"Nobody is prepared for what this game has to offer."

Konami, the “creators of gaming bliss,” has again endowed us gamers with so many works of grandeur that it has become a routine situation. Over the years, they have given us nothing less than top-notch titles and have set the standard for which all gaming companies must now try to meet. The most notable person of their team is what others may call a god, Hideo Kojima. Ever since the original Metal Gear started back on the NES, Mr. Kojima has improved his technique and brought together a staff that would struggle to create what could possibly be the greatest PS2 game of all time. And here is why:

Story 9/10
In MGS2, you live the role of Solid Snake, who must infiltrate a tanker that is supposedly carrying Metal Gear, the most destructive weapon to grace the earth. It becomes an all-out arms race as the most powerful nations of the world turn to deception, betrayal, and devious plots to gain control of the manmade destruction.

Throughout the game, you’ll meet a cast of characters who are so well developed that you will either personally hate Konami for making such despicable characters or love Konami to death for blessing you with so many touching individuals. Keep this in mind while playing, though: never think that the double-crossing and double double-crossing is done.

My only real gripe with the story is that the cut scenes and dialogue are way too lengthy: you will find yourself going through dialogues with a usual length of 30 minutes.

Gameplay 10/10
With an immense amount of items, weapons, and equipment to utilize, players actually feel like they are living a movie. The presentation is magnificent, with cut scenes that look like they come straight out of action movies, complete with “flying” characters in intense action events.

The computer AI is the best of the best, with enemies reacting to sight, sound, and realistic things that would get anybody suspicious: shadows, blood trails, gunshots, and other things. Snake must hide bodies, kill them, or hold them hostage to do what he has to do.

Graphics 10/10
The quality of graphics in this game is absolutely incomparable: environments and character models are so detailed that Konami has almost achieved gaming realism. You may find yourself playing this game and then notice that there are absolutely no real CG or FMV sequences, but don’t worry; the graphics in this game are like playing through CG movies themselves, they are THAT good!

Sound 10/10
Music is a very strong factor in the movie-like feel that this game nearly achieves: the beginning intro music is so captivating that it sets the right mood, just like all the music through the rest of the game. Every musical score sets the perfect mood, whether heroic, depressing, vengeful, or any other emotion that this game makes you feel so easily.

Another strong point of the sound in this game is that EVERY single character is voice acted by people of the highest quality, from the ordinary guards to every other major character, with very good lip-syncing.

Control 10/10
With fully 3D environments, control in this game is very well done and the player is able to move fluidly. I have never encountered a time where I was throwing my controller around because of unresponsive controls. This game even takes advantage of the analog buttons and every action is easy to perform. No problems whatsoever.

And so, here is just the beginning of what PS2 has to offer. Behold true Tactical Espionage Action in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/18/01, Updated 11/18/01

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