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Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation was one of the all time great games. It combined exciting stealth based gameplay with a very engrossing spy drama like story. It was quite possibly the greatest Playstation game ever made. MGS2 is probably the most hyped game ever and the reason a lot of people bought a PS2. Is it worth it? In Stone Cold Steve Austin's immortal words, Oh Hell Yeah.
You play the role of Solid Snake, the hero from the previous games. You infiltrate a military tanker which is supposed to be carrying a Metal Gear prototype which is designed to wipe the floor with the other Metal Gears. Assisting you in your mission is Otacon, the engineer from MGS. Your mission is to expose the military's attempts to keep Metal Gear under wraps and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. What follows is the greatest story of any video game ever in my opinion.
There are a whole bunch of twists and surprises throughout the game. What makes them so great is the addition of a whole bunch of great characters to go on with the few holdovers from the previous game. Just like Metal Gear Solid, there are a bunch of super villains roaming the area. Each villain has special qualities unique to them. I'm not going to mention much about any of them, because the story is the best element of the game and I don't want to spoil it for you. Let's just say that there never is a dull moment in this game.
The game plays very well. You have the standard roll, crouch and crawl actions. There's also an action that allows you to jump off ledges and hang on to the edge to allow you to escape the enemy's eye. This feature is very useful as the enemies seem a lot more persistent this time around. There's also a first person view which you can use to aim your weapons precisely. This view is useful, not only in killing tough enemies, but also to just look around the room before entering. Of course, stealth is very important, and its a lot better if you just leave most of the enemies alone, instead of killing them or knocking them out. Thats because the AI is smarter now. If the enemies don't hear from their fallen comrades periodically, they'll send troops to check on them. You definitely don't want dead bodies or unconscious people lying around anywhere. The radar changes to alert mode whenever you are spotted. You can't see anything through the radar in this mode and the enemy really comes after you. After a while, it moves to Evasion mode, where the enemy can't see you, but know you are there. Then it moves on to a Caution mode which really lasts a while. Here the enemies back off a bit, but change their routes to cover more ground and consist of more people. You regain access of your radar here. After a while, about a minute or so, this mode goes away and things go back to normal. The best way to get by in the game, is to either sneak past the guards, or sneak up on them and break their necks. Or you could shoot them with tranquilizer darts to knock them out for a while. But, be sure to dispose of the bodies.
Metal Gear Solid 2 is heavy on storyline. So, there are a lot of cutscenes and FMVs throughout the game. If you are someone who just wants to play the game and don't really care about the story, this game isn't for you. You'll be missing out anyway, cause the story is just that good. In short, if you are even a casual fan of the Metal Gear series, this is a definite must buy. And even if you are not, you owe it to yourself to just try this game.

Graphics: 10.
The graphics are unbelievable. The amount of detail in the game is ridiculous. The animations are all smooth and very well done. Character design is great and has its little quirks. Snake's bandana flutters around in the wind. The raindrops are clearly visible when they strike an object and there are many minor graphical details throughout the game.

Sound: 10.
The soundtrack is great and fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly. The sound effects are very detailed and are excellent. The voice acting is very good too, with most of the characters having individual voice actors for them.

Gameplay: 10.
The controls are great and the game plays brilliantly. There are varying degrees of difficulty to choose from and more are unlocked after beating the game once. I've only played on Normal mode and its definitely not easy. But its also not frustratingly hard either. It strikes the perfect balance.

Replay Value: 10.
This is a game, you would want to play a bunch of times. The story is very complex and deep, that there is bound to be something you have missed. Also, in the main menu, there are options for you to view pictures which you take with your digital camera, and you can also view dog tags which you collect throughout the game.

Overall: 10.
This is quite possibly the greatest game ever made, and any video game fan should definitely try it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/15/01, Updated 11/15/01

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