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Reviewed: 11/18/01 | Updated: 11/18/01


Words are going to have trouble expressing my exact feelings about this stunning masterpiece. The game is nothing short of breathtaking from the moment you see the opening cinema to the closing credits. The game would be considered literature, if Hideo Kojima were so inclined to write a book. The graphics are awe-inspiring. And the music is so....''in the mood.'' The game's mood is so emenating, and so savory, that the game will make you feel differently. And of course the one of a kind game play, that puts you behind of enemy lines, and the obvious choice for survival is to stay out of site. Finally and most notably is the absolutely marvelous story. The characters in this game were developed and do develop so well in this game. I haven't seen a story so delicately woven and crafted to such color since Final Fantasy VII and VIII. All in all the game is undeniably the Masterpiece of the year for gaming, period.

Graphics 10/10- Wow! We all know that the graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 2 were some of the best seen anywhere, but Wow! The textures are so detailed it makes you crazy. And everyone loves light, real-time shadows! This game is of course no exception. But most notably are the great, mood-setting and quite lengthy cinematics. The intro was so good I stained my shorts. Not only are they beautiful but they advance the story like nothing else.

Sound 10/10- Beautiful. Simply marvelous. The score could not have been better done to match the story. The entire score from start to finish is a masterpiece from start to finish. The mood is set, and will not let you go. The sounds themselves are good, nothing truly special if you think about it. The voices on the otherhand….Cool. MGS was notorious for its near flawless voice acting and this one is no different, it only improved.

Control 10/10- Now the interface is even better. You now have more of a tactical responsibility on your hands, but more maneuvers in which to work with. There’s the classic “sneek up behind your enemy and snap his neck.” But now you’ve got new cooler maneuvers at your disposal. Like hanging from ledges and dragging bodies. The actual control scheme is even better with ma little more emphasis on action so you can aim and kill easier now, but still more emphasis on stealth allowing you to pop out from around a corner and shoot them at point blank range. Flawless.

Gameplay 10/10- Holy (insert appropriate four letter word here)! The gameplay has now gone deep into tactics. You must now be held responsible for your enemies even after they’re dead. Now enemies don’t disappear after they die, and you have dispose of dead bodies so others don’t get suspicious. Plus, if you yourself are injured, you yourself will bleed and leave a trail for enemies to follow. And of course, all the classic gameplay goodies too. Including elaborate boss fights, that will impress.

Story 10/10- If you like the deeply woven nuclear threat theme, combined with a little sci fi action that MGS follows, there’s nothing to hate here. Yes, I must admit its alittle different than the first, but change is good. What would final fantasy be if we still had the warriors of light and six job classes huh? Not to scare you fans out there, nothing major has been altered, so don’t cry. To sum up the plot, but not to give it away. You play as solid snake (didn’t see that one comin did ya) and you have to retrieve the specifics on a new type of metal gear, that in itself is an anti-metal gear. Its in the possession of the Marines, and you have to blow the whole thing wide open so the U.S. doesn’t pose a threat to the rest of the world. But soon after landing, your not so friendly next door terrorists just decide to sieze a tanker, your tanker to be exact. And who better to scoop kitty poop into terrorist mouths than you, Solid Snake. But as you soon learn, it goes deeper than any rooskie terrorist op. Prepare to blown away!

Replay 10/10- There is a minute chance that you could get bored of this game within the first two weeks, and if you do, there is some great replay. Like secret items for infinite ammo and cammo stealth suits. Not to mention cool dog tags to hunt down. Plus a whole bunch more, I don’t know exactly how much there is but its supposed to double your gaming time.

Overall 10/10- This game is undoubtedly amazing. We are witnessing a new era of gaming, and one for the better. This game is true to its roots, but also has something new. Something fresh and something very very moving. This game is a true masterpiece, cause you leave it, feeling like you’ve watched an awesome movie, or read an awesome book. Best game of the year? Probably! Now rent it or buy it? If you liked the first, go ahead and buy it for sure! Satisfaction guaranteed. Otherwise, renting it can;’t hurt. If you like the idea of infiltration espionage, than do yourself a favor and check it out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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