them down isn't very nice, either way. Anyway,
    if you shoot down enough birds (around 5-10), the Colonel will call you
    to tell you how cruel you are, and it's quite funny.
    Another way to get rid of guards and Cyphers in the area is to use the
    Stinger, but be sure you don't lock-on to birds, unless that's your thing.
    Using the Stinger makes things more simple, however, due to its lack of
    ammo and overkilling abilities, you should probably only use it to have
    some fun, and then switch back to the PSG1.
    Once Emma reaches the approximate middle of the third pontoon bridge, a
    cutscene will play. Vamp comes up from the water and grabs Emma by the
    neck, holding her still, while facing you. You could call this a boss or
    you could not, but either way, it's extremely easy.
    BOSS: Vamp 2
    Right away, zoom in very closely on Vamp and try to get a clear shot off
    at his head. Don't hesitate to use a Pentazemin -- Emma's life is on the
    line. Whenever he's holding her, he'll sort of strangle her and lower her
    health a bit. To prevent this, keep shooting Vamp. Getting Vamp in the
    head inflicts the most damage and ends the battle the quickest, however,
    it can be dangerous aiming for his head because Emma's head is right under
    his most of the time. Sometimes Vamp will be holding Emma's arm in the way
    of his head -- you can shoot the top or side of his head as a
    countermeasure, or you can just shoot him in the gut or his legs, unless
    Emma is in the way.
    This is rather simple because of Vamp's small health bar and the fact that
    his head is almost always in clear view for you to shoot. It will only
    take a few shots to Vamp's head, or his body, to end the battle.
    After the cutscene, Raiden seems to run across the Oil Fence to Strut E
    and climb up the ladder there, although we can't see him doing so.
    Strut E Parcel Room
    After the cutscene, you'll be in Strut E of Shell 1. You have 300 seconds
    to get to the B2 Computer Room in the Shell 1 Core to deliver to MO Disk
    -- hurry! Turn the handle on the door near the floor hatch to open it,
    and move into the hall identical to Strut L's through the doorway. On the
    other side of the railing is SOCOM BULLET X 12 if you want it, but anyway,
    run through the orange door at the west side of the room. Continue west
    and you'll notice that you can get inside the parcel storage room here
    with your Level 5 Card, and you'll find the DG.CAMERA (Digital Camera)
    inside, which can be used to take pictures and save them to your memory
    Back in the hall, hearing a guard listening to music with headphones,
    start running up the nearby stairs at the west wall. The guard with the
    headphones, and also the only guard in the room, should be a bit to the
    northeast when you come up the stairs, or maybe even closer to you. If you
    wait for him, he'll move around to the east wall and then come south and
    start his way over towards you. Because he's sort of dancing to his music,
    he can't see in front of him all the time and every half a second or so he
    won't be looking straight ahead, however, don't let this make you think
    you can just run right by him. Take him out and run through the orange
    door in the southeast, to the EF bridge.
    EF connecting bridge
    Entering the area, you'll hear Cyphers. Run west to the doorway and look
    in first person. One Cypher is just ahead of you, another past that to the
    right a bit, and another one is checking out the bridge connecting to the
    Shell 1 Core to the west -- the SOCOM should suffice. Once the Cyphers are
    down, you'll notice no Claymores on your radar with the Mine Detctor, if
    you got rid of them earlier. Checking the Shell 1 Core bridge here, you'll
    notice that several floor panels are missing, if you ran along them when
    you left the Shell 1 Core earlier.
    If this is your situation, press against the railing or hang on it, and
    make your way to the other side of the bridge like that. If you hang on
    on the bridge, you'll have to jump back up once you reach the solid wall
    when the railing ends, onto the safe spot there, but you can simply
    cartwheel over the two-panel-wide gap or press against the wall to get by.
    Once past all the gaps, continue west to the small hallway at the other
    side of the bridge and go through the orange door in the hallway.
    Shell 1 Core, 1F
    Once inside the Core, you'll notice the all the cameras in here won't
    work if you took them out earlier. Also, if you still have the Mine
    Detector equipped after from checking the EF bridge, you'll notice three
    CLAYMORE mines on your radar just south after entering the main hallway,
    west from the door you entered the area from. You don't need to take that
    path, though, and it's a longer way to the elevator so it's pointless to
    do so, anyway.
    After entering the hallway just north of the Claymores, run north down the
    hallway and around the corner with the bug-covered floor. In the north
    hallway, the elevator is open, so enter it, and you'll move down to B2 in
    a cutscene.
    Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
    Raiden arrives in the cutscene to deliver the MO DISK to the computer-
    unfriendly Snake, and the disk is put to use. After a few cutscenes, a
    scene with Raiden, Snake and Otacon will play, and it seems that it's time
    to leave the Plant, however, the game isn't over yet.
    After the cutscenes, Rose will call you to ask you to save, even though
    Raiden seems to be "offline". 
                       A  R  S  E  N  A  L     G  E  A  R
    Several more cutscenes will start to roll, and you seem to be somewhere
    you haven't been. In an interactive cutscene, where you can look around a
    bit, hit Triangle repeatedly to get through Solidus' torture. After quite
    a while, Olga will enter the room to talk to you alone. She tells you
    several things, one regarding your gear -- Snake has all your stuff. Olga
    tells you to wait a bit untl she lets you out of your torture bed. She'll
    punch Raiden to make everything seem normal to anyone watching, and she'll
    leave afterwards. Rose will then contact you to talk for a bit.
    06 // a r s e n a l  g e a r
    Arsenal Gear......................................................[pla_06]
                  "Amazing how you walk around like that."
    Arsenal Gear - Stomach
    Just after talking with Rose, Raiden will be released from the torture
    bed, naked as a human eye. Some strange thoughts might overcome you about
    trying to see just what exactly is under Raiden's hands. Whenever you're
    done playing around with Raiden's nakedness, you can find a RATION under
    the computer desk just to the left of the torture bed. The southwest door
    in the room won't open, and the same for the southeast room (probably a
    washroom, anyway).
