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Allright, I think we've (almost) all been looking forwards to November 14th, simply because it was the day that this masterpeice was released to the public, and at 11:00 am, on November 14th, I indeed picked up me pre-reserved copy (along with the strategy guide, because it was cheeper than it would normally be). Now, I have played every Metal Gear game, with the exception of the Game Boy Advance one, and I'll say this about MGS:2. I am both impressed, and slightly dissapointed at the same time.

First I'll tell you what I'm impressed with. First we have the attention to detail, this is a great feature. If you face one way, rain will slap against your face in first person view. However if you turn around and face the other way, the rain won't be in your face because it'll be blowing the other way in the wind. Also if you stay out in the rain too long, Snake will actually develop a cold and start to sneeze, thus alerting the guards. I've only played a little bit of it, and I think the graphics are the best I've seen from the system as of yet, Snake almost looks like a completely real human being.

Secondly, we are treated to the same voice actors from the original Metal Gear Solid. So those that loved Snake and Hal's voice from the first one, will get that delightful feeling of nostalgia. There is also a bit of humor tossed in. For example, if you look at a poster of a girl in a bikini in first person mode, and you call Hal on the codec, he'll give you a verbal bashing about doing your job. The opening cinema is incredible, and for those of you who didn't play the first the ''Secrets'' section, there is a 300+ page ''book'' written by one of the characters of the original game, explaining what happened in her own words.

Of course, no game is perfect and I do have some minor gripes. First off, there is NO VR TRAINING, and it's been a long time since the last game came out, and I'm sure alot of us need to brush up on the skills, especially considering there are new moves as well. Hal explains some of the stuff through the codec, but he does it very quickly and very vaugely, and then just tosses you into your mission. I died twice, just figuring out where to go, due to the ammount of soldiers in one area (you only start with a Tranq gun--at least if your playing in Normal Mode). Of course, sometimes a challenge is good..but I think every game should have at least a few very easy parts in the beginning for you to get used to the controls, and now especially with the lacking VR missions..this is something that painfully hurts the otherwise perfect game.

I'm thinking I'm going to go through the game in levels (very easy, and then easy, and then normal) as sort of a ''training'' for myself of sorts, and also to see if the story changes at any point between them. For those wanting to buy the Guide with is HUGE, however from what I've read it is vauge on what doors you should enter and what not, although I was able to figure out what it ment untill I ran into about seven soliders in one area (after one sighted me while I was attempting to tranq him).

Now, with the difficulty without training problem, the question it enough to keep the game from getting a perfect score? The answer..? No, it isn't. I have just reached the tip of the ice berg, and I am already amazed with how the game Devil May Cry, practice with the controls, makes perfect, as does practice in being covert. I've never bought a game just so I could beat it in a day, and this will be no different. This game gets five out of five stars, and I recommend..nay..I DEMAND, that you get this game. If you don't have a Playstation 2, then go out and buy one, just for this game..I have SPOKEN! (***** out of *****)

Originally, I was going to end the review there, however a few minutes ago (9:34 PM, Nov. 16th), I beat the game, and I felt that I could give it a better review. I will be happy to announce that you do get used to the controls eventually, to the point where it's nearly second nature. The cut-scenes in this game are the greatest scenes that I've ever seen, some scenes get you honestly feeling for the specific character, and Konami did a DAMN good job at this one. This game was simply a masterpeice, and a damn priveledge for me to play, and to think, I was originally not even going to buy it. I've talked to several people who say that none of the PS2 games are pretty good, well let me be the first to invite you to take your foot and shove it in your mouth. It will be a long time before you see a game that was worked so hard on as this, I guarrantee that, and one thing is for sure, as soon as I hear a mention of a Metal Gear Solid 3, I'm sleeping outside of the store just to pre-order. I can not begin to recommend this game enough.

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Originally Posted: 11/17/01, Updated 11/17/01

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