Review by Raven0uS

"A good game, but it doesn't live up to the hype."

You could say that this review is in fact a bit biased, because I am such a hard core Metal Gear Solid fan. I feel that the PSX reached it's point of perfection with MGS, and I expected no less from it's heir. I was a bit disappointed with a few aspects of the game, including the story, but overall it is a good game, and it should at least be rented by anyone who owns a Playstation 2.

Graphics - 9.0
MGS2's graphics would get a perfect score if they were actually consistent, but I feel that in some areas of the game detail is lacking. And, after playing through the entire game, it has become apparent that tanker scene that you play through in the demo is obviously a showcase of the games graphics. Much of the detail in the environment as well as texture quality is toned down after the tanker scene, and the graphics failed to impress me again until the final scenes of the game.

Sound - 9.5
MGS2's sound is very well done. Those who have the right equipment are in for a real treat. Almost every different surface you walk on makes very well done sounds that describe them. The different sounds of the gun and weather effects are also equally well done. The voice acting, while somewhat fake sounding at times, gets the job done. The theme at the beginning of the game is fabulous, and so are many of the musical scores played when you are caught, or when you are just generally sneaking around. However, I did feel that some of the parts with DD 5.1 were not so well done.

Gameplay - 8.0
The gameplay is pretty much left unchanged from the first Metal Gear but with a few additions. You can shoot radio's out of guards hands. You can put them to sleep and drag them around. There are all sorts of little things you can do with the environment as well. But the real thing that I was looking for in the game was: is the game more challenging? The answer is: not really. The boss fights were pretty much run of the mill. Their patterns were very easy to figure out, and I beat most of the bosses my first try. Granted, I did play the game through on Normal, but it was no harder than the first Metal Gear was on Normal. Once again there is no real motivation for sneaking. If you get caught, you can simply run through a door and you will be safe again. The guards all appear in the same places on your 2nd run through, so the replay aspect isn't that great either.

Story - 8.0
This is where my main gripe with the game is. If I judged a good story by how many plot twists it's creator could cram in, or how complex he could create it, this game would receive a perfect score. I can't tell you any specifics about the story because it would ruin it for you, but I just felt it would make a lot more sense, and it would be a lot more satisfying, if Kojima had simply left out one or two twists. Simplicity is not your enemy. Metal Gear Solid contains what I consider one of the greatest stories in gaming history, and it only contains a few twists.

Overall, MGS2 is a good game. I really can't recommend buying it unless you are a game collector, because you could easily see almost all it has to offer in one rental.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/17/01, Updated 11/17/01

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