    Checking the northeast locker, you'll find MEDICINE. If you stay naked as
    you are for a long time, Raiden may get a cold, and that's what the
    medicine is for. Contact the Colonel, and in the second conversation,
    he'll mention that you won't be able to hang, throw, or chokehold anyone
    in your current state, and a hilarious conversation starts up regarding
    why you can't do this (imagine chokeholding a guard from behind while
    naked...that just seems wrong...). The Colonel will also tell you that
    you'll receive more damage when you're attacked, since you have no
    protection at all.
    Anyway, move through the northeast door and log in to the node in the room
    to download the radar. Then continue through the east door.
    Arsenal Gear - Jejunum
    Starting in this area, you start to get strange transmissions from the
    Colonel, first starting off with voice static and somewhat strange talking
    behaviour. After talking with the Colonel, you'll notice an Arsenal Tengu
    soldier patrolling the area on the other side of the large boxes near you.
    Slowly and quietly press against the box and move to the right side of it,
    and wait for the Tengu to turn around and head the other way, then dart to
    the box to the east. You can continue running to the stairs just ahead,
    but if you ran late, you might want to wait -- if so, press against the
    east side of the box.
    Just to inform you, these Arsenal Tengu soldiers are extremely advanced,
    especially compared to Gurlukovich guards. Their scouting techniques are
    extremely more careful, looking virually all around them, and then can
    even turn their heads while walking. Not only that, they carry mighty P90
    submachine guns, and if you're spotted by a Tengu, you'll almost
    immediately enter alert mode. As if being naked with no weapons wasn't bad
    enough, you'll have to adapt to dealing with better enemies without using
    any weapons. Don't worry, the walkthrough for this area is very helpful
    and will help you through the area without being spotted once if you do it
    If you're still on the lower level, pressed against the box, wait for the
    Tengu solider to move to his southernmost position on your radar, and once
    he turns back around to move north again, run to the stairs just ahead of
    you on the east side of the area. You can continue on the lower level,
    however, things get very tricky, and you'll have to go up to the upper
    level eventually, so why not do it now? If you wish to look for items on
    the lower level, however, there's a RATION around the center of the area,
    at the east side near some boxes, and MEDICINE in the northwest by the
    large box against the north wall.
    Turn your computer off right now. Cut the cord -- the mission is a
    failure. Honestly though, you've been reading this walkthrough for a long
    time now. Can't you just play the game yourself? You'll ruin your eyes
    sitting so close to the computer screen, stop it right now. You must
    continue your m-mission. I need scissors! 61!
    On the upper level, once up the stairs, press against the north wall, with
    an Arsenal Tengu just around the corner. Wait for him to turn around and
    move back north, then run west over the walkway bridge to the west side of
    the upper level, and move to the south when over there to find BOX 5 near
    the railing (if you found this box in the Big Shell, it's already in your
    gear, but you don't have your gear right now). This box matches the
    surroundings of Arsenal Gear and works very well when hiding.
    Moving on from the west side of the upper level, move north with Box 5
    equipped, and you'll come across a surveillance camera on the wall by the
    next walkway bridge. You can slip by under the camera's blind spot with
    the box equipped if you're right next to the wall, but you can also do it
    another way. First of all, there's a Tengu in the north and might see you
    if he's close by. When the Tengu is far away, unequip the box and move
    under camera's blind spot while pressed against the wall, however, move on
    the wall when the camera is looking to the north, and continue north when
    it's looking to the south.
    Once you're past the camera when the nearby Tengu isn't looking, just set
    down with your box beside the box-object just past the camera, and start
    watching the Tengu's patterns so you can get by him. What you'll notice is
    that the Tengu moves from his southerhmost position, right near you and
    your box, north to the next walkway bridge, and without looking behind
    him, he walks a bit down the bridge. So you can follow him when he moves
    north, and move past him once he moves on the bridge. Just remember to be
    quick and quiet at the same time.
    With your Box equipped like always, start following the Tengu once he
    moves north, keeping your distance for some insurance, and stop behind him
    when he stops and looks at the bridge. When he moves onto the bridge,
    continue moving north. You can continue all the way north if you didn't
    make your move too late; if you did, you might want to set down beside the
    tall box object just past the bridge. If you do so, wait for the Tengu to
    start moving back south until you continue north.
    By now you've probably noticed the several mass-produced Metal Gear RAY's
    in the hangar -- just be glad that they're not in use right now. Anyway,
    continuing northward at the west side of the upper level, and stop at the
    last walkway bridge, near the north wall. Look east through the hole in
    your box and take note of the Tengu's walking pattern -- the one in the
    northeast of the area. You might want to get a little closer though.
    If you stand up with no box equipped, when no one is looking, you'll
    notice a door past the Tengu's path in the northeast -- that's where
    you'll want to go to meet Snake. Past this walkway bridge on the east wall
    is a surveillance camera that you'll have to get past. Wait for the Tengu
    to be somewhere not near you, and when the camera looks to the north, run
    down the pathway and set down with your box just under the camera.
    From here through your box's hole, you'll notice that the Tengu's
    southernmost point is close to the surveillance camera, but he won't see
    you if you're under the camera with the box. Anyway, from there he turns
    around and then starts down the east pathway to the door, leaving an open
    opportunity for you to get to a better vantage point. You'll notice a long
    box object to the north, near the wall -- when the camera is facing to the
    south, run north and hide behind the box in the north.
    Wait for the Tengu to come back to this hallway and move south, then
    quickly make your move. Very speedily run south around the box and run
    east down the hallway to the door, and go through it.
    Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon
    Just like in the last area, you'll receive transmissions from the Colonel
    around every ten seconds, but this time you'll have to answer them in
    order to continue, even though they're manual calls (meaning you'll have
    to press Select to answer them). Snake isn't anywhere to be seen, so check
    the area out meanwhile. Run all the wall north to discover that the door
    won't open. Run back south and all the way to the south door to find a
    RATION, and also that the door there won't open either.
    If you've answered a few Codec calls, a video clip of a Japanese woman
    is displayed in place of your soliton radar. Throughout the whole clip,
    your Codec will be sounding off like crazy, but the video clip will stop
    if you answer a call while it's on. The clip will go on for some time --
    once it's over or whenever you want, answer your Codec. After some MGS1
    and some just completely random Codec calls, you'll receive a call from
    Rose. Once it's over, a cutscene will play.
