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"Cold Turkey Review - Unbiased"

8?!? WHATTAYA MEAN 8?!? WHY, THIS IS THE GAME OF THE YEAR! Before you get ahead of yourself, you must imagine the people who give the game 'perfect' scores are most likely locked in the heat of the moment, feverishly writing a Review which reflects their excitement at any given time during the course of the game. I'll give it to you cold turkey: MGS2 is good, but it is unfaithful to the series in numerous ways.

-I'll begin with touching up open each of the subjects briefly before giving you my overall opinion.

Gameplay: 8/10

The gameplay is completely unrivaled in it's (albeit small) field. It's 'tactical espionage action', as implied, and it delivers on all fields. The amount of sheer activity in the game is amazing, making Kojima's masterpiece appear to be a motion picture rather than a collection of jumbled polygons working in unison upon your home television screen. I won't bore you with examples of Guard's behavior or the amount of torture you can place them in... but everything works together as a whole, while some other games may feel like broken snippets of an adventure. Playing the game is a rush (if you disregard some more hopeless parts of the storyline).

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics within MGS2 are good, but what I found so troubling is how the game failed to deliver within certain fields. Within the Demo that came packaged with Zone of the Enders, the rooms and areas were completely astonishing, breath-taking in their aspects and the amount of detail crammed into every area... however... the game lacks polish in all of the other areas; simply faltering beneath the gaming goodness which is the intial rooms which serve as both Newbie's training, and Veteran's playground.

Storyline: 7/10

Everybody questioned, pondered, and quirked about the game's plotpoints when Konami blessed the world with the demo.. fighting for explanations based on past easter eggs and story scenes from past games. However, while it is deep they have so many double crosses, double-double crosses, and meaningless dribble which soon loses it's metaphorical value . Meaning... simply... the characters begin with a point. A definition. However, as the game goes on, they seem to take that metaphor to definite and physical terms, losing it's concrete weight of 'depth'.
Sound: 9/10

The sound in the game is pretty standard, save for the more impressive effects and footsteps and that sort of thing.. expect the same familiar effects of a round escaping the barrel of a gun, guards squealing as Snake's fist crunches their jaw, and footsteps throttling over sterile junctioned steel and canvas. The music, however, is stellar. It's a combination of ambient tunes (though slightly forgettable.. you won't be whistling any of the tunes while you are on the john) and a series of varying pitched whistles while in 'Stealth' mode, which quickly picks up as you attract more attention to yourself and numerous bosses of the game present themself in their cinematic scenes.
Overall: 8/10 (Not An Average)

Now, I didn't touch up on 'Controls' because it is fairly standard, easy to pick-up and play but offering a certain level of excellence for those who wish to master it. The game is fairly short, having little or no reason for replay for PURPOSE. However! The sheer amount of combinations that one can use the gadgets and weaponry in the game to simply produce cinematic gunfights or live out your Secret Agent dreams -- it is highly recommended. Don't speed through the game.. absorb it. This is the reason you bought a PS2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/17/01, Updated 11/17/01

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