    Snake is finally here... About time, man. Raiden puts back on his gear --
    everything you had from when you were captured is still in your equipment.
    Via Codec, Snake mentions that there are 25 Metal Gear RAY's that you
    may have to fight. After talking on the Codec, Snake will hand you an
    HF.BLADE (High Frequency Blade) that Olga left for you. Snake will tell
    you how to use it and you'll be given a time to play with your new toy.
    Move the right analog stick up and down to perform a vertical slice, and
    move it left and right for a horizontal slice. Turn the right analog stick
    around in a circle (360 degrees) to perform and spinning sweep. Push in
    the right analog stick (R3) to thrust the blade forward. Hold L1 without
    executing an attack with the blade and Raiden will hold the blade
    horizontally and can even deflect a bullet or two. One last thing, which
    Snake doesn't tell you, if you press Square when the blade is equipped,
    Raiden will switch the function of the blade -- lethal or non-lethal (non-
    lethal is like punching someone, while lethal is like shooting someone).
    While practicing with the HF Blade, you'll probably discover that you can
    try out some moves on Snake, but he'll punch and kick or even shoot at you
    if you do, although you can easily get away. In fact, you can even knock
    out the legendary Solid Snake. Switch the function of the blade to non-
    lethal and swipe Snake a few times. To avoid his attacks, run away after
    knocking him down. Once he's knocked out, you can drag his body around,
    and his dogtags will fall out when you drop him.
    The practice session will end after a while, and Snake and Raiden will get
    ready to move on to the next area in a cutscene. Snake tells you that if
    you run out of ammo, you can have his. Snake has infinite ammo, thanks to
    his bandanna. If you need any ammo, he'll toss you some, but only for the
    M4 and SOCOM since he doesn't have anything else. Snake and Raiden move on
    to the next area after a Codec conversation. In another hangar, Otacon
    calls Snake and Raiden, and Raiden tells him about the Colonel's
    transmissions, and he'll look into it for you. If you need anything else,
    contact his frequency -- it's 141.12.
    Arsenal Gear - Illeum
    After talking on the Codec, a Cypher comes out of nowhere and spots Snake
    and Raiden, and you'll enter alert mode. Thanks to the Cypher, you'll have
    to fight an army of Arsenal Tengus as they continuously jump out of
    nowhere. Just like the last hangar, there are two levels -- the Tengus
    will be on both levels, so you'll have to watch yourself. Not only will
    they shoot from up there, they can also jump down to the lower level. Take
    note of the different types of Arsenal Tengus here -- there are some with
    P90's and some with HF Blades. The ones with the blades can deflect some
    bullets -- keep shooting them and they'll eventually take some hits and
    Even though you just got the HF Blade, it's probably best for you to use
    an assualt rifle for this area. If you stick to the M4 or SOCOM and run
    out of ammo, Snake will toss you M4 BULLET X 30 or SOCOM BULLET X 12,
    whichever you need, so pick it up if this happens. The SOCOM works pretty
    well in this hangar, and you may be surprised by its effectiveness,
    however, enemies are usually far away and assualt rifles generally work
    better here. You can still use the blade, however, you'll have to run up
    to enemies, consequently losing more health, most likely. Although the
    only assulat rifle Snake will throw you ammo for is the M4, feel free to
    use the AKS-74u, just try to conserve ammo when shooting.
    At the beginning Snake will start shooting Tengus ahead of him -- join in
    and do the same. Make good use of the lock-on function with your guns by
    holding L1 -- this will make things might easier. After a little shooting,
    Snake will crouch and press against one of the boxes at either side of the
    room, so do the same, but on the other side. If there are any remaining
    enemies, take them out with jump out shots.
    Enemies won't only shoot you, and they'll actually shoot at Snake a lot.
    Take advantage when you're not being shot at and take out any enemies you
    can see, especially the ones shooting Snake, since he has health, too.
    Once all enemies in this section are down, move away from the box and run
    deeper into the room, and Snake will follow you. More Tengus will enter
    the area for you to kill again. Look up on the upper level as well as
    right in front of when you shooting the enemies. Snake crouch by a box
    again, but you can continue killing the enemies. Move on to the next
    section once all these guys are dead.
    Do the same thing for this section as the Tengus come, and the same for
    the rest of the entire area. If you ever need health, Snake will throw you
    a RATION. Once you get to the end of the area, it can be a good idea to
    use the blade, if you want to use it. Since enemies will be closer to you,
    things wll be easier. Run up to them and swipe them a few times, or use the
    spinning sweep to instantly kill one or even a few enemies instantly, if
    they're close enough. If you ever want to shoot while running in third
    person, hold X while holing Square.
    Once all the enemies are dead, the door at the end of the hangar will open
    and Otacon will call you, regarding the Colonel. Afterwards, Snake and
    Raiden will continue to the next area through the door.
    Arsenal Gear - Sigmoid Colon
    After the Codec conversation, grab the RATION in front of you and go
    through the doorway into the large circular room ahead. Run to the center
    of the room and a cutscene will play. A swarm of Tengus jump from above
    and surround Raiden and Snake. It looks like you'll have to take them out.
    Use the same strategies as in the hangar just before. Snake will toss you
    M4 BULLET X 30 or SOCOM BULLET X 12 if you ever need the ammo, so watch
    out for it when you're running low.
    At the beginning of the massive battle, Raiden will have the SOCOM
    equipped. Instead of putting it away and taking something else out,
    actually give it a try. It will probably surprise by how well it actually
    works, honestly. In third person, fire a few quick shots at enemies in the
    screen and it will kill them rather quickly, especially since Snake is
    making such a big distraction with his noisy M4.
    Same as before, there are the two kinds of Tengus: ones with P90s and ones
    with HF Blades. The Tengus with the blades can be more tricky to
    eliminate here in this open space, but you can run up to them while
    shooting and bump into them. Then move behind them and kill them from
    there. After killing a few HF Blade Tengus, killing the ones with P90s is
    like slicing butter.
    As I already mentioned, use the same strategies from the previous area in
    this large open area. While shooting in third person, hold X so you can
    run at the same time, which makes things easier for you and harder for
    the Tengus. You'll notice that as you kill the Tengus, more will jump down
    from above. If you look up in first person at the east and west sides of
    the area, you'll see ledges up there, and the Tengus come from the doors
    up there. They move rather quickly, though, so it's probably best to wait
    for them to come down to you until you shoot them, especially since you'll
    very likely be shot by another Tengu already on the main floor if you stop
    and look up there.
    After a while of shooting, a screen will come up that says "Fission
    Mailed", which is very identical to the "Mission Failed" screen, however,
    it is just a trick that the Colonel is probably trying to do. Anyway, the
    battle will still continue in the small screen at the top left and you can
    move around like you normally would, which may be somewhat difficult to
    do, but it looks really cool. The screen will go back to normal after a
    bit and you'll fight with the normal screen again.
    Continue fighting the Tengus with the same strategies, or try the HF
    Blade. It works better in this area than the last because some Tengus
    usually land right beside each other, and they always land on the sides
    of the area. Find a common place where they land and stick around there.
    Take the Tengus out as they land, and when two or more land in the same
    spot, perform the spinning sweep by moving the right analog stick in a
    After more fighting, the "Fission Mailed" screen will come up again. Keep
    on running around the room and blasting away your gun or continue using
    the HF Blade to eliminate the Tengus. The screen will go back to normal
    again, and a cutscene will play once you and Snake have taken care of
    around 50 Arsenal Tengus. In the cutscene, Raiden will move up a ladder,
    leaving Snake behind at his request.
    Arsenal Gear - Rectum
    After the cutscene of Solidus talking from somewhere, he'll continue while
    you are given the opportunity to move around. You might want to take the
    time to practice using the HF Blade, because you'll only be able to use it
    later in the game. Also feel free to play around in a cardboard box or
    something, if that's what you want to do. Once Solidus is done talking,
    another cutscene will play.
    Several Metal Gears are seen coming towards Raiden in the cutscene and it
    looks like they want to fight you. And yes, you'll have to fight back.
    BOSS: Metal Gear RAY Army
    Once you've gotten over the fact that there are three Metal Gears in front
    of you, as well as many more in the distance, you'll have to destroy them.
    The best weapon, and pretty much the only weapon, for this fight is the
    Stinger, with its lock-on capabilities. You probably won't know exactly
    where to shoot RAY yet, but if you call Otacon, he'll tell you to aim for
    RAY's head section. Start off by equipping the Stinger, and fire a locked-
    on missle at the head of the Metal Gear RAY right in front of you, the
    middle one.
    As already mentioned, Otacon tells you to aim for RAY's head section,
    although that's not the only area you can shoot. When looking at a Metal
    Gear RAY with the Stinger equipped, you'll see three green squares around
    selected areas, which are the head and both legs. You can lock-on to these
    three areas with your Stinger, however, only hitting the head causes
    damage. Whenever you fire a missile at a RAY's leg, it will stumble over
    on the "injured" leg, not causing any damage, though, and it will get back
    up. Shooting a RAY's leg isn't pointless, though, because it can be
    sufficient to prevent attacks if you don't have enough time to aim for the
    This battle will be very long and difficult, so be sure to have your
    Rations equipped at all times so Raiden will automatically use one if his
    life bar fuly drains. If you don't have any, try not to worry too much
    about it, since some will appear during the fight. Having at least one or
    two Rations really helps, however. Anyway, if you call Otacon again, he'll
    tell you that you should be able to throw a Chaff Grenade to confuse the
    Metal Gear RAYs for a moment. Toss a Chaff Grenade and run around so that
    you're not hit if one of the RAYs shoots at you.
    When the Chaff explodes, you'll notice the three RAYs shaking a bit, but
    that's not all it does. The Metal Gears can attack with their lock-on
    missiles, which come from their backs, even when a Chaff Grenade is
    thrown, however, the ability of the missiles locked-on to you won't work.
    If you stand still, they'll hit you, but not if you run somewhere else.
    Normally when lock-on missiles are fired from RAY's back, four right after
    each other, they will lock-on to you, and you'll hear a beeping sound with
    the intervals shortening -- you might want to run when you hear this. No,
    seriously, RUN! Whenever these missiles are fired, they won't hit you if
    you constantly run around the area, by not if you run back and forth a
    meter or two, or in small circles, or anything like that. When the
    missiles hit the ground they will explode, inflicting a lot of damage and
    knocking you down if near the explosion. When you're running away from the
    missiles, they'll explode right behind you as you run, however, not if you
    start running seconds before the missiles hit the ground (they'll hit you
    if you do this).
    Whenever you throw a Chaff, the missiles will lock-on to your initial
    position, which happens when they are fired with Chaff particles already
    in the air or when a Chaff Grenade explodes when the missiles are in the
    air, however, they will stay locked-on to that position due to the
    interference. So whenever the Chaff particles are in the air and missiles
    are fired from the back of RAY, you only need to run a few meters to
    escape the radius of the explosion. And when a Chaff explodes while a
    missile is in the air, run away from your current position to escape the
    Sometimes lock-on missiles will be fired over and over among the three
    Metal Gear RAYs, even while some missiles are already in the air, but
    you'll just have to deal with it. To take action, toss a Chaff Grenade
    while you're running from the missiles to cause confusion to the lock-on
    system. Take the time to run away from your current position and fire a
    Stinger missile at one of the RAYs.
    Metal Gear RAY also has two other attacks from the position off the
    platform your on. One of the attacks is a simple machine gun firing from
    RAY's left arm. Whenever you see one of the Metal Gears moving their left
    arm in front of them, they're probably getting ready to perform this
    attack. If you try to fire a missile at one to stop it and it hits its
    arm, it won't do anything except look like it did something (a lot of red
    gush will come out). But if you hit one of its legs, it will stop the
    attack (the arm blocks the head, so the legs are really your only
    The other attack is a light discharge attack, which is done every often
    and will very seldomly hit you even when the Metal Gears decide to use the
    attack. The attack is a discharge or blue light, aimed at the large
    platform you're on. It will steadily aim at one spot at first, then it
    will move slightly towards the inside of the battle platform, but in a
    straight line, which is easy to avoid. If it hits you, it won't inflict
    very much damage, so don't worry about it.
    RAY's most common attack is the lock-on missiles, so you'll have to do a
    good job dodging those. Throw a Chaff Grenade whenever you can to give you
    an opportunity to run away from your current position and fire Stinger
    missiles at the RAYs. Whenever you're running away from the lock-on
    missiles, don't feel that you have to constantly be running. If you see
    another RAY fire lock-on missiles just before the ones in the air explode,
    you should easily be able to stop when the current missiles explode and
    fire a Stinger missile at it and start up running again -- just do it
    Try to balance out among the three Metal Gear RAYs when shooting missiles
    at them, because it will come to your advantage later on. But if you're
    not plainly trying to damage RAY, meaning you're trying to prevent or stop
    an attack, you don't always have to aim for RAY's head section -- you can
    also aim for the legs. It won't cause any damamge but will do the job in
    preventing or stopping the attack. However, always try to aim for the head
    if you can, unless you don't have much time and only manage to lock-on to
    the legs, but both are always sufficient for preventing attacks.
    By now, there will probably be six boxes of STINGER BULLET X 10 around
    the battle area, one at each vertex of the third innermost hexagon on the
    floor. And if you need health there will be a RATION in the center of the
    innermost hexagon on the floor. All these items reappear throughout the
    battle, so pick them up if you need them.
    After a while, the first RAY will jump up on the large platform you're on.
    If you're very close to it when it lands or if it steps on you, you'll
    lose some health and fall to the floor. Anyway, now that one RAY is up
    here, it'll try to introduce another, and essentially the best, attack to
    you. The attack is firing two lock-on missiles from it's legs; one from
    each. This attack is difficult to avoid because of the speed and how close
    the missiles start to you.
    To avoid these missiles, immediately start running perpendicular to where
    the missiles come from (run to the left or right, not towards the missiles
    or towards the camera, because the missiles will hit you if you do so),
    unless you're running forward at the left or right side of RAY -- in this
    case, continue running that way. If you only run, however, the missiles
    will hit you. But if you perform a cartwheel just before the missiles get
    to you, you should get out of the way. Try to perfect this motion -- if
    you cartwheel to early and land, you won't be moving and the missiles will
    hit you. And if you cartwheel to late, well, I think you know what will
    You can safely avoid this attack a lot of the time by not allowing RAY to
    do it. Whenever RAY is about to shoot the lock-on missiles from his legs,
    it will usually move its legs up and dowm a bit (not always, though) and
    then set them down and stand still for a moment. If you shoot a Stinger
    missile while it's doing this, it won't be able to try it again until
    after it's hit, allowing you to do the same thing. In short, shoot a
    missile at RAY whenever you see it standing still, looking at you, unless
    it's already too late and it's already just about to fire at you.
    You shouldn't always try to do this, though, because you should be trying
    to balance out the health bars of all the Metal Gear RAYs so that one
    doesn't have too much health when it gets its turn to come up on the
    platform. Another method you can do, though, is run around the battle area
    to the side of RAY while it's getting ready to shoot the missiles. Because
    then it will have to turn to face you and start all over again, although
    sometimes it doesn't work.
    If you're ever running away from locked-on missiles from one of the outer
    Metal Gears and you see that the Metal Gear on the platform is ready to
    fire the special lock-on missiles, continue running and cartwheel when
    necessary, to avoid the special missiles, as well as the other missiles
    from one of the outsider RAYs.
    Also when a Metal Gear is on the platform, it will usually try its machine
    gun attack. If RAY is far away from you when it does this, you should be
    okay and you should be able to run towards the camera on an angle, away
    from the bullets, to avoid the attack, but if RAY is close to you, it
    becomes more difficult. But do try to run away from the camera at an
    angle, away from the bullets, and you should be able to get away.
    Try to take note of which health bar matches which Metal Gear -- that way
    you can quickly get one off the platform to progress in the battle,
    letting another Metal Gear jump on the platform and another one enter the
    area. Once you drain the health bar of the Metal Gear currently on the
    platform, it will shortly leave the stage and go back to the others, and
    another Metal Gear will get its turn to get up real close to you.
    The Stinger is the only weapon you should truly use in the battle. You can
    also use the RGB6 at close range by aiming up high enough, and you can
    also use the Nikita, however, these weapons are very ineffective and
    either can't get to the head or it is very difficult to do, making them
    pretty much useless. Stick to the Stinger for the entire fight -- it's
    very effective and there should be plenty enough ammo around the battle
    Once you've killed five Metal Gear RAYs on Normal, the battle will end in
    a cutscene. On Hard you will have to destroy 20, and 25 on Extreme. Good
    After a few awesome cutscenes roll, you'll be asked if you want to save.
    No, that wasn't the final battle and the game is not over yet, believe it
    or not. It might be smart to save.
    After the save option there will be an interactive cutscene, with Solidus
    in front of you. He'll pick Raiden up and try to suck the air out of him
    again, although it's harder than before -- INSANELY harder. Tap Triangle
    as quickly as you possibly can. Don't worry when your oxygen gauge runs
    out; that's bound to happen. After your oxygen gauge runs out, your health
    will start to drain, but do continue tapping Triangle like crazy, even if
    you're health is almost all gone. Just be happy if you live the excercise.
                       N  E  W   Y  O  R  K   C  I  T  Y
    Welcome to the Big Apple.
    07 // f e d e r a l  h a l l
    Federal Hall......................................................[pla_07]
         "We're all born with an expiration date. No one lasts forever."
    Federal Hall
    After several more cutscenes and arriving in New York City, Campbell will
    call you. After the strange conversation, Solidus will continue talking to
    you on the roof of Federal Hall, and the final battle will begin.
    BOSS: Solidus Snake
    Checking your weapons, all you'll have is the HF.BLADE that Solidus just
    threw to you, since you presumably lost all your weapons to Solidus back
    on the top of Arsenal Gear. You better hope you're good enough with the
    HF Blade or you're in for a beating. Brace yourself!
    Just as a note, you have the option of choosing between using the lethal
    HF Blade or the non-lethal one, and these correspond to each of the health
    bars at the top of the screen (just like any other fight). The end result
    is the exact same and the only reason to use the non-lethal blade is that
    this will not count as a kill among your game stats once the fight is
    over (irrelevant unless going for a no kill run). To switch between the
    blades, press Square and watch the HF Blade box at the bottom right. Red
    is lethal and blue is non-lethal.
    At the beginning of the fight, very quickly run up to Solidus just in
    front of you and swipe him three times, knocking him to the ground. Keep
    that in mind, too -- if you hit if three times in a row, he'll fall to the
    ground. Once he gets up, he may streak across the roof to somewhere else,
    leaving a trail of fire behind him. If he does, get away from the fire as
    quickly as you can or you may be set ablaze -- if you set on fire, perform
    a few cartwheels and the fire should go out.
    The only item in the area is a RATION at the upper left corner on the
    roof. It won't reappear -- that's all you get, other than your own
    Rations. It also might be a smart idea to wear you Body Armor if you have
    The most effective attack with the blade is the up and down, and left and
    right strikes. Performing anything else just takes too much time or just
    isn't as effective. Whenever you strike with the effective attack listed
    above, Raiden will move forward a bit at each strike, which will come in
    handy whenever trying to get closer to Solidus, however, it will probably
    also become an annoyance when attacking from the front because Raiden may
    move off to the side, leaving himself open for attack.
    When you're right near Solidus, try to run towards him and slice him with
    the simple strikes. You'll notice that Solidus will defend himself by
    blocking his body with his two blade sometimes, and the only thing Raiden
    will cause are some sparks. When he's blocking your attacks, try to get
    behind him and strike him from there.
    A sly technique is to perform a cartwheel while running at Solidus so that
    you land just past him. He'll avoid the cartwheel attack, leaving his back
    open for attack -- swipe him a few times so he falls to the ground.
    Sometimes after Solidus gets up from the ground, as well as other times,
    he'll try to whip one of his mechanical arms at you if you're in his
    range, throwing you to the ground. To avoid this, just run away from him
    so that you're not in his range.
    Solidus has a few attacks, some of which you've already seen. His most
    basic attack is striking with his two HF Blades, which can hurt you quite
    a bit if he hits you. He may also kick you if you're near him sometimes,
    throwing you to the ground (yes, you're on a roof but you get the point).
    It's sometimes easy to avoid the quick kick because you can usually see it
    coming, and it becomes a majaor advantage because you can easily get
    behind him during and after the kick and strike him to the ground. To
    avoid a kick from Solidus when you see it coming, quickly pick a direction
    and perform a cartwheel that way, and Raiden should be out of the way in
    no time.
    Other attacks including his mechanical arms are grabbing you and throwing
    you to the ground, and firing missiles through the end of the arms. You
    should be able to avoid the missiles by running around them but you can
    also deflect them by holding L1 sometimes. L1 comes in more useful when
    Solidus is using his blades to strike at you, and you can block these
    attacks by holding L1.
    A rarer attack from Solidus is when he grabs you with his mechanical arms
    and holds you high up in the air. You'll notice an O2 gauge appear at the
    top left of the screen. Quickly tap Triangle to hold your breath and
    wiggle all the buttons on the controller to get out of the attack. If you
    escape the attack, which is very easy to do, you will fall back on the
    ground without any damage and you'll suprise Solidus and might be able to
    strike him. If you don't escape the attack, Solidus will slam you on the
    ground, inflicting a bit of damage. Speaking more about Solidus'
    mechanical arm, which is also an attack, although not threatening, he'll
    pull himself on the side of the building next to the roof and will jump
    back down after a few seconds. If he lands on you it will hurt, but it's
    very easy to avoid -- just keep running.
    If you stand near Solidus he may try an attack involving both his blades
    at once, using them equally to strike you from above. When he does this
    attack, it leaves his back open for around two seconds, allowing you to
    easily get behind him and strike him from there.
    Once Solidus' health bar is around half, he'll get rid of his mechanical
    arms. That would naturally seem as a relief, but it's not amazing news.
    Just like Solidus says, "this is where it gets interesting." Without the
    arms, he'll move more quickly and aggressively, sometimes streaking
    towards Raiden from nowhere and smacking him to the ground. Carefully
    avoid the fire in Solidus' wake and constantly run around so that he
    won't be able to hit you so easily when he comes at you. Another
    alternative is to just hold L1 while facing Solidus so that you block his
    blade attacks after he races towards you. After successfully blocking,
    take a few swipes to knock him to his ground and prepare for the same
    thing to keep happening.
    Be careful when blocking though. He may take a few swings so just wait
    until he looks vulnerable and then go at him. If he takes some swings and
    then does a lunge attack straight at you, strike him back right after that
    lunge since he should be vulnerable. If you choose to run around and wait
    for Solidus to swarm towards you, cartwheel just before he gets to you so
    that you can position yourself to swipe him and knock him down again.
    After knocking him down each time, it's advisable to run away and wait for
    him in another area.
    Whether you're doing this or the blocking method above, just repeat the
    process until the end. Always be wary of his kicks when he's in close
    proximity -- either block or get out of the way and wait for your time to
    strike again. Repeat until Solidus' health bar is drained and say your
    final farewell to the former US President.
    After defeating Solidus you've finished all the gameplay so just sit back
    and enjoy the ending cutscenes as well as a little surprise somewhere in
    there. You'll know it when you see it.
    10.                          I T E M  L I S T
    ITEM LIST........................................................[mgs2_10]
    Cardboard Box
    Wet Box
    Digital Camera
    Thermal Goggles
    Directional Microphone
    Level 1 PAN Card
    Level 2 PAN Card
    Level 3 PAN Card
    Level 4 PAN Card
    Level 5 PAN Card
    Uniform (B.D.U.)
    MO Disk
    Digital Camera
    Body Armor
    Cardboard Box 1
    Cardboard Box 2
    Cardboard Box 3
    Cardboard Box 4
    Cardboard Box 5
    Thermal Goggles
    Night Vision Goggles
    AP Sensor
    Sensor A
    Sensor B
    Mine Detector
    SOCOM Suppressor
    AKS-74u Suppressor
    Name: M9
    Location: Held from the beginning of the scenario.
    Notes: An M92F Beretta handgun modified to fit a suppressor and further
           modified to fire tranquilizer rounds, also equipped with a laser.
           The slide locks after each shot, and so the slide must be cocked
           again to continue fire. The effect of the round varies depending on
           where shot, and the head, heart, and crotch are ideal targets for
           instant take-out shots.
    Name: USP
    Location: Procured from Olga after defeating her on the Navigational deck.
    Notes: An HK .45 caliber USP tactical pistol, equipped with an LAM (laser
           aiming module) and an attached light. Powerful, but very loud. Use
           caution when using, and try not to alert any nearby guards.
    Name: Cardboard Box
    Location: In the storage room, Deck-D Crew's quarters.
    Notes: Use for cover, but only in reasonable locations with surrounding
           objects. Sit still while equipped next to another set of boxes or
           in another reasonable area, off to the side of a hallway or a path
           in a room. If a guard is suspicious he will not hesitate to lift up
           the box and see you.
    Name: Wet Box
    Location: On the elevated platform, Navigational Deck, starboard wing.
    Notes: Very similar to the regular cardboard box however it can only be
           used outside on the rainy deck.
    Name: Camera
    Location: Carried by Snake at the beginning of the Tanker chapter.
    Notes: Use to take photos of Metal Gear in the cargo holds. Press Circle
           to zoom in, X to zoom out, and square to take a photo.
    Name: Digital Camera
    Location: Carried by Snake at the beginning of the Tanker chapter after
              having beaten it once or more previously.
    Notes: Use to take photos at your own leisure. Press Circle to zoom in, X
           to zoom out, and square to take a photo.
    Name: Cigs
    Location: Held by Snake at the beginning of the Tanker chapter.
    Notes: Equip to blow smoke on motion lasers to make them visible. Also
           helpful for steadying aim. Snake loses health while Cigs are
           equipped so don't use them for too long at a time.
    Name: Binoculars
    Location: Held by Snake at the beginning of the Tanker chapter.
    Notes: Use as a scope to get a closer view of whatever you want. Use
           Circle to zoom in and X to zoom out.
    Name: Thermal Goggles
    Location: Up the ladder on the platform at the top of the mast,
              Navigational Deck.
    Notes: Equip to view your environment by measures of heat. Useful for
           locating personnel and laser beams.
    Name: M9
    Location: Inside the southeast storage room on 1F, of Strut F Warehouse
              (Normal or higher). Held from the beginning of the game on Easy
              or lower.
    Notes: An M92F Beretta handgun modified to fit a suppressor and further
           modified to fire tranquilizer rounds, also equipped with a laser.
           The slide locks after each shot, and so the slide must be cocked
           again to continue fire. The effect of the round varies depending on
           where shot, and the head, heart, and crotch are ideal targets for
           instant take-out shots.
    Name: SOCOM
    Location: Handed to Raiden from Pliskin in one of the cutscenes after the
              shootout in Strut B Transformer Room.
    Notes: An HK .45 caliber SOCOM (Special Operations Command) Mk23 tactical
           pistol, equipped with an LAM (laser aiming module) and with a
           barrel thread that can fit a suppressor. Very similar to the USP in
           almost every aspect. A very loud gun, and so it's extremely
           necessary to attach the suppressor when it is found.
    Name: M4
    Location: Inside the west storage room at the center of 1F, Strut F
              Warehouse, which requires a Level 2 PAN Card.
    Notes: A Model 4 Advanced 1 (M4A1) 5.56mm carbine, standard issue of the
           US Military and US Navy SEALs, equipped with a laser. An accurate
           and effective rifle, widely considered one of the best modern
           rifles, and firearms for that matter, in the world.
    Name: AKS-74u
    Location: Inside the large storage room at the north of B1, Strut F
              Warehouse, which requires a Level 2 PAN Card. 
    Notes: A small, "mini" version of the Automat Kalashnikov Model 74
           (AKS-74), as a special purpose 5.56 mm assault rifle, equipped with
           a laser and a foldable stock. Also fits a suppressor. Its
           grandfather, the AK-47, is the most widely known, used, respected,
           durable, and consistent weapon in the word; and the AKS-74u takes
           part of that respect as it is a very consistent and versatile
           firearm. The AKS-74u is required to sneak into the Shell 1 Core and
           perform your hostage duties.
    Name: PSG1
    Location: Inside the east storage room at the center of 1F, Strut F
              Warehouse, which requires a Level 3 PAN Card.
    Notes: An HK PSG1 7.62mm semi-automatic sniper rifle, complete with a
           scope and laser. Very accurate and powerful, but always aim for
           the head.
    Name: PSG1-T
    Location: Inside the vent in the east storage room at the center of 1F,
              Strut F Warehouse, which requires a Level 3 PAN Card.
    Notes: An HK PSG1 semi-autmatic sniper rifle modified to fire silenced
           tranquilizer rounds. Very accurate and effective at far distances.
           Although a shot in the heart will work, aim for the head for better
           and more consistent results.
    Name: RGB6
    Location: Inside the northwest storage room, Strut F Warehouse, which
              requires a Level 3 PAN Security Card.
    Notes: A six-round semi-automatic grenade launcher. Launched Grenades have
           around the same power and blast radius as regular Grenades.
           Generally can't shoot very far, especially with accuracy, and
           therefore best at short to medium range.
    Name: Nikita
    Location: Straight ahead at the end of the watery corridor, after crawling
              into the water of the Shell 2 B1 Filtration Chamber No. 1. It
              will be somewhere else in the area on high difficulty levels.
    Notes: A remote controlled missile launcher, capable of guiding missiles
           while they're in the air. Missiles fly at a fairly slow pace at
           first, but speed up if aren't manipulated. Each guided missile runs
           on fuel, and the missiles blow up once this fuel runs out. Drive
           a missile into the target to destroy it, be it a person or object. 
    Name: Stinger
    Location: Thrown to Raiden by Pliskin on the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge,
              during the Harrier boss fight.
    Notes: An FIM-92 Stinger infrared homing surface-to-air missile launcher.
           Locks on to targets with homing missiles and is capable of
           destroying basically any type of aircraft and landcraft.
    Name: Coolant
    Location: Obtained from Stillman, Strut C Dining Hall.
    Notes: Use to freeze C4 found throughout the plant and put out fires. Can
           also be used to wake up unconcious or sleeping guards. Can only be
           used in first person. Equip and hold Square to spray once close
           enough to your target. Upon procuring, it can be equipped from the
           weapon selection menu.
    Name: Directional Microphone
    Location: Near the node in the Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room.
    Notes: Point at a target to listen in on converations. It is used
           automatically in some cases (although you still have to aim it to
           use it effectively), however it can also be used for fun in other
           cases. Upon procuring, it can be equipped from the weapon selection
    Name: Level 1 PAN Card
    Location: Handed to Raiden by Stillman in a cutscene, Strut C Dining Hall.
    Notes: Permits access to all doors in the Big Shell with a "1" marking or
    Name: Level 2 PAN Card
    Location: Given to Raiden by the Ninja after defeating Fatman, Strut E
    Notes: Permits access to all doors in the Big Shell with a "2" marking or
    Name: Level 3 PAN Card
    Location: Acquired from Ames in the hostage room, Shell 1 Core, B2.
    Notes: Permits access to all doors in the Big Shell with a "3" marking or
    Name: Level 4 PAN Card
    Location: Obtained from the President, Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification
    Notes: Permits access to all doors in the Big Shell with a "4" marking or
    Name: Level 5 PAN Card
    Location: Procured from Emma after bringing her to the Level 5 door on the
              KL connecting bridge.
    Notes: Permits access to all doors in the Big Shell with a "5" marking or
    Name: Uniform (B.D.U.)
    Location: Procured from the Ninja after beating Fatman, Strut E heliport.
    Notes: The same uniform that the Shell 1 Core soldiers wear. Carrying an
           AK while wearing this uniform will fit you right in with them and
           no one will be the wiser. Just don't do anything irregular or bump
           into other soldiers (the latter of which unequips the uniform).
    Name: MO Disk
    Location: Obtained from the President, Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification
    Notes: Used in a cutscene in the Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
    Name: Digital Camera
    Location: Inside the room down the stairs in the Strut E Parcel Room
              basement (requires Level 5 card) after having previously beaten
              the game.
    Notes: Use to take photos at your own leisure. Press Circle to zoom in, X
           to zoom out, and square to take a photo.
    Name: Body Armor
    Location: Near a mine in the submerged Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber
              No. 2.
    Notes: Wear to decrease damage inflicted.
    Name: Cardboard Box 1
    Location: On a platform in the pipe maze, Strut A Pump Room.
    Notes: Equip for cover. Useful among other boxes and out of the way.
    Name: Cardboard Box 2
    Location: Inside the southwest room, Strut F Warehouse (requires Level 1
    Notes: Equip for cover. Useful among other boxes and out of the way.
    Name: Cardboard Box 3
    Location: Near the shelf on the roof, Strut E helipad.
    Notes: Equip for cover. Useful among other boxes and out of the way.
    Name: Cardboard Box 4
    Location: Right by the node in the Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room.
    Notes: Equip for cover. Useful among other boxes and out of the way.
    Name: Cardboard Box 5
    Location: On the end platform of a conveyor belt near the node, Strut E
              Parcel Room
    Notes: Equip for cover. Useful among other boxes and out of the way.
    Name: Shaver
    Location: On the other side of the fence at the beginning of the Plant
              chapter, Strut A Deep Sea Dock. Hang on the railing by the water
              and shimmy across to get past the fence.
    Notes: Raiden gives this to Pliskin when they first meet and this changes
           Pliskin's facial appearance later on in the game. If you don't get
           it in the first place, nothing will happen.
    Name: Cigs
    Location: Acquired from Pliskin in the Strut B Transformer Room.
    Notes: Equip to blow smoke on motion lasers to make them visible. Also
           helpful for steadying aim. Raiden loses health while Cigs are
           equipped so don't use them for too long at a time.
    Name: Binoculars
    Location: Held by Raiden from the start of the Plant chapter.
    Notes: Use as a scope to get a closer view of whatever you want. Use
           Circle to zoom in and X to zoom out.
    Name: Thermal Goggles
    Location: In a locker in the locker room where Emma is hiding, Shell 2
              Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No. 2.
    Notes: Equip to view your environment by measures of heat. Useful for
           locating personnel and laser beams.
    Name: Night Vision Goggles
    Location: Inside the middle north room in the submerged Shell 2 Core, B1
              Filtration Chamber No. 1.
    Notes: Allows you to see effectively in the dark and underwater.
    Name: AP Sensor
    Location: Held by Raiden from the start of the Plant chapter.
    Notes: Detects the presence of enemy soldiers. Vibrates when enemies are
           close. The more intense the vibration, the closer the soldier(s).
    Name: Sensor A
    Location: Acquired from Stillman, Strut C Dining Hall.
    Notes: Detects C4's with Fatman's signature scent. Displays a yellow cloud
           on your radar when a baby C4 is nearby -- this is the general area
           of that C4.
    Name: Sensor B
    Location: Inside the empty pantry after diffusing all the baby C4's, Strut
              C Dining Hall.
    Notes: Detects C4's that do not have the same scent as the baby C4's (C4's
           that Sensor A cannot detect). Instead of providing a range on your
           radar the Sensor will beep when close the unscented C4's. The
           more rapid the beeps the closer you are to the C4's.
    Name: Mine Detector
    Location: Down the stairs and at the end of the hallway under the box
              distribution area, Strut E Parcel Room.
    Notes: Detects mines and displays them on your radar as yellow cones.
           Crawl over these coned areas to pick up the claymores in their
           places (do not walk over these areas before doing so).
    Name: SOCOM Suppressor
    Location: On the far side of the southeastern room on the basement floor,
              Strut F Warehouse, blocked off by some boxes. You must enter the
              room on the other side of the hallway and use the vent in the
              room to go to the other side of the eastern room and get it.
    Notes: Attach to the SOCOM to suppress your fire. Once attached it cannot
           be removed.
    Name: AKS-74u Suppressor
    Location: Behind a patch of fire along the alternate path of the Shell 1-2
              connecting bridge.
    Notes: Attach to the AKS-74u to supress your fire. Once attached it cannot
           be removed.
    11.                           C R E D I T S
    - Thanks to GameFAQs and IGN for hosting this FAQ
    - Thanks to Hideo Kojima and Konami for making one of the best games ever
    - Thanks to Harry Gregson-Williams for creating a top quality soundtrack
      and the best ever MGS theme
    - Thanks to everyone that uses this FAQ